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Friday, April 14, 2017 Vol. 4, No. 2 Fitchburg, WI ConnectFitchburg.com $1

Inside Spring election

Dog park approved
Page 3

Home and Garden
special section
Pages 12-16

Whats next after
successful VASD Four new alders, but
referendums incumbents all win
Unified Newspaper Group

Community Two years after his own

promotion from alder
and ousting of the mayor,
incumbent Mayor Steve
Arnold was defeated by
challenger Jason Gonzalez
in the April 4 election.
Gonzalez, who has served
Photo by Kate Newton two terms as an alder in
King James neighborhood resident Dr. Jasmine Zapata, center, speaks to kids about the importance of treating their peers District 3,
with respect and kindness during an after-school program held at Fitchburg Fire Station No. 2 on weekday afternoons. won by near-
Zapata visits the program each week with volunteers from her community choir to lead the kids in music and empower- ly 1,000
ment-themed activities. votes, 3,142

Lessons in resilience
to 2,221.
Event honors late He will
have four
Fitchburg resident new faces to
work with on Gonzalez
Page 10 the council in
After-school program offers safe place, for King James youth Anne Scott,
Sports Daniel Bahr,
Aaron Rich-
KATE NEWTON Because theyre definitely going
ardson and
Unified Newspaper Group Inside to gain something every time they
come, Smith told the Star. Tom Clauder,
Smith had been considering start- all of whom
In her years working as a mental
health specialist and advocate for Group looking for a ing a program like the homework were run-
ning in races
area youth, Wanda Smith has learned permanent home club before last year, and last sum-
w i t h o u t a n Arnold
that nearly every experience can mer she started getting more feed-
back from neighbors on the idea incumbent.
become a teachable moment. Page 25 Arnolds final meeting as
The King James neighborhood while holding a series of popular
block parties at the site of what will mayor was Tuesday, April
resident is trying to pass on that
area youth who lack easy access to soon be a new city park on King 11.
same mentality to some of the citys
community spaces like city parks and James Way. Gonzalez told the Star
youngest residents through an after-
the Fitchburg Community Center a She said many people she spoke two days after the election
school program and homework club
that he was feeling good
Edgewood girls win she and other volun- safe place (with) positive activi- to were drawn to the idea of a com-
and he saw the 900-vote
teers are running out ties to get involved in and some emo- munity-driven effort aimed at giv-
first state bball title of Fitchburg Fire Sta- tional support. ing kids living in one of Fitchburgs win as more of a man-
Since its early days, volunteers more impoverished neighborhoods date than Arnold had two
tion No. 2 on King
Page 17 James Way. Her goal have expanded the curriculum to more opportunities. years ago in a narrow victo-
include arts and crafts, creative writ- I wanted to make sure the people ry over then-Mayor Shawn
is to reach many more
Business in the coming months.
Since the program
ing, spoken word, poetry, yoga and
dance all with a life skills-fo-
who were partnering with us really
had a passion for change and equi- It was quite clear, he
cused angle to expose the kids to as ty for everybody, she added. A lot said of the result. I just
began in October, a
think that Steves been
group spanning from Smith many new skills as possible. of people are making decisions for
Step into the room on an average communities they dont live in. But around 12 years, maybe
about a dozen to 30
afternoon and you might find that if they live there and they work with they wanted some change.
kids has come to the station from
days attendees hopping excitedly the grassroots leaders there, they can He also credited Arnold
3:30-7p.m. weekdays to get help on
from one activity to another: reading really be the ones to help build the for how he handled com-
schoolwork, play games and engage
over each others shoulders during neighborhood up. mittee appointments for cit-
in a variety of activities led by the
homework time, engaging animated- izens and alders.
volunteers and visiting speakers.
While the club is open to all kids, ly in that days discussion and even Empowerment program I hope to continue
practicing cartwheels and dance Labeling the program a home- Steves commitment to
most participants are minority chil-
Pet store partners dren living on King James Way and moves, all with seemingly boundless work club seemed fitting, since diversity and inclusion in
with local nonprofits energy. thats the first thing on the agenda that regard, Gonzalez said.
King James Court who range in age
Whatever activity we use, we each day when the kids arrive at the Arnold, though,
from elementary to high school.
called the result a great
Page 27 Smith said the mission of the pro- always research, OK, what kind of
gramming began as a way to give educational gift are they gaining? Turn to Youth program/Page 25 Turn to Election/Page 24



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EXPIRES 5/5/17
(Some restrictions apply. Cannot be
combined with any other coupon)

5555 Irish Lane, Fitchburg (608) 271-3230 7595 W. Mineral Point Rd., Madison (608) 833-5244
www.kandagreenhouse.com Mon.-Sat. 9-6; Sun. 9-5
2 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star

Nigel Hayes visits

Boys and Girls Club
for bike giveaway
Wisconsin Badgers bas- prepping each bike, while
ketball player Nigel Hayes professional bicycle mechan-
made an appearance at the ics, including FB4K-Madi-
Boys and Girls Club of Dane son executive director Andy
County during a bike give- Quandt, restored them.
away on March 29. Free Tyler Ubinger, of Palm-
Bikes 4 Kidz-Madison pre- er Johnson Power Systems,
sented 400 refurbished bikes announced at the event his
to local children in need. ride with the Tour Divide,
The event was a culmina- a 3,000-mile ride that starts
tion of months of volunteer June 9 and follows the geo-
efforts that kicked off with graphical continental divide,
a community-wide bicycle to raise $40,000 for the Boys
drop-off day in January at and Girls Club. Ubinger is
SSM Dean Health facilities, also the honorary chairman
which also supplied each of the 2017 Bike for Boys
Photo courtesy Boys and Girls Club child with a free, fitted hel- and Girls Club, which will be
Wisconsin Badgers basketball player Nigel Hayes, center, stopped by the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County on March 29 met. Volunteers spent the held July 15 at McKee Farms
for the Free Bikes 4 Kidz event. last two months cleaning and Park.

Wang joins UNG staff

Helu Wang has joined the assistant for the New York will continue their focuses
staff of Unified Newspaper Times and an intern at the on Oregon and Stoughton,
Group. Global Times. She is cur- respectively.
A native of rently working on projects Wang can be reached at
China, Wang for the Wisconsin Center helu.wang@wcinet.com,
moved to for Investigative Journalism, Christian at samantha.
Madison in highlighting Medicaid fraud christian@wcinet.com,
2015 to pur- and the shortage of firefight- L eve n h a g e n a t a m b e r.
sue a gradu- ers across the state. levenhagen@wcinet.com
ate degree in Wa n g j o i n s U N G t o and assistant editor Scott
journalism replace community reporter Girard at scott.girard@
at UW-Mad- Wang Kate Newton, who covered wcinet.com.
ison, which Verona and Fitchburg com- Community news for
she is expected to complete munity news. Wang will any of UNGs coverage
in mid-May. continue those beats. areas can be sent to UNG
She previously was an The other community at communityreporter@
editor-in-chief at a Shang- reporters, Samantha Chris- wcinet.com.
hai magazine, a research tian and Amber Levenhagen, Scott Girard

Photos by Samantha Christian

Dave Suplinski, left, learns about gutter protectors from Brittany Fitzgerald of Leaf Filter at
the Fitchburg Chambers spring business expo April 6.

Taylor Ortman,
left, of Salon
KB Fitchburg,
styles Verona
Rebecca Marks

holds spring
More than 60 businesses
were showcased during the
Fitchburg Chambers spring
business expo at the Fitch-
burg Community Center on
April 6.

On the web
See more photos from the spring

business expo:
April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 3
City of Fitchburg

Dog park approved for Irish Lane-Fish Hatchery location

SCOTT GIRARD wouldve liked to have seen
Unified Newspaper Group a more orchestrated process
that came through with all
After more than a year the parts and pieces in place.
of discussion, the Com- But she and every other
mon Council on March 28 alder voted for the park.
approved a dog park for the This is obviously very
northeast corner of Irish popular, she explained.
Lane and South Fish Hatch- Arnold was once again cut
ery Road. off while trying to give some
The park could open as thoughts on the park and
soon as this summer. The the approval process before
final site was selected from the vote, as Stern called
an initial list of 10 possible the question, which led the
locations. council to take an immediate
City staff will spend about vote. It was a similar scene to
69 hours annually to main- two recent meetings, during
tain the park, and the city which his comments on the
will also cover about $1,000 proposed bicycle and pedes-
in dog bags and $500 in trian plan and a sidewalk res-
general repairs, according olution were cut off by Car-
to estimates provided to the penter or Ald. Jason Gonza-
council by parks director lez (D-3), Arnolds opponent
Scott Endl. in the mayoral election.
Those costs and oth- Let the record show
ers were the main point that the mayor is not being
of contention at the coun- allowed to speak, Arnold
cils meeting, where alders said.
debated whether to include a Let the record show that
staff version of an agreement the mayor is the chair of the
between the city and Fitch- commission does not get to
burg Dog Park Advocates, a speak, and were done hear-
group that has been involved ing youre lecture, Gonzalez
in the planning since the responded.
beginning. Rendering submitted The city and FDPA can
FDPA had initially brought This is the updated dog park site plan for the northeast corner of Irish Lane and South Fish Hatchery Road. now begin working out a
forward a memorandum of detailed agreement while
understanding to outline awaiting bids on the site
what work and infrastructure FDPA had offered. memorandum of understand- Advocates, Arnold said. pieces. engineering.
it would provide, but staff I just dont want to pass ing, Stern said. Ald. Carol Poole (D-1) I dont feel like Ive
recommended some chang- something that goes against M a y o r S t eve A r n o l d also questioned the entire been given the informa- Contact Scott Girard at
es and included its version the entire good-faith agree- echoed that sentiment. process, which has includ- tion that Ive asked for and ungreporter@wcinet.com
with the packet. The council ment weve been working on This is not a take-it-or- ed different parts of the plan that Ive wanted throughout and follow him on Twitter
approved a new agreement, so far, he said. leave-it to the Dog Park coming to the council in this process, Poole said. I @sgirard9.
with FDPAs input, at its FDPA had not looked at
April 11 meeting, with Ald. the staff version of the agree-
Jake Johnson (Dist. 4) saying ment, but Ald. Patrick Stern Your Fitchburg Realtor Professional Tax Preparation
Call now to schedule an appointment with an experienced tax professional.
staff and FDPA were on the (D-2) proposed including it Top Producer since 2002
same page with that agree- with the approval of the dog
ment. park as a baseline, and he Lives HereWorks Here Baker & Launder, S.C.
At the March 28 meeting, and five others voted to make & Loves It Here!
though, Johnson, the found- that happen. Dennis Baker, EA, CFP
er of FDPA, had said the Theres plenty of oppor- Chamber Ambassador
tunity for them to nego- David Launder, EA, CFP
staff version was much less
specific and preferred what tiate and come up with a Heidi Schultz, CPA


Kathy Zastrow
In brief Stormwater concern
(608) 575-8761 KathyZastrow@gmail.com
(608) 845-8787 | 351 Prairie Heights Drive | Verona, WI 53593
At the March 21 Plan
Sunnyside Park Commission meeting, con-
cerns were once again
Fitchburgs first fenced- expressed about the potential

Our Experience,
in, off-leash dog park now for stormwater runoff at the
has a name: Sunnyside site.
Park. But Cory Horton, the City
The name reflects the of Fitchburg Public Works
agricultural history of director, shared findings at
the land at the corner of the meeting that indicate the

Your Success.
Irish Lane and South Fish development of a dog park
Hatchery Road, where the there would reduce peak
Wilke family used to own water flow and volume, and
and operate the Sunnyside any additional rain garden
Hatchery chicken coop plantings would keep more
from the early 1950s to water on site.
1990s. The commission asked
After hearing from Chris that the Public Works depart-
Hammen, who spoke on ment review the most recent
b e h a l f o f h i s 9 5 - y e a r- stormwater study of the area,
old grandmother, Maxine and Dane County will also
Wilke, (who was also in
attendance), and his late
grandfather, Karl Wilke,
be conducting a stormwater
Our Oak Bank associates have over
the Common Council unan-
imously approved the name
Samantha Christian 1,000 years of experience combined,
at its March 14 meeting.
Fundraising goal and we want to share it with you.
The Fitchburg Dog Park
Advocates recently hit
the halfway mark of their
$50,000 fundraising goal
for park amenities (such as You have questions? We have answers.
waste stations and benches)
to match the City of Fitch-
Business Expo Lets talk.
burgs funding commitment
that would cover basic infra-
May 4, 5-7:30 PM

structure (such as the fencing 120 S. First Street

and parking lot). The city is
expected to invest about 69 Mount Horeb Fire Station
hours of annual maintenance,
including plowing, mowing TROLLWAY.COM 5951 McKee Rd, Suite 100 Fitchburg, WI 608.441.6000 OakBankOnline.com
and garbage collection. adno=511475-01
4 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star Opinion ConnectFitchburg.com

Letters to the editor Healthy Living

Disappointed but hopeful We should redefine what
Tuesdays election was There is so much more
a great disappointment. I to do to improve the equity,

the word healthy means

have learned a lot in twelve resiliency and sustainability
years, particularly about the of our city for those who
lengths that people will go will live here in the future.
to buy political influence I hope the new council and
and the fragility of local mayor will be mindful of When I started my journey to So instead of focusing on whole among other criteria, meets either
democracy. Nancy and I the welfare of everyone in become a registered dietitian, I had grains, fruits and vegetables which of these standards: 1) It is not low
will do fine. We are in good the city, not just the politi- no idea I was getting into a field that are all good carb options the pub- in total fat but has a fat profile made
health and have many inter- cally well-connected. would change and evolve as much lic deemed refined grains as good up of mostly monounsaturated and
ests to pursue. It has been an honor serv- as it does. replacements, too. polyunsaturated fats; or 2) contains
Unfortunately, the losers in ing the city of Fitchburg. I Sure, my bio- Pretzels were good, but nuts were at least 10 percent of the daily value
this election were planning, wish the residents and the chemistry and considered bad. Today this almost of potassium or vitamin D.
honesty, and the future of business community the human metab- sounds absurd, but 20 year ago it In the meantime, the FDA is
Fitchburg. The winners were best of good fortune! olism notes are was a different story. In order to asking for public input until April
money in politics, negative probably still rel- use the claim healthy on the front 26 on what healthy should mean
campaigning, sprawl, and Steve Arnold evant, but it seems of a package, the food had to meet and how consumers understand the
the higher costs that go with Mayor (through like every other the FDAs criteria of being low in healthy food label claim before
unchecked development. April 17) recommendation fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and they make a definite change to the
and guideline sodium with at least 10 percent of claim. For some, this may mean

Thank you for your help

has been turned the daily value of one or more of looking past the nutrients. Perhaps
upside-down. vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, it means looking at what the food
Lets take, for protein or fiber. doesnt contain instead, such as arti-
example, the low-fat craze of the Until September of last year, ficial ingredients or sugar.
I want to thank all the worked with Tom Clauder, 1990s. You might remember the that was still the definition of the Whatever is decided, it may take
people in District 4 that putting flyers out in Dis- popular 100-calorie packs of refined healthy food claim. The foods we years until a new definition of the
voted for me. trict 4 to the people, while grains advertising their low-fat con- now would consider healthy, like healthy claim is released.
I would also like to thank on my travel through the tents. nuts and avocados, couldnt be mar- In the meantime, its important
all the people that let me area. It doesnt take long to begin list- keted as such due to their high fat not to judge a food on its label
put my election yard signs ing many of the foods that started content (albeit healthy fat). Yet, alone. What may be healthy for
on their properties for this Richard Hammersley popping up on the shelves (and other foods were still able to use the one person might not be for another
election in Fitchburg. I City of Fitchburg possibly in your home) that boasted claim that hardly seemed appropri- person, depending on individual
being low-fat, reduced-fat or ate with the evolving evidence and dietary needs.
Letters to the editor policy even fat-free. You name it, it was
probably out there: Fat-free salad
new dietary guidelines in place.
With the possible change of the
Rather than focusing on the mar-
keting claims or captions on the
Unified Newspaper Group welcomes letters to the editor, dressings, cheese, frozen yogurt, Nutrition Facts Label happening in front of the package, look at the
provided they comply with our guidelines. candy. a little over a year and a pushback ingredient list and Nutrition Facts
Letters should be no longer than 400 words. They should But does that make these foods from the popular Kind bars, which Label to make an informed decision
also contain contact information so that the paper may con- healthy? According to the Food and used the phrase healthy and tasty for yourself on whether that item
firm authorship. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit Drug Administrations (FDAs) defi- for one of their nut-based granola can fit into a balanced, healthy diet
letters for length, clarity and appropriateness. nition of the food claim healthy, it bars, the FDA is now declaring its thats right for you and your family.
does. Or at least it did. time to redefine what healthy
Twenty years ago, fat had become means. Kara Hoerr, MS, RDN, CD, is the
a villain, and consumers wanted Rather than focusing on the registered dietitian at the Fitchburg
nothing to do with it. While the amount of fat, a new guidance has Hy-Vee. For more nutrition infor-
dietary guidelines emphasized sat- been released until a permanent mation or questions, email khoerr@
urated fat as the main culprit, most change in the definition can be made hy-vee.com or call 273-5125.
Friday, April 14, 2017 Vol. 4, No. 2 consumers assumed if one fat was that focuses on the type of fat in This information is not intended
Periodical Postage Paid, Verona, WI and additional offices. bad, all fats were bad and should be the product. as medical advice. Please consult a
Published weekly on Friday by the Unified Newspaper Group, avoided. Fat was replaced with car- Manufacturers may now use medical professional for individual
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc. bohydrates. healthy on labels if the item, advice.
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
The Fitchburg Star, 133 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593.

Office Location: 133 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593

Phone: 608-845-9559 FAX: 608-845-9550
e-mail: ungeditor@wcinet.com Community Voices
Circulation customer service: (608) 845-9559
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper.

