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Making A Poster : Character Map Comic

Teacher Name: Mrs. Watts

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Use of Class Time Used time well during Used time well during Used some of the time Did not use class time
class period. Focused class period. Usually well during class to focus on the
on getting the project focused on getting the period. There was project.
done. project done. some focus on getting
the project done.
Relevance of Graphics All graphics selected All graphics selected All graphics selected Graphics selected do
are related to the are related to the relate to the topic. not relate to the topic.
topic and make it topic and most make
easier to understand. it easier to
Required Elements The comic includes all All required elements All but 1 of the Several required
required elements as are included on the required elements are elements were
well as additional comic. included on the comic. missing.

Knowledge Gained Student can Student can Student can Student appears to
accurately answer all accurately answer accurately answer have insufficient
questions related to most questions about 75% of knowledge about the
facts in the comic and related to facts in the questions related to facts or processes
processes used to comic and processes facts in the comic and used in the comic.
Mechanics create the comic.
Capitalisation and used tois create
There 1 errorthe
in processes
There are 2used to in
errors There are more than 2
spelling are correct capitalisation or capitalisation or errors in capitalisation
throughout the comic. spelling. spelling. or spelling.