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The Standards
Idaho Standards for 3rd Grade
Standard Math

3.0A Operations and

Algebraic Thinking

3.NTB Number and

Operations in Base

3.NF Number and

Operations - Fractions

3.MD Measurement
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and Data
Kellie Gisler

3.G Geometry
Operations and Algebraic Number and Operations in Number and Operations
Thinking Base Ten Fractions
Represent and solve problems Use place value understanding Develop understanding of
involving multiplication and and properties of operations to fractions as numbers
division perform multi-digit arithmetic Understand a fraction as a
Interpret whole-number Use place value understanding number on the number line;
quotients of whole numbers to round whole numbers to the represent fractions on a
Use multiplication and division nearest 10 or 100 number line diagram
within 100 to solve word Fluently add and subtract within Explain equivalence of
problems in situations 1000 using strategies and fractions in special cases, and
involving equal groups, arrays, algorithms based on place compare fractions by
and measurement quantities value, properties of operations, reasoning about their size
Determine the unknown whole and/or the relationship between
number in a multiplication or addition and subtraction
division equation relating Multiply one-digit whole
Measurement and Data
three whole numbers numbers by multiples of 10 in Solve problems involving
Understand properties of the range 10-90 (e.g., 9 80, 5 measurement and estimation
multiplication and the 60) using strategies based on of intervals of time, liquid
relationship between place value and properties of volumes, and masses of
multiplication and division operation objects
Apply properties of operations Represent and interpret data
as strategies to multiply and Geometric measurement:
Geometry understand concepts of area
Understand division as an Reason with shapes and their and relate area to
unknown-factor problem attributes multiplication and to addition
Multiply and divide within 100 Understand that shapes in Geometric measurement:
Solve problems involving the different categories (e.g., recognize perimeter as an
four operations, and identify rhombuses, rectangles, and attribute of plane figures and
and explain patterns in others) distinguish between linear and
arithmetic Partition shapes into parts with area measures
equal areas. Express the area of
each part as a unit fraction of