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SADHANA NITRO CHEM LIMITED CIN : L24110MH1973PLC016698 Registered Oifce + Hira Baug.tat Floor, Kasturba Chowk (CP. Tank) ‘Mumbai ~ 400 006, INDIA sc tet: oxz.2sazen's Fax | 0222687238 renal E-Mail: sadhananitro@snccom + Website SNCL/SD/16/ 07" February. 2017 Bombay Stock Exchange Limited Floor 25, P.J. Towers, Dalal Street Mumbai-400001 crip Code: 506642 Subject: Outcome of Board meeting of the Company held today ic. 07" February, 2017 Dear Sir/Madam, Pursuant to Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, it is hereby informed that the Board of Directors, today at its meeting held at the Registered Office of the Company, inter-alia considered and approved the unaudited financial results of the Company for the quarter ended December 31, 2016 and took on record the Limited Review Report given by Statutory Auditor of the Company in this behalf. A copy ‘of'same is enclosed herewith, Kindly take the same on your records. Thanking you. Yours faithfully, For Sadhana Nitro Chem Rameshehandra Company Secretary Membership No: Ad757 Add: Plot No. 177, Room No. 16, Jawahar Nagar, Road No.2, Goregaon (West), Mumbai 00062, Enel: as above toy ‘SADHANA NITRO CHEM LiMiTED Nar "a asco on teenporn 3 ‘| ” 7 | | [stl ane to gets ay —— — rer) Bi a zal | fs cree serene nt, | 7a] al ei @) 6] fo Enscpan mere te) 2 sal sl sal sal [i oxpeonscancrsnen eps ‘2 5 | 1a] +9 Fe onus al aid aa eH za am im ay r a a aii ncn and irae conan spss ions (2) | ‘zl on) 2] | Jmeccg uancecnm ant cea 1) 10} | 39] co) 2 5 Frwenco has suf | 12g asl 3 so " ae srrpon eas a 4 sf {22} al ra] ea 2 Prey tnt eter) 4| a ex xl 3] (axa 1 [actsse agers | 1 ftv i oi BE 7 a om 1s feerottarae recme pee — q EL | a oy Te) 7 4 al ox | sn] wa fer tamace sa ins] oy oa ex] a x] (524 oy on esa] gl ozs] (622 as} sos] 4] an] 1409 nel 2 ” ; "| ' ‘| " | Bl ors] Sy al os i 9 | ‘al 3| al fy Depeoton al “| 3 Er 1s) EH [rarrenestest roar + 3 rea 4 a ca > fa: 7 Tel £2200 4465, 2206 7440 V. Sankar Aiyar & Co. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Fax: 81-22-2200 0649 2-C, Court Chambers E-mail: mumbai@vsa.co.in 35, New Marine Lines Website : wwwvsa.co.in Mumbai - 400 020 LIMITED REVIEW REPORT ON THE UNAUDITED FINANCIAL RESULTS FOR NINE MONTHS ENDED 3157 DECEMBER 2016 The Board of Directors Sadhana Nitro Chem Limited 1 We have reviewed the accompanying statement of unaudited standalone financial results of Sadhana Nitro Chem Limited, for nine months ended 31% December 2016. This statement is the responsibility of the Company's management and has been approved by the Board of Directors at its Meeting held on February 7, 2017. Our esponsibility is to issue a report on these financial statements based on our review. We conducted our review in accordance with the Standard on Review Engagement (SRE) 2410, Review of Interim Financial Information performed by the Independent ‘Auditor of the Entity issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. This standard requires that we plan and perform the review to obtain moderate assurance ‘as to whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. A review is limited primarily to inquiries of company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data and thus provides less assurance than an audit We have not performed an audit and accordingly, we do not express an audit opinion Based on our review conducted as above, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the accompanying statement of standalone unaudited financial results prepared in accordance with the Accounting Standards specified under Section 133 of the Companies Act, 2013, read with Rule 7 of the Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2014 and other recognized accounting practices and policies generally accepted in India, has not disclosed the information required to be disclosed in terms of Regulation 33 of the SEBI (Listing Agreement and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 including the manner in which it is to be disclosed, or that it contains any material misstatements. For V. Sankar Aiyar & Co. Chartered Accountants Firm Regn. No.109208W (Arvind Mohan) Partner Place: Mumbai Membership No. 124082 Date: February 7, 2017