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Education in Latin America

Sharing research and practice

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 from 9:00 to 18:00

Welcome to the First Student-led Conference of Education in Latin America!

This year the Chilean Society is joining LAPE (Latin American Perspectives in Education)
Society, to promote our first event about education in Latin America. We are very grateful to
have the opportunity to work together on this initiative. This will therefore be a different type
of event to the Chilean Society Annual Conference which the society usually hold at this time
of year.

The main aim of the event this year is to generate a space for sharing experiences and
encouraging dialogue between researchers and practitioners of the Latin American
educational context. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to explore topics in
the field of education in the region and gain perspectives from its different spectrums. We
invite everyone, with finished and unfinished projects of all levels, MA and PhD, who would
like to gain knowledge from the participants work and background, as we create networks of
cooperation in the academic field.

Submission of proposals


In addition to the traditional submissions of papers, we will include three new ways of
participation with the intention of providing more opportunities for participants to be
involved. The activities for this conference will be:

Individual Presentations: Each presenter will have a time slot of 20 minutes. It means
you should aim to present your exposition well within 15 minutes so that there are at
least 5 minutes to answer questions. The conference committee will organise
presentations into coherent groups of three or four papers in a 60 to 80-minute-long
session. Discussions will take place after each paper presentation.

The abstract of each individual presentation should include: research question,

methods, results and conclusions.

Panel: A group of three or four participants will discuss a topic in a 70-minute-long

session. It is more flexible and the group may decide, but it might be of four 10 minutes
presentations followed by 30 minutes of discussion. Please note that in a panel

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submission the participants should propose a coherent symposium. Discussions will
take place at the end, focusing on the general problems and themes.

Each panel group must submit an overall title and the names, titles and
abstracts for individual presentations that make up the symposium.

Elevator Pitch: Participants simulate an encounter with a scholar or possible employer

in an elevator ride, so each participant will take turns of 3-5 minutes to BRIEFLY talk
to a group with similar interests:
o What is the topic of the research?
o What is the problem, issue, or question that is addressed in the research?
o Why is this topic relevant?
o What does the work add to the disciplinary area? Or how this is related
with your work experiences?

Each participant must submit an abstract answering the above mentioned


Academic Speed Dating*: All participants of the conference, whether presenters or

not, will share their experiences and generate a space to know each others work. This
will be part of one of the sessions of the conference. (*NO submission is requested)

Important points for submission:

Participants interested in presenting in any of the styles mentioned above will have to submit
an abstract (not the full paper). This abstract must relate to this years theme: EDUCATION IN
LATIN AMERICA within the indicated number of words:

Type of submission Maximum number of words

Individual presentation 400
Panel presentation 750*
Elevator Pitch 250
(*) The maximum for the entire group.

All submissions should include: Title, author(s) and their affiliation(s)

Deadline for submission: Monday 1st May 2017

Review Process

Each abstract will be blind reviewed by two reviewers from the committee and assessed
against the following criteria:

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1. Individual Presentations:

Title and key words The title and key words which summarise the content.
Rationale There is a relevant problem presented.
There is an approach that explains how the research
Approach questions/objectives will be addressed and their congruence with the
research rationale.
The abstract presents the results briefly and they are well connected
with the rationale and approach.
The contribution is clear and well linked with the research rationale,
approach and theme of the conference.

2. Panel:

Clarity The research question(s) and/or focus of enquiry are clear.
The topic of the problem is linked to the theme of the conference:
Education in Latin America.
The problem presents significant questions for educational practice,
policy or theory.
Collaborative The group is presented as coherent and connected

3. Elevator Pitch:

Contents Answers all questions.
Clarity The abstract is clear.
The topic to the problematic is linked with the theme of the
conference: Education in Latin America.
Rationale There is a relevant problem presented.
There is an approach that explains how the research
Approach questions/objectives will be addressed and their congruence with the
research rationale.

Authors/presenters selected will be notified by e-mail on:

Monday 21th May 2017

To register to present or attend to the Conference please go to:


For more information about the Conference, please contact:


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