General Manager
Local citizen scientists providing
valuable information through apps
Lee Borkowski
Sales Manager
Kathy Neumeister Eating breakfast a couple week- to fungus. And eBird launched in
kathy.neumeister@wcinet.com ends ago in Tomah, I noticed a large 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Orni-
woodpecker pecking away at the thology and the National Audubon
Display Advertising bird seed on the feeder in the front Society has more than 9.5 million
Donna Larson yard. bird observations recorded around
veronasales@wcinet.com Discussion around the table the world.
Dawn Zapp ensued on what type of woodpecker Another valuable citizen monitor-
oregonsales@wcinet.com it was. Was it a downy woodpecker Collecting data on birds or plants ing opportunity is stream monitor-
Catherine Stang or a pileated woodpecker? also gets people outside and explor- ing through the Rock River Coali-
stoughtonsales@wcinet.com After bets were placed, I pulled ing the many parks and natural areas tion (RRC).
out my smartphone and opened my the city has to offer. The coalition provides equipment
Classifieds Merlin bird identification app. A The data that is collected by these and trains volunteers to monitor the
Diane Beaman quick picture snap later, my hunch apps is used by various Department health of eight stream sites in Fitch-
ungclassified@wcinet.com was confirmed: It was a pileated of Natural Resources profession- burg once a month from April to
woodpecker. als as well as Fitchburg city staff October. They monitor water-quality
My phone screen was full of a to inform policy development and parameters such as clarity, tem-
Carolyn Schultz
plethora of fun facts about the bird management and protection of pub- perature and dissolved oxygen.
ungcirculation@wcinet.com species. I proceeded to log this bird lic lands, as well as guide future Volunteers input data directly into
News sighting in both the eBird and iNat- development. Once a baseline of a statewide database that is used by
Jim Ferolie uralist apps, along with information information is established in the local, state and federal water-quality
fitchburgstar@wcinet.com about the location. city, my hope is that we can improve professionals to monitor trends in
While citizen science may be upon our current management of water quality, particularly levels of
Sports more amusing (and competitive) parks and natural areas, especially phosphorus pollution.
Jeremy Jones than scientific, you can begin to when it comes to taking care of our If citizen science seems like
ungsportseditor@wcinet.com see the potential data these types of prairies and woodlots, which are something you would like to get
applications can provide to the sci- prime habitats for our birds. involved with or learn more about,
Assistant Editor entific community. The aforementioned iNaturalist stop by McGaw Park on April 22 at
Scott Girard Citizen science is not a new term, and eBird are two of the biggest cit- 8 a.m. for a guided bird walk with
ungreporter@wcinet.com but the way in which it is conduct- izen science applications available. David Drake of UW-Extension or
ed has changed dramatically over Both are easy to use and can be a April 29 for a guided tree walk with
the last several years. Advances in fun way to explore the Fitchburg DNR Forester Cory Secher. During
Anthony Iozzo, Samantha Christian, Helu Wang, Amber and availability of technology have park system or your own backyard. these events, the city will demon-
Levenhagen, Scott De Laruelle, Bill Livick facilitated the shift from pen and The apps are available for both strate various citizen science apps
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of paper data collection to smartphone Apple and Android operating sys- and how you can use them in the
Woodward Communications,Inc.
and tablet collection. tems and are free to download. field.
Citizen scientists can collect More than 3.5 million observa-
A dynamic, employee-owned media company
information that otherwise might tions have been recorded in iNatu- Dakota Dorn is the parks and
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results.
not be collected due to time, geo- ralist worldwide, and the app allows forestry assistant for the City of
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville graphic, or resource constraints. you to track everything from birds Fitchburg.
April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 5
Jazz Fest set City celebrates Earth Month
for April 28-30
Community-wide events will collect unwanted prescription 5425 Quarry Hill Dr., from noon to
medications between 8-11a.m. at 3p.m. Saturday, April 22.
April 22, 29 the police entrance of City Hall. The Volunteers are asked to bring a shov-
MedDrop box is open to residents el and consider making a donation. For
The City of Fitchburg is organizing from 7:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. Monday every $5 donation people make toward
EVAN HALPOP Festival in 2014, and tak- several events in recognition of Earth through Friday. purchasing trees for the park, they
Star correspondent en part in jazz festivals all Month, including opportunities for For information, visit fitchburgwi. will get a raffle ticket for a chance to
over the world, according birding, recycling and tree planting. gov. win gift cards from local businesses.
Three of the four bands to a news release. Participants can also enjoy food from
at Fitchburgs annual Jazz The Bria Skonberg Quin- Spring cleanup Arbor, bird day three local Lets Eat Out Madison food
Fest will be performing tet has its first show at Gather up old papers, electronics The city will celebrate Arbor Day trucks.
at the festival for the first 10p.m. April 28, then per- and medications for the City of Fitch- and International Migratory Bird Day For information, visit facebook.com/
time. forms three more times. burgs spring cleanup events on Earth at the McGaw Park Shelter, 5236 Lacy QuarryHill.
Performances begin Skonberg is an educator, Day, Saturday, April 22. Road, from 8a.m. to noon Saturday,
April 28 at 6:30p.m. and co-director and founder Surplus IT, 901 Watson Ave., will April 22. Tree walk
continue through April 30 of the New York Hot Jazz collect old electronics for recycling David Drake of UW-Extension will Department of Natural Resources
at the Wyndham Garden Camp, co-founder of the from 7-11a.m. For updated cost lead a bird walk at 8a.m., followed forester Cory Secher will lead a tree
Hotel. New York Hot Jazz Fes- information, visit fitchburgwi.gov/ by tree planting at 10a.m. Then at walk from 10a.m. to noon Saturday,
Linda Marty Schmitz, tival, and won the Juno solidwaste. 10:30a.m., Dianne Moller of Hoos April 29, at McGaw Park, 5236 Lacy
president of the Madison Aw a r d f o r Vo c a l J a z z The city and Pellitteri Waste Sys- Woods Raptor Center will hold a live Road. He will explain current vegeta-
Jazz Society, noted that Album of the Year on Feb. tems will host a paper shredding event raptor program. tion cover at the park, invasive species
three of the performers hail 7. from 8-11a.m. at the City Hall park- For information, call 270-4289. and the mechanics of oak regeneration.
from outside the United B e s t k n ow n f o r h e r ing lot, 5520 Lacy Road. The event For information, email anna.healy@
States. knowledge of classic jazz, provides free shredding and recycling Tree planting fitchburgwi.gov or call 270-4289.
One could call this year she creates a style all her to destroy no more than five bankers The Quarry Hill Neighborhood
an international festival in own, rooted in New Orle- boxes of confidential paper documents. Association will be recruiting volun- Samantha Christian and Helu
a way, she said. ans grooves, the release The Fitchburg Police Department teers to plant trees at Quarry Hill Park, Wang
Each of the groups per- stated.
forms at least four times. She will be coming into
Clarinetist Allan Vache,
drummer Danny Coots, and
pianist Stephanie Trick of
the Vache/Coots/Trick Trio
town before the festival to
present workshops for high
schools, colleges, and oth-
er music students in the
Hobby to business
open the festival Friday.
Trick and her husband
Madison area.
Bob Schulzs Frisco Jazz Fitchburg jewelry artist featured at Chicago Art show
Paolo Alderighi, who are Band is returning for its
based out of Italy, will be ninth appearance at the fes- HELU WANG son, who sailed solo from
performing on their own tival. Unified Newspaper Group Alaska, down the California
in a separate performance. The artists who are per- coast, crossed to the Mar-
The pair played for the f o r m i n g m a y h ave t h e Hammering a silver wire quesas, then went further
Prince of Wales and the opportunity to call up into a circle, Julie Snyder south to Bora Bora and Tahi-
Duchess of Cornwall at the another artist scheduled to squinted to make sure the ti.
Edinburgh Jazz and Blues perform for a jam session, wire was as thin as the other The story behind the
as well. wire of a green- and copper pearls makes my designs
-colored earring. even more special, to me at
Hours later, Snyder, a least, Snyder says.
Schedule Fitchburg silversmith, would She plans to refine her
head to Chicago Navy Pier style and expand her shows
Friday, April 28 Session I (6:30-11p.m.) to present her 100 pieces of to larger regional events, as
jewelry at Chicagos Art and well as continue with local
6:30p.m. Vache/Coots/Trick Trio Design show. shows such as Paoli Art
Im really not sure what in the Millwork and Ago-
7:40p.m. Bob Schulzs Frisco Jazz Band to expect from the show
Photo by Helu Wang
ra in Fitchburg. The prices
Snyder hammers a ear wire at her home studio.
8:50p.m. Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi since this is my first big city of jewelry she presented at
show, Snyder said. I hope the Chicago Art and Design
10p.m. Bria Skonberg Quintet instructors, Snyder began to
my work is received well. Im constantly devel- show range from $32 to
The show, which was specialize in mokume gane, oping designs in my head $11,000.
Saturday, April 29 Session II (11a.m.- an ancient Japanese tech-
April 8 and 9, featured orig- and through trial and error. People dont always
4p.m.) nique which was originally
inal artwork created by 100 When something works well know what (efforts) are
used to decorate samurai
artists, including glass, jew- I try to do a series of similar involved. They might try to
11a.m. Bria Skonberg Quintet swords. Although it involves
elry, furniture, ceramics, pieces, Snyder said. bargain, Snyder said while
12:15p.m. Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi a lengthy and tedious pro-
sculpture and photography. She added that most of leveling a pair of earrings on
cess of fusing multiple lay-
Snyder displayed her silver her design ideas pop up in a chopstick, But my pieces
1:30p.m. Vache/Coots/Trick Trio ers of silver and copper to
and gold jewelry with semi- daily life, with items as sim- are very unique, even the ear
precious gemstones. create a billet, drilling holes ple as a twig or an acorn in wires are hand-made. Its a
2:45p.m. Bob Schulzs Frisco Jazz Band partially through the entire
After retiring from a phys- her backyard ending up as a piece of art.
top layer and forging out
ical therapist job three years series theme.
Saturday, April 29 Session III (6-11p.m.) onto sheet metal, Snyder
ago, she started her jewelry Her Black Tahitian pearls Contact Helu Wang at
6p.m. Vache/Coots/Trick Trio was always glad to work for
business. She has taken met- pieces are sourced from her helu.wang@wcinet.com.
months on a single piece of
alsmith classes in Milwau-
7:15p.m. Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi mokume gane jewelry.
kee and Madison for years
8:30p.m. Bob Schulzs Frisco Jazz Band
a ring.
The efforts did not always
to fulfill an idea she came up
pay off. The metal has to be
with 15 years ago making
fused properly to get desired
9:45p.m. Bria Skonberg Quintet
Now my hobby became details and patterns. Other- CHURCH
Sunday, April 30 Jazz Worship Celebra- wise, she ends up with a pile
my business, Snyder said. GARAGE SALE
tion Fest Venue The 20-year Fitchburgof useless melted metal.
Snyder also specializes
resident said the quiet com-
5705 Lacy Road,
9a.m. Bob Schulzs Frisco Jazz Band in fabricating hammered
munity here made it possi- FITCHBURG
silver jewelry. She likes the
ble for her to concentrate on
Sunday, April 30 Session IV (11:30a.m.- clean lines and classic style
design. She uses her art to Friday, April 28 and

4p.m.) which reveal the makers

engage friends and neigh- Saturday, April 29
bors through occasional mark.
11:30a.m. Vache/Coots/Trick Trio home trunk shows, where The production time var- 7am-2pm
12:40p.m. Bria Skonberg Quintet ies from piece to piece. She
they can take tours at her
can make up to 10 pieces
studio, purchase jewelry and
1:50p.m. Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi taste wine and cheese. a day, but for some pieces,
the whole process includ-
3p.m. Bob Schulzs Frisco Jazz Band Different techniques ing cleaning, fusing, drill-

Eat. Drink. Polka.

Inspired by one of her ing, forging and heating
might take months.

Tinas Home Celebrating 35 Years

In Business!
Sunday, April 23 3-7p.m.
Cleaning, LLC Thank You Dane County
New Glarus Hotel Restaurant
Zweifel Brothers Polka, Swiss Heritage Music,
Specializing in Residential Cleaning for helping us get here! Alphorns, Raclette, Local Food Specialties
Insured 17 Years Experience
Silent Auction + Wine Pull + 50/50Raffle
Reliable Free Estimates Del Enterprises

608-513-3638 Proceeds support


Opt-in for your valuable CareOption gift

Don & Ellie Lipske 608-845-6322
tinashomecleaning@gmail.com Delips@tds.net www.delenterprises.com $10 Admission
6 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star

Coming up
Energy task force pancake breakfast for participants Rotary fundraiser what devices are needed. Registra- days of each month.
starting at 10:20 a.m. and an Easter tion is required. For information, call 270-4290.
The Energy Task Force Team, a egg hunt for kids starting at 1 p.m. The Fitchburg/Verona Rotary For information or to register,
group of Fitchburg residents orga- A portion of every Cottontail Club will host its first annual $10K call 729-1763. Great Decisions
nized by the senior center, can Classic run/walk registration will raffle fundraiser and bowling tour- A new discussion group, Great
make home visits around the city be donated directly to the Fitchburg nament at 1 p.m. Sunday, April 23, Taste testing Decisions at the Library, is start-
to perform energy-saving mea- Lions Club and the Wisconsin non- at Ten Pin Alley, 6285 Nesbitt Rd. Stop by the library for a taste ing in May. The first topic will
sures. profit Team Marissa. For informa- Those interested in supporting testing program and some free be about trade policy from 6-7:30
Volunteers can make simple but tion or to register, cottontailclassi- the club can purchase a $100 tick- food from 6-7 p.m. Tuesday, p.m. Wednesday, May 10, at the
effective changes in your home: crun.com. et, assemble a four-person team at May 2, at the library. library.
changing furnace filters, removing $25 per bowler, and/or donate cash Participants can find out if they The group will cover four top-
no throw-away light bulbs, batter- Yahara art gallery or an item to be raffled off during can tell the difference between ics after reading summaries from
ies, checking outside water faucets Yahara Bay Distillery, 6250 Nes- the event. Proceeds will help fund different varieties of pizza, Pepsi the 2017 Great Decisions Brief-
and more. The team will also be bitt Road, will welcome Ally Krez- the clubs numerous projects at a versus Coke and other foods. This ing Book (available at the second
able to identify possible resources inski as its featured April artist with local and global level. program is geared toward ages floor reference desk). Each par-
for further improvement through a free gallery opening reception F o r i n f o r m a t i o n o r t o 13-17. ticipant will have the opportunity
Focus on Energy, Project Home from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, April purchase tickets, contact Tom For information, call 729-1760. to submit an opinion ballot (the
and others. The visits are free, but 15. Marshall at 715-213-3046 or results of which are distributed
donations are welcomed. Krezinski is from Madison and pdgthomasmarshall@gmail.com. Toddler art program to the White House, members of
For information or to make an specializes in the development and Kids ages 1-3 can explore and Congress, the departments of State
appointment, call 270-4292. creation of art designs, recently
TV/internet program play with art materials from 10-11 and Defense, etc.).
landscapes in oils and functional art Visit the senior center for a pro- a.m. Wednesday, May 3, at the Future topics are South China
Medication disposal through upcycling. Event attendees gram on over-the-air and internet library. Sea on May 24, Afghanistan and
As part of the Dane County can meet Krezinski and enjoy light TV options at 10:30 a.m. Wednes- The program will include art Pakistan on June 7, and nuclear
Transitions of Care Coalition, the snacks and samples at the tasting day, April 26. activities to help with mastery of security on June 14.
senior center is partnering with bar and craft cocktails at a cash bar. David Hill will highlight how to fine-motor skills and help kids For information, contact Kate
several organizations to provide For information, call 275-1050. retrieve over-the-air high defini- learn about cause and effect as Hull at 729-1763.
community members with blue tion channels for free, and how to they make changes in materials.
disposal bags that include disposal Travel resources incorporate devices like Roku and Smocks or "messy clothes" are Diabetes workshop
instructions, as well as MedDrop Learn about the best apps and Apple TV. Registration is required recommended. The Healthy Living with Dia-
locations in the area. The bags are websites for traveling, including by calling 270-4290. For information, call 729-1760. betes Workshop will be held at
available for all community mem- cheap airfare, planning and sharing the senior center from 5:30-8 p.m.
bers, not just older adults. adventures, during an Electronic
1000 Books party Book club party Wednesdays from May 10 through
The Fitchburg Police Depart- Travel Resources program from Celebrate with the library as Celebrate a year of good reads June 14.
ment also has a MedDrop box that 7-8 p.m. Monday, April 17, at the its 1000 Books Before Kinder- and mighty girls during a par- The workshop, designed to help
is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 library. garten" program marks two years ty for the Read Like a Girl Book adults living with Type 2 diabe-
p.m. Monday through Friday. Registration is required. For during a birthday party from 10-11 Club from 6-7 p.m. Wednesday, tes or prediabetes learn skills and
For information or to request a information or to register, call 729- a.m. Thursday, April 27. May 3, at the library. increase their confidence in man-
bag, call 270-4290. 1763. The program is recommended Attendees will discuss the latest aging their diabetes, is led by two
for ages 2-5 and will include birth- book, share a snack and say fare- people with diabetes. People who
Blood/glucose checks Tech program day stories and a visit from local well to book club friends for the have taken this workshop show
Get free blood and glucose Stoner Prairie Elementary author Pat Zietlow Miller, the cre- summer. This program is recom- better health, health behavior and
checks from Fitch-Rona EMS School students will visit the ator of the award-winning picture mended for ages 5-8. sense of confidence in managing
medics every Wednesday from senior center at 2 p.m. Tuesday, book "Sophie's Squash." Gradu- For information, call 729-1760. their diabetes; improvements in
10:30 a.m. to noon at the senior April 18, to share technology-re- ates from the past year of the pro- blood sugar levels; a decrease in
center. lated projects for the Learning gram will also be recognized. Farmers market health distress, hypo- and hyper-
The checks will be provided as Annex program. For information, call 729-1760. The Fitchburg Farmers Market glycemia; and fewer doctor and
part of the Community Paramedic The program will showcase the returns May 4 and runs weekly emergency room visits and hospi-
Outreach Program. For informa- Born Survivors
designers, along with their proj- from 3-6 p.m. Thursdays through talizations.
tion, call 270-4290. ects, which focus on using 3D Fitchburg resident Dr. Mark October in the Agora Pavilion, The cost is $10, and a healthy
printing, coding, video games and Olsky will discuss the book, Born 5511 E. Cheryl Pkwy. snack will be provided. To register,
Explosion support more to improve access to technol- Survivors, by Wendy Holden, The market features fresh pro- call Sarah Folkers at 270-4294.
The coordinators of a support ogy. Past projects have included a from 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday, April duce including sweet corn, heir-
fund for families and individu- 3D printed Rubik's cube and a 3D 27, at the BCT Auditorium, 5445 loom tomatoes and organic selec- Language storytime
als affected by the August home printed tic-tac-toe game. E. Cheryl Pkwy. tions; European pastries; artisanal Parents and caregivers can
explosion in the Tower Hill neigh- For information, call 270-4290. Olsky was one of three babies cheese and curds; fresh flowers learn help enhance their childs
borhood are still seeking contact born within week of each other and perennials; honey; kettle corn, language skills through reading
from those still displaced from their Stem cell symposium in 1945 and liberated (with their jams and salsas, goats milk soap; during a language development
homes. Attend the Wisconsin Stem mothers) from the Mauthausen and select meats. Special events, storytime from 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Impacted residents interested in Cell Symposium, coordinated by Concentration Camp in Austria. like a master gardener booth on Thursday, May 11, at the library.
applying for relief funds can access the Stem Cell and Regenerative The program will tell of their the second and fourth Thursday of The storytime will incorporate
an application by contacting Ald. Medicine Center, from 8:30 a.m. extraordinary stories of Holocaust each month, are also offered. songs and motor activities with
Dorothy Krause at dorothyk@ to 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 19, survival. The program is funded by For information, contact Ste- books; language and motor devel-
charter.net. at Promegas BioPharmaceutical the Fitchburg Senior Center, Fitch- ven Leverentz at 277-2606 or visit opmental milestones will be pro-
Technology Center, 5445 E. Cher- burg Public Library and Beyond fitchburgmarket.wordpress.com. vided. The program will be led by
Easter program yl Pkwy. the Page. Books are available for a licensed speech-language pathol-
Celebrate the incredible, edible The symposium brings together checkout from the senior center PuppyUp Walk ogist and occupational therapist
egg during an EGG-Stravagan- leading researchers investigating and library. The annual PuppyUp Walk will from Communication Innovations
za program from 4-5 p.m. Friday, human biology and disease with For information, call 729-1760. be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sun- Pediatric Therapy Services.
April 14, at the library. engineered human cells, organoids day, May 7, at McKee Farms Park. For information, visit
The program is geared toward and tissues. The registration fee is
Retiree Rebels The event raises money for the therapymadison.com.
ages 2-5 and their caregivers, and $100; a discounted fee of $50 is Ditch the rocking chair and study of comparative oncology to
will include crafts, an egg coloring available to students and post-doc- come to the senior center for a pro- help find a cure for cancer in canine Kids Building WI
station, egg hunting and more. Reg- toral researchers. gram with the Retiree Rebels from and human companions. The third annual Kids Building
istration is required. For information or to register, 1-2:30 p.m. Monday, May 1. The cost to register is $25 or free Wisconsin event will be held from
For information or to register, visit www.btci.org. The program is geared toward for youth under 14. Registration 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 13,
call 729-1762. seniors who have had the retire- and packet pick up is at 10 a.m., at McKee Farms Park. The free
Earth Day Party ment talk: not the one about mon- opening ceremony at 11:30 a.m., event aims to inspire and encour-
Olympian visit Kids ages 2-5 and their caregiv- ey, but about what to do with life the walk at 11:45 a.m. and closing age kids interest in construction.
Kicks Unlimited, 6111 Cotton- ers can celebrate Earth Day and after retirement. Carol Larson and ceremony at 12:45 p.m. There will be big construction
wood Dr., will host a free event learn how to practice planet-saving Mary Helen Conroy, cofounders of F o r i n f o r m a t i o n , v i s i t equipment, food, prizes and over
with Olympic medalist Matt strategies from 10-11 a.m. Thurs- RetireeRebels.com, will talk about puppyupwalk.org/madison. a dozen interactive exhibits run
Antoine from 5-6:30 p.m. Friday, day, April 20, at the library. that first, possibly rocky, year of by local trades, including building
April 14. The program will start with retirement, and the next steps. Par- Parkinsons group a brick wall, boom lift rides and
Antoine will share stories from stories and songs and move into ticipants can join the discussion The senior center is bringing cement hand prints. The first 2,000
his experiences as an American energy conservation, recycling and and share their experiences, ques- back its Parkinsons support group kids get a free safety vest.
skeleton racer who has competed repurposing activities. For infor- tions and advice. at with a kick-off meeting at 2 p.m. For information, visit
since 2003. He will talk from 5-6 mation, call 729-1760. For information, call 270-4290 Wednesday, May 10. kidsbuildingwi.org.
p.m., and will be available for pic- or visit retireerebels.com. The first meeting will introduce Strong Women
tures from 6-6:30 p.m. Bike maintenance Kayla Daniels, a UW-Madison
For information, call 288-8466. TV alternatives Celebrate strong women and lis-
Freewheel Bikes mechanics will graduate student in social work, as
be at the library from 10:30 a.m. to Those looking for an alterna- the group facilitator. Through her ten to their stories during a story-
Easter run, egg hunt 12:30 p.m. Saturday, April 22, for tive to traditional cable and satel- internship at the Veterans Hospital time in advance of Mothers Day
Register to participate in the a Bike Maintenance 101 work- lite TV can attend a Cutting the (where she provides brief thera- from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Saturday,
2017 Cottontail Classic and Easter shop. Cable Cord program at the library py for veterans struggling with May 13, at the library.
Egg Hunt, planned for 8:30 a.m. Interested participants should from 7-8 p.m. Monday, May 1. depression and anxiety), she has Participants can honor a strong
Saturday, April 15, at McGaw Park, bring their bicycles to learn how to The program will explore developed an interest in working woman in their life by making a
5236 Lacy Rd. get them ready for spring. To reg- streaming services like Netflix, with individuals who have Parkin- gift-worthy card and craft. This
The event includes a timed 5K ister, call 729-1763. Hulu, Amazon Prime and more, sons. The meetings will continue program is geared toward ages 5-8.
and 10K run/walk, as well as a free as well as how to get content and on the second and fourth Wednes- For information, call 729-1760.

