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Power output of man Power out of draft of work animals

Total solar energy received and absorbed by the Earth Theoretical wind power formula.

Betz coefficient value Theoretical power from flowing water formula

Refers to all organic materials that originate from living

organisms such as wood, agricultural residues, animal Fuel metering device for SI engine, CI engine
wastes and others

Compression ratio of CI engine, SI engine Thermal efficiency of CI engine, SI engine

Type of engine that uses higher fuel consumption Type of engine that uses lower fuel consumption
(CI or SI) (CI or SI)

A _______ cell is one in which the chemical action A ________ cell can be restored to its original condition
changes one or more of the active materials in such a by sending an electric current through it in a direction
way that the cell is completely discharged or dead. opposite to that of discharge.

Composition of negative electrode Composition of positive electrode

New generation batteries which were developed

Composition of electrolyte solution incorporating changes in chemistry, manufacturing
process, and materials of construction

Oil is forces directly to the main crankshaft, connecting Oil is forced not only in the crankshaft, connecting rod,
rod, and camshaft bearings. Drilled passages in the and camshaft bearings but also to the piston pin
crankshaft carry the oil from the main bearings to the bearings through passages
connecting-rod bearings.

For electric ignition engines, the governing mechanism

A device that automatically regulates the speed of an is connected to the __________ of the carburetor

It is the average net pressure on the piston during the It is the total horsepower generated in the cylinder and
power stroke. received by piston.
0.70-1.3hp 0.10hp

AV3/2 1353W/m^2

QH/33000 or 102 0.595

Carburetor Biomass

30-36% 14-22:1
25-30% 5-8:1


secondary Primary

Lead Peroxide (PbO2) Sponge lead (Pb)

Maintenance free 2 parts sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and 5 parts distilled water

Full-pressure system Pressure-feed and splash system

Throttle butterfly Governor

Indicated horsepower Indicated mean effective pressure

It is the power available at the crankshaft. It is It is calculated from the brake horsepower of the
measured using a suitable dynamometer. engine.

It is the ratio of the actual weight of air inducted by the

engine during the intake stroke, to the theoretical It is the quantity of fuel consumed by an engine on the
weight of air that should have been inducted by filling basis of its horsepower-hour performance.
the piston displacement volume with air at atmospheric
temperature and pressure.

It is the ratio of the horsepower output of an engine to

the fuel horsepower. Units of air to units of gasoline for correct air-fuel ratio

Fuel property characterized as the ability to vaporize The rating given to diesel fuels for their ability to burn
without detonating

Gasoline manufactured from heavier distillation

Gasoline produced from ordinary distillation fractions, particularly gas oil

Gasoline manufactured from the gas that issues from A renewable and biodegradable diesel fuel produced
oil wells or is obtained in the distillation of crude oil. using transesterification

These may be used as a substitute or additive to diesel Three properties of coconut oil contained in coconut
without any need to modify the engine methyl ester (CME) which can improve the performance
of the engine

This fuel is a mixture of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, Chemical formula of ethanol, methanol
methane, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Octane rating of propane, premium gasoline, regular Cetane rating of diesel, cocodiesel

Power transmission system that transmits power from Power transmission system that supplies different
flywheel, absorbs impact load, permits shifting of gear speeds of travel, supplies necessary torque at different
without stopping the engine loads, and used for idling

Power transmission system that allows different speeds

of ground wheel when turning and acts as second Power transmission system that is used to slow down or
speed reduction point in the power train stopped the vehicle

SAE SAE recommendations for ambient temperature above

Break Mean Effective Pressure Brake horsepower

Specific fuel consumption Volumetric efficiency

3448 units air to 228 units gasoline Thermal efficiency

Cetane rating Volatility

Cracked gasoline Straight run gasoline

Biodiesel Natural gasoline.

Lubricity, solvency. detergency, Cocodiesel, Coco-biodiesel. Coconut methyl ester

ethanol, C2H6O, and methanol, CH4O Producer gas

55, 48.3 100, 95, 89

Gearbox Clutch

Brake system Differential

SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 10W-30, SAE 10W-40 Society of Automotive Engineers