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Weekly Class Newsletter

August 21, 2017


Students will be learning

this week where the
keys are on the
keyboard and how to
type. We will be using a
Technology is our friend! new fun game that
helps them remember
Hello Parents! My name keys. IMPORTAT FACT:
is Ms. Johannes and I am Students who practice
going to be your using techniques on the
students teacher this computer, will type
upcoming year! Your faster when they are
student will have an older!
exciting fun filled year [THE WEEK AHEAD]

with strong learning Students will be typing

techniques! This class will using a program to help
be integrated with new them memorize keys on
technology skills and this the key board. They will
newsletter will help you also be using the computer
see what we are doing to apply math skills and
with technology! take a test that allows me
to know where they are at
in their understanding.

Remember to ask
students what their
digital homework is.
students who use the
computer for knowledge
outside of school, can
Weekly calendar
grow in their academic
Monday- Students will work on
computing skills. the row a s d f g h j k l

IMPORTANT FACT: Did Tuesday- Students will work on

the row q w e r t y u I o p
you know that the more
students use technology, Wednesday- Students will work
the more they are able to on the row z x c v b n m
understand new Thursday- Students will work on
programs? Thank you for correct finger placement
working alongside with
Friday- Students will take online
your students, and lets Math assessment
have a great year!
*NOTE* All week we will be
THANK YOU! using the same program.