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Name_____Cassie Plote Date

Grade Level_____5th______ Date Taught____April

Essential Question(s):
What is going on in our world currently?
What connections can we make with current events to the events of
the past?

Arizona State/Common Core Standard(s):

SS. Describe current events using information from class discussions and various
resources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, books, maps).

5.RI.2 Determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by
key details; summarize a text.

Content Area Objective(s) Blooms Taxonomy:

Students will be able to select and analyze an article.
Students will be able to identify key aspects of article.
Students will use prior knowledge to build connections.

Language Objective(s):
Students will listen and observe modeling.
Students will be able to summarize ideas in article.

New Vocabulary (2-5 words):

Current event
5 Ws- who, what, when, where, why
Historical connections (past and present)

Anticipatory Set:
Any historical prior knowledge
American Revolution, Colonies, Boston Tea Party, etc.
Summarizing- The gist or main idea of passage

Learning Experiences:

Students will search and choose a news article online.

Students will read and analyze article, identifying key parts.
Students will complete current event and share in small groups.

Teacher Actions/Student Actions:

1. Asks students who has heard of the term current event, what is
a current event?
2. Teacher explains current event and importance of studying and
keeping up to date with current events.
3. Read objectives aloud with class
4. Choose an article online and have class read (or listen)
5. Explain each component of current event (who, what, when,
where, why)
6. Complete current event on chart paper with student as helper
7. Teacher acts as mediator to call on students and summarize all
students thoughts
8. Teacher will give directions and release students to get
9. Teacher circulates room and checks in with students

1. Students respond what is a current event? Why do we need to
be aware of current events/ why are they important?
2. Students read objectives aloud
3. Students read selected article together aloud
4. Listen to teachers instructions
5. Class helper assigned as writer (to fill out current event)
6. Helper listens to peer suggestions before writing
7. Students listen for directions
8. Students get laptops and visit news website
9. Students choose 1 article and complete current event 5 Ws
10. Students summarize article in 25 words or less. (20-25)

Possibilities for Differentiation:

Printing copies of the article and having students close read
them before working on class current event.
Students who are advanced can try summarizing the article in 25
Having hard copies of news articles for students to choose, if
there are difficulties with computers.
Providing newspapers and magazines.

Students will need to have selected an article and wrote
Students will share their articles in small groups at their tables.
Exit ticket- (on an index card) Explain 2 things that you learned,
and share your thoughts and feelings.

Assessment (formative and/or summative):

Formative- class works together to create current event. (Check
for student understanding throughout lesson)
Summative- students share and submit their own current events.
Summative, informal- students complete exit ticket

Computer/ projector- To create class model of current event
(online article)
A sheet of chart paper
Index cards
Laptops- internet and Microsoft word

Online news sources:

Current Event

Who? :

What? :

When? :

Where? :

Why? :