Send it in!
We like to send reporters to shoot photos, but we cant be everywhere. And we know you all have cameras.
So if you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you think the community might be interested in, send it to us and well use it if we can. Please include contact information, whats hap-
pening in the photo and the names of people pictured.
You can submit it on our website at ConnectFitchburg.com or send an email to editor Jim Ferolie at ungeditor@wcinet.com. Questions? Call 835-6677.
April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 7
By the numbers More than just a meal at the senior center
6,028 SCOTT DE LARUELLE need. While providing nourishing concerned they are if one of
Unified Newspaper Group The program is seeing food is important, so is the the gang doesnt come for
Congregate Meals in 2016 increased use in the communi- personal contact that comes lunch on a particular day.
The Fitchburg Senior Cen- ty, serving nearly 1,200 more along with it. Miller said for Miller noted the nutri-
7,477 ter is providing more meals to meals last year than in 2015,
due to the increase in food
many homebound seniors,
that drive might be the only
tion program continues to be
green by using re-usable
more seniors than ever before.
Home-Delivered Meals in 2016 But its staff wants people to insecurity in our senior pop- person they see that day. home delivered meal contain-
know that the Senior Nutrition ulation, nutrition site man- Our meal drivers serve as ers. For information on the
13,505 Program provides more than
just a meal.
ager Mandi Miller told the
Star in an email. The program
a daily check in for our more
frail clients, and when they
program, or to volunteer, call
the senior center at 270-4260.
Meals served in 2016 Thats the slogan the center is assisted by 68 volunteers, notice something has changed
is using this year to promote including everything from with a client, they report Email Unified Newspaper
the program. The home-de- kitchen assistants who pack back and let me know, she Group reporter Scott De
68 livered meals provide regular up meals to the drivers who said. Its truly beautiful to Laruelle at scott.delaruelle@
interaction that many clients deliver meals to three differ- see how everyone cares for wcinet.com.
Program volunteers in 2016 ent routes, five days per week. and supports each other, how

Calendar of events
Friday, April 14 Day Celebration and Tree Planting, 5425 729-1760 7:30 p.m., Common Council meeting,
11-11:45 a.m., Book Boogie (ages 1-5), Quarry Hill Dr., bit.ly/QuarryHill City Hall council chambers, fitchburgwi.
Monday, May 1 gov
library, 729-1760 Sunday, April 23 9:30 and 11 a.m., Preschool Storytime
4-5 p.m., EGG-Stravaganza program 1 p.m., Fitchburg/Verona Rotary Club (ages 2-5), library, 729-1760 Wednesday, May 10
(ages 2-5; registration required), library, first annual $10K raffle fundraiser and 10:30-11 a.m., Toddler Dance Party
729-1762 1-2:30 p.m., Retiree Rebels: Ditch the
bowling tournament, Ten Pin Alley, 6285 Rocking Chair (retirement steps), senior (ages 1-3), library, 729-1760
5-6:30 p.m., Program with Olympic Nesbitt Rd., 715-213-3046 center, 270-4290 2 p.m., Parkinsons support group
medalist Matt Antoine, Kicks Unlimited, meeting, senior center, 270-4290
6111 Cottonwood Dr., 288-8466 Monday, April 24 7-8 p.m., Cutting the Cable Cord
9:30 and 11 a.m., Preschool Storytime program (registration required), library, 5:30-8 p.m., Healthy Living with Diabe-
Saturday, April 15 (ages 2-5), library, 729-1760 729-1763 tes Workshop begins ($10, Wednesdays
8:30 a.m., 2017 Cottontail Classic through June 14), senior center, 270-
7-8 p.m., Buying and Selling Online Tuesday, May 2 4294
5K/10K and Easter Egg Hunt (registra- class (registration required), library, 729- 7:45-9 a.m., Chambers Business
tion required), McGaw Park, 5236 Lacy 1763 6-7:30 p.m., Great Decisions: Trade
Rd., cottontailclassicrun.com Before Nine: Speed Networking, Can- Policy, library, 729-1763
Tuesday, April 25 dlewood Suites, 5241 Caddis Bend,
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen 288-8284 Thursday, May 11
free community meal, BPNN, bpnn.org 11 a.m., Lapsit Storytime (ages 0-2),
library, 729-1760 11 a.m., Lapsit Storytime (ages 0-2), 9:30-10:30 a.m., Language develop-
Noon to 5 p.m., The Gallery opening library, 729-1760 ment storytime, library, 729-1760
reception for Art Designs by Ally Krez- 2 p.m., Active Womens Group
inski, Yahara Bay Distillery,6250 Nesbitt (social hour 1-2 p.m.), senior center, 6-7 p.m., Taste Testers (ages 13-17), 1:30 p.m., REACH Book Club: The
Road #200, yaharabay.com fitchburgseniorcenter.com library, 729-1760 Children's Blizzard by David Laskin,
senior center, 270-4290
Sunday, April 16 6-7 p.m., Extreme Tween Sewing Wednesday, May 3
(ages 9-12), library, 729-1760 3-6 p.m., Fitchburg Farmers Market
Library closed 10-11 a.m., Toddler Art (ages 1-3), (repeats Thursdays through October),
7:30 p.m., Common Council meeting, library, 729-1760 Agora Pavilion, 5511 E. Cheryl Pkwy.,
Monday, April 17 City Hall council chambers, fitchburgwi. 6-7 p.m., Read Like a Girl Book Club fitchburgmarket.wordpress.com
9:30 and 11 a.m., Preschool Storytime gov Party (ages 5-8), library, 729-1760
(ages 2-5), library, 729-1760 Wednesday, April 26 Friday, May 12
Thursday, May 4 11 a.m. to noon, Space Crafts (ages
7-8 p.m., Electronic Travel Resources 10:30 a.m., Over-the-air and internet
program, library, 729-1763 11:30 a.m., Crafternoon: The All-Girl 2-5, sign up), library, 729-1760
TV program (registration required), Filling Stations Last Reunion, library,
Tuesday, April 18 senior center, 270-4290 729-1760 Saturday, May 13
11 a.m., Lapsit Storytime (ages 0-2), 11:30 a.m., U.W. Nutrition: Eat Smart, 1 p.m., Bouncing Babies (ages 0-1), 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Kids Building Wiscon-
library, 729-1760 Spend Less, senior center, 270-4290 library, 729-1760 sin, McKee Farms Park, kidsbuildingwi.
2 p.m., Learning Annex: Tech projects 3-6 p.m., Fitchburg Farmers Market org
Thursday, April 27
with Stoner Prairie Elementary School, (repeats Thursdays through October), 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Mending Day
10-11 a.m., 1000 Books Before Kin- (repeats second Saturdays), BPNN,
senior center, 270-4290 dergarten birthday party (ages 2-5), Agora Pavilion, 5511 E. Cheryl Pkwy.,
5 p.m., READ to a Dog (sign up), fitchburgmarket.wordpress.com 279-7596
library, 729-1760
library, 729-1760 10:30-11:30 a.m., Strong Women Sto-
10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Red Cross Saturday, May 6 rytime (ages 5-8), library, 729-1760
5:30 p.m., Common Council organiza- Blood Drive, Tri-North Builders, 2625 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen
tional meeting, City Hall council cham- Research Park Dr., 1-800-733-2767 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen
free community meal, BPNN, bpnn.org free community meal, BPNN, bpnn.org
bers, fitchburgwi.gov 11 a.m., Cookbook Club: Sweet/Savory
Pies and Tarts, library, 729-1760 Sunday, May 7 1-3 p.m., Legos at the Library (ages
Wednesday, April 19 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., PuppyUp Walk, 5-12), library, 729-1760
8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wisconsin Stem 1:30 p.m., I Love a Mystery Book Club:
A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles McKee Farms Park, puppyupwalk.org/ Monday, May 15
Cell Symposium: Engineering Cells madison
and Tissues for Discovery and Therapy Finch, senior center, 270-4290 10:30-11:30 a.m., Drive-In Movie (ages
(registration required), www.btci.org 6 p.m., Guys Read (ages 9-12), library, Monday, May 8 2-5), library, 729-1760
10 a.m., Toddler Art (ages 1-3), library, 729-1760 9:30 and 11 a.m., Preschool Storytime
(ages 2-5), library, 729-1760
Tuesday, May 16
729-1760 6 p.m., Born Survivors: An Evening
with Dr. Mark Olsky, BTC Auditorium, 4-6 p.m., Touch-a-Truck, Fire Station
10 a.m., Book Discussion: Born Sur- 7-8 p.m., Microsoft Publisher Basics #2, 5415 King James Way, 729-1760
vivors by Wendy Holden, library, 729- 5545 Cheryl Pkwy., 729-1760 class (registration required), library, 729-
1760 1763 5-6:20 p.m., READ to a Dog (grades
Friday, April 28 K-5; registration required), library, 729-
5:30 p.m., Library board meeting, 12:40 p.m., Movie: Manchester By the Tuesday, May 9 1762
library conference room, fitchburgwi.gov Sea, senior center, 270-4290 11 a.m., Lapsit Storytime, library, 729- 6-7 p.m., Community Helpers: Meal
Thursday, April 20 6:30-11 p.m., 29th annual Capital City 1760 Train (ages 13-17), library, 729-1760
10-11 a.m., Earth Day Party (ages Jazz Fest, Wyndham Garden Hotel,
2-5), library, 729-1760 2969 Cahill Main, madisonjazz.com
1 p.m., Bouncing Babies storytime,
library, 729-1760
Saturday, April 29
10 a.m. to noon, McGaw Park tree and
Verona Area Perform
ing Arttss Seri
6:30 p.m., Spring Home Maintenance, invasive species walk with DNR forester
library, 729-1760
Cory Secher, McGaw Park shelter, 5236

Classic Nashville
Saturday, April 22 Lacy Road, fitchburgwi.gov
7-11 a.m., Electronics recycling day, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., 6-11 p.m., 29th
annual Capital City Jazz Fest, Wyndham
Surplus IT, 901 Watson Ave., fitchburg-
wi.gov Garden Hotel, 2969 Cahill Main, madi- Roadshow
8-11 a.m., Free Paper Shred Day, City sonjazz.com
Hall, fitchburgwi.gov
8-11 a.m., Medicine Drop event of
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen
free community meal, BPNN, bpnn.org with Jason Petty
unwanted prescription medicines, Fitch- 2-3 p.m., Tween Open Art Afternoon
burg Police Department entrance of City (ages 9-12), library, 729-1760
Hall, fitchburgwi.gov Sunday, April 30
8 a.m. to noon, Arbor Day and Interna- 9 a.m., 11:30-4 p.m., 29th annual Cap- Katie Deal
tional Migratory Bird Day with live raptor ital City Jazz Fest, Wyndham Garden
program, McGaw Park, fitchburgwi.gov Hotel, 2969 Cahill Main, madisonjazz. Classic hits honoring the most
10 a.m. to noon, Fitchburg Water- com beloved country greats

ways Cleanup: Seminole Forest, 5948 Noon to 5 p.m., Benefit for Fitchburg
Schumann Dr., 270-4274 3-year-old Ivan Burger in need of heart
Sat., April 22 7:30 pm

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Bike Mainte- transplant, Waypoint Public House, 320
nance Workshop (sign up), library, fitch- W. Broadway, Monona, bit.ly/2p6oaNK VAHS Performing Arts Center
burgwi.gov, 729-1763 1:30 p.m., Fitchburg Historical Society
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen annual meeting, Beyond The Trenches:
300 Richard St., Verona
free community meal, BPNN, bpnn.org Stories of Wisconsin Men and Women
Tickets available at www.vapas.org, State Bank of Cross Plains-Verona, Capitol Bank-Verona or call (608) 848-2787
Noon to 3 p.m., Quarry Hill Park Earth in WWl with Russell Horton, library,
8 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star Madison/Oregon schools ConnectFitchburg.com

Madison Metropolitan School District Oregon School District

Leopold hosts community day New district task force to examine growth
Leopold Elementa- activities, resources for SCOTT DE LARUELLE broken into four phases for the next population estimates, long-term facili-
ry School will host a free immigrant families, finan- Unified Newspaper Group 10-12 years, with the first phase slat- ty capacity and potential areas for new
Family, Youth and Com- cial literacy and helping ed for construction this month. When schools.
munity Day May 6. children succeed in school. No ones talking about building completed, the neighborhood will have To assist, the district has hired urban
The event is run through A free hot lunch will be another school just yet, but Oregon around 2,000 homes, including a vari- and regional planner Mark Roffers,
the Madison Metropolitan served, and childcare and School District officials are staying ety of single- and multi-family homes, someone Busler said comes highly rec-
School Districts Parent interpretation will be pro- ready for an anticipated increase of stu- apartments and condos. ommended from his work with other
Academy, and will include vided by the district. dents in the near future. That is significant in anyones dis- area school districts.
a variety of workshops on The event begins at 10 The district recently created a Growth trict, Busler said of the plans. Hes going to provide some com-
topics including college am. and goes until 3 p.m. Task Force to examine the challenges While Sveum said it was still a very prehensive technical service that will
opportunities, summer and opportunities expected residential general idea at this point, developers help the task force work on this, Busler
growth will bring in the next 10-15 have also earmarked 10.25 acres for a said.
years. possible school, northeast of the Lacy Since the school board approved its
Oregon School District District superintendent Brian Busler Road/County MM intersection. formation in January, the task force has
told the Observer last week that with The good news is the new residential met twice and is in the process of tour-
residential development around the dis- areas will come slowly, with 10 or 15 ing district buildings. Busler said while
trict coming, the district needs to make years before they are at full capacity, its hard to project growth, the district
sure it is prepared for any possibilities. Busler said. will make data-driven decisions on
Once the housing market heats up, We feel this will be steady, even- the subject.
its going to change our demographic, keeled growth over the next decade- Busler also cautioned that the cre-
he said. plus, Busler said. The residential ation of the task force doesnt mean
That includes several developments development interest in the district sig- the district is building a new school or
on the villages west side that are either nals the fact we are on a growth track. is looking to change its grade configu-
under development or getting ready to ration.
go through approvals. But the larger
Looking to the future This is a real study phase to make
issue is a massive development in Fitch- The 10-person task force, which sure that if we get to a point, we have
burg, on land within the district. includes district administrators, teach- cast the net wide in terms of gathering
In January, board members heard a ers, school board members, and Fitch- information, he said. We have some
presentation from real estate agent Phil burg, Oregon and Brooklyn residents, momentum as a school district that
Sveum and Fitchburg city administra- will meet throughout the year. Its mis- attracts parents, and developers only
Photo by Samantha Christian tor Patrick Marsh about the planned sion is to provide recommendations in develop areas where they think they can
Terravessa plat. The property will be January 2018 on student enrollment market homes.
Mock artillery drill at RCI
Lyle Laufenberg, center, gets RCI fifth-graders Jada Opa- Whats online
rie-Addoh, left, and Esmond Baumgart, right, into their
third and fourth positions, respectively, for the Civil War Read more Oregon New money, new staff Capital projects plan NKE dad talks military
artillery drill demonstration March 22. School District stories at
ConnectFitchburg.com: 2017-18 planning begins Roofing, maintenance Shares experience in Guard

Sunday, April 16
8:00 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m.

Sunday Morning Worship Times

THE STANDARD Two eggs any style, brunch menu Specialty Sandwiches
PULLED PORK SANDWICH Served on 8:30 a.m.-Classic Service
served with bacon, fried potatoes & choice 10am - 2pm a brioche bun with house-made kettle

10:45 a.m.-New Song Service

of toast. $7.99 chips. $8.99
strawberries & whipped cream. $9.99 GOATS BURRITO Delicious on its own burger with over-easy egg, bacon, pepper
or add our amazing smokehouse meats. jack cheese & garlic aioli on a soft pretzel
CORNBREAD & GRAVY We substitute
Scrambled eggs, onions, peppers, bun. Served with house-made kettle
the biscuits with our famous cornbread &
jalapeos & Cheddar-jack cheese wrapped chips. $11.99
smother it in house-made sausage gravy &
in a flour tortilla. Served with pico de
serve it with two eggs, any style. $6.99 BRISKET SANDWICH Our smokehouse
gallo, sour cream, fried potatoes & fresh
VEGGIE EGG BAKE Seasonal vegetables brisket topped with grilled onions on a
fruit. $8.99
baked with eggs & cheese, served with brioche bun, served with house-made
Smoked Chicken or Pork $2.99
corn bread & fresh fruit. $8.99 kettle chips. $10.99
Prime Brisket $3.99
BENEDICTS Topped with Brisket Chili $3.99
Cheddar cheese & prime brisket, served on breaded fried chicken served on a waffle THE KIDS STANDARD One egg any

All Saints Lutheran Church

an English muffin, topped with Hollandaise with our house-made sweet honey style, served with bacon, choice of toast
& served with fried potatoes & fresh barbeque sauce. Served with fresh fruit. & applesauce.
fruit. $10.99 $11.99 THE KIDS BREAKFAST SANDWICH
SMOKED SALMON BENEDICT Salmon, LOADED WAFFLE Belgian waffle topped Scrambled egg with American cheese &
poached eggs & capers topped with Corner of Hwy. PD/McKee Rd. & Chapel Valley Rd.

with prime brisket, scrambled eggs, bacon, on an English muffin, served with
house-made Hollandaise, served with fried onions, peppers & melted cheese. $10.99 applesauce.
potatoes & fresh fruit. $11.99 SMOKEHOUSE SKILLET Fried potatoes WAFFLE Half of a waffle topped with Fitchburg, WI 53711
SIDES covered in smoked pulled pork, scrambled whipped cream, served with bacon &
3040 Cahill Main, Fitchburg
Eggs (2) $1.99
Bacon (2) $2.99
Toast $1.99
Corn Bread $1.99
eggs, onions, peppers, cheese & pico de
gallo, served with choice of toast. $10.99
FRENCH TOAST Two French toast sticks, 608.422.5500 276-7729 www.allsaints-madison.org
Fruit $2.99 served with bacon & applesauce.

