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Day Tuesday

Date 4th April 2017

Class 2 Arif
Time 10.20 11.20
Syllabus English KSSR Year 2
Focus Reading
Theme World of Knowledge
Topic Delicious Food
Content Standard 2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary
schooling, pupils will be able to
demonstrate understanding of a variety of
linear and non-linear texts in the form of
print and non-print materials using a range
of strategies to construct meaning.
Learning Standard 2.2.3 Able to read and understand simple
sentences in linear and non-linear texts
Objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able
a) Say aloud the steps on how to
make an egg sandwich
b) Say aloud at least 7 out of 8
kitchen utensils.
c) Answer 3 out of 4 question in the
Teaching aids Picture cards, worksheets, whiteboard
EMK/CCE Contextual Learning
Activity Teaching and Notes
Learning Strategy
Set Induction (10 minutes)
Example Question:
1. Teacher asks pupils what is Recalling What is food?
food , drinks and dessert. Reinforcement
2. Teacher pastes a picture on Question and
the whiteboard Answer
3. Teacher asks the pupils the
name of the food.
4. Teacher ask the pupils what
is sandwich.

Class Activity (20 minutes)

5. Teacher ask the pupils how

to make an egg sandwich.
6. Teacher write the steps on Learning through
the whiteboard. fun
7. Teacher explain to the
pupils on how to make an
egg sandwich.
8. Teacher drill the pupils to Listening and
remember the steps on how Speaking
to make an egg sandwich.
9. Teacher explain to the
pupils about kitchen
10.Teacher shows to the pupils
the picture of kitchen

Class Exercise (20 minutes)

11.Teacher distributes to the Instruction: fill in the blanks with the
correct answer.
pupils a worksheet.
12.Teacher gives an instruction
to the pupils
13.Teacher give 10 minutes to
answer the question
14.Teacher guides the pupils to
answer the question.
15.Teacher discuss the answer
with the pupils.

Closure (5 minutes)

16.Teacher asks the pupils on Recalling

how to make an egg
17.Teacher asks the pupils
about kitchen utensils.
18.The pupils need to write
new words in their
vocabulary book.

1. Able to say aloud the steps
on how to make an egg Observation