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Section: ___________________ Teacher: Mr. Kier Martin P. Evangelista Parents Signature: ______________
General Directions: Write legibly. Any type of erasure will make your answer null and void.
Test I. Chanticleer and the Fox: Read the following statements carefully. Write TRUE if the statement is
correct; write FALSE if it is not. Write your answers on the space provided before each number. (10 points)
_____1. Geoffrey Chaucer was a preeminent English poet and considered as the father of Modern Literature.
_____2. A fable is a short story that teaches moral or spiritual lesson and its characters are humans.
_____3. Whoever wins in the storytelling contest at the Tabard Inn in Southwark wins a free a meal.
_____4. Chanticleer had a dream which terrified him.
_____5. Dame Pertelote told Chanticleer not to worry about the things he saw in his dream.
_____6. The hens rejoiced when Chanticleer was captured by the fox.
_____7. Most dreams are the result of overreacting stated by the Chanticleer.
_____8. The fox came out from the forest simply to hear the Chanticleer sing.
_____9. The fox captured Chanticleer and ate him, and then ate all the hens too.
_____10. The story was told by the nuns priest that cheered and brighten up the travellers.
Test II-A. Subject-Verb Agreement: Underline the correct verb in the sentences below.
1. Margo and her parents (visit-visits) each other often.
2. Either the cups or the glasses (are-is) in the dishwasher.
3. The weather on the coast (appear-appears) to be good this weekend.
4. Andre Blatche of Gilas basketball team (bounce-bounces) the ball too high.
5. The football players (run-runs) five miles every day.
Test II-B. Subject-Verb Agreement-Special Nouns
6. The swarm of reporters (engulfs, engulf) the famous actor all at once.
7. The audience (cheer, cheers) the winner of the million dollars.
8. The orchestra (performs, perform) my favourite music.
9. The baseball team (practice, practices) together every evening.
10. The public (support, supports) the travel baseball league
International Phonetic Alphabet: Circle the word that is pronounced differently from the other three
words. (Pronunciation)
1. accident access accommodate accept
2. sheep beer field people
3. angry jungle English spring
4. shout now round mould
5. cheese chip machine attach
6. signature foreign Gnostic tongue
7. suit fruit cruise biscuit
8. though rough enough tough
9. floor poor flood door
10. author caught laughter daughter

Test V- As I Lay Dying: Write your answer on the space provided prior to the number.
_____1. William Faulkner came from
a. Massachusetts b. Alabama c. Florida d. Mississippi
_____2. The novel takes place in the fictional county of
a. Yoknapatawpha b. Clarenton c. Montgomery d. Shamaltapac
_____3. The father of the Bundren family is named
a. Jewel b. Cash c. Anse d. Vernon
_____4. The mother of the Bundren family is named
a. Eula b. Addie c. Dewey Dell d. Cora
_____5. The oldest son of the Bundren family is named
a. Darl b. Cash c. Jewel d. Vardaman
_____6. The second son of the Bundren family is named
a. Jewel b. Cash c. Vardaman d. Darl
_____7. The youngest son of the Bundren family is named
a. Jewel b. Cash c. Vardaman d. Darl
_____8. The middle child of the Bundren family is named
a. Cash b. Darl c. Jewel d. Vardaman
_____9. The only daughter of the Bundren family is named
a. Cora b. Dewey Dell c. Eula d. Addie
_____10. Addie's longstanding wish is
a. to see Jewel named as heir to her fortune
b. to be buried in Jefferson, among her birth family
c. to see Darl institutionalized
d. to see Jewel pregnant
Mother to Son by Langston Hughes
_____1. It is anything that represents something beyond its technical description.
A. Theme B. Imagery C. Tone D. Symbol
_____2. In "Mother to Son," the mother compares her life to a
A. river B. journey C. staircase D. road
_____3. In this poem, boards with tacks and splinters and boards torn up are symbols for
A. Run-down housing
B. A life that has had many difficulties and challenges
C.The ungrateful way the mothers son treats her
D. The lack of compassion each man has for his fellow man
_____4. In "Mother to Son," the stair has all of the following flaws EXCEPT:
A. tacks B. torn up boards C. cracks D. splinters
_____5. In "Mother to Son," the mother tells her son
A. to not fall in love C. to make more money
B. to be more carefree D. not to give up
_____6. In the latter part of the poem, the mother says she is
A. sitting down C. giving up on climbing
B. standing still D. still climbing
_____7. What is the theme of the poem?
A. Dont be so foolhardy and headstrong that you get hurt
B. When you are in trouble, look to your mother for advice
C. Dont give up; complete the goals you have set for yourself
D. You need to love all of mankind
_____8. The mother says that Life for me aint been no crystal stair. Used in this context,crystal means
A. transparent and colorless C. sharp and painful
B. beautiful and flawed D. clear and smooth
_____9. The mothers dialect or manner of speaking helps to make the poem more
A. understandable B. realistic C. serious D. descriptive
_____10. To what particular group of people does the message of the poem intended to?
A. Asian B. American C. African D. European

