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Student Teacher Science Lesson Planning Template - EPR 3903

Student teacher name: MST name: School name:

Khawla Saeed Alshehhi Ms. Noura Kilani GEMS Westminster School

Date: Class & grade: No.Ss

6th.March.2017 Grade 1a 32 students

Unit: Lesson: Time from: 10:35 to: 11:25

Changing Shape Changing Shape 1
PURPOSE Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to be able to do by
the end of the lesson that they could not do before? (LOs and SOs)

Students will be able to:

Find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed
by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.
How to use different skills in shaping play doh.
GROUPING: What is the group size? How is every student going to be able to participate? Will you
be differentiating and how?

Group size: Each group consists of 6 students unless one group has 8 students. (one
low level group, two middle level groups, and two high level groups).
How is every student is going to participate? I will give each student the chance
to answer, there is an individual work for students to do, and I will choose randomly
from the name list or throwing the dice.
The differentiation worksheets:
-Low: Students will have to create a shape from play doh using only one skill.
-Middle: Students will have to create a shape from play doh using two skills.
-High: Students will have to create a shape from play doh using three skills.


teacher books Page 234

student book(s) Page 234

worksheets/ papers ID cards sheets

Maze activity sheet (for those who finishes first)

teacher materials Powerpoint

Flash cards
Gum machines with the points
Play doh
Students check list.
student materials/ Play doh
manipulatives Worksheets

technology Powerpoint

other -

Key terms with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

Squashing Crush or squeeze

(something) with force so
that it becomes flat, soft, or
out of shape.

Bending Shape or force (something

straight) into a curve or

Twisting Form into a bent, curling, or

distorted shape.

Stretching (of something soft or

elastic) be made or be
capable of being made
longer or wider without
tearing or breaking. !

Students Prior Knowledge:

Students already know that shapes of materials can be changed.
Students already know the four skills of changing shape.

Possible Problems :
Students may get distracted during the gallery walk strategy.
Students may be late in moving or following directions.
Solutions for the Possible Problems:
I will use a bell so students can know when to move and when to stop (specific timing
will be provided for each station).
I will use the gum machine strategy to control the movement of students.
Students may think of two skills as one or mix them together.
Students may consider rolling as one of the four studied skills.
Students may not know which strategy are they using.
Solutions for Misconceptions:
Clear clarification of skills and their meanings must be provided.
Review of skills with pictures and gestures for each one must be provided.

Lesson Schedule
Teacher (activity + exact instructions you intend Purpose /
Phase to give)
Student (what they do) objective of the Time

I will ask students to come Students will come To review 5min

to the carpet at the to the carpet as the the skills
beginning of the class. teacher asks group used for
I will remind students with by group. changing
my classroom rules and the Students will listen shape.
gum machine as a to the rules and will
management tool. (I will be try to understand
reminding students of the the point of it, they
classroom rules along the even imitate me
class). while Im giving the
I will be questioning instructions of it
students about the name of such as: raised
the unit? How shapes hands, students will
change? What skills used for raise their hands
changing shape? quietly to show that
I will review the skills used they are applying
for changing shape with the rule.
using pictures to show the Students will be
action. answering the
I will also be using some teachers questions
gestures to show the action about the title of the
of each skill. unit, the skills used
I will ask students to do the for changing shape.
actions with their hands as I Students will look
do them at the same time. into the pictures and
teachers actions.
Students will imitate
the teachers actions
as she does the
actions of skills.
I will ask students to come Students will follow To 15-20
back to their seats. my directions as Support min
I will place some play doh on they go back to their students
the tables so students will seats group by to explore
not get distracted as they group. play doh
distribute it. Students will have using
I will place the worksheets the sheets and the different
(ID cards) on their tables so play doh on their skills and
they will use the play doh for tables. knowing
creating the shape, then Students will use the which skill
their pencils to write their play doh to create they are
answers. their shapes. using.
I will tell each group how Each group will use
many skills they should use a specific number of
to create their shapes. skills depending on
I will be moving around to their levels.
assist students level of Students will be
understanding with a check involve in creating
Explore list that has their names and and writing the
did they achieve the goal or information on the
not. ID cards.
If some students have
finished earlier, I will be
giving them a maze activity
sheet so they will not
distract others.

-Low: Students will have to
create a shape from play doh
using only one skill.
-Middle: Students will have to
create a shape from play doh
using two skills.
-High: Students will have to
create a shape from play doh
using three skills.
I will specify a leader in each Students will listen To have 15-20
group and I will give him/her to the teachers students min
a leadership card. clarification of the share
I will explain the second activity. their work
activity which is gallery walk Leaders will take the with
where students must leave leadership card. peers.
their work on the table, only Students will listen
the leader stay behind to to the teachers
explain to others the group instructions about
work. how they should do
I will use a bell to control gallery walk.
students movement, once Students will
the bell is on they should understand the
move and once it stops they process of walking
should stop moving. and that listening to
I will specify a time for the bell means
Explain leaders to explain the shapes moving or stoping.
of their groups (3 minutes Students will be
for each station). moving while
I will gather with the leaders leaders explain the
in a small group before shapes and what
starting the gallery walk and skills used by his/
tell they what should they her group members.
tell the students to clarify Students will ask
their work such as: we questions to the
created our shapes using leaders.
bending and twisting and Students will look at
you can see the skills used others work
from students on their (shapes).
I will ask students to start
moving and I will be moving
around assisting them.

I will ask a question as a Students will try to To help 3min

problem solving, such as: solve the problem students
using their
Does things exist in life as that the teacher
they are? Or were they gave them so they thinking
something else and we have to think skills in
Elaborate change the shape of them? critically to find out problem
If we created the table out of the answers of how solving.
wood, this means that we things change.
can change the shape of
solid objects?
I will ask students to come Students will come To 5min
back to the carpet. to the carpet. summariz
e what
I will be carrying a dice and I Students will carry
have been
will throw it randomly to the dice and answer took
check students the teachers during the
understanding through question, and once class and
asking questions such as: they finish they will for the
- What was your shape? teacher to
throw the dice to
check if
- Which skill have you used to another student. she
create your shape? Students will be achieved
- Can you remind me with the totally engaged her goals.
four skills used for chaining since they don't
Evaluate shape? know where the dice
At least three students will is moving so they
have the chance to answer. will be prepared to
If a student didnt know the answer.
answer, he/she will throw to
another students to help
him, once he/she listens to
the correct answer they will
repeat it.
At the end I will ask a
question of do you think all
materials can change? We
will know this by next class.