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Student Name: Matthew Micone Date: Feb 10 2017

Placement: St. Anthony

Purpose: room re-organization set up on a PA day

Reason for completing
the task. This could be
based on an observation
you made, a
conversation between
you and your site
supervisor, etc
What are you planning in Planning to listen and observe and learn how to
response to your properly set up a kindergarten classroom for the
purpose? week.
-Label your task (e.g. Having a kindergarten room set up play-based
Bulletin board focused materials for the week following our themes.
on the importance of to learn how to uses what I have in the room to
play-based learning).
-What are your 3 set up centers
objectives for this to plan for the week a play based curriculum
experience? (i.e. Why to learn to plan and make a list of what to get
are creating a bulletin for the week much like a shopping list
board on the
importance of play-
based learning? What
message are you

All materials found in a traditional FDK room

Describe the experience:
-List the materials and step 1 will be to see what we have in the room
resources you will use frost and use those resources
-Describe the completion step 2 will be seeing what center we will keep
of the task, with a step already the same that are going well
by step description step 3 will be to plane new centers fro the
Step 4 to make list of things to buy for the
week to implement in the sensory bin and for
special theme days
-What went well? Provide What was great was that the room had an abundant
examples for how you amount of resources to teach with which made it easy
know it went well. to plan I was very happy to see all the material the
-What didnt go well?
classroom already had.
Provide examples for
how you know it The only thing that didnt go well was some thing
didnt go well. were hard to find as they were so many cupboards
-What did you learn? filled with learning materials
-What might you do Next time I would make a list of what I want to
differently next time implement first and search for those items first
you implement this
same task and why?
No adaptions had to be made
-Did you have to make
any adaptations or
modifications? If so, To extended on this I would use sites like Pinterest
what were they? for ideas and lessons
-What type of experience
might you plan to
extend on this one?
Field Supervisor Feedback: