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Smart Planet 1 Unit 7 Standard Test

Name Class Date

1 Circle the correct options.
1 I was / were at home yesterday.
2 Was / Were your brothers at the party?
3 Were you at school this morning? Yes, I was / were.
4 Ben wasnt / werent at the park today.
5 We wasnt / werent late for the film.

2 Write the sentences in the past.

1 Theres a big park in the city centre.
ten years ago.
2 There arent any shops near the station.
when I was a child.
3 Is there a canteen at your school?
when you were young?
4 Are there any boys in your class?
five years ago?
5 There isnt a supermarket here.
last year.


3 Put the verbs in the box into the correct column.


regular irregular


4 Circle the correct options.

1 Were you tired yesterday? Yes, .
a I were b I was c I did
2 We tennis for two hours this afternoon.
a playing b play c played
3 I a really good book at the weekend.
a read b made c went
4 There many cars in the street last night.
a arent b werent c wasnt
5 We television for three hours yesterday.
a watching b watch c watched 5

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Smart Planet 1 Unit 7 Standard Test

5 Label the pictures.
parksports centrebowling alleyfootball stadiumskate park

1  2  3 

4  5 


6 Match the descriptions with the places.

1 You buy fruit and vegetables here. a museum
2 You buy clothes and furniture here. b cinema
3 You study here. c market
4 You watch films here. d school
5 You look at old paintings and exhibits here. e shopping centre

7 Complete the words.

1 ferry p
2 bike s
3 bus s
4 tram s
5 car p

8 Circle the correct options.

1 I went to the to buy some new clothes.
a sports centre b shopping centre c skate park
2 I always walk my dog in the .
a market b skate park c park
3 Why dont you leave your bike at the bike ?
a stand b port c stop
4 Lets meet at the port.
a tram b bus c ferry
5 I usually buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the .
a market b museum c bowling alley

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Smart Planet 1 Unit 7 Standard Test

9 13 Listen to the dialogue between two friends Joanna and Mark. Number the pictures (15) in
the order you hear them.


10 Read this email about Clares recent holiday in Prague.

Hi Rachel,
How are you? What are you doing at the moment? Did you go anywhere nice for your holiday?
I went to Prague for a week and came back yesterday. I had a really fantastic time and I stayed with my Czech
friend Jana. We met last year when we were at an English language summer school in Bournemouth.
She lives in an apartment near the airport so we took the tram to the city centre every day and then we walked
around as most of the sights are in the centre. Theres an amazing castle on a hill with a big cathedral and lots of
old buildings in the Old Town. There were also thousands of tourists because its such a beautiful city.
Of course we went to a traditional restaurant to eat the Czech speciality which is duck with red cabbage and
we went shopping because there are a lot of very modern shopping centres. It was expensive though so I
didnt buy anything.
I was really excited too because we went to the new stadium to watch a match between Sparta Prague and
Chelsea, who are my favourite team.
I really want to go back again as there are so many places I didnt visit and next time I definitely want to go to
the zoo.
Lets meet up soon and I can show you my photos.
Love from

Circle the correct options.

1 Clare spent in Prague.
a seven days b five days c 14 days
2 Clare and Jana met .
a in Prague b on holiday c on a course
3 They travelled to the city centre by .
a bus b tram c train
4 A Czech speciality is and vegetables.
a meat b fish c pasta
5 They went to a match.
a volleyball b football c basketball

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Smart Planet 1 Unit 7 Standard Test

11 Write about your town. Use the questions below to help you. Write at least 100 words.
Where do you live?
How many people live in your town?
Where is your town?
What is the history of your town (interesting facts)?
What can you do in your town?
What are the interesting places to visit?
How can you travel around?



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