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>. i = et ‘bu Dahl, Ferguson, aN a cee Ou a Tevis, & CChite 4 ected Se ee ea that dioarf those of the magi ofthe Order of Hermes RecA ecard ei oct wc reer arcane ated Ogee ete ee ea acs Pen OVER tener cited atcaan Vas iH tela crre terete Ce MeO en UCase Oma ee eet een RGn Recut ce mer nea Mare ue ec earliest homes to the grand temples of the classical world, the quest Noa eager ech cate etc cag ge enna trea Ucar Rare ete Permit aia Oars Pee ad ene oe ‘AuTHORS: Erik Dahl (Adamic, Rune Magic), Timothy Ferguson (The Hesperides), Jeff Kyer (Heron's Mechanica}, Richard Love (Canaanite Nectomancy, Fertility Magic), John Post (Defixio Magic), Paut Tevis (The Magic of the Grigori), Alexander White (Hyperborean Magic) EDITING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT: David Chart Cove® ILLUSTRATION: Grey Thornberry INTERIOR ART: Jason Cole, Kelley Hensing, Brad McDevitt, Jeff Menges, Tony Parker (Carrocraptty: Patrick M. Murphy with Valerie Nix ‘ARs MAGICA FIFTH EDITION Trabe Dress: J. Scott Reeves LavOuT, Akr DIRECTION, & PROOFREADING: Jeff Tidball ADDITONAL PROOFREADING: John Nephew Figst ROUND PLAYTESTERS: Donna Giltrap, Malcolm Harbrow, Aaron Hicks, Richard Love; Matthew L. Seidl, Soraya Ghiasi, Mark Shirley, Camo Coffey, Dave Robertson, Andrew Walton, Sheila Thomas; MaPhi Werner, Sean Winslow, Andrew Reeves, Andrew Crabrree SECOND ROUND PLAYTESTERS: Christian Jensen-Romer, Lloyd Graney, Peter Hiley, Kevin Sides, Ben Hayes, Luke Price; Matt Ryan, Mario Cerame, Daniel llut, Robert W.B. Llwyd, Tobias Wheeler; Mark Shirley, Camo Coffey, Dave Robertson, Andrew Walton SPECIAL THANKS: Jerry Comtick and the gang at the Source wwwestiae-gamoe.com ‘Aes Magica players patcipate in a thriving fan community by subscrlboing o email discsion Iss ke the Berkeley li), comping archives of game material uch as Project Redo), mai tuning fan-ceated web ses, nd running demos rough Aula Genes’ Special Ops program. To learn more visit rw aie gatnescom/ArMs. You can also patcpate in discussion of Ars Magica atthe oil Atl Games forums ested at ww atlas games comorum Copyright 2007 Trident, Ine di’ Alas Games, All sights reserved. Reproduction of this work by any means without written permiwion fom the publisher, excet short excerpts forthe pur pose of reviews, ir expresly prolibed ‘Ars Magica, Mythic Eurone, Ancint Magic, City & Guild, Realms of Power: The nfesna, Rains GfPower The Divine, Howes of Hermes Mystery Cus, Houses of Hermes True Lineages, The ‘Maysteres, Covenants, Cuandane ofthe Fors, The Broken Covenant of Calebais, anc Charing New Reals of lnapination ave tademaks of Tide, Ine Onder of Flermes,Temere, an Dosstep ae trademarks of White Wolf, Ie, and are wsed with pension, Fst Pari «Janus 2007 ISBN 1-58978-094-9