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EPC 3903 Long lesson plan

Student Teacher Science Lesson Planning Template - EPR 3903

Student teacher MST name: School name:

Badreyya Abdulla Ms. Jincy GEMS Westminster School
Date: Class & grade: No.Ss
2 March - 2017 Grade 2 - E 30 Students

Unit: Plants Lesson: What plant needs Time from: 10:35 to: 11:25
PURPOSE Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to be able to do by the
end of the lesson that they could not do before? (LOs and SOs)

Children will recognize that soil provides nutrients that help plants to grow
GROUPING: What is the group size? How is every student going to be able to participate? Will you be
differentiating and how?

I have five groups each group involves 5/6 students and I applied two differentiation
strategies for this lesson:

Flexible Grouping: which means that medium, high and low students are setting
in the same group, this will give students opportunities to interact with other
students in meaningful by dealing with wide range of peers alike and different from
themselves. Besides that, all of them working to reach same learning objectives.

Extra Worksheet: I create an extra worksheet for the high-level students because
they might finish before the timer end up.

Large plastic bottles (one 2-liter bottle per group);
onion (one per group)
Paper or sticky notes

teacher books Science Bug Year 3

Series Editor: Anne Goldsworthly
Authors: Debbie Eccles, Deborah Herridge and Tanya Shields
student book(s) Science Bug Year 3
Series Editor: Anne Goldsworthly
Authors: Debbie Eccles, Deborah Herridge and Tanya Shields
worksheets/ papers Papers or sticky notes
EPC 3903 Long lesson plan

teacher materials Large plastic bottles (one 2-liter bottle per group)
onion (one per group)
Paper or sticky notes
student materials/ Large plastic bottles (one 2-liter bottle per group);
onion (one per group)
Paper or sticky notes
Technology Data Show

Key terms with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

Word glossary definition image

Nutrients a substance that provides nourishment

essential for the maintenance of life and
for growth.

Students Prior Knowledge:

Students already know the plants needs

Possible Problems:

Problem (1): I might face problem with the data show.

Possible solution (1): I will save my PowerPoint in Flash so I can display it using
different laptop

Misconception (1): students may do not know the what nutrients means
Solution (1): I will re-call the new vocabulary for the last session
EPC 3903 Long lesson plan

Lesson Schedule
Teacher (activity + exact instructions
Student (what they do) Purpose / objective of
Phase you intend to give) the activity Time

- I will ask students to - Individually, - To attract

think first and discus children consider students
with their partner do whether plants attention and 5
plants need soil to need soil to grow. make them minutes
grow? Then they will feel curios
share their ideas toward new
- I will remind student with a partner lesson
of activity that we using sentence I
did last session of think plants
the best place to do/do not need
grow for plants. did soil to grow
all of these places because ...
have soil?

- I will remind - Children will use - Explore and

students of the work this information inquiry into
they did on bulbs in to set up an students 10
the Y2 Growing investigation to questions and minutes
Plants Unit. observe how an test their idea
onion grows
- I will read pages 12 without soil.
13 of the pupil
book (make a if the children have
hydroponic vase) the access to time
together on how to lapse recording
make a bulb vase. technology, I will let
them use this to
enhance their

- I will show them a - Students will - Introduce the 20

video (no soil) discuss their concept itself minutes
observation. that interpret
Explain that the evidence
Explain how might your seeds contain
onion change over enough nutrients
the next few days? to support plant
growth so the
seeding is able to
grow without soil
EPC 3903 Long lesson plan

- I will ask students to - Students will - Students will

sketch what they sketch their apply the
expect to see on prediction on the concept 10
paper or sticky note. paper or sticky minutes
Elaborate - I will ask randomly - Students will
selected children to share their
share their predictions with
predictions with the the whole class
rest of the class.

- I will do an oral - Students will - To be ensure 5

discussion with the share their that they minutes
whole class about outcomes of the reached
what we learned lesson with whole lessons
through this lesson. class objectives
- I will reward - Students will take
students who their gifts
participated well with
me during last