Sunday, April 16 Memorial United Church of Christ

Reservations Required
A welcoming community growing together in Christ

Celebrate the hope

of Easter Sunday
Worship at 8:15 and 10
Choir and trumpet at 10
Adults $24 Kids 11-15 $12 Kids 5-10 $7 Kids 4 & Under FREE Loving child care at both services
Easter Breakfast

Easter Mimosa Punch

Large buffet including: Mimosas

Bloody Marys 5
$ 00
from 9 to 10
Prime Rib Carving Station Omelet Station
Fruits Salads Desserts Bagels & Lox & More! All welcome
(18% gratuity will be added to all bills)
5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg

Make Reservations at 608-497-1680 273-1008 www.memorialucc.org

or Veronawoods.com
958 Liberty Drive, Verona, WI Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/MemorialUCC
958 Liberty Drive, Verona, WI
Verona schools April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 9
Referendum offered ultimate community input
numbers to come in, Beres said right there. the whole transparency aspect. that helps a lot.
Next steps begin to take Friday. It is a clear signal that we More will be invested toward The new school, along with Beres also said the next budget
shape after referendum were on the right track. that payoff than officials time, the pool and competition athletic would include ways for the board
That track will continue into of course, as district residents facilities approved in question 2, is to have the flexibility to respond
approvals the next three years as administra- will be paying higher taxes into slated to open in 2020 on property to hot spots of increased enroll-
tors and the board must now shift the foreseeable future to fund the bordered by West Verona Avenue ment over the next few years.
SCOTT GIRARD their focus to a long list of items construction and operations an and Hwy. 18-151. That same fall, Gorrell said he expected the
Unified Newspaper Group to consider on the way to building increase next year of 79 cents per Badger Ridge Middle School stu- design team for the new school
a new high school drawing new $1,000 of property value for the dents will move into the current would be limited to people who
Verona Area School District vot- boundaries, building an entry road next three years and then an addi- high school space, Sugar Creek would use the buildings stu-
ers approved the largest building to the site, creating a design team, tional 58 cents per $1,000 of value Elementary School will move into dents, teachers, etc. but that there
referendum in state of Wisconsin determining debt structure, sorting beginning in 2020. the BRMS building and the charter would be opportunities for the
history April 4 and it wasnt out transportation and more, said But the real cost of the project schools are expected to move into community to review plans and
even close. superintendent Dean Gorrell. is around $3 per $1,000, accord- the K-Wing. offer comments.
With 5,078 in support to 1,907 It just goes on and on and on ing to the districts estimates or In the meantime, though, Outreach like that, which the
against on the $162 million ques- and on, Gorrell said. $600 on a $200,000 home. With- schools will still have to contend district and its consultants empha-
tion to build a new high school But he said that the work would out the referendum, the tax rate with some of the issues that drove sized over the past few years, was
(and 60 and 65 percent approval be worth it, especially as he thinks would have dropped by more than the district to the referendum in one of the reasons Beres had gone
on questions 2 and 3, respective- of the long-term impact the new $2 next year with the closure of the first place, including over- into Tuesday with his cautious
ly), district officials were excited high school will have. the Epic tax increment financing crowding at places like Glacier optimism, but hes glad to have the
Tuesday night. Even school board Its both really daunting and district. Gorrell said VASD offi- Edge Elementary School. Gorrell question settled.
president Dennis Beres, who told exhilarating at the same time, he cials wanted to be clear about the said the districts staff would be up Its the ultimate community
the Press before the election he said. This will (last for) genera- potential drop throughout the pro- for it, especially given the prover- input, he said.
was cautiously optimistic about tions. A lot of short-term work and cess, and they had emphasized bial light at the end of the tunnel.
the result, thought the margin was not all of its going to be fun, for that information at public outreach Theres that resiliency in that, Contact Scott Girard at
impressive. a very, very long-term project that meetings last month. We can do this, period, he said. ungreporter@wcinet.com and
I did not expect those kind of Im not going to be around to see That was difficult to explain, And then when you add on, We follow him on Twitter @sgirard9.
the end of. Thats a cool thought he said. People really appreciated can do this, and its not forever,

Board sends letter on state budget proposal

SCOTT GIRARD excellent benefits, the let-
Unified Newspaper Group
The letter ter said. We urge you to
remove this provision from
The Verona Area School the budget bill completely.
board indicated mixed feel-
Support The letter also expresses
ings on Gov. Scott Walkers Per-pupil aid opposition to a requirement
proposed biennial budget that the new per pupil aid be
for K-12 education in a let-
increase distributed to each school
ter approved Monday. Mental health initia- based on enrollment, rather
The letter, drafted by tives than going into the districts
VASD administrators and general fund.
presented to the board for Increases in sparsity Such a provision would
a vote Monday night, offers and high-cost transpor- likely lead to billing
both support and opposi- each site for those services
tion to portions of Walkers tation aid which are currently central-
proposal. It will be sent to Opposition ized such as transportation,
members of the states Joint food service, custodial/
Finance Committee, along To receive new per maintenance and adminis-
with local state senators and pupil aid, staff must pay tration, the letter said.
representatives. While board members
Measures the board
at least 12 percent of asked for a few small edits,
expressed strong support health care costs they approved the letter
for were the per pupil aid Requirement that unanimously Monday night
increase which would add and praised the way it was
$200 in 2017-18 and $204 new per pupil aid be dis- drafted.
Photo by Jeremy Jones

in 2018-19 school men-

tal health initiatives and
tributed to each school
based on enrollment
Its good that its one
page, said Renee Zook.
GE science fair
increases in sparsity aid and We want to make our opin- Diego Curbelo (7) demonstrates his project regarding how electricity flows through a cir-
high-cost transportation. ion known, but they hear cuit Thursday at the Glacier Edge science fair March 9.
While it only lists two from a lot of people so I like
items the district has associated with health care that the bullet points lay out
strong opposition to,
those bullet points are much
benefits. VASD staff pays
11 percent of its costs,
exactly how we feel.
The Joint Finance Com- NOW OPEN!
more detailed, explaining though that rises to 13 per- mittee is holding hearings
how the proposals could cent if they do not take part with department heads and
hurt VASD. in an optional biometric state residents on the gov-
The first comments are screener. ernors budget proposal and
on a portion of Walkers Our board has worked will eventually release its
proposal that would actual- very closely and collabora- own version of the budget.
ly undo the increase in per tively with our unions over
pupil aid for VASD, as it the last several years to Contact Scott Girard at
requires district employees create innovative ways to ungreporter@wcinet.com
to pay at least 12 percent significantly bend the med- and follow him on Twitter
of all costs and payments ical inflation curve to our @sgirard9.
benefit while maintaining
a legacy of caring
independent assisted
Whats online memory care
Read these Verona Area School District stories at ConnectFitchburg.com: Spacious Apartments with a Variety of Floor Plans
Summer school sign-up begins April 19 Free Transportation 7 Days a Week
Sign-up for Verona Area School District summer school offerings is open April 19-28, Home-Cooked Meals
including two opportunities to use district computers to sign up, one April 19 and the
other April 27. Housekeeping
Board considers superintendents goals On-Site Salon
The school board and superitendent Dean Gorrell are working on his goals for 2017, Underground Parking
but delayed an official vote at their last meeting until after the referendum. The board
will likely consider the list again at its April 17 meeting. Movie Theatre
Multicultural girls mixers 471 Prairie Way Blvd.
Verona Area High School has been hosting mixers for girls of all cultural back-
grounds this year as an opportunity for them to get to know one another and create a safe
Verona, WI
space that crosses racial lines. noelmanorliving.com
Civil rights review gives good marks
While the district received some recommendations for improvement, the overall result
Call Katie for more information today!
of a recent civil rights audit by the state were good.
(608) 620-6010 adno=514720-01
10 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star

Late Fitchburg womans family holds fundraiser

Celebration benefits
If You Go
returned to Wisconsin.
Today they hold onto the
memory of their daughter
Birthday to
VAHS scholarship,
What: Katies Birthday
with an old soul who did
quirky things, as Susan put
SCOTT GIRARD When: 6-10p.m. Friday, She had an incredible When thinking about
Unified Newspaper Group April 28 heart, and she was probably their late daughter, Katie
Where: Brink Lounge, the most forgiving person, Udelhofen-Clark, John
On April 28, Katie Udel- 701 E. Washington Ave., she said. and Susan Udelhofen
hofen-Clarks family and Madison She just wanted to have can point to one word
friends will gather to cele- fun with life, John, her that exemplifies her life:
Cost: $25 father, added. Believe.
brate her birthday.
But Udelhofen-Clark Info: katiesbirthdaybene- The parents and friends You believe the best
wont be there. fit.com Photo submitted who organized the event in people, her mother
The Fitchburg native died Katie Udelhofen-Clark, who grew up in Fitchburg, is pictured hope that people from the explained. Its believ-
last July after a year of bat- here with her daughter, Grace Elizabeth. community, whether they ing in people and being
tling leukemia. She would be werent part of. knew Udelhofen-Clark or kind.
turning 33. The event, from 6-10p.m. to Cherokee Country Club, child who is suffering from not, will come to celebrate The importance of the
Those who knew her want at the Brink Lounge in Mad- photography sessions, auto- a life-threatening disease, her birthday with them. So word in the family was
to make the first birthday ison, will include activities graphed Wisconsin Badgers according to a description far, though, Susan said shes emphasized when she
since her passing some- Udelhofen-Clark would balls and gift cards to Mad- on the events website. been blown away by the gen- began her fight with leu-
thing to celebrate, so theyre have loved, her mother said, ison and Verona restaurants. As a social worker, Udel- erosity others have shown in kemia, John said.
throwing Katies Birthday especially music. The live All proceeds will go hofen-Clark worked close- donations for the silent auc- Whatever youre fac-
Benefit to raise money for performances will include a back into a community that ly with children facing tion and reaching out about ing, you just believe that
a Verona Area High School VAHS singing group Udel- was a major part of Udel- hardships, especially while how they family is doing. you can get through it,
scholarship and the Make-A- hofen-Clark had been part of hofen-Clarks childhood. helping families deal with People are so kind, he said.
Wish foundation. The Accidentals and We cant think of a bet- mental illness and addiction, Susan said. Katie would be Udelhofen-Clark had
Its going to be a wor- one of her childhood friends, ter way to honor her and most recently in Baltimore. humbled. Believe tattooed on
thy cause and help us get singer Meg Aspinwall. deepen her legacy than to Her parents moved there her foot, and John had it
through that first birthday, At $25 a ticket, the pub- establish a scholarship in her after her July 2015 diagno- Contact Scott Girard at tattooed as well (on his
her mother, Susan Udel- lic event also features a memory and to contribute sis to help her handle the ungreporter@wcinet.com forearm within a picture
hofen, said. Were all part silent auction with items to a local organization that side effects of her cancer and follow him on Twitter of his daughters favorite
of a club that we wish we such as a full membership will bring joy to the life of a treatments, but have since @sgirard9. flower, a sunflower).

Teen to headline Madison chamber event

Carr to join speakers

Now borrow it back from Facebook,



Unified Newspaper Group


Exploration Academy
freshman AJ Carr keeps
plenty busy balancing school
and his nonprofit organiza-
tion Building Bosses.

1.69% 3.99%
But this month, hell have


to add one more thing to his
schedule, as hes been select-
ed to be one of three headlin-
12 MONTHS AFTER THAT ers for the Greater Madison
Chamber of Commerces
annual IceBreaker event
April 28.
The theme for this
Prodigum, Latin for an
A low 1.69% APR intro rate for 12 months1, then omen or sign of things to
come, according to the
3.99% APR variable rate after that1 chambers website. The
Low closing costs2 event began in 2015 as a
Photo by Scott Girard
No annual fees or prepayment penalties networking opportunity for
local business owners. AJ Carr, a freshman at Exploration Academy in the Verona
Option to lock in a low fixed rate3 This years speakers are Area School District, recently started an organization called
Building Bosses to help young people like himself find men-
Tax-deductible interest4 Greater Madison prodigies,
tors to help guide them through the financial side of growing
and they will address how
up. At the end of April he will speak at a Greater Madison
Come on in or jump online to set up an appointment. this communitys innovation Chamber of Commerce event as one of the headliners.
and entrepreneurial spir-
And lets talk about all the things your money can do. it have played an import-

ant role in fostering their
own success and inspiring If You Go
608-243-5000 | 800-236-5560 the next generation of tal- What: Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce IceBreaker
ent, according to a website
description. When: 11a.m. to 1p.m. Friday, April 28
Carr, a Fitchburg resident, Where: Kohl Center, 601 W. Dayton St., Madison
will be joined by graduates Cost: $65 members, $100 non-members
from West and Memorial
high schools. Kaaren Han- Info: Greatermadisonchamber.com
son, who graduated from
Memorial in 1988, is the
design director at Facebook. service, according to its much of a drive her son has,
Peter Koechley, a 1999 grad- website. including the thousand
IT. Last year he told the Press ideas he wants to pursue.
uate of West, is the co-found-
er of Upworthy and was he hopes to help people his He just shocks me still
previously the youngest-ev- age learn the importance of everyday, she told the Press
er managing editor of The simply having conversations. last year.
Onion. Its important to talk to The event will run from
Carr founded the Build- people who are supporting 11a.m. until 1p.m. at the
NMLS # 449323 | Offer valid for Home Equity Lines of Credit opened 3/8/2017 5/15/2017 only. Offer is subject to change without notice. ing Bosses organization as a you, but its important to talk Kohl Center. Individual tick-
1 APR is Annual Percentage Rate. After the twelve-month introductory period the rate will revert to the floor rate of 3.99% or the Prime 13-year-old who had expe- to the people who are not, ets are $65 for members and
Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal plus or minus a margin, whichever is higher. Your actual rate will be based upon your credit
worthiness and loan-to-value. As of 2/15/2017 the variable rate without the discount would be 3.99% APR (floor). The APR will not vary above 15% rienced the loss of family he said. $100 for non-members.
APR nor below 3.99% APR. Prime rate as of 2/1/17 is 3.75%. Maximum LTV is 90%. Property insurance is required. Offer only applies to new Home members to gun violence. The group has hosted
Equity Lines of Credit opened on or after 3/8/2017. Existing Home Equity Lines of Credit are not eligible for the introductory rate. 2 No or low closing The organizations mis- events in Madison, Monona Contact Scott Girard at
costs for new HELOC only. Appraisal fee and title insurance, if required, is an additional charge. The charge for an appraisal is typically $385 to $470, sion is to teach the youth and Chicago. ungreporter@wcinet.com
the charge for title insurance is typically $325. 3 Lock in up to five fixed-rate amounts at one time. First rate lock is free, $35.00 for each additional. 4
Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest. the importance of leader- Carrs mother, Corecia, and follow him on Twitter
adno=504845-01 ship, entrepreneurship, and said shes lucky with how @sgirard9.
April 14, 2017 - Fitchburg Star 11



The MOST HD and FASTEST Internet

- 200+ HD channels available

- 60 Mbps of Internet Speed
- 10,000+ On Demand choices


29 99

/mo each for
12 mos when

Plus FREE DVR service2

1-866-960-1735 | SPECTRUM.COM/SAVE
Stuck in a contract? We can help. Ask us how.
Offer good through 5/22/17, subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and have no outstanding obligation to Charter. 1Savings comparison
to TDS : Savings of $448.49 in the first year based on comparison to TDS TV Expanded with 100 MBPS Internet and Classic Unlimited Voice with HD and Wi-Fi ($142.25 mo.) = $1707.00/yr., per www.tdstelecom.com,
10/25/2016. Plan may not be an exact match. 2Bundle price for TV Select, Internet, and Voice is $89.97/mo. yr. 1; standard rates apply after year 1. Free DVR service is for 1 DVR for year 1; standard rates apply after year 1
(currently $11.99/mo.); install, other equipment, taxes, fees and surcharges extra; additional services are extra. 3DVR receiver ($6.99/mo.) required for DVR service and is extra. General Terms: TV: TV equipment is required
and is extra. Channel and HD programming availability based on level of service. Spectrum TV App requires Spectrum TV. Spectrum.com or Spectrum.net account log in may be required to stream some TV content
online. Apps are free with corresponding level of service. INTERNET: Available Internet speeds may vary by address. VOICE: Unlimited calling includes calls within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam & the Virgin Islands.

Taxes and fees included in the price. Money Back Guarantee: Restrictions apply. Go to Spectrum.com/Guarantee for complete details. Services are subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, which are subject
to change. Services may not be available in all areas. Restrictions apply. 2017 Charter Communications
12 Fitchburg Star - Spring Home & Garden - April 14, 2017

Home & Garden
B L A W NCARE LLC Our Services Include:
Plumbing & glass service, inc.
J Local, Reliable, Experienced!
Spring / Fall Clean-Up Need A New Outdoor Faucet or Plumbing for Spring?
Shredded Bark / Mulch New Residential Installation Commercial Plumbing Installation

Tree & Shrub Planting Contract & Repair Plumbing Fixtures
Planting Beds / Edging Garbage Disposals Water Heaters
Tree & Shrub Pruning Water Softeners Well Pump Installation & Repair
Power Sewer & Drain Cleaning Window & Screen Repairs
Mirrors & Glass Cut To Size
608-575-5984 Ken and Joyce Buczak
Jeff@JBLawnMowing.com Quality Service
www.JBLawnMowing.com Since 1968 ! 845-7755
- Fully Insured - 221 S. Main Street, Verona www.plumbingandglass.com

Stay Cool this Summer!

Sales & Service
Furnaces Boilers
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Focus on Energy Turn over a new leaf.
24 Hour Emergency Service Rebates
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Maintenance Contracts
Free Replacement Estimates

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845-8494 Tree Pruning and Removal

Landscape Design, Build/Install
Insect & Disease Control EAB, Oak Wilt

161 Horizon Dr., Suite 105, Verona
Efficient equipment operation ensures Lawn Care, Fertilization & Mowing
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lower heating & cooling costs all year long.

Call today to schedule maintenance service. Landscape & Garden Maintenance www.srbassett.com
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a McFarl
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A Retail Nursery Hours

n Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm, Sat: 8am-4pm, Sun: 10am-4pm
April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 13
Tips for novice composters
T he United States Environmental
Protection Agency notes that food
scraps and yard waste account for
between 20 and 30 percent of what we
throw away. But thanks to composting,
and fresh weeds from perennial plants
should not be added to a compost pile. The
EPA recommends moistening dry mate-
rials as theyre added and adding brown
and green materials as they are collected.
Examples of green waste include grass
clippings, weeds from annual plants and
plant trimmings. Brown materials include
dead leaves and shredded cardboard. Chop
periodically turned and aerated may grow
malodorous, which can be unpleasant for
homeowners who hope to add materials to
their piles on a regular basis. In addition,
without the heat produced by aeration,
such waste can be put to work rather than or shred large pieces before adding them to composting piles will break down very
discarded. the pile. slowly.
Compost is organic material that helps Give the pile structure. Layering Recognize when the material is
plants grow when added to soil. Benefitting materials can give compost piles better ready. The EPA notes that compost is
the planet in myriad ways, compost enrich- structure. The EPA suggests burying fruit ready to use when materials at the bottom
es the soil by helping it retain moisture. and vegetable waste under 10 inches of of a pile are dark and rich in color. Accord-
The EPA notes that composting reduces compost material, including brown and ing to the EPA, this can take anywhere
the need for chemical fertilizers while also green waste. from two months to two years, so com-
suppressing plant diseases and pests. In posters must be patient.
addition, when homeowners compost, they Turn and aerate the pile. Using a gar-
inadvertently reduce methane emissions den fork, periodically turn the compost More information about composting can
from landfills, thereby lowering their car- pile. This aerates the heap and provides be found at www.epa.gov.
bon footprints. oxygen that can accelerate the decom-
Homeowners who do not know how to position of the pile. Piles that are not
compost can consider the following tips as
they start compost piles on their properties.
Choose an accessible spot on your
property. When looking for a spot on your
Relax, Knowing They Are
property for your compost bin, choose a
location thats easily accessible. The less
accessible the bin is, the less likely you
Safe & Secure & Protected By A
are to stick with composting over the long-
term. The EPA also recommends placing
a compost bin or pile in a dry, shady spot
near a water source.
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Add the appropriate materials. Ani-
mal waste, cooked foods, diseased plants
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April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 15
The benefits of hiring professional contractors
T he DIY movement has inspired many homeowners to
tackle home repair and remodeling projects on their
own. DIY projects can be rewarding, and many home-
owners who have embraced the DIY movement have discov-
ered talents they never before knew they had.
up on their own. Homeowners without specific ideas in mind
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Renovating a home on your own can be a rewarding project
for homeowners. But its important that homeowners recog-
nize the many benefits of working with professional contrac-
tors before making any final decisions with regard to who will
tackle their next project.
But no matter how simple popular home renovation tele- through to completion.
vision shows make remodeling projects appear, homeowners
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they appear. Homeowners who overestimate their abilities and Conventional wisdom suggests its less expensive to do
the time they have to complete projects can cost themselves something yourself than to hire someone else to do it for you,
substantial amounts of money. In fact, there are a variety of but thats not necessarily true of home improvement projects.
reasons homeowners might want to work with professional Labor costs typically account for a substantial amount of pro-
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Experience selves. In addition, contractors often purchase materials at a
A trial and error approach can work with various projects and much lower cost than individual homeowners because contrac-
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ment projects is risky and potentially dangerous, not to mention projects, the cost of materials can offset those savings.
costly. Experienced professional contractors with strong track TRUST A WORM
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Many homeowners renovate their homes with eyes on
improving the resale value of those homes. But if homeown-
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Friday, April 14, 2017
Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor Fitchburg Star
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Edgewood girls basketball MW baseball

Regents return
eight from last
seasons sectional
semifinal squad
Unified Newspaper Group

The Madison West High School

baseball team about lost half of its
team to graduation, but with eight
returning letterwinners, the Regents
will still have plenty of talent to com-
pete this season.
Seniors Austin Cotharn, Tommy
Hill, Jens Shager, Nate Millmann,
juniors Charlie Met, Eli Sorensen
and Colin Pulkrabek and sophomore
Drake Baldwin are veterans who will
be asked to build team chemistry
from some of the younger call-ups
from the junior varsity squad.
Pulkrabek, Sorenson (honorable
mention All-Big Eight Conference)
and Hill return to help the outfield,
while Millmann is the lone infield
returner. Baldwin is back behind the
plate, and Cotharn (honorable men-
tion outfielder), Shager and Met are
utility players who can play any-
Photo submitted
They will be asked to help the
The Madison Edgewood girls basketball team won its first WIAA state championship on March 11 with a 51-30 win over Martin Luther in the Divi- younger players fill positions vacated
sion 3 title game. The Crusaders made their first state appearance in 2016 and made it back to Green Bay this season, finishing 25-3. by the graduations of Keenan Wolt-

