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8 Choose the appropriate pronouns.

I havent read ... of these books but Karim has
1 Choose the appropriate pronouns. read ... of them.
That pen isn't ... . ... is a green one. A) none/some
A) my/my B) no/some
B) his/he C) any/some
C) mine/mine D) any/any
D) I/me E) any/no
E) her/its 9 Choose the appropriate pronouns.
2 Choose the appropriate pronoun. Does that personal computer belong to ... or is
Have you heard that a friend of ... went to the it ...?
seaside? A) your / someone elses
A) my B) you / someone else
B) mine C) you / someone elses
C) her D) your / someone else
D) their E) yours / someone elses
E) its 10 Choose the appropriate pronouns.
3 Choose the appropriate pronoun. As ... parents kept silent, Johns curiosity
... was not a marriage that could last. decreased to ... surprise.
A) my A) our / her
B) her B) their / my
C) them C) his / their
D) theirs D) hers / us
E) our E) my / your
4 Choose the appropriate pronouns. 11 Choose the appropriate pronoun.
If this hat is..., where have you put...? This bicycle goes much faster than ... because
A) your/mine its a lot lighter.
B) his/hers A) him
C) mine/her B) their
D) ours/their C) us
E) hers/my D) mine
5 Choose the appropriate pronoun. E) our
She always thinks of ... happiness. 12 Choose the appropriate pronouns.
A) another If that hat isnt ..., it must be ... .
B) others A) yours / Toms
C) other B) my / hers
D) another's C) Mary / theirs
E) others' D) my sister / mine
6 Choose the appropriate pronouns to E) his / my brother
complete the sentence.
That is the girl ... brother came to see ... the
other day.
A) that / we
B) whose / us
C) which / they
D) whom / its
E) what / us
7 Choose the appropriate pronouns.
If ... has ... questions, Ill be pleased to answer
A) someone/any
B) anyone/any
C) none/any
D) anyone/none
E) someone/none