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Health systems strengthening, universal health coverage, health

security and resilience
JosephKutzina & SusanPSparkesa
Global and national initiatives focused reduce the gap between the need for and reforms. In the case of Ebola-affected
on health systems strengthening, uni- the use of quality health services.6 countries, for example, this has required
versal health coverage, health security, Health system strengthening comprises efforts to not only restore how the sys-
and resilience suffer when these terms the means (the policy instruments), while tem functioned before the crisis but to
are not well understood or believed to be universal health coverage is a way of fram- transform and fundamentally improve
different ways of saying the same thing. ing the objectives of policy. Without this the health system.
Here we aim to facilitate understanding distinction, there is a risk that instruments Conceptual clarity is essential for a sys-
and highlight key policy considerations of reform become the objective, with the tematic approach to policy-making. Con-
by identifying critical attributes of each perception that the problem to be solved is fusion and inefficiency arise when health
concept and emphasizing the distinction the absence or presence of a particular policy system strengthening is defined as an
between ends and means in health policy. instrument. When this occurs, policy dia- objective and also when universal health
Set within the political and institution- logue shifts quickly away from where it needs coverage, health security or resilience are
al framework of a country, a health system to be getting to consensus about the nature described as separate programmes to be
is the ensemble of all public and private and causes of underperformance relative to implemented. So here is a simple guide:
organizations, institutions, and resources universal health coverage goals to what is health system strengthening is what we
mandated to improve, maintain or restore often an ideologically polarized debate about do; universal health coverage, health se-
health.1 This definition, along with efforts the inherent merits or flaws of particular curity and resilience are what we want.
to more concretely specify the functions, reform instruments. In health financing,
building blocks, or control knobs of a for example, this has been observed in the References
health system, focus on the characteristics debate on social or community-based health 1. The Tallinn charter: health systems for health and
or policy instruments of the system itself.24 insurance, performance-based financing wealth. Copenhagen: World Health Organization,
Regional Office for Europe; 2008.
Strengthening health systems involves a and user fees. Similarly, simply calling 2. The world health report. Health systems:
significant, purposeful effort to improve something a universal health coverage improving performance. Geneva: World Health
performance.4 This goes beyond merely reform does not convey any meaning as to Organization; 2000.
3. Everybodys business: strengthening health
investing in inputs; it means reforming how the actual content of what is being planned
systems to improve health outcomes. WHOs
the health system actually operates.5 or implemented. framework for action. Geneva: World Health
Universal health coverage means Beyond the objectives embedded in Organization; 2007.
that all people are able to receive needed universal health coverage, it entails indi- 4. Roberts M, Hsiao W, Berman P, Reich M. Getting
health reform right. Oxford: Oxford University
health services of sufficient quality to vidual health security10 the intrinsic value Press; 2004.
be effective, without fear that the use of of protection against risk.11 Individuals 5. Chee G, Pielemeier N, Lion A, Connor C. Why
those services would expose the user to are better off when they are secure in differentiating between health system support
financial hardship.6 Based on this defini- the knowledge that if something should and health system strengthening is needed. Int J
Health Plann Manage. 2013 Jan-Mar;28(1):8594.
tion, universal health coverage comprises happen they will be able to obtain qual- 6. The world health report. Health systems
a set of objectives equity in service use, ity health services without becoming financing: the path to universal coverage. Geneva:
quality, and financial protection towards impoverished as a result. Collective health World Health Organization; 2010.
7. Kutzin J. Health financing for universal coverage
which all countries strive. Progress is security10 reducing the vulnerability and health system performance: concepts and
assessed at population scale, rather than of societies to health threats that spread implications for policy. Bull World Health Organ.
only those served by specific schemes across national borders is a goal that 2013 Aug 1;91(8):60211.
or programmes. 7 Non-discrimination extends beyond the definition of univer- 8. Ooms G, Hammonds R. Anchoring universal
health coverage in the right to health: What
is a core principle; policies that exclude sal health coverage. But there is a clear difference would it make? [Policy Brief]. Geneva:
certain individuals or groups are incon- link, because health systems that progress World Health Organization; 2015.
sistent with universal health coverage.8 towards universal health coverage also 9. Schmidt H, Gostin LO, Emanuel EJ. Public health,
universal health coverage, and Sustainable
Because people need individual and pub- contribute to collective health security.
Development Goals: can they coexist? Lancet.
lic health services, ensuring that both are Therefore, health systems strengthening 2015 Aug 29;386(9996):92830.
delivered effectively falls within the scope is needed to make progress towards uni- 10. Heymann DL, Chen L, Takemi K, Fidler DP,
of universal health coverage. Criticizing versal health coverage and health security. Tappero JW, Thomas MJ, et al. Global health
security: the wider lessons from the west African
the universal health coverage concept by The resilience of a health system re- Ebola virus disease epidemic. Lancet. 2015 May
arguing that public health services are fers to its ability to absorb disturbance, to 9;385(9980):1884901.
excluded9 is wrong, though in practice adapt and respond with the provision of 11. Anand S. Human security and universal health
this argument may have validity. Finally, needed services.12 Thus, resilience is not insurance. Lancet. 2012 Jan 7;379(9810):910.
12. Kruk ME, Myers M, Varpilah ST, Dahn BT. What is
universal health coverage is globally rel- an action to be implemented but rather a resilient health system? Lessons from Ebola.
evant; all countries can do something to a dynamic objective of investments and Lancet. 2015 May 9;385(9980):19102.

World Health Organization, avenue Appia 20, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland.
Correspondence to Joseph Kutzin (email: kutzinj@who.int).

2 Bull World Health Organ 2016;94:2 | doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.2471/BLT.15.165050