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Md. Iftekharul Amin
Assistant Professor

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Md. Shahed Faisal
Roll 27

Date of Submission
24 October, 2016

As part of the assignment for Marketing Theory & Practices course, on Friday, 21-
10-2016, we visited the following places and gathered observational data –

1. Agora, Mogbazar
2. Best Electronics, Malibagh Chowdhury Para
3. Malibagh Railgate Bazar

In each of these places, we observed consumer behavior for a specific product.
We talked to the buyers about their product preferences and the factors affecting
their choices. We also talked to the sellers about how they were attracting
potential customers for the specific product.

We have noted down our observations below.

We went to Agora, Mogbazar branch at around 10 AM. We observed the
consumer buying behavior of body soap bars. We stayed there till 12 PM. During
this time around 25 buyers bought some kind of body soap. Later we interviewed
the toiletries section’s supervisor.

Consumer Behavior Observation
We observed the followingconsumer behaviors–

1. Majority of the buyers bought the soap they already had in mind. The
brand they chose was predetermined and they didn’t linger much about
which one to buy.
2. When asked, majority of the buyers stated that their choices were
influenced mostly by TV commercials. Some also mentioned that they
were attracted by the packaging and fragrance.
3. Some buyers bought soaps that promise not to cause eye-burn because
they had little children in their household.
4. Most of the buyers bought medium sized soaps for their bathroom. A few
bought mini soaps for their dining hand-wash. Those who bought large
sized soaps claimed that it gives them more value for the price.
5. The demand was high for white and pink colored soaps.
6. Some buyers bought luxury brands that had premium packaging and a
higher price tag.
7. Very few buyers bought a single soap bar. Most of them bought more than

Marketing Observation
We observed the following marketing approaches –
 Attractive packaging, light colors and nice fragrance were incorporated in
the products.
 Discounts were offered by certain brands if two or more soap were bought
 Some of the soaps were labeled safe for eyes.
 Premium soaps were kept in a separate rack from the regular brands.
 The superstore had no particular ‘push’ strategy for the toiletries section
but it gave various discounts on total purchase.

Best Electronics
We went to Best Electronics, Malibagh Chowdhury Para branch at around 5 PM.
We observed the consumer buying behavior of LED TV. We stayed there till 7 PM.
During this time around 12 potential LED TV buyers visited the store but not
every one of them bought a TV set. Later we interviewed the store manager.

Consumer Behavior Observation
We observed the following consumer behaviors –

1. Some customers came to check specifications, features and prices of the
TV sets to make a decision and buy at a later time. Others intended to buy
on the very day.
2. There were 7 brands of LED TV – Sharp, Conion, Panasonic, Sony,
Samsung, LG and Toshiba. Customers were more skewed towards Sony,
Samsung and LG. They considered these brands to be more reliable.
3. There were five salesmen. They were smart, well-mannered and quite
knowledgeable about the products. They were suggesting alternatives
based on customer preference.
4. Price and size of the TV sets were two most important factors to narrow
down customer choices. They usually mentioned their budget and asked
for the biggest TV in that price range.
5. Most of the customers weren’t quite tech savvy. They had to rely on the
technical info provided by the salesmen.
6. Warranty service also played a major role in making the purchase decision.
Customers were willing to buy a TV set that met their budget and offered
longer warranty period.
7. The store manager informed us that since there’s a cricket series going on
between Bangladesh and England, the sale of TV sets saw a rise in the
recent week.

Marketing Observation
We observed the following marketing approaches –
 They put their best-selling and new arrival products on the display for
customers to see and make an impression of as soon as they walk into the
 Those who intended to buy at a later time, the salesmen tried to convince
them to make the purchase on that very day.
 The salesmen suggested brand and size of the TV based on customer’s
budget. If the customer had no particular budget in mind they suggested
their new arrival TV sets with latest technology and features.
 Along with the features and other technical specifications the salesmen
informed the customer about the aftersales service and other benefits
they’d get if they bought the TV from Best Electronics.
 The store manager informed us that they offer discounts on specific
products on special occasions like Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

Malibagh Bazar
We went to Malibagh Railgate Kachabazar early in the morning at around 8 AM.
We observed the consumer buying behavior of raw vegetables. We stayed there
till 10 AM. There were more than one seller and around 50 buyers bought some
kind of vegetable during our stay. Later we interviewed some of the sellers.

Consumer Behavior Observation
We observed the following consumer behaviors –

1. Regular buyers bought vegetables from the sellers they usually buy from.
They didn’t have to bargain much.
2. New buyers checked prices from different sellers and bought from the one
who offered them the lowest price.
3. Buyers were concerned about chemical preservatives. Most of them
checked and asked for any such thing before buying.
4. Some buyers put importance on the place of origin of the vegetables.

Marketing Observation
We observed the following marketing approaches –

 For regular buyers, sellers didn’t bargain much and sometimes sold
vegetables with minimum profit (at least, that’s what they claimed).
 They offered discounts when bought in larger quantity.
 They were constantly spraying water on the vegetables to make them look
 Some of the sellers were selling non-seasonal vegetables.

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