Subject-Verb Agreement: Indefinite Pronouns

A. Directions: Underline the verb which agrees with the indefinite pronoun.
1. Each of the family members (has, have) one vote.
2. One of the boys (eat, eats) pizza every week.
3. Both of the answers (is, are) correct.
4. A few of the staff (was, were) gone today.
5. All of the animals (run, runs) when they are scared.
6. Someone (has, have) his own thoughts.
7. Much (has, have) happened since high school.
8. You know that others (has, have) tried this.
9. We can begin since everybody (has, have) arrived.
10. Few people (agrees, agree) with the decision of Sir Malonzo.
Miracles by Walt Whitman
_____1. Based on the poems structure, which image seems to best sum up the main idea?
A. walking the streets of Manhattan with friends
B. watching bees, birds, and other animals feeding
C. watching the fish, waves, and ships in the sea
D. looking up at the stars and moon in the night sky
_____2. How does the speakers repetition of Or at the beginning of so many lines affect the meaning of the
A. It indicates the speaker cannot decide what thing is the most miraculous.
B. It emphasizes the fact that everything the speaker sees is a miracle.
C. It highlights the poets inability to come up with new ways to start a line.
D. It lulls the reader into paying less attention to the lines.
_____3. Read this line from the poem. To me the sea is a continual miracle, What characteristic of poetry is
used in this line?
A. Alliteration
B. simile
C. rhyme
D. metaphor
_____4. Read this line from the poem. Every square yard of the surface of the earth is spread with the same,
how does the alliteration in this line help with the meaning of the poem?
A. The s sounds suggest the hissing of a snake crawling across the earth.
B. The s sounds indicate a sliding of the poem toward closing.
C. The s sounds are soothing and musical, indicating the speakers pleasure.
D.The s sounds remind the reader of sand, which the earth might be spread with.
_____5. Read the last line of the poem. What stranger miracles are there? How does this line reflect back on
everything the speaker has said?
A. by saying all miracles are wonderfully strange events
B. by asking whether there are more interesting things to be discovered than just ordinary life
C. by saying everyday life can be the most miraculous thing of all
D. by asking the reader to come up with examples of miracles that are stranger than what the speaker has
Test II- The Most Important Day of My Life
_____1. Instead of sending Helen to an institution for the disabled, the Kellers hired a teacher for Helen. Her
name was:
A. Mrs. A.G.Bell B. Miss Susan B. Anthony
C. Miss Anne Sullivan D. Miss Cathy Bryenton
_____2. Because of Helen's illness, she became totally deaf. What is the definition of the word deaf?
A. Non-hearing B. Non-speaking
C. Non-seeing D. Short tempered
_____3. Helen's first word was "rain".
A. True B. False
_____4. The Perry Institution was the one who gave a doll for Helen.
A. True B. False
_____5. What was the first thing that Sullivan taught Keller?
A. Spelling B. Obeying
C. Hugging D. Speaking
_____6. The first word that Keller truly understood was
A. Doll B. Water
C. Mother D. Mug
_____7. What did Keller realize after understanding her first word?
A. Her teacher was a miracle worker. B. Her ship was out of the fog.
C. She could imitate anything. D. Everything has a name.
_____8. Keller explains that Sullivan changed her life by
A. Bringer Keller closer to her family. B. Giving Keller her first doll
C. Teaching Keller to read D. Giving Keller hope
_____9. Consciousness is an awareness of
A. An unfair rule B. Someone's needs
C. Another's sadness D. One's own thoughts
_____10.After realizing of what she did, she felt repentance and?
A. Worry B. Sorrow
C. Courage D. Faith
11-15: Name more words that Helen Keller able to learn when she was young.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

