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Name: Reilly Koontz, Public Relations

Number: (904) 630-1414
Email: mhogan@coj.net

Target audience

College-age voters living in Jacksonville Beach.


Duvals Brightest-College Educated and Digitally Driven.

Demographics e
According to the Striving Single Scene mosaic, these voters are young, unattached singles
who have never been married or had children. The census states that 88.5 percent of the
population is white and only 4.7 percent is African American.
These 20- something voters are found living mostly in lively, up-beat areas that are

thriving with activity. These people reside in the 32250 ZIP code, with ages that range mostly
from 20-24. As seen in the census, college-aged voters make up about 8.9 percent of the
Jacksonville Beach population. When looking at the Daytime Population Summary, 1,210 out of
the 30,378 daytime population are college students.

Most of these voters live in 1 to 2 person households. Nearly all are renters live in apartments,
condos or small houses close to the urban action. They are very well educated with three-
quarters having gone to college and 25.6 percent graduating with a bachelors degree. Despite
their education, the Striving Single Scene mosaic shows about 26.2 percent make between zero

and $19,999, 24.8 percent make between $20,000 and $39,999, and 26 percent make between
$40,000 and $59,999 in income.


According to the Striving Single Scene mosaic, college age voters are ambitious and
motivated but live a carefree lifestyle. They are self- described workaholics who want not just a
job, but a career. Their main concerns are getting ahead in their careers and achieving financial
security. They arent thinking about retirement and saving money, they are more concerned about
paying their student and car loans. They are not afraid of challenging themselves, and many want
to start their own business. Although work takes up a lot of their time, they are active in the
dating scene and enjoy going out at night to concerts, clubs, and bars. They are also avid
travelers who like traveling by plane or boat to Caribbean beaches the Bahamas, Jamaica and
As stated in the mosaic, these voters are obsessed with their appearance. They always
want to stand out and try to look their best by regularly working out and taking aerobics and
yoga classes. They are trendy and always up to date on whats hot whether its in fashion, diet,
cars or technology. Many have creative hobbies such as painting, playing an instrument, and
doing photography. Since they have an out-and-about lifestyle, they are not fans of traditional
newspapers and magazine, but keep up with current affairs and pop culture by visiting websites.
They are very Internet-savvy and use it to download music, stream videos, watch TV shows, and
keep up with their friends through social media. Many listen to public radio and watch primetime
TV in their free time like MTV, Bravo, HBO, and E!.
As stated in both the Striving Single Scene and the Digital Dependents mosaic, these
college aged voters describe themselves as very liberal and support liberal ideals and tolerance
in religious matters, most are affiliated with the Democratic Party. They have good rates for
registering to vote, are willing to volunteer for a good cause and donate to environmental or arts
organizations. These voters are also more likely than the average American to join a protest if
they feel strongly about an issue.

Key Words

Duval County Supervisor of Elections
Tech- savvy
Digitally driven
College educated
Career driven
Generation Y
Status seekers
Future America

What is important to my audience

From looking at the demographics and psychographics of College age voters in Jacksonville
Beach, it is clear that achieving financial security and having a steady job is something that is
important to them. Most of these voters arent getting hired right out of college, and if they are
they are getting paid minimum wage. This results in many of them becoming financially
challenged from having a low income and struggling to pay off loans for their education, car and
apartment. So, college affordability, education funding, college loan reform, and raising
minimum wage are all very important to them.

How they get information

According to the Striving Single Scene mosaic and Digital Dependents mosaic, the voters
primary source for information is the Internet, they are very technology-savvy and are always on
their cell phones. According to the Digital Dependents mosaic, their secondary source of
information is from their friends, they are very sociable and are constantly talking and keeping
up with their friends on text and through social media. At this point in their life they view friends
as more important than family members. According to the Striving Single Scene, their third
source of information is the newspaper and radio; a lot of college-age voters listen to the radio
while on their way to work or school. Most of these voters read the New York Times rather than
the general world news. The last source of information for voters is the television. Most use the
television for entertainment rather than for information.