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Harmony Chan

Sociology 001
Professor Lookholder
19 March 2017

Identify a video/DVD (from YouTube or elsewhere, like the Films on Demand database in

the PCC Library)

(Do You Want To Build A Snowman) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-zXT5bIBM0

Provide a short summary of the video/DVD (What is the video about? Clarity is

The video Do You Want to Build a Snowman is from the Disneys movie Frozen. It

shows two sisters, Elsa and Anna living in their castle in the land of Arendelle. Prior to this

video, Elsa injures Anna her younger sister with her special cryokinetic powers while they were

playing together. Their parents, the King and Queen seek for help and Annas memories of the

incident gets dissolved. Afterwards, the two sisters are separated from one another and forced

into different bedrooms in order for Elsa to control her powers. The short animated music video

starts off by little Anna giggling and runs over to her older sisters room and asked her "Do you

want to build a snowman? Cmon lets go and play and "I never see you anymore come out the

door, it's like you're gone away" but Elsa tells Anna to go away. Anna wants to reconnect with

her sister and wonders why Elsa wont open up the door to play with her. This continues on over

the years and as they get older, Elsas powers are also getting stronger. Anna finally reconnects

with Elsa after their parents are assumed deceased and Elsa is crowned Queen.

Separately, explain how Comte, Marx and Durkheim would view interpret your

video/DVD. Thoroughly explain using sociological concepts/terms. (You may write as much

as possible.)

Emile Durkheims theory stated social forces shape action. He wanted to prove that

social facts made ends meet and affected our everyday routine. One study he did was on the topic

of suicide. He stated that people committed suicide because they lack the social connection s
Harmony Chan
Sociology 001
Professor Lookholder
19 March 2017

towards other people. If Durkheim were to watch this video, he would come to the conclusion

that both sisters seem to be socially in different states of mind. Anna is the sister who seems to

better understand the value of life. Even though she doesnt leave the castle, she is still shown to

have a social connection with the people around her such as the royal staff. She talks to the

portraits around her and seems to not let her surroundings affect her happiness. Durkheim would

say the opposite of Elsa. Elsa basically locks herself in her room all day, refuses to communicate

with the royal staff and has no social interaction with anyone. Given Durkheims intensive study

and research on suicide, he would come to the idea that Elsa could potentially be in a suicidal

state of mind. She seems to lack social connections and according to him, this is the reason why

people take their own lives. Of course, she doesnt take her own life in the video, but I believe

Durkheim would come to this conclusion.

Karl Marx focused mainly on social class. He believed that ones social class showed that

power and control over ones class played a huge role on how social order is structured. Those

who were upper class lived a life of leisure and wealth. They were the people that controlled the

means of production, meaning they owned the land and buildings. They were also the ones to

that have control over the society. If Marx were to view and analyze this clip, he would right off

the bat say Elsa and Anna are upper class since they lived in a royal castle and their parents were

king and queen. Their family essentially had control over their land and were in charge. Since

Elsa had cryokinetic powers and had the ability to change anything she touches into ice shows

that she was basically in control. If the people outside the castle saw her power, they would be

afraid of her. She was their new queen and her powers just add onto the fear projected in

everyone else who isnt royalty.

Harmony Chan
Sociology 001
Professor Lookholder
19 March 2017

Auguste Comtes theory talks about the basic laws of society. He believed knowing

these laws would help understand two key principles. The first of these principles was social

statics. The second is social dynamics which brought about change and know where the

direction of change is going. Comte would view this video and focus on the fact that Elsa and

Anna are both parent-less. They only have one another and must work together to make this

work. Elsa is crowned queen and is now in charge of running the castle and the land of

Arendelle. Both sisters are thrown into this position and must stick together to prevent being

overthrown from the throne. I believe Comte would focus on how the death of their parents

brings change to the land and keeping a good, balanced society.

Which paradigm is most represented in your video/DVD? Explain.

This video shows conflict paradigm. It represents conflict paradigm the most since it

shows that people are maintained by domination, authority and power. Elsa in this case shows all

of these characteristics in the film. She is shaped by domination because she is the queen of

Arendelle. Power plays a role since she is afraid that her powers will get worse over time and

will injure many people especially her sister. She is also shaped by authority. She is shaped by

authority because since she is the queen of Arendelle she is afraid that with her special powers

she will harm others. She is afraid that her powers will grow stronger and repeat what has

happened in the past not just to her sister, Anna but those around her as well.