Making history at state

mann (first-team designated hitter),
Daelon Savage (second-team third
baseman) and Cam Porter (honorable
mention outfielder).
Senior Gabe Hill and sophomore
Aidan Burgess are two newcomers
made history March 11. trip in 2016. finished with 20 points and sev- who will anchor the pitching staff
Edgewood wins first The Crusaders were crowned The Crusaders scored 16 en rebounds and added a block along with Pulkrabek.
Other players on the roster who
state title WIAA Division 3 champions
for the first time with a 51-30
points off of turnovers and
dominated the second half after
and a steal. Senior Katie Merig-
gioli collected 15 points and are new to varsity are seniors Sam
w i n ove r M a r t i n L u t h e r a t leading 19-11 at halftime. eight rebounds and also earned Mohoney (outfield) and Donavan
ANTHONY IOZZO UW-Green Bay. Edgewood trailed just once two blocks and a steal. Parker (outfield), juniors Owen
Co-Badger South Champion and never had its lead go under Caitlin Link followed with 10 Christenson (utility), David Grunder
Assistant sports editor
Edgewood (25-3) made its sec- eight points in the second half, points and seven rebounds, and (infield), Quinn Burgess (outfield)
The Madison Edgewood High ond straight state appearance ending on a 21-8 run.
School girls basketball team after earning the schools first Senior Estella Moschkau Turn to State champs/Page 18 Turn to West baseball/Page 18

OHS girls soccer VAHS softball

Panthers open Cats open Big 8 season with three wins

season 2-0-1
Sports editor

Despite going 0-4 for the

ANTHONY IOZZO first time in Florida over spring
Assistant sports editor break, Verona softball coach
Todd Anderson said the Wildcats
The Oregon High School girls learned plenty about themselves.
soccer team opened the season We havent gone winless in
without a loss this past week Florida before, but it was an
defeating Sauk Prairie and DC opportunity for us to see some
Everest and tying Muskego. different looks, he said. I think
Oregon 3, Sauk Prairie 0 it also changed our work ethic.
Nothing is going to be given to
The Panthers won a Badger us. I think it was a wakeup call
Conference crossover against to us.
Sauk Prairie April 6 3-0. As coaches, we have to coach
Holly Kaboord, Emma Roemer and let the kids play. It sounds
and Maddy Swartzmiller each had simple, but sometimes we can all
a goal, and Ella Hughes and Alex- get kind of set in the way we do
is Kane added assists. things.
Abby Breitbach finished with
two saves. Verona 8, Mad. Memorial 2
Oregon 2, DC Everest 0 The host Wildcats jumped out Photo by Jeremy Jones
to an early four-run lead thanks Verona second baseman Amie Rudnicki comes up with a backhanded catch April 7 in the top of the second
Oregons biggest win of the to a bases-clearing double by inning. The host Wildcats won the Big Eight Conference game 8-2 over Madison Memorial.
week was a 2-0 victory over DC flex player Emily Bloomfield on
Everest April 7 in a tournament at April 7 and rolled 8-2 over Madi-
the Woodside Sports Complex in son Memorial. Bloomfield added a fourth Verona senior pitcher Quin which affords us a big luxury,
Wisconsin Dells. I knew it was a pitch I could RBI on a sacrifice fly in the sixth Nelson went the distance, strik- Todd Anderson said. It was
The Panthers, ranked third in drive, and I just went for it, she inning. Amie Rudnicki had three ing out three in seven innings colder on Thursday, so we threw
Division 2, held DC Everest, said. I just want to be a good hits and drove in the games first while allowing one earned run hard. Tonight was warmer, so we
which is ranked eighth in Division teammate, a good hitter and do run in the home half of the first. during her turn in the circle. spun the ball with Quin.
my job. Veronas Ari Vogel also had two Meghan (Anderson) and Quin
Turn to Soccer/Page 20 hits. are different kinds of pitchers, Turn to Softball/Page 19
18 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star Madison West/Madison Edgewood ConnectFitchburg.com

West baseball: Regents look to newcomers to contribute right away

Continued from page 17

and Donovan OFlahrity (infield) and sopho-

more Otto Treichel (infield).

Big Eight schedule

Date Opponent Time/Result
April 6 Mad. Memorial L, 13-3
April 7 at Beloit W, 10-7
April 11 Middleton W, 8-0
April 13 Verona 5p.m.
April 15 at La Follette 11a.m.
April 18 at East 5p.m.
April 20 at Sun Prairie 5p.m.
April 25 Craig 5p.m.
April 27 Parker 5p.m.
May 2 Beloit Memorial 5p.m.
May 4 at Mad. Memorial 5p.m.
May 6 at Middleton 11a.m.
May 9 at Verona 5p.m.
May 11 La Follette 5p.m.
May 16 East 5p.m.
May 18 Sun Prairie 5p.m.
May 23 at Craig 5p.m. Photo by Evan Halpop

May 25 at Parker 5p.m. The returning letterwinners for the Madison West High School baseball team (from left) are: Austin Catharn, Nate Millmann, Colin Pulkrabek,
Tommy Hill, Eli Sorensen and Jens Shager. Not pictured: Charlie Met and Drake Baldwin.

Big Eight race to go through Craig, Sun Prairie in 2017

The Big Eight Conference is loaded with talent Marquis Reuter (first-team all-conference, MATC).
West opens regular season 3-1
With several players gone from and two walks in four innings, strik-
this season, and some of the top stars are on Janes- Sun Prairie also returns junior honorable men- last season, the Regents (3-1) still ing out four.
ville Craig and Sun Prairie. tion pitcher Luke DePrey. managed to win their season-open- Pulkrabek pitched the final three
Verona and Middleton are also teams in the mix Verona graduated starting pitcher Keaton er against Stoughton and also picked innings and allowed two earned runs
for a top four finish, along with Madison West. Knueppel (second-team all-state, now at Gonza- up wins against Beloit Memorial and on seven hits and two walks, striking
Last season, three Big Eight schools made the ga University) and catcher Ben Rortvedt (second Middleton. out four.
eight-team WIAA Division 1 state field. Defend- round draft choice of the Minnesota Twins). Junior The lone loss came to Madison Cotharn (2-for-3) and Tommy Hill
ing conference champion Janesville Craig defeated Stephen Lund (first-team all-conference, Gonza- Memorial, 13-3. (2-for-5, double) led the offense. Tre-
Verona 2-0 in the sectional final and lost in the state ga recruit) is also expected to miss the year after When our pitchers throw strikes, ichel added a double.
quarterfinals. Sun Prairie and Middleton also lost elbow surgery. our defense plays well, and our hitters
in the state quarterfinals. The Wildcats get back strong pitching with hit balls nine out of 10 times when West 8, Middleton 0
Craig returns four Division I recruits senior seniors Brad Laufenberg and Jeff Bishop and soph- you do that, you are going to win ball
shortstop Jack Blomgren (first-team all-confer- omore southpaw pitcher Reagan Klawiter, who The Regents blanked Middleton
games, Coach Ben Greiber said. 8-0 on April 11 at Mansfield Stadium.
ence, Michigan), senior pitcher Evan Spry (first- will look to anchor the rotation. Laufenberg and
Aidan Burgess pitched 6 1/3
team all-conference, Creighton), junior catcher Bishop were honorable mentions in the Big Eight. West 11, Stoughton 4 innings for the win and allowed one
Jacob Campbell (second-team all-conference, Middleton returns one Division I recruit junior
Illinois) and sophomore middle infielder Dan catcher Alan Roden (second-team all-conference, The Regents hosted Stoughton on hit, striking out five and walking five.
Blomgren (Michigan). Creighton) but also graduated college pitchers April 1 at Mansfield Stadium and Tommy Hill had two doubles and
Craig also returns first-team all-conference Adam Nutting (honorable mention, The College of earned an 11-4 win. an RBI.
junior second baseman Noah Berghammer and St. Scholastica), Alec Morrison (first-team all-con- Keeping the game scoreless until Austin Cotharn had a sacrifice fly
honorable mention utility senior Austin Kraus. ference, UW-La Crosse) and Justin Gurtner (North the bottom of the third inning, the to score for an RBI in the sixth, and
Sun Prairie returns one Division I recruit senior Park University) and outfielder Drew Finley-Haag Regents came roaring in with six runs, Drake hit a two-out double in the
outfielder Ben Hauser (second-team all-confer- (first-team all-conference, UW-Stevens Point). starting with a hit from sophomore bottom of the sixth that scored two
ence, Air Force). The Cardinals also return senior catcher Drake Baldwin hitting a RBI runs.
shortstop and MATC recruit Walker Jenkins (first- -Anthony Iozzo to bring Cotharn home.
team all-conference) but graduated third baseman Gabe Hill earned the win. He - Evan Halpop
allowed two earned runs on two hits

State champs: Edgewood finishes season 25-3 overall

Continued from page 17 on March 10 in the state three blocks and two

Moschkau named to D3 All-Star game Hannah Frazier tallied six

points and six rebounds.
The Crusaders trailed
7-1 early but came back
steals, and Brita Hovde
added 14 points.
Bri Foti scored 12
Senior Estella Moschkau was named to donate money on behalf of to take a 12-10 lead with 8 points and picked up six
the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Asso- her. State semifinals minutes, 51 seconds to go rebounds, and Meriggioli
ciation Division 3 All-Star game this year. Moschkau needs to raise in the first half and never scored 12 points and had
Moschkau will be playing for the D3 a minimum of $500 as part E d g ew o o d b e g a n i t s trailed again six rebounds.
South team Friday, June 16, at the Just-A- of the WBCA fundrais- state title run with a 68-38 Moschkau finished with It was Edgewoods first
Game Fieldhouse in Wisconsin Dells. ing efforts for the Midwest w i n ove r W r i g h t s t ow n 13 points, 10 rebounds, state win in school history.
Visit justagamefieldhouse.net/wbca/ Athletes Against Childhood
donation-banner/index.php and choose Cancer (MACC) Fund to

Moschkau, Meriggioli make

girls player and Moschkau in the two drop- help fight childhood cancer Moschkau
down menus at the bottom of the page to and blood related diseases.

Are you earning a highly secured fixed rate of

first-team All-State in Division 3
Senior and Stanford recruit Estella Crusaders win a championship.
5% for 12 months with immediate income? Moschkau was named co-Miss Basket-
ball as well as being the lone unanimous
Also making the first-team in Divi-
sion 3 were Brooke Geier (Kewaunee),
If not, call me today! selection to the first-team All-State in Makenna Haase (Freedom), Brooklyn
Division 3. Liegel (Richland Center), Elizabeth Lutz
Greg Wood Moschkau, who helped lead the Cru-
saders (25-3) to their first state title,
(Marshall), Tori Martell (Somerset), Lexi
Smith (Northland Pines) and Myriama
Low $25,000 minimum No fees to buy or maintain averaged 18.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, 3.4 Smith-Traore (Whitewater) and junior
Great for single, joint, trust & IRA Accounts assists, 1.3 steals and 2.6 blocks per Madelyn Neff (Hayward).
Short 12 month term Immediate monthly income game Honorable mentions were seniors
Moschkau finished her career with Breahna Butler (Milwaukee School of
Office: 608-845-6999 Cell: 608-225-1920 1,606 points. Languages), Emily Hafemann (Martin
Senior Katie Meriggioli was also Luther), Danielle Nennig (Wrightstown),
GJWood246@gmail.com named to the first-team All-State in Divi- Chelsea Olson (Westby), Rebekah
sion 3. The NCAA Division II Bent- Schumacher (Whitewater) and Chandler

ley (Mass.) University recruit averaged Zwiefelhofer (Bloomer) and juniors Syd-
15.1 points, 7.3 rebounds, 3.3 assists ney Flier (Waupun) and Jazmine Young
and 2.1 steals per game to also help the (Dominican).
ConnectFitchburg.com Verona Area High School April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 19
Baseball Boys basketball

Klawiter shuts down Spartans Buss steps down as

Assistant sports editor
coach after 21 seasons
ANTHONY IOZZO the program.
There was no need for extra Assistant sports editor That, coupled with his
innings on April 11. son Nate graduating after
After winning 16- and 8-inning Alan Buss is leaving the hed coached Nate on the
games last week, the Verona baseball Verona Area High School varsity team for the past
team took care of Madison Memorial boys basketball three seasons, made the
3-0 at Stampfl Field. program after time right, he said.
Reagan Klawiter pitched six strong 21 seasons and Having the opportu-
innings, and the offense did just three state tour- nity to coach my son was
enough to push Verona to 4-0 overall nament appear- a special thing, and I feel
(3-0 Big Eight). ances. fortunate that I had an
The pitching is really, really Buss opportunity to do that, he
good, coach Brad DOrazio said. announced his said.
I am happy with that. We limit decision April Buss Buss, who was head
the number of walks and play good 3 after a season coach for 16 of his 21 sea-
defense, so obviously that has been pulling double sons with the Wildcats,
key. duty as head boys basket- compiled a 213-162 record
Tyler McClure tripled with one out ball coach and associate while at Verona. He was
in the third to jump start the offense, principal of the school. He a coach for over 30 years
and he later scored on an RBI field- told the Press he plans to and has an overall record of
ers choice off the bat of Connor help as needed with finding 238-182, including time as
McGowan (2-for-3). a successor and making the a head coach at Beloit Cath-
Photo by Anthony Iozzo
McGowan later reached second transition, as well as with olic High School, where
on a groundout, and John Coshun Reagan Klawiter hurls a strike in the first inning Tuesday in a Big Eight Con- he helped the team make
ference game against Madison Memorial at Stampfl Field. Klawiter pitched six some involvement in the
brought him home with a single to youth program. the Wisconsin Independent
innings in a 3-0 win for the Wildcats, striking out eight. Schools Athletic Associ-
right field. Buss was hired into the
Verona made it 3-0 in the fourth administrative position ation state tournament in
with an RBI groundout by Noah Klawiter did the rest on the mound, always says to battle through every last summer and found the 1989.
Anderson to score Jared Grassman, finishing with eight strikeouts and pitch and battle through situations workload was too much
who reached on an error. allowing just three hits. He hit two and to just try and make the best when also trying to coach Turn to Buss/Page 21
I thought we are putting some batters and walked another to put pitch when needed, Klawiter said.
good swings on the ball and putting himself in a few jams. We like where we are at right now,
it in play and seeing what happens,
DOrazio said. They have been
Klawiter stranded the based loaded
in the second and left two on in the
but we can do a little better with
everything. Boys golf

Wildcats finish runner-up

mentally tough in a lot of these close third and the fifth. Madison Memorials best chance
ones. It wasnt my best, but coach Turn to Baseball/Page 21

Boys track and field

at Viking Invitational
Cats win W/TFA indoor state championship ANTHONY IOZZO
Assistant sports editor
Schroeckenthaler (75) fin-
ished first and second indi-
vidually. Janesville Parkers
Verona scores 27 points at first ever WIAA D1 title was not
able to win these two meets, coach
outscoring all but six of the 36
schools that competed in the meet. The Verona Area High Matt Zimmerman was third
UW-Whitewater Joff Pedretti wrote in an email to the The Stanford recruit earned 27 School boys golf team trav-
eled to Stoughton Country
with a 77.
Milton finished third as a
Press. Both Kimberly and Fond du points with a high jump victory and
JEREMY JONES Lac are two teams I predict will fin- top-six finishes in hurdles, long jump Club April 10 to open the team with a 334, led by AJ
Sports editor ish in the top five at the state cham- and triple jump. season in the Viking Invita- Grays 78.
pionships, so finishing ahead of them Jack is an incredible athlete. Ive tional and took runner-up to Madison triple dual
With each passing week, the Vero- really helps in building confidence. been involved with the program as Monona Grove 317-329.
na boys track and field team looks Pedretti acknowledged that Kim- an athlete or coach for 24 years now, Garhett Kaegi tied for The Wildcats traveled
more capable of doing something berly is a stronger team outdoors and I can easily say he is one of the fourth with a 78, and Austin to Yahara Golf Course on
special this season. Coming off the than indoors, due to the points they best Wildcat track and field athletes Gaby tied for eighth with an April 11 for a triple dual
first Madison West Relay champi- can pick up in the discus and 300 of all-time, Pedretti said. What is 80. against Madison East and
onship in school history April 8, the hurdles, so even though Verona beat impressive about him is how he is Will Zunker and Cale Madison West and picked
Wildcats claimed their first Wiscon- that team twice, the team isnt taking able to compete at such a high level Rufenacht finished the scor- up wins against both teams
sin Track Federation state indoor title it for granted. in so many different events. His con- ing with an 85 and an 86, with a 319.
Saturday at UW-Whitewater. We need to keep working hard sistency comes from years to hard respectively. Zunker led Verona with a
We are off to a very strong start. in order to come out on top against work, focus and coach-ability. Jake Bates score of 92 77, and Kaegi picked up a
Even the legendary 1999 boys track them at state, Pedretti said. Herkert, the Division 1 state was thrown out. 78.
and field team that won Veronas Senior Jack Herkert earned MVP Monona Groves Mason
honors of the meet, single-handedly Turn to Boys track/Page 21 S p o n e m ( 7 4 ) a n d J a ke Turn to Golf/Page 21

Softball: Bats go cold in loss to rival Middleton

Continued from page 17 Middleton 6, Verona 4 U W r e c r u i t S ava n n a inning. sixth inning, but Middleton lossVeron fell to 3-5 over-
Rainey cut the Wildcats The Wildcats (3-5 over- scored a sixth inning insur- all and 3-1 in the Big Eight
The Middleton Cardinals deficit to 4-3 with a three- all, 3-1 conference) add- ance run. with the loss.
Haley Pittman threw the have given the Wildcats fits run home run in the fifth ed a run in the fifth and Anderson took the
first four innings for Mad- the past two years, forcing a
ison Memorial, allowing split the last two seasons.
seven runs on 12 hits. On April 11, the Wildcats
Anna Arnoldussen tossed were as much to blame for
the final two innings and their 6-4 loss at Firefight-
allowed one run in the loss. ers Park in Middleton, as
the host Cardinals.
Verona 16, Verona stranded 10 base-
Mad. West 0 (5 inn.) runners and committed two
early errors in a 6-4 loss.
Sophomore Meghan I think we understood
Anderson threw a no-hitter that we would have to face
and Savanna Rainey sup- some adversity this season,
plied the offense, driving in Todd Anderson said. Other
four runs in a 16-0 victory teams will do their jobs and
April 6 over Madison West. score some runs, but if we
Anderson struck out 11 make the routine plays, it
over five innings and Rain- changes everything else in
ey, a UW-Madison recruit, the game.
had three of the Wildcats M i d d l e t o n s H a n n a
12 hits. Rudnicki (2-for-3) Fisher reached base on a
drove in three RBIs, and one-out error by shortstop
Vogel plated two more. Molly McChesney in the
Verona committed three second. Brianna Buss then
errors. Madison West had singled to center with two
six. outs. Fisher and Buss both

Ari Balas worked five eventually scored on errors

innings for the Regents and by center fielder Kasie
struck out six in the loss. Keyes.
20 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star Oregon High School ConnectFitchburg.com