_____1. Which lines from the poem show that the caged bird has never been free?
A. his wings are clipped and / his feet are tied / so he opens his throat to sing. (lines 1214)
B. his tune is heard / on the distant hill / for the caged bird / sings for freedom. (lines 1922)
C. But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams / his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream (lines 2728)
D. The caged bird sings / with a fearful trill / of things unknown /but longed for still (lines 3134)

_____2. What does the caged birds singing reveal about him?
A. He is terribly unhappy. B. He does not want to fly.
C. He is afraid to be free. D. He does not want to be heard.
_____3. Why does the caged bird sing?
A. It wants to challenge the free bird. B. It has to make others feel good.
C. It wants to entertain people. D. It has only one way to express itself.
_____4. Read these lines from the poem. Whatdo these lines reveal about the caged bird?
A. The caged bird has strong feelings. B. The caged bird is aware of its surroundings.
C. The caged bird has difficulty flying. D. The caged bird is satisfied with its life.
But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars of rage.
_____5. According to the poem, the free bird can best be described as
A. trapped and unable B. hungry
C. cautious D. thoughtful
_____6. What is the main conflict in this poem?
A. The caged bird hates the free bird. B. The caged bird wants the life of the free bird.
C. The free bird laughs at the caged bird. D. The free bird cannot sing as well as the caged bird.
_____7. What is this poem mainly about?
A. Freedom and slavery B. The lives of birds
C. Joy and singing D. The dreams of birds
_____8. Who raped and molested Maya?
A. Uncle Willie B. Big Bailey
C. Dr. Lincoln D. Mr. Freeman
_____9. What type of a poem is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?
A. Autobiography B. Biography
C. Satire D. Novel
_____10. In which city does the author of the poem was born?
A. Los Angeles B. St. Louis
C. San Francisco D. New York

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes (2 points each)

_____1. Why do you think the author began and finished the piece with Life for me aint been no crystal
A. To emphasize an important idea B. To show that the mother is forgetful
C. To show the passage of time D. To catch the attention of the readers
_____2. Which word best describes the mother's tone? Remember, "tone" is the attitude of the writer or speaker.
A. defeated B. determined C. depressed D. stressed
_____3. To what particular group of people does the message of the poem intended to?
A. Asian B. American C. African D. European
_____4. The speaker tells her son not to "set down on the steps. Based on the context of this poem, what might
it mean to "set down"?
A. To worry B. To fight C. To give up D. To keep calm
_____5. What is the theme of the poem?
A. Dont be so foolhardy and headstrong that you get hurt
B. When you are in trouble, look to your mother for advice
C. Dont give up; complete the goals you have set for yourself
D. You need to love all of mankind
Match the type of figurative language with its correct example.
____ 1. antonomasia A. The King of Pop- Michael Jackson
____ 2. idiom B. Five years have passed Five summers, with the length
of Five long winters!.
____ 3. hyperbole C. You are my Last option
____ 4. oxymoron D. Her eyes were like two sparkling emeralds.
____ 5. simile E. To spill the beans
____ 6. metaphor F. Her eyes were two sparkling emeralds.
____ 7. personification G. Pregnancy termination instead of abortion
____ 8. anaphora H. My backpack weighed a million pounds.
____ 9. euphemism I. A heart represents love.
____ 10. symbol J. The suns rays wrapped its warm arms around my body.

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