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Resources in our
Sioux Falls Early
Accelerate Center for Inten- Resource
sive Early Intervention
They services children ages 2-
6, children with autism, are de-
velopmentally behind, a sensory Scottish Right Speech Lan-
processing disorder, or any guage & Hearing Clinic Here are a few of the
other genetic or developmental 605-366-7561
Services are available for chil-
resources in our commu-
disability. They offer occupa-
tional and speech therapy ser- dren ages birth to 21. They have nity that can benefit
vices which emphasize on com- a screening process that can de- your child in this time of
munication, peer interaction termine whether or not you child
and play skills, daily living skills, may have a potential problem in early childhood (ages
fine motor, and self-regulation speech or reading. Once the birth to 8). The services
and coping skills. evaluation is done, treatment,
frequency and possible goals are range from child care to
LifeScape discussed. Treatment can begin preschool to classes for
as soon as schedules and availa-
therapy/ bility are available. you, as parents. If you
As well as providing a variety of have any questions,
SD Parent Connection
day services, Lifescape pro-
please feel free to con-
vides outreach therapy in
school districts across the SD Parent Connection connects tact me through my
state. And they are also a families of children ages birth
to 26 with information, training,
Birth to Three provider.
and resources specific to their
needs. They can provide individ-
ual assistance, workshops for
families and professionals, online
resources, and also connects
families to other organizations
that can help them meet their
unique needs.
1. Child Care and
preschools 2. Online Resources partners with state and local agen-
cies to provide programs/services
that enhance the development,
Information was found on South Dakota Department of Edu- health and safety of children by
the DSS Website cation: Birth to Three Program working with the adults that impact
their lives. There are links to vari-
Snickletritz South ous community partners for you, as
Birthto3.aspx parents, to work with along with the
605-743-2111 This is a great resource filled with a option for different trainings that
This child care center has a capacity multitude of guides specifically for are specific to having children with
of 21 or more children and is located parents of children with disabilities specific needs.
at 414 North Cliff Avenue in Harris- in this age range. From a develop-
burg. It has a preschool within its mental checklist to different family
facilities. rights that you possess. Center for Disease Control and
Prevention: Act Early
Tiger Tots Childcare and Preschool https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/
Department of Social Services: actearly/index.html
605-940-7295 Child Care Services
This child care center can have over Dont be fooled by its name of CDC,
21 children in their care as well as has https://dss.sd.gov/childcare/ this resource is amazing for loads of
a preschool connected to its facili- #mypanel information that relate specifically
ties. They are located at 100 S. She- This resource is here for a variety to early intervention and early child-
bal Avenue. of reasons. Along with being able to hood children with exceptionalities.
search for state regulated child There are many free materials as
Tigers in Training care, you can also research for vari- well as information on milestones,
ous trainings, assistance programs, how to get involved, and an Autism
and a seat safety distribution pro- case training.
This child care center can have over gram. It is very easy to navigate,
21 children in their care. Their facili- and there is a lot of great infor-
ty is located on 300 W Industrial Dr. mation.

More information regarding child care Sanford CHILD Services

centers in Harrisburg can be found at http://www.sanfordhealth.org/
http://apps.sd.gov/ss45provinfo/ medical-services/child-services
results.aspx Sanford Childrens CHILD Services