High school Girls track and field

Oregon AD going pro as ref Jackson leads Panthers to

Carr among four making NFL
debut in 2017 season
Texas A&M and Kansas State possibly
his final game as a collegiate referee.
A native of Columbus, Wis., Carr fol-
fourth at state indoor meet
lowed up a state football championship JEREMY JONES
Oregon athletic director Mike Carr and a state runner-up basketball finish
will be one of four officials making their at Columbus High School by going into
Sports editor
W/TFA winners
National Football League debuts during high school officiating and eventually Oregon scored 23 points to finish 55 dash: Makayla Jackson, Milwaukee
the 2017 season, according to a story becoming a college referee. fourth out of 23 teams April 8 at the pres- King, 7.05
posted on the NFL offi- A graduate of the University of Wiscon- tigious Wisconsin Track Federation state
cial-focused website foot- sin-Madison, Carr was a head linesman in indoor meet at UW-Whitewater. 400 dash: Kiersten Walker, Milwaukee
ballzebras.com last week. the Big Ten through 2015 and then spent Junior Alexis Jackson had a hand in King, 57.78
Carr, who has been a last year as a center judge. 22 of the Panthers points, winning the 800 run: Riley Hansen, Kenosha Tremper,
Big Ten official for the Carr was one of 20 officials who got the 55-meter hurdles while also helping the 2:19.04
past several years, told chance to audition for the NFL through team collect a pair of third-place finishes. 1,600 run: Maddie Thompson, Sun Prai-
the Star in an email the the Advanced Development Program in Jackson, who sat in first place through- rie, 5;12.88
NFL will send out a news 2015 and spent two years in the program, out the day in the 55-meter hurdles, add-
release later this spring Mike Carr working mainly as a head linesman. Can- ed .03 seconds between the prelims and 55 hurdles: Alexis Jackson, Oregon, 8.32
and that he would be didates in the program are successful semifinals but responded by dropping .15 4x200 relay: Milwaukee King, 1:43.37
unable to comment until referees in college or the Arena Football in the finals to win the event in 8.32. She 4x400 relay: Hamilton, 4:03.28
then. League. scored 10 points in the process.
Carr was part of the crew that worked Carr has been the OHS athletic director Jacksons time was .09 seconds faster High jump: Emily Scott, Kimberly, 5-6
t h e Tex a s B ow l D e c . 2 8 b e t w e e n for the last four years. than Nicolet sophomore Destiny Huvens Pole vault: Olivia Fabry, De Pere, 12-7
time. Long jump: Makayla Jackson, Milwaukee
The Panthers picked up six more points King, 18-8
as Jackson continued to score points
Boys golf wherever her coaches put her, adding a Triple jump: Kiara Lee, Madison La Fol-
lette, 36-6 1/4
Panthers finish ninth in opener
third-place finish in the long jump with
a school-record leap of 18 feet. Neenah Shot put: Josie Schaefer, Baraboo, 45-10
junior Audrey Makope finished 3/4 ahead
ANTHONY IOZZO of Jackson for second place. Milwaukee
King added another title, though, with in 1:46.95.
Assistant sports editor
Makayla Jackson stretching the tape to Milwaukee King led by 400 dash cham-
18-8. pion Kiersten Walker, Rosie Cramer
The Oregon High School boys golf team and the meets top two sprinters (Brown
finished ninth April 10 in the Viking Invita- Jackson and sophomore Scarlet
Egwuonwu joined to help Oregon rack up and Makayla Jackson) won the event in
tional at Stoughton Country Club. 1:43.37. Hamilton (1:46.46) took second
The Panthers finished one stroke behind points as part of the 4x200, where they
were joined by senior Danica Keisling just ahead of Oregon.
rival Stoughton with a 363.
and sophomore Lexi Karls to finish third
Jacob Janecek led Oregon with an Turn to OHS girls track/Page 21
88, and Klus followed with a 90. Henry
Roskos and Alex Verhagen finished the
scoring with a 92 and a 93, respectively.
Ryan Candells score of 95 was thrown
Monona Grove won the meet with a 317,
and Verona took second with a 329. Milton
Oregon gets win over Monroe on April 11
rounded out the top three with a 334. JEREMY JONES
Mason Sponem (74) and Jake Schroeck- Sports editor
enthaler (75) of the Silver Eagles finished
first and second, and Janesville Parkers Oregon traveled to Mon-
Matt Zimmerman was third with a 77. r o e s Tw i n i n g Pa r k o n
Veronas Garhett Kaegi, Monroes Dev- April 11 and won its first
on Boeck and Miltons AJ Gray tied for Badger South Conference
fourth with a 78. MGs Anthony Koch was game 5-2.
seventh with a 79. The victory was the Pan-
DeForests Matt Unger, Veronas Austin thers first over the Cheese-
Gaby and Miltons Ryan Nelson rounded makers since 2010.
out the top 10 with 80s. To go down to Mon-
Monona Grove 155. Oregon 169 roe, a program thats been
success for a long time
The Panthers traveled to The Oaks Golf that was huge for, us
Course April 11 to take on Monona Grove Photo by Anthony Iozzo said coach Sydnee Wyss,
in a Badger South Conference dual and Jacob Janecek chips onto the fourth-hole herself a Monroe almnus.
dropped the match 155-169. green Monday in the Viking Invitational at I think it was the biggest
Roskos led Oregon with a 41, and Can- Stoughton Country Club. Janecek finished win for our program in a
dell and Klus each shot 42. first on the team with an 88. Oregon was long time. Its early in the
Verhagen finished the scoring with a 44. ninth as a team with a 363. season and weve still got
Janeceks score of 48 was thrown out. some things to work out,
Schroeckenthaler led the Silver Eagles but this should definitely
with a 35, and Sponem followed with a 38. both finished with 43s, and Ryan Michek give us some more confi-
Griff Haase and Koch finished the scor- followed with a 45. dence.
ing with a pair of 41s. Nick Brien finished the JV scoring with Oregon trailed 2-0 going
The Panthers JV squad did earn a win a 46. into the top of the sixth
Tuesday, 177-215. The golfers played the front nine at The inning but quickly turned
Trent Lawry and Zach Kapalczynski Oaks. the table with three runs.
Meghan Detra (2-for-3)
led the inning off with bunt
single and moved up to sec-
ond when Krysten George
was hit by a pitch. Marissa Photo by Jeremy Jones to
Kleckler was hit by a pitch Hannah Christiansen fires a fourth-inning pitch Monday eve-
one out later to load the ning against Edgerton. Oregon hung with the Crimson Tide
bases before Jayme Zander for much of the game but lost 6-3.
smacked a two-run double.
Pitcher Hannah Chris-
tiansen helped her cause, end the sixth. infield single to plate the
hitting a ground ball to the The Panthers added a pair games final run.
right side to plate a third of insurance runs in the top Christiansen went the dis-
New Families run. of the seventh as Brooke tance, allowing two earned
Join and Pay by May 1 and get $25 off 2016 Annual Dues Oregon never trailed from McCallum doubled and
Detra tripled a run across
runs on seven hits. She
walked two and struck out
there, getting out of a jam
with a 1-3-2 double play to home plate. George had a four.

Soccer: Oregon ties Muskego

Continued from page 17 two goals to continue her 0-0 tie with Muskego Satur-
strong start to the season. day in the Wisconsin Dells
Randey Lewis added an tournament.
1, to three shots on goal. assist. Muskego is ranked sixth
adno=514440-01 Breitbach saved all three in Division 1.
shots. Oregon 0, Muskego 0 Breitbach finished with
Kaboord finished with Oregon also finished in a eight saves.
April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 21
OHS girls track: Oregon takes fourth at
Badger Challenge in Portage
Continued from page 20 Baraboo won the meet Sharkus was seventh in the
with 162.33 points, while 100 dash (13.82).
Waunakee (117.83) and Oregons all-freshmen
Egwuonwu cut .14 sec- Stoughton (93.5) rounded 4x800 relay of Sara Chris-
onds between the prelims out the top three teams. tenson, Ana Verhagen, Zoe
and semifinals Saturday but Karls, Keisling, Igl and Frank and Tori Phillips fin-
was unable to shave any Egwuonwu combined forc- ished third in 10:47.54.
more time in the finals, fin- es to help Oregon win the Christenson (2:40.23)
ishing eighth for the teams 4x200 relay. The quartet and Verhagen (2:41.16)
final point in 7.51. posted a meet-best 1:49.79. added a fifth and sixth place
Milwaukee King, which Freshman Olivia Mard- finish in the 800, respec-
wo n t h e m e e t w i t h 5 5 sen, junior Abigail Fisch- tively
points, finished 1-2 in er, Keisling and Scarlet Junior Abigail Fischer
the event behind a pair of Egwuonwu won the 4x100 was sixth in the long jump
underclassmen. Sophomore in 52.48 nearly two sec- (14-4 1/2). Baraboo senior
Makayla won the race in onds faster than second Kaylee Mueller won the
7.05 with freshman Ama- place DeForest. event with a leap of 16-7
ri Brown reaching the line Jackson added the 400 in 1/2.
second in 7.28. 1:00.18 the 10th fastest Junior Ellen McCorkle
Photo by Anthony Iozzo
Kenosha Tremper tied time in OHS history and finished fifth in the shot put
Garhett Kaegi tees off on the fifth hole Monday at the Vikings Invitational at Stoughton Sun Prairie for second
Country Club. Kaegi finished tied for fourth with a 78, and the Wildcats took second as a freshman Olivia Keast fin- with a throw of 32-9 1/2.
team with a 329. place with 28 points, while ished seventh in 1:09.76. Junior Alyssa Milski added
Oregon and Neenah tied for Junior Breanna Bas- an eighth-place finish with
Golf: Cats take down Madison West, East
tian finished runner-up to a throw of 32-1. Baraboo
Badger Challenge Stoughton sophomore Anna claimed the top three spots
Wozniak (5:30.08) with a led by senior Josie Schaefer
Continued from page 19 by Owen Cranley with an 81 and Glen The Panthers won two time of 5:32.71. (41-6 1/2).
Kuenzi with an 85. relays and secured the 400 Freshman Isabella McCorkle finished sixth
With two consistent rounds in the dash titles April 11 to finish Egwuonwu finished third in in the discus with a 91-11.
Bates and Gaby finished the scoring books, Rebholz said it is good to see the fourth at the Badger Chal- the 100 hurdles (17.74) and Schaefer added the discus
with a pair of 82s. lower scores, especially with a few 70s lenge in Portage with 76 sixth in the 200 (29.48). title with a distance of
It is nice to see Austin having some anchoring the team score. points. Fellow freshman Jenna 154-11.
nice rounds early, coach Jon Rebholz That is good for moving forward to see
said. the guys are bringing everything down a
Buss: Search for new head coach begins
Madison West finished with a 350, led little bit, Rebholz said.

Baseball: Slonim gets game-winner in eighth Continued from page 19 man, Buss said. When I
read and hear that from for-
member earn the coaching
mer players, I think that is I am a firm believer that
inning against Beloit During his time with
Verona, Buss coached the
the most special thing.
Buss expects to remain
if you can try to find some-
one who is on staff and in the
Continued from page 19 end the inning unscathed. R J Wo p p e r t s i n g l e d team to its first state tourna- involved with the program. school, I think that is really
Sam Smith earned the home McGowan in the ment to cap the 2005-2006 He has a 9-year old son who important, he said. I have
loss for Memorial. He third for the other run, but season and also coached the plays basketball in the youth always been in the building
to score came in the third allowed two earned runs Beloit tied the game in the Wildcats to state in 2006-07 program and said he will where I have coached. I just
on a blast by Will Gus- on five hits in six innings, fourth with an RBI single and 2009-10. continue to help him and the think that really helps you
tafson over center field- striking out three. by Matt Elliot. Verona won eight region- youth program when he can. establish those relationships
er Jacob Slonims head. Elliot reached third with al championships and won Buss said that as an and helps to keep the players
Slonim got the ball into Verona 2, Beloit Me- two outs in the top of the a Badger South Conference administrator he would do accountable and gives them
the cutoff man McGowan morial 1 seventh, but Jeff Bishop title once before moving to whatever the school asked a chance to go during the
who then got the ball to the induced a flyout to end the the Big Eight in 2008. of him to not only find a school day when they need a
catcher Grassman. After winning an epic inning. But the most memorable successor but to get the new chance to talk.
Grassman had to come 16-inning game at Janes- Gaelen Combs pitched a moments for Buss during coach acclimated into the Buss said he didnt know
up the third base line and ville Parker two days ear- perfect eighth to earn the his time are the relationships position. if that would be necessary
reach, but he was able to lier, the Wildcats contin- win. Bishop allowed an he was able to cultivate Athletic director Mark for the next coach, however.
apply the tag on Ryan Frie- ued its extra-inning magic earned run on seven hits in with players and coaches Kryka posted the position The next thing would
denreich who was attempt- with a 2-1 win over Beloit seven innings, striking out throughout the years. last week and said he hopes be to find someone that can
ing to score from second. Memorial on April 6 at five. I heard from a lot of my to have it filled by the end of continue to move the pro-
Brad Laufenberg earned Stampfl Field. Drew Freitag took former players who reached May. gram in a positive direction
the save. He walked the Jacob Slonim singled the loss. He allowed an out and said, Thank you for Buss does already have and maybe take that next
bases loaded with two home Tucker Teskey in the unearned run on one hit everything you have done some input on the sub- step and doing some things
outs in the seventh, but he bottom of the eighth for the and two walks in 1/3 of an for me not only as a player ject, stating he is a believ- I didnt accomplish while I
induced a ground ball to game-winner. inning. but to help me be a better er of having a current staff was here, he said.

Boys track: Verona beats Madison Memorial handily in Big Eight dual
Continued from page 19 record, and his brother Chu- state meet since their soph- the bar to win another state taking the long jump with a 800 in 2:05, T.J. Manning
di moved up from fifth place omore year, Pedretti said. championship. distance of 18-2 1/2 and the took the 1,600 in 4:41.9 and
in the prelims to second in On the bus ride home from triple jump with a leap of Brad Tuomi added the 3,200
champion in high jump, the semis and finals to help state that year, we were Verona 112, Madison 39-7. crown in 10:48.
was never threatened in that the Wildcats go 1-2 in 6.47 already comparing what Memorial 28 On the track, the Wildcats Michael Egle won the 110
event last week, clearing 6 and 6.5, respectively. The they could do in comparison won every event but the 200, hurdles in 17.7 and Paul
feet, 6 inches three inches brothers now sit 1-2 on the to that 1999 team. The Wildcats traveled to pole vault and 4x200 relay. Kalifatidi added the 300s in
above second-place Bran- schools all-time list. Based on how we have Mansfield Stadium on April Verona claimed titles at 44 flat.
den Endlich of Green Bay Verona loaded up the started, we are ahead of 11, where they competed every race 400 meters or Hunter Bourne claimed
Preble. Teammate JT Haw- 4x400 relay with the Ifed- pace. However, the competi- in a Big Eight Conference longer. the shot put with a throw of
kins made it over 6 feet for iora brothers, sophomore tion is tougher than what we dual against a short-handed Chudi Ifediora won the 47-3 3/4 and Dylan Bourne
fifth place, as the two com- Mason Jordan and junior had 18 years ago. Many of Spartans squad and won 400 in 53.3, beating Herk- added the discus in 135-7.
bined for 14 points. Peter Barger and finished the events that we are hop- 112-28. ert. Max Boldt cleared 5-4 to
Herkert (7.8) and Jared second with the first sub ing to score our points in are Madison Memorial was We had to try and create win the high jump.
Biddle (8.55) racked up 10 3:30 indoor time in school more competitive now. We on spring break and without some competition in some Verona won the 4x100
more points for Verona in history. The quartets time need to continue to break one of its top competitors. sports, Pedretti said. in 45.9 and the 4x400 in
the high hurdles. Fourth and of 3:28.4 was bested only by school records and raise Hawkins accounted for Corey Petersen won the 3:34.7.
fifth after the prelims, both Fond du Lacs 3:27.15. two of the Verona victories,
seniors turned it on in the Shot putter Hunter Bourne
semifinals and finals to fin- moved up the all-time list
Meet Me At Tralee
ish second and seventh. with a lifetime best 49-6
Herkert also moved up 1/2. The effort was the 11th
the all-time list in the long best throw in school history.
jump with a 21-11, besting It landed him out of point
his previous season-best by scoring rank in Whitewater,
three inches. The effort was
Summer 2017
finishing 11th. Kimberly
good for third place and six junior won the competition
points. He also competed in by more than four feet, with
his first triple jump this sea- a heave of 63- 1/4.
son, posting a 42-7 1/4 for Veronas next test will be 5410 Nobel Drive,
sixth place and three points. going against another pow-
Obi Ifediora and his erhouse Brookfield East at Fitchburg, WI 53711 Studio, 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Available
brother Chudi accounted for the Sun Prairie Invite at the
18 points in the 55-meter end of the month.
dash with their 1-2 fin- The goal of this years
ish. Obi broke the school seniors has been to win the avanteproperties.com 608.441.9999
22 Fitchburg Star - April 14, 2017

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Q. Why Choose Care At Home?
Q. My dog is terrified of thunderstorms! How can I help her?
A. Home healthcare is a wonderful choice for any loving family member who is in the process of
A. You are not alone. Many dogs suffer from noise phobias. Sedatives and Thundershirts searching for a provider to assist with the health, safety and personal well being of an elderly loved
one. When searching for a permanent residence for a senior, there is no better choice than where the
work well but require advanced administration and we don't always know when storms elderly loved-one is most comfortable: their own home. There are many qualities that make home
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storm or when given in advance of inclement weather. It also works well for pets that Home healthcare allows the senior to stay in the comfort and stress free environment of their home.
Stephen Rudolph With Comfort Keepers, our caregivers ask the senior Would you like to help me cook dinner?
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Q. What types of Assisted Living options are there?
Q. Can I see a chiropractor if Im pregnant?
A. There are 3 types of assisted livings facilities. Resident Care Apartment
A. Absolutely! Keeping your spine free of
vertebral Complex (RCAC) provides assistance to seniors where 5 or more reside that consist
of apartments with a lockable entrance and exit. An RCAC provides up to 28 hours
subluxations is one of the best things you can do if youre of care per week which includes supportive services, personal assistance, and health
pregnant. A womans body goes through many changes services. An individual cannot have an activated Power of Attorney prior to moving
during pregnancy, including a change in her center of into an RCAC, unless their competent spouse or other person who has legal responsibility for the individual moves in with them.
Jill Unwin, Lee Unwin, gravity due to the added weight she is carrying and Adult Family Home (AFH) is the smallest type of assisted living which provides a variety of needs for up to 4 people usually
DC, CCEP BCMT, CSCS relaxation of the ligaments in the pelvis in preparation for in a residential style home, and may include dementia and other conditions of aging. Caregivers may or may not live on site and
child birth. This leads to instability of the spine which can cause vertebral subluxations (joint services are provided above the level of room and board with up to 7 hours per week of nursing support.
misalignments that cause nerve interference). A chiropractor can safely adjust the subluxation to Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) provides room and board assistance to seniors where 5 to 257 people live,
allow the body to function at an optimum level often resulting in decreased back pain, leg pain smaller CBRFs are usually 20 plus beds in a homelike setting. CBRFs serve a variety of needs, and may include dementia and
other conditions of aging, admitting and providing services to people of advanced age, Dementia, Developmental disabilities,
and an easier delivery. Mental health problems, Physical disabilities, Traumatic brain injury and the Terminally ill with up to 3 hours per week of
nursing support. An individual may be admitted to a CBRF with or without an activated
power of attorney.

102 N. Franklin Street Verona, WI 53593
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Q. : Ive seen a Stellar sign in West Madison, is Stellar Rehab going to Q. What kinds of things can I do to ensure my elderly mother doesnt feel isolated?
stay in Verona? A. There are a number of things you can do to ensure your mother isnt feeling alone. Here are a few tips that might
A. Stellar Rehab has been in Verona for over 13 years, is proud to be a part help. 1) Provide transportation to and from appointments. 2) Visit her often! This could be anything from enjoying a
of the Verona community and will continue to do so! Stellar is opening a cup of coffee with her to taking a short 15-minute walk, have a lunch date, or a shopping trip to her favorite store. 3)
second full outpatient clinic on the All Saints campus at 505 Commerce Encourage your mother to participate in activities. If none are offered in her living situation, help her find something
Drive in Madison. There will be physical, occupational and speech therapy close to home. Join her in the activity and of course, make sure she gets to and from safely! 4) Help make her home
services available for the residents on the west side of Madison, as well as the a special place. Display her favorite photos where she can view them daily, this will help her reminisce over the
Susan Armstrong, MPT expanded All Saints Community. An Open House will be held once the clinic fond memories. Ask her about her memories, even if youve heard it before! 5) Encourage her to invite a neighbor
Physical Therapist is complete and the public is welcome to join us. We look forward to this next or friend over for coffee or tea. If she is struggling to make friends, feel free to help her meet people in her apartment
expansion and for the opportunity to provide therapy services in new areas. complex or in her neighborhood. 6) Suggest an exercise class that is safe for seniors. Often times, there is something
Contact Stellar Rehabilitation at 608-845-2100 or www.stellarrehab.com for right where she is living. We hope these few suggestions will help prevent your senior from feeling isolated.
more information and updates on the Open House date.

600 2nd Avenue
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Comprehensive Therapy Services

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Q. My child often has trouble with organization and focusing in school, but her teacher says Q. What are some good reasons for potential buyers to consider buying
she doesnt have ADHD because she is a well behaved child. Could you explain why? a home this year?
A. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is misnamed in my opinion, and A. There are four good reasons why potential buyers should consider
should be called Attention Inconsistency Disorder. Why? Because children and adults who buying a home this year. Rents will continue to rise, so buyers will have
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Children without hyperactivity often seem quiet, well-behaved and daydreamyand are mortgage instead of their own. Interest rates will continue to remain at very
often are female, although not always. Because of this, these children often get overlooked low rates. A low rate can make a huge difference in buyers monthly mortgage
Kathleen Harwood and dont receive the much needed help they require to meet their potential. A Licensed Shawn Pfaff payments and help them build equity in their own home. Home ownership
MS, NCC, LPC-IT, LMFT-IT, CPC Professional Counselor can assess for ADHD and also provide the needed education and skills provides tax benefits for buyers because the interest on their mortgage and
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Q. How can I dress windows with crank-out handles?
A. Crank-out style windows are very convenient for operation and security, but lets Q. If Im purchasing a home, should I get
face it, are a pain when it comes to shades and blinds. Inside mounting shades are most pre-approved for a loan before I find a property?
preferred sleek, streamlined looks, offer best fit for energy efficiency and light gaps, and
the bottom rail sits nicely on the sill. However, crank-out handles make this impossible! A. Yes. Getting pre-approved lets you know how much home you
There are a couple of solutions: consider a shading which rolls from the front of the
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Andrea Hedquist, mounting your shade towards the front. Some crank handles can easily be relocated to end Kathleen C. Aiken know that youre a serious buyer because your financing is already
Owner/Designer facing the opposite way, or even replaced with a folding style handle or smaller T-handle. arrangedwhich can be an advantage when making an offer.
Outside mounting your shade may be an option, especially if you have top or side treatments to act as a disguise.
I always consider the functionality of all of your window hardware when advising you on window coverings.

