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Empower Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery


Associate Manager-Employee Engagement

We are united by the passion to provide cutting edge solutions and to deliver
electricity economically to the most underserved households in India and around
the world.
Power delivery is one of the most exciting sectors to be in energy industry. By
2025, an estimated 2400 GW of power generation will be added to the world and
over 85% of global electricity growth is expected to come from the emerging
markets. We are well prepared and excited to participate in opportunity created
by governments vision of 24x7 power for India. Sterlite Power has continuously
shown the rigour to lead the way in the power sector.
We are already the largest private sector power transmission developer in
India with 24 Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines and 6 substations
with over 6,000 Circuit Km and 6,500 MVA of transformation capacity
spanning across 14 states.
We are the first transmission company to deploy aerial technologies for
surveys (LiDAR) as well as conductor stringing in the country with
international technology partners.
We have attracted the first private foreign direct investment (FDI) in
transmission sector and floated the first ever AAA rated transmission bond in
the country.

We at Sterlite Power govern ourselves through a set of core values and beliefs,
and are always in search of people who feel passionate about our core purpose
Empower Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy
Delivery and find meaning in our values.
Respect: People & Perspectives
Innovation: Everyday, Everywhere
Social Impact: Empowering Humanity
Fun: Work is Play

Our Businesses

As part of Services business, we reduce the risks of transmission asset

ownership by developing transmission systems on build, own, operate,
maintain basis.
As part of Solutions business, we solve the most challenging transmission
problems by providing hi-tech Turnkey solutions
As part of products business, we design, develop and manufacture world-
class power transmission products
We aim to create new and innovative business models in the newer
areas (e.g. of Energy Storage, Big Data and Energy Retailing )
Our Lineage:
Empower Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery

Sterlite Power is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volcan Holdings, which is also a

majority shareholder of Vedanta Resources Plc, and Sterlite Technologies Limited.
Vedanta Resources Plc is a FTSE listed company headquartered in London with
primary business interests being in the areas of mining, metals and oil & gas.
They are the leading producers of each of these minerals in India and in some
cases ranked amongst top-5 in the world.

Job Description

Role Title Assistant Manager Fun & Engagement
Role Purpose Creating pleasing ambience for employees & guests
Working with Office Workforce
Internal team of individuals working in facilities/office
Grade M6
Location Maker Maxity, BKC, Mumbai
What the role Responsible for Employee engagement, the upkeep of the
entails office and its ambience
Monitor guest relations requirement to ensure maximum guest
satisfaction through personal recognition and prompt cordial
Being the first point of contact with customers. Facilitate a
comfortable and delightful experience for customers and
Monitor guest relations personnel to ensure guests
consistently receive all benefits, repeat guest and other VIP's
receive special recognition and service.
Translating Company's objective in the allocated
regions/properties. Ensure strict compliance with the brands'
Liaison between the company and various stakeholders for all
support/communications from both parties.
What we are Eagerness to explore new age methods/practices.
looking for in Good Communication skills & Pleasant Personality
you Passion and energy around building a good impression
Ability to work and align others around company initiatives
that are critical for future success
Authentic style, natural curiosity and a warm way with people
Knowledge around the use of digital technologies.
Empower Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery

What we An opportunity to bring about real change/ create a deep

promise to impact touching the lives of people.
you A platform to experiment fearlessly
A deep respect and focus on your individual well-being,
personal space, and overall growth
Role Demands Some local travel

Experience Essential Desirable

5+ years with significant exposure
- Guest Relationship
- Planning & conducting
group run down meetings
- Key account management
- Good computer skills and
familiar with Standard MS
Office applications.
Diploma/qualification in Exposure of working in 5
Hospitality or Management Star Hotels or airline, in
the last 5 yrs

Functional Specs:

Hospitality Manage this function for the office. Ability to work with service
and Meetings providers and maintain a service standard
Travel and Manage this function for staff at BKC
Team Ability to organise and event manage team engagement
Engagement events.
Office Ability to manage the functioning of office administration.
Vibrancy Creatively influence the work environment to influence
employee and visitor experience.

Behavioural Specs

Core Values Description

Respect - Respect in interactions with others, irrespective of
- Listen to different viewpoints from diverse stakeholders
Innovation - Questioning the status quo on a regular basis
- Hunger to try new things on an on-going basis (not a one-
time activity)
Social Impact - Driven by altruistic goals, going beyond the individual or
company/ business
Fun - High energy, positivity, humour
Empower Humanity by Addressing the Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery