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How Does Your Parenting Style Affect Your Kids?
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Psychology Today
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The blog (a personal website of Dr. Ronald E. Riggio, a Henry K. Kravis
Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont
McKenna College) described the four parenting styles and its consequent
effects on kids.

The four types of parenting styles he described are:

Authoritarian parenting: Parenting style where parents are
dominant, established and punish children for violating rules.
Neglectful Parenting: Parenting style where parents do not engage
their children in any parenting roles.
Indulgent Parenting: Parenting style where parents establish an
environment of freedom with little or no restrains.
Authoritative Parenting: Parenting style believed to be the best in
which rules are established, parents are supportive and mentors kids
to turn out to be the best even if once in a while they violate the rules.
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This material complements the information provided in Unit 15 Child
Development (Disciplinary Practice of Parents). While the course materials
mentioned and described three parenting styles namely Authoritarian,
Authoritative and Permissive (equivalent of Indulging Parenting in this
website), this website added the Negligent Parenting Style which further
shows that some parents are even failing totally in their parental
responsibilities which in turn leads to a society filled with menace and social
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textbook (if possible).
Disciplinary Practice of Parents (A subtopic under Child Development in Unit
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Learning Negligent Parenting Style added to my depository of knowledge on
parenting styles.
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They should view this site in order to obtain additional information on
parenting style Negligent Parenting Style.
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https://www.cmc.edu/academic/faculty/profile/ronald-riggio (An hyperlink
named - Kravis Leadership Institute website on the site)
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It contains the profile of Dr. Ronald E. Riggio.