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City news April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 23

Staff asks for guidance on bike/ped plan

council approved it March 28. to varied interpretation regard- one side of the road. As approved honest with you, Bizjak said. I
Council has hourlong That original language about ing commercial areas, the memo before, the plan would have just want to make sure I under-
discussion questioning sidewalks came from a resolution read. Such language provides required a separate homeowner stand.
approved unanimously in Janu- difficulty in advising residents. approval process, even though the Alds. Julia Arata-Fratta (D-2)
process, clarifying intent ary that outlined a prohibition on Ald. Carol Poole (Dist. 1), who project has already gone out to and Jason Gonzalez (D-3) both
installing them in existing neigh- wrote the original resolution, said bid. advised against making any
SCOTT GIRARD borhoods without them, except the map attached to the resolution changes to what had already been
Unified Newspaper Group when 75 percent of affected was clear enough and that would Disputing the process approved. Ald. Dan Carpenter
property owners agree and other serve as a better directive than Some alders were unhappy to agreed that the resolutions pret-
Though the Bicycle and Pedes- various criteria are met. Despite the sentence staff had questions have the policy in front of them ty clear, noting that it passed
trian Plan update earned the the tone of the discussion, it about. She said the sentence could again at all. unanimously.
Common Councils approval last replaced language that would be removed. We continue to overcompli- Mayor Steve Arnold disagreed.
month, it apparently is not yet have prevented any sidewalk If we missed something on the cate the sidewalk issue again and He repeatedly told the alders
complete. installations in those neighbor- map and something comes for- again, said Ald. Patrick Stern city staff was simply asking
That was what city staff told the hoods under any circumstances. ward, then I guess those people (D-2). I am so sick of talking what you want. Though it was
council March 14, as they sought The resolution language at will have to come forward at that about sidewalks. clear (alders) wanted it passed,
clarification on a few items with- issue March 14 was a clause of time, Poole said. Yet alders continued to argue he said, it wasnt clear what the
in the plan, including one related the ordinance that staff said left However, the council ultimate- over the process March 14, with intent was.
to the sidewalks language that room for interpretation. A staff ly decided to put another resolu- nearly an hour spent discussing Staff is trying to get it right,
was added the night the plan memo said it was not clear wheth- tion on a future agenda to clarify the item in total. and I think that the council should
was passed. As it has anytime er the sidewalk prohibition also the language, which clerk Patti What (engineer Ahnaray Biz- do its best to try and cooperate
its come up over the past sever- applied to apartments, condomini- Anderson told them would be the jak) brought us tonight was an with that effort so your intent is in
al years, the sidewalks discussion ums or commercial areas or only cleanest way to make a change. unintended consequence of what the plan and any subsequent reso-
became a touchy subject. single-family homes, which have The council also agreed with we passed, said Ald. Dorothy lutions that may apply, he added
Even though a compromise was been discussed most often since it staff to include an exception to the Krause (D-1). later in response to Gonzalez.
reached, it could not be passed first came to a head in 2010. prohibition on shared-use paths Bizjak acknowledged that she
immediately, meaning the approv- S t a ff b e l i eve s t h e wo r d- for the upcoming Lacy Road proj- was ready to move on, as well. Contact Scott Girard at
al of the new language had to ing would restrict sidewalks in ect. That is slated for this spring Im sick and tired of talking ungreporter@wcinet.com and
wait a couple of weeks until the multi-family areas, and is open and includes a shared-use path on about it, too, to be perfectly follow him on Twitter @sgirard9.

40 volunteers clear trash from waterways Council approves

Creek, where 25 people
Next cleanup event
is April 22
collected 29 bags of trash
and five bags of recycla-
bles, which was phenom-
enal said sustainability
Anton Drive plan
specialist Erika Kluet- SCOTT GIRARD The plan which outlines
Star correspondent
meier, who organized the Unified Newspaper Group zoning for the area was
cleanup. Among the items passed unanimously. The
Elvice McAlpine hunt-
were a bunch of discarded The Anton Drive Neigh- Anton Drive neighborhood
ed around the pond across
tires. borhood has a new plan is bounded by U.S. Hwy.
the street from her house,
We find so many plastic after the Common Council 18-151 to the east, the Fitch-
her knee-high rubber boots
items in the spring, which approved it March 28. burg city limits to the west,
squishing in the mud as she
can harm wildlife, she The council was consider- Jamestown and Western
picked up trash from the
added. ing a neighborhood plan that Hills neighborhoods to the
Dunns Marsh area.
Six volunteers cleaned at was developed through more north and McKee Road to
She and her husband,
Dunns Marsh, and the rest than a year of committee the south.
Tom, had heard about the
were at The Highlands of meetings and included some Ald. Jake Johnson (D-4)
citys volunteer cleanup
Seminole and Quarry Hill. public input, though it had asked the council to approve
days at various waterways
Other neighborhoods could decided to table the matter a requirement that develop-
for years but had never
be added in the future if at its March 14 meeting fol- ers provide park land rather
been able to attend until
volunteers are available. lowing some concerns from than pay a fee in lieu of land,
this year.
Another cleanup event Ald. Carol Poole (Dist. 1). which is one of the options
We missed the event the
is scheduled for 10a.m. to But she told the council available through city ordi-
last few years because we
noon Saturday, April 22, she was more comfortable nances. The lack of park
were out of town, Elvice
at Seminole Forest. Vol- with the plan after some land in that area of town is a
unteers are asked to bring conversations with area resi- big problem, he said.
They were among 40 vol-
boots and gloves and meet dents in those two weeks. But Johnson eventually
unteers who hauled away
at Seminole Pool, 5948 I did have some concerns withdrew that proposal after
dozens of bags of trash and
Schumann Dr. The city will about the density, Poole discussion revealed it would
recyclables from water-
provide supplies and pick said. I have been consistent likely not be possible to
ways all around Fitchburg
up trash and recyclables about those concerns from do so. Community planner
on April 1.
after the event. the very beginning. Susan Badtke explained the
The city recruited the
For information, call She emphasized that the plan included language that
volunteers as part of an
270-4274 or email erika. plan needed to have flexi- recognized the park deficien-
annual cleanup day, which Photo by Evan Halpop
kluetmeier@fitchburgwi. bility built in, in case devel- cy and made it more of a
started in 2003 in Dunns David Martin, left, and Elvice McAlpine, right, work on clean- opment did not come for joint effort between the city
Marsh but recently expand- gov. ing up a part of Dunns Marsh on April 1. The annual cleanup
awhile and what would fit and a developer to determine
ed to comprise four areas. has been held every year since 2003, and has expanded to what was appropriate.
T h e l a rg e s t s h a r e o f Helu Wang also other areas in Fitchburg, including Swan Creek, The High- well there changed.
volunteers went to Swan contributed to this story. lands of Seminole, and Quarry Hill.


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GS3114 2/15/2017
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24 April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star

Election: Gonzalez expects dynamics to change in the mayors office and on the council
Continued from page 1 Fitchburg at heart and that I especially in the northwest
was acting on that in a way part of the city. Alder races
disappointment and wor- that can be justified by the I think youre going to Dist. 1, Seat 1 Votes
ried about the citys future. future results, he told the see some good things right
I feel that I had the best Star. out of the chute, he said. Dorothy Krause (I) 414
interest of everyone in Those future results will Rich Tate 349
now be dictated by Gonza- New priorities
lez and a council that will Dist. 1, Seat 2
Among Gonzalezs top
PAR Concrete, Inc. likely be friendlier to him priorities is one that he Anne Scott 401
than the previous one was hopes will help quell the Wanda McCann-Smith 372
Driveways with Arnold. He said his repeated disagreements
Floors top priorities include devel- that turn personal during Dist. 3, Seat 5
Patios opment in the Uptown and meetings, which have been Aaron Richardson 484
Sidewalks North Fish Hatchery areas, a regular feature in recent Jay Allen 377
Decorative Concrete changing the election cycle years.
Dist. 3, Seat 6

so every seat is not up at He would like to change Photo by Evan Halpop

Phil Mountford 516-4130 (cell) once and working toward the election cycle so alder- At left, Adam Hanson, a resident of Fitchburg for 10 years, Dan Carpenter (I) 596
835-5129 (office) a sense of community, manic seats alternate years, signs in to vote at the Fitchburg Community Center on April
4. He said he believes it his civic duty to vote, and he has Zyronia Mims 261
with half coming up for
election each year much voted in every election. Dist. 4, Seat 7
HELP NEEDED like nearby Verona does.
We can have some insti- Mayoral results
Tom Clauder 993

IN POSTAL STATION tutional stability in that

regard, he said.
Candidate Dist. 1 Dist. 2 Dist. 3 Dist. 4 Total
Jason Gonzalez 478 984 535 1,146 3,143
William Horns
Dist. 4, Seat 8

Monday-Saturday, days He will also work on

affordability, he said,
Tony Hartmann (I) 995
Steve Arnold (I) 330 744 467 682 2,223
Will train specifically mentioning the Richard Hammersley 549
Apply in person at lack of starter single-fam-
ily homes in the high them out before the votersis well-known to longtime and Tony Hartmann (D-4)
$100,000 or low $200,000 of Fitchburg and their ideas
Fitchburg residents. defeated their challeng-
Sues Hallmark - Hatchery Hill Center range and continually
increasing taxes as prob-
were better, he said, blam-That is Tom Clauder, the ers by 335 and 446 votes,
3000 Cahill Main, Fitchburg ing money and special mayor from 2003-2009,
lems to solve. interests. But that didnt
who beat another familiar The District 2 candi-
Im committed to keep- happen. I really regret face trying to return to the dates incumbent Julia
RESIDENTIAL CLEANER ing our level of service but
also keeping our taxes rea-
what I see happening in the
council in former alder Bill
Horns, who had previous-
Arata-Fratta and newcomer
Daniel Bahr were running
NEEDED sonable, he said.
One looming factor in
He has expressed con- ly served from 2005-2011.
cerns in the past that exces-
Clauder takes over Seat 7 in
unopposed, as Bahrs oppo-
nent Linda Brewer dropped
Part-Time those taxes is the merger s ive d eve l o p m e n t w i l l
District 4. out soon after filing for the
25-30 hours per week with the Town of Madison. spread the citys services Clauders successor in ballot. Her
Days Only. Scheduled for 2022 orig- even thinner, requiring the mayors seat in 2009, name still
Needs to be able to work as a team, inally, the cities of Mad- much higher tax increases Jay Allen, lost his bid to appeared
attention to detail. ison and Fitchburg both than what he proposed. return to the council as on the bal-
Experience helpful but not required. proposed moving that date I think that the results
well, with newcomer Aaron lot, though,
up last year, and Gonzalez will be bad in terms of Richardson but Bahr
Contact Tina at 608-513-3638 said hed like to meet with squandering our opportuni-beating him received
for more information Madison Mayor Paul Soglin
to discuss the topic, as well
ty for a really sustainable
by more than 725 votes
city that stays affordable100 votes to to Brewers
as with other surrounding far into the future and has a
succeed Gon- 568. Krause
HIRING ENTRY LEVEL & EXPERIENCED communities to find poten- platform for building morezalez. Gonzalez,
tial partnerships. equity, he said. Unfor- Richard- who indicat-
LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS Wi t h i n t h e c i t y, h e son will be
tunately, the losers in this ed at a may-
All phases of landscape installation including wants to work with Wanda election were planning, joined as a oral forum
brick/block & boulder wall construction. McCann-Smith, the losing honesty and the city of newcomer by Clauder in Febru-
~ Good driving record candidate for a District 1 Fitchburg. Anne Scott ary before
~ In-house training and outside classes available alder seat who has orga- He said he was proud ofin District 1, the primary
~ Great pay, benets & bonuses nized community gather- election that

what hes done during his Seat 2, who

Work with fantastic people who take pride in their work. ings at the fire station for time serving the city, espe-
prevailed Arata-Frat- Carpenter
Apply online at: kittlesonlandscape.com/contact-form the King James Way neigh- cially in focusing on the in the clos- ta would be
borhood, to discuss that Strong Towns movement, est race of his preferred
Were Growing T hanks areas future. which emphasizes long- the day 29 council pres-
to Our Loyal Customers! Its important that we votes over
term fiscal responsibility, ident, said
continue our programming independence and self-de- McCann- he looks
in the northwest part of the termination for municipali-
Smith to suc- forward to
Some of the things we
ceed outgo-
ing Ald. Car-
working with
the group.
have done in Fitchburg areol Poole. The I t h i n k Hartmann
disappointment really strong in that way,
next-closest youll see the
Full/Part Time Positions Available A 12-year veteran of city race was for
he said. But we have a long dynamics, both in the may-
Drive Locally andWages
Excellent Support your Community way to go, and its one of the
the neigh- ors office and on the coun-
government, Arnold said
Paid BusTraining
his biggest disappointment disturbing things to me that
boring cil, change significantly,
CDL Sign-On Bonus for Van Drivers
Program related to his loss was the I was not able to continue to
seat, where Gonzalez said. Im excit-
$500 Sign-On Bonus
Signing Bonusfor Qualified School Bus Drivers improve us and improve theincumbent Scott ed about the group of eight
debate throughout the cam-
Paid Training and Available
Bonus to get in
your CDL paign. city in that area. Ald. Dorothy people I get to work with.

Full and and
Part-Time Verona
Positions Available It wouldve been a lot Krause defeated challenger
Four new faces Rich Tate by 64 votes. Contact Scott Girard at
Apply Locally at: 219 Paoli St., Verona, WI easier to take had some-
Call: 608-845-2255 or Go Online: BadgerBus.com one come forward with The group Gonzalez will Neither of the other rac- ungreporter@wcinet.com
substantive issues and laid work with includes four es was close, as incum- and follow him on Twitter
new alders, one of whom bents Dan Carpenter (D-3) @sgirard9.
Engineering Industries, Inc.
Making Plastic Parts Since 1963
100% Employee Owned
If you are a responsible individual who is attentive to
detail and likes to work in a clean, climate controlled
School races, referendum VASD referendums
facility, we may have a position for you. We are Voters in each of Fitchburgs three school districts had Question Yes (Fitchburg/total) No (Fitchburg/total)
currently hiring: decisions to make, with contested school board races in Question 1 1,360/5,078 613/1,907
Oregon and Madison and a major referendum in Verona.
Question 2 1,119/4,225 845/2,730
Plastic Injection Press Operators Those in the Verona Area School District also over-
whelmingly approved all three referendum questions by Question 3 1,211/4,542 752/2,409
Our starting rate is $12.15 per hour on days and an average margin of 2-1, meaning a new high school is
$12.90 per hour on nights. coming in 2020 along with new athletic fields and a pool.
We offer excellent benefits including Health & Dental As part of that, voters approved the districts ability to Oregon school board
exceed the revenue cap beginning in 2020 for operating Candidate Fitchburg votes Total
Insurance after 60 days. funds.
Our production hours are: The Madison Metropolitan School District has a pair of Tim LeBrun 260 1,784
Days: 7:50am to 5:50pm new board members, as well, with Kate Toews defeating Gwen Maitzen (I) 260 1,677
Nights: 5:45pm to 3:45am Ali Muldrow for Seat 6 and Nicki Vander Meulen winning
Four Day Work Week - (Monday - Thursday) Seat 7 after her opponent, Ed Hughes, dropped out of the
Please stop at our corporate office to complete an In the Oregon School District, challenger Tim LeBrun MMSD school board Seat 6
application. ousted one-term incumbent Gwen Maitzen for the Area IV Candidate Fitchburg votes Total
seat, which covers the Village of Brooklyn and towns of
407 S. Nine Mound Rd., Verona, WI 53593 Oregon, Montrose, Brooklyn and Union. Kate Toews 1,516 25,857
Equal Opportunity Employer Ali Muldrow 722 20,536
adno=517394-01 Scott Girard
April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 25
Youth program: Activities at defacto community center focus on empowerment, challenges
Continued from page 1 already have plans for how Smith, who serves on the

station after school. But Smith

How to help to keep the kids engaged over
the summer months.
citys Community Econom-
ic Development Authority
said its more appropriate to Shes arranged a partner- committee and was narrowly
describe it as an empower- To donate materials ship with Fitchburg resident defeated in her run for a Dis-
ment program meant to act including art and school JoAnne Brown, who works trict 1 alder seat this month
as an investment in the life supplies, board games as the multicultural student (as McCann-Smith), said
of (each) child who comes and snacks to the coordinator at James Madi- during her campaign out-
through the fire stations son Memorial High School reach she was surprised to
doors. after-school program, in Madison, and Zapata to discover how many residents
Im just looking to fill email Wanda Smith at brainstorm summer camp expressed interest in the pro-
those kids space with so wandamccannsmith@ activities like flag football, gram and seemed encouraged
much positive energy yahoo.com. a STEM-focused program to help (her) fight for a com-
thats my ultimate goal, she with scientists from Promega, munity center.
explained. I want to teach and other projects aimed at To her, that indicates
them to go to college, get an budget is supported by teenagers. Those could also theyre only scratching the
education and do the best you Smiths mental health ser- include college prep and job surface, and if the program
can do even in the midst of vices nonprofit Peace Net- search help, as well as more itself is able to move into a
adversity, just do your best. work, Inc., but its also com- events geared toward Fitch- bigger space, she envisions
Encouraging strong self-es- ing from donations by com- burg residents of all ages, like someday expanding pro-
teem and urging the kids to munity members and volun- parenting skills classes and gramming enough to need a
treat their peers with respect teers. job apprenticeship opportuni- full-time staff, one that has
and kindness is another theme Those who work with the ties. the sort of diversity that rep-
the club volunteers try to program say that support The block parties are also resents the neighborhood.
thread through most of the is a result of the relation- set to return this summer, The massive support
activities. The kids learn new Photo by Kate Newton
ships Smith has established likely in Huegel-Jamestown weve gotten: Im just thank-
vocabulary words and spell- At right, Caliph Muab-el, the executive director of the Mad- Park, and Smith said they ful and overjoyed, she said.
ison-based organization Breaking Barriers Mentoring, high throughout the county over
ings nearly every day, and the years to further cultivate plan to hold activities in the Its just going to make me
they arent allowed to use put- fives Marquis Diggins after he successfully reads a page from new park on King James Way work twice as hard to get the
his book during homework time at the after-school program both the volunteer base and
downs and negative phrases sources of funding. when it opens this summer. things that we need.
like stupid, dumb and I at Fitchburg Fire Station No. 2. Muab-el and other volunteers
from Breaking Barriers visit the program regularly to help the I have to give Wanda a lot
cant. of credit, because she did a
kids with their schoolwork and lead them in other activities,
Pizza Hut
China Miller, a King James lot to get this acknowledged,
Way resident and former vol- including creative writing and leadership discussions.
Miller said. And now that
unteer for the program, said
a circle to help her sing the boundaries kids in the pro- its gotten acknowledged, its
when a child acts out, the gram regularly face so they starting to get that attention
lyrics of a rap shed written,
approach is always to try to it needs so we can get those
called Beyond Beautiful. As can avoid outcomes like
get to the root of the behavior incarceration, drugs and street resources in place.
they went around each child
and to talk through issues in a violence. Because of the heightening
paired with a peer or volun-
way that makes the child feel Theyre awesome kids, popularity of the program,
teer the voices were hesitant
worthy and regarded almost the spatial constraints at the
as an adult, rather than to iso-
at first but eventually grew to and to see their personal Opportunities Benefits include:
almost shouting. potential highlighted and fire station have limited how
late them in something like a
The group then slowly for them to reach the heights many volunteers and what In: Health, Dental & Life Insurance
timeout. in some of the things they types of programming it can Stoughton Matching 401k
built to a steady clap to keep
The model we like to use support. But Muab-el said
is push through your fears, tap
the beat: Im courageous, doubted themselves in in the Madison Personal Time Off
Im resilient... Im confident, beginning, its just so reward- it also clearly demonstrates Sauk
into your greatness and wear ing, he said. You can see the how egregious the need Opportunities for Advancement
Im creative... I am talent-
it well, Miller said. Keep level of engagement, theyre for a community center in Dodgeville
your head high and know that
ed, intelligent, unique and Flexible schedule
innovative... I am worth it, I really into what theyre doing, the neighborhood is which

you can do it. Any position and theyre looking for more makes him and the other vol-
deserve it... I am treasured, Apply online at jobsatpizzahut.com or send
that anyone is holding, you challenges. unteers more excited for what
I am loved... I deserve every
can hold that position, too.
blessing that is coming from While the kids have come the future will bring. resume to megan.perrin@phsw.net
Recurring activities over to expect visits from Break- The more support we get,
the programs tenure include ing Barriers and Zapata, the the more were able to do, but
boys and girls collabora- Bridging the gap list of potential options that we wont let a lack of support NOW HIRING!
tive groups, in which the could be added to the pro- stop us from what we want to
kids gather and discuss differ- Staff of the Madison-based
organization Breaking Bar- gramming lineup has grown do, he said. Were dedicat-
ent topics, and weekly visits
riers Mentoring also visit to the past several months. Peo- ed, and were motivated, and PM & NOC Shift
from Dr. Jasmine Zapata, a
King James neighborhood lead regular programming at ple from around the area have were not going away. Caregivers
the station. offered their services and sup-
resident who runs a commu- Summer and beyond
nity choir with a mission of Executive director Caliph port to the program, including Full Time Cook
Muab-el said the aim of his Boys and Girls Club of Dane While the weekday after-
hope, strength and the power County president and CEO noon programming will scale
visits, and, arguably, the
to overcome.
program as a whole, is to Michael Johnson. back and likely change hours We offer a great working atmosphere,
During one March session, The majority of the pro- once school gets out, Smith competitive wages, paid training, excellent
Zapata gathered the kids in bridge the gap over societal
grams $5,000-per-month said she and the volunteers shift differentials
differenti and more.

Looking for a permanent home Stop by 519 Commerce Drive


in Madison or apply at
KATE NEWTON could be. Pulvermacher said hes looking for-
Unified Newspaper Group Those conversations, however, are ward to what he hopes will be a timely Call 608-243-8800 for more information!
still in the preliminary stages, and so conversation by the council and other
When the Fitchburg Fire Department is the future of the fire station. City city staff on the future use of the build-
begins moving out of Fire Station No. 2
in the next couple of months, the home-
administrator Patrick Marsh said its not
even certain whether the city keeps the
ing, after seeing firsthand the void the
program has helped fill for the kids who
Part-time Positions available!
work club and after-school program land or the building. attend it regularly. Sienna Meadows in Oregon is seeking motivated
thats been there since last fall could I think at this point everythings I absolutely see the need in that area and caring individuals to join its team. Currently
lose its home. on the table, and once they (the fire now, how can you provide something hiring for the following positions:
The department will be moving to department) vacate that fire station and to the population that most needs it and
a new 24,000-square-foot facility on the (Common) Council decides what make sure its not only there this month, Part-time PM Caregiver (2pm-10pm,
Marketplace Drive, and the citys plans the future of that land or building is, but well into the future? he added. 24 hours/week)
for the building after its vacated have whether we sell it, or keep it or swap it That is something that intrigues me Part-time PM Cook (4:00pm-6:30pm,
yet to be determined. Program organiz- or whatever, are all options the council because it speaks to a number of dif- 10 hours/week)
er Wanda Smith would like to see the will have to make a decision on, he ferent things we try to provide in local
building turned into a fully-functioning explained. government. Its more than just saying, Both positions include every other weekend.
community center for what she said is Smith said regardless of where the We need to provide this service its Benefits available for Caregiver position,
a drastically underserved section of the program ends up, several city officials, a matter of saying, OK, weve started including paid time off, dental, STD, LTD, and
city, and said she and program volun- especially fire chief Joe Pulvermacher, this program: how can we keep it going FREE life insurance.
teers have said they would protest any have been very accommodating in help- and how can we keep it sustainable?
attempt to move them unless a viable ing facilitate it. And while Pulvermach- Jason Gonzalez, who will be sworn If interested, stop by and pick up an application
alternative is provided. er said theres been some bumps along in as Fitchburgs new mayor next week or apply online at www.siennacrest.com.
Were going to continue to stay there the way in converting an area designed after defeating current mayor Steve
because these kids deserve a com- for training purposes into a communi- Arnold in the April 4 election, said hell Sienna Meadows
munity center, said Smith, who this ty center-type space, including how to be meeting with Smith later this month Irma Varela, Manager
month lost her bid to become an alder ensure the departments capacity for to get a better idea of whats going on 989 Park Street
for District 1. And theres no reason effective emergency services take prior- in (the program) and what can be done Oregon, WI 53575
that they dont have one; its because ity, its provided an opportunity to serve to assist them. (608) 835-0040
they havent been represented on the the community in an entirely new way. Gonzalez said an early goal of his
local government level. Weve provided (Smiths nonprofit) tenure as mayor is continuing to work
Ald. Dorothy Krause, who has rep- the Peace Network and Wandas group with programming in that part of our

resented that district for six years, told more access than we have provided any city, whether its continued with the
the Star there have been discussions other group to the fire station, and why? Peace Networks homework program-
among city officials and various par- Because weve seen the need in that ming, or whether its outright looking Equal Opportunity Employer
ties as to where a community center area, he explained. into building a community center.
26 Fitchburg Star - April 14, 2017
City Hall - Main Line 270-4200 FACTv 270-4225 Parks & Forestry 270-4288
Administration 270-4213 Finance 270-4251 Planning/Zoning 270-4258
Assessing 270-4235 Fire Department 278-2980 Police 270-4300
Building Inspections 270-4240 FitchRona 275-7148 Public Works 270-4260
City Clerk 270-4210 Human Resources 270-4211 Recreation/Community Center 270-4285
Economic Development 270-4246 Library 729-1760 Senior Center 270-4290
Municipal Court 270-4224 Utilities 270-4270
5520 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711 www.fitchburgwi.gov


APRIL 22ND FROM 7 11AM April 22nd Earth Day
8:00 a.m.-Noon, Arbor Day and International Migratory Bird
Day with live raptor program, McGaw Park
8-11 a.m., Free Paper Shred Day, City Hall
7-11 a.m., Electronics Recycling Collection, Surplus IT -
901 Watson Ave.
8-11 a.m., MedDrop Collection of unwanted prescription
Fitchburgs spring electronics recycling Please contact Lee Shinefield (Surplus-IT) medicines, Police Department entrance of City Hall
event will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at 209-8000, lee@surplus-IT.com or Holly 10-Noon, Waterway cleanup Meet at Seminole Pool, 5948 Schumann Dr.
from 7-11am at Surplus-ITs warehouse, 901 Powell at 270-4263 or holly.powell@fitch- 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Bike Maintenance Workshop, Fitchburg Library
Watson Avenue. The following items can be burgwi.gov, with any questions about the
recycling at no charge: computers, LCD mon- electronics recycling. April 29th
itors (flat panel liquid crystal display), printers, Another option for small electronic recycling
10 a.m., Invasive species and tree walk, McGaw Park Shelter
stereo equipment, lead acid and other recycla- and batteries is the City Hall lobby recycling bin
ble batteries, and Styrofoam packing peanuts. at 5520 Lacy Road. This is accessible 24/7 and
There is a charge for recycling the following items: accepts rechargeable and alkaline batteries, cell
VCR & cassette tapes & alkaline batteries phones, empty inkjet printer cartridges, eye
CD, DVD and floppy disks glasses and hearing aids for recycling. PAPER SHREDDING, UNWANTED MEDS COLLECTIONS
microwaves, other kitchen electronics Information about other options for solid
all CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors waste reduction, refuse, or recycling may be SET FOR APRIL 22ND
refrigerators, dehumidifiers, air condi- found in Fitchburgs 2017 Recycling Guide on Gather up old papers and destroy no more than five
tioners Fitchburgs web page at: www.fitchburgwi. meds, and join us on Earth Day bankers boxes of confidential
televisions (>27 TVs or console TVs gov/solidwaste or hard copies available at for the City of Fitchburgs spring paper documents.
may cost more for disposal) City Hall. cleanup events at City Hall from 2. The Fitchburg Police
8:00-11:00 a.m.: Department will also collect
1. The city and Pellitteri Waste unwanted prescription medica-
Systems will host a paper shred- tions (MedDrop). Enter the Police
RECREATION DEPARTMENT ding. Please note our new
location: City Hall parking
Departments west entrance of City
Hall, 5520 Lacy Rd. The MedDrop
For more information and to register visit www. fitchburgwi.gov/recreation, call the lot, 5520 Lacy Rd. This event box is always open to residents
Rec. Dept. at 608-270-4285 or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fitchrec provides free shredding and recycling to from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.
2017 Summer Recreation Programs are Open for Registration!
Go to www.fitchburgwi.gov/recreation and click on View Activities to see our
list of programs for this upcoming summer! We have themed Half Day Camps,
Archery, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball Camps and more!
Did you know that one in managing their diabetes;
Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids Mothers Day Painting Class out of every 12 Americans improvements in blood sugar
These classes will focus on exercises that Two Owls Painting is affected by diabetes? In levels; a decrease in health
foster a healthy mind, body and spirit. Expect This class is Wisconsin, there are 475,000 distress, hypoglycemia and
a fun and creative atmosphere with music a fun Mothers adults with diabetes, and 1.45 hyperglycemia; fewer doctor
and movement combined with breathing and Day activity million adults with pre-diabe- and emergency room visits;
relaxation. for mother or tes. HLWD is a researched and fewer hospitalizations.
Day/Time Saturdays, April 8 - May 13, grandmother and proven workshop designed to help adults Workshop dates are May 10 June 14,
Intro (4-7 yrs) 9-9:30 am, Intro (8-12 and child. with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes learn Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at
yrs) 9:30-10 am, Intermediate (8-15 yrs) Each pair skills and increase their confidence in manag- the Fitchburg Senior Center. The cost is $10
10-10:45 am (mother and ing their diabetes. The workshop is also ben- and a healthy snack will be provided. The
Location Fitchburg Community Center child) will be eficial for adults living with someone who has workshop will be led by two individuals who
Ages Intro 4-7 years, Intro 8-12 years, painting a dar- either diabetes or pre-diabetes. People who are living with diabetes. For more information
Intermediate 8-15 years ling pair of owls on a branch! The pair will be have taken this workshop show better health or to register, please contact Sarah Folkers
Fee - $48 for Intro Classes and $56 for sharing a 16 x 20 canvas working together to and health behavior; increased confidence at 270-4294.
Intermediate create a beautiful painting that they will both
cherish. Throughout the painting we will be
Tunes for Tots (Music & Movement) talking about primary, secondary and compli-
This class is designed for children 1-5 years
old and their parents. The classes are designed
mentary colors. We will also talk about bold,
colorful graphics. These painting turn out to be
to enhance childrens social skills, language beautiful bright master pieces, fun to hang as Warmer weather is just around the corner. a balcony, the fuel source must be stored in
skills, and fine motor skills through a play- we head into spring and summer!! This will be For a lot of people that means firing up the a separate area.
ful environment. Classes will include several a fun Mothers Day activity for both you and grill. For Fitchburg residents who live in an Another important note is that many con-
developmental activities, music and movement, your child to enjoy! apartment, or other multi-family property, dominiums and apartment complexes have
musical instruments, props, finger plays, games Day/Time Saturday, May 6th, 1-3 pm a few specific rules apply when it comes to regulations on the use of grills that are
and story time. Location Fitchburg Community Center the storage and use of grills and other sim- stricter than State code requirements. We
Day/Time Thursdays, April 20 May 18, Ages 5 and up ilar cooking devices. Per State of Wisconsin recommend that residents always check with
4:30-5:15 pm Fee - $38 per couple code, any type of grill may only be used at property management to clarify the rules for
Location Fitchburg Community Center the ground level and at least 10ft away from their specific property.
Ages - 1-5 years old Basketball Shooting Camp any structure. In other words, residents are Following are some general grilling safety
Fee - $50 Want to make more not allowed to use any type of grill on their tips from the US Fire Protection Association:
shots? We can help! This balcony or underneath a building overhang or Only use grills outside, and keep them
Wisconsin Martial Arts camp is designed to teach awning. Additionally, while State code allows away from siding and deck rails
Each student will receive a well-rounded players the fundamental for a grill to be stored (while not in use) on Open your gas grill before lighting it
martial arts and fitness education. We teach skills involved with shoot- Maintain a 3-foot safe zone around grills
the standard striking and blocking movements, ing and scoring the basket- and campfires
traditional forms, and weaponry. We also ball. In addition to proper Keep an eye on your lit grill, fire pit or
offer more unique aspects, such as practical skills and technique, play- patio torches
self-defense and joint manipulation applica- ers will also have a chance to learn skill-build- Clean your grill after each use to prevent
tions, tumbling and acrobatics, fitness tracking ing drills and games they can use on their own grease fires
and goal-setting, two different kinds of ground to reinforce good habits after camp. This camp Once theyre cool, place used coals in a
fighting, armored weapon fighting, two differ- is a fun way to get better together with friends metal can with a lid
ent kinds of stand-up fighting that incorporate while gearing up for some warm summer Most of all, the Fitchburg Fire Department
elements of boxing and take-downs/throws, weather. wants everyone to have a safe, fun and
and more. Classes 4th - 6th Grade, 7th - 12th enjoyable summer and grilling season. If you
Classes - 4-6 years old, 7-15 years old and Grade have any questions about grilling safety, or
16 and up Days/Times Tuesdays, April 25-May 9, 7 any other fire safety topic, please feel free to
Days/Times Mon. & Wed., May 3 - May pm (4th-6th), 8pm (7th-12th) All programs contact us at 608-278-2980.
31, 6-6:30 pm (4-6 yr. olds) 6:30-7:30 pm are 50 minutes long
(older classes) Location Savanna Oaks Gym
Location Fitchburg Community Center Fee - $30
Fee - $35 (4-6 yr. olds) $45 (7 and up)
Like us on www.facebook.com/FitchburgWI and Follow us on @FitchburgWI
Business April 14, 2017 Fitchburg Star 27

Pet supplies and more Pet Supplies

2928 Hardrock Road
In brief
Latino chamber
moves to Fitchburg
Store offers opportunity to be a bigger part of the community 416-5767
The Latino Chamber
of Commerce of Dane
County will move its
AMBER LEVENHAGEN petsuppliesplus.com offices to 2881 Com-
Unified Newspaper Group Monday-Saturday: m e r c e Pa r k D r ive i n
Soon after he moved to
9a.m. to 9p.m. F i t c h bu rg o n F r i d a y,
Sunday: 9a.m. to April 12, from their cur-
Michigan a few years ago, rent space in Monona.
Victor Baeten knew he 7p.m.
wanted to transition from
the corporate side of Pet
Supplies Plus into owning
a franchised store. He felt
it would offer the flexibility
to make a difference in the
community he served.
After a planned move
back to his home state,
the Green Bay native said LUNCH BUFFET: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Fitchburg has been a perfect DINNER MENU: 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM
fit, both personally and for CLOSED MONDAYS
the store. (608) 274-3333
My kids go to school 5957 McKEE ROAD Suite 108 FITCHBURG, WI 53719
here, I live and work here,
and now we want to be a www.HaveliMadison.com
bigger part of the communi-
ty, he said. I love it. Lunch Buffet $9.95
And since opening, his
store has continued to $4 off $25 -or- $8 off $50*

grow in both the services *Dinner only
and supplies it can offer its *Not valid with any other offer

Photo by Amber Levenhagen
Its fun to go to work, Store team lead Amanda Cummings cuddles with Mouse, a 3-year-old cat currently available
I opened the store with for adoption through Angels Wish at Pet Supplies Plus.

my father-in-law (Ahmed TM

Gipril), and I want to keep

it a family-owned store
that focuses on commu-
nity needs, Baeten said. Its a huge DEAL
2980 Cahill Main

The goal is to stay smaller, JUST Fitchburg
because were not a ware-
house, were a neighbor- $ 268-4444
hood pet store thats part of
the community. X-LARGE
710 Janesville St.
Pet Supplies Plus opened Oregon
its first store in Michigan in 835-0883
1988 and has since expand-
ed to over 385 franchised 1021 N. Edge Trail
and corporate stores in 29 Extra Large Verona

New York style Pizza
states across the country, Giant Pepperoni, Ground Sausage, 848-7000
according to their web- Garlic Red Sauce and Fresh-Grated
Parmesan all on an extra large,
site. Most stores offer pet Photo submitted foldable New York Style Crust

grooming services, as well Specialty dog treats are some of the supplies offered at the new Pet Supplies Plus store in
as supplies for pet dental Fitchburg. Good thru 4/23/17 papamurphys.com Not valid with other offers
and ear care, flea treat-
ments, nail clipping and all of the new and repeat Valley Felines Inc. and Adopt Elementary School visited a
other general care supplies neighbors noticing that we Me are some of the groups few months ago to learn about 6285 Nesbitt Road
like food and toys. take those extra steps to that partner with Baeten and boa constrictors and other
make sure we have what Cummings to house adopt- snakes and reptiles. Fitchburg, WI 53719
All of these are offered at
the Fitchburg store, at 2928 they need, Cummings told able pets, but those organiza- Those educational pro- (608) 845-1010
Hardrock Road, ranging the Star. tions also offer educational grams are important to
from economically friend- classes and social events at Baeten, and something he and
ly to high-end specialty
Local touch the store. Cummings said theyre work-
brands. From critter care to One of the ways the store The cats stay in the store ing to expand. Join our VIP Text Club:
cat and dog supplies, Cum- focuses on the community is for only two weeks before It makes a difference to be Text tenpin to 36000
mings says the store contin- through its partnerships with returning back to their main able to cater to what the com- Childrens Birthday Parties
ues to rotate its stock based local charities and animal res- shelter, and are then rotated munity needs; were a smaller Friday
on community feedback cue groups. out with other adoptable cats. store, but I think youll find Fish OPEN BOWLING DAILY
Baeten said his store only Volunteers come to play that our scope of offerings is Fry Call for lane availability
and by keeping in touch
with what other stores in hosts rescue animals that with them every day, but we anything but, he said. Happy Hour
the area supply. come from area organiza- dont want the animals to stay Monday-Friday 4-6pm
The store is also able tions, something he said is in the smaller cage for too Contact Amber Levenha- Fantastic Deck Daily
to special order supplies unlike some big box retail- long, Cummings explained. gen at amber.levenhagen@ Lunch

for individual customers, ers and other pet stores. Not The three partnering non- wcinet.com. Corporate Parties Specials
and the ability to be flexi- even all Pet Supplies Plus profits hold weekly and Banquet Facilities
ble with what supplies are stores offer adoptable pets, biweekly programs at the
offered is one of the many but Fitchburgs offers reptiles, store to let children and fami-

reasons Baeten said he fish, cats and smaller critters lies play with the animals that
enjoys owning a franchised like guinea pigs, mice and are up for adoption. Madison
store. sometimes hedgehogs. Area Herpetological Soci-
Wi t h i n t h e l a s t f ew Angels Wish Pet Adoption ety sometimes visits, and
weeks, the store also intro- and Resource Center, Fisher students from Stoner Prairie
duced a pet grooming ser-
vice in addition to the self- 16 YEARS OF AWARD-WINNING PIZZA.
serve pet wash for dogs.
With a picture of a puppy
that dedicates her love for FLIGHT
9.99 FREE!
dogs on her name badge, after 9
store team leader Amanda FUNDRAISER 16
6 One-Topping Pizza
alid Only After 9 p.m.
Cheese Bread with any
$25 order or more.
Cummings said that seeing
those dogs is one of the best SATURDAY, APRIL 22ND, 2017 Online code: 9991T
O Online code: CHEESE
parts of the day. 50 BIRD SPORTING CLAYS Ask about our
We all know within sec-
onds when a dog comes in at Deer Creek Sports & Conservation Club $6 Buck Lunch dealls! Please
when ordering.
ordering. One
One coupon,
order/table. Prices
Prices subject to
Please mention
mention coupon
special or
coupon when
or discount
ordering. One
when ordering. One coupon,
discount per order/table. Prices
Prices subject

8475 Miller Rd. Verona, WI

change. Salestax
not included.
included. Expires
Expires 6/30/15.
5/31/17. VP change. Sales
change. Sales tax
tax not
not included.
included. Expires
5/31/17. VP
because everyone gets very
excited, Cummings said Registration is from 9:00 am-3:00 pm For a full menu, coupons or ordering online, tap your fingers to glassnickelpizza.com
with a laugh. Food & refreshments available LATE NIGHT DELIVERY! Sign up for PizzaMai l at glassnickelpizza.com and get special, subscriber-
2:00 a.m. Fridays & Saturdays
Preparations for opening only deals and promotions. Its email you can use, not email we abuse.
Proceeds from each round will go
the Fitchburg store began L O C A L LY OW N E D A N D O P E R AT E D

long before the December toward sending military veterans to see 608
grand opening. their memorials in Washington, DC 3191 Muir Field Road Fitchburg, WI 53719
Its so amazing to see
how weve progressed from For more information call Late Night Delivery. Dine-in. Carry-out. Catering.
the beginning, and seeing Ray Gilden at (608) 832-6261 *Gluten-Free Crust is made offsite, but pizzas may share equipment with items containing gluten. We accept Credit Cards, Business Checks, Charge Accounts & Cash. Sorry, no Personal Checks.
adno=516730-01 Please note that products and pricing may vary by location. Pricing is subject to change. $10 minimum for delivery. adno=514925-01
28 Fitchburg Star - April 14, 2017



Open Daily from 6:30am - 9:30pm

Miller & Sons 210 S. Main St., Verona (608) 845-6478