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Q airbnb Katherine Lugar, President ‘American Hotel and Lodging Associaton 1201 New York Avenue, NW. #600 ‘Washington, 0¢ 20005 ‘Ape19,2017 Door Ms. Lugar, ‘Yesterday, in the context of press reports ofthe hotel industry's strategy to continue to target the mica class your spokeswoman issued a statement as confusing as it was contradictory regarding the Amercan Hotel and Lodging Association's (HLA) position on nome sharing. Given that your orgeization has a history offipflopping on its postions. write today in the hope that you wl tke this opportunity to publicly clarify your organizations views and provide addtional information regarding the hotel industry's campaign to shor’ sheet ‘isle-ciss people who seck to occasionally share the home in which they lve. Leaked documents and media accounts indicate that tie American Hotel and Lodging ‘Association has previously supported: the rights of property owners to accasionally rent outa room er thelr home” ‘Yesterday, your spokeswoman told members ofthe media: + we welcome the practice of tue home sharing, where the owners present during the guest's stay” “These statements are confusing and contradictory, and raise questions about te intellectual honesty ofthe American Hotel and Lodging Astociation’s representations on this matter. Itis time tobe stralght with the middle clas: Does your organization belive midleclass ‘people should havethe right to hare their home when they leave town for werk or vacation? ‘Should the elderly vaveer visting family in another cty have the chance to eam afew entra ‘liars by renting out the horns in which she lives? Should the business traveler away {week be permitted to share her space while traveling? Given tht some hotels on x menage ‘condominiums that are rented aut to travelers ona short-term basis should these units also Be subject to this new aoliey? Since your organization has along and well-documented history of ‘oppeRina ineroasin the minimum waae, are you now opposing yet another way for working people to earn adatonal income? ‘we ought tobe able to agree that the middle-class family that shares thei home while traveling snot a commercial operator tuning a business. Unfortunately, your most recent statements raise questions about whether you share this basi, widely accepted view. Inthe same statement that generate this confusion your spokeswoman noted that “Transparency matters’ We agree That's why we have released substantial information about ‘our community in cites across the country and around the weld In sharp contrast your ‘organization and the industry you represent has hidden important detals rom consumes for Socadon 1. Hotel price gouging. The hota! industry has long legacy of price gouging consumers who are Seeking @ place to stay during a big evento around a major holiday. One of your assocation’ leaders, Pebblebrook Hotels CEO Jon Bortz said his company used to hhavean“ailly to price at maybe what the customer would describe as sort of gauging fates: but bacause of Aironb, hotels ave Tora lt ofthat abllty at ths point” 2adltonally our scoarch hoz found that hota price couaina i ampant Wil you act ‘on your commitment to transparency by demanding your member companies regulary publishing information about price Increases nthe hotels? 2. Funding for your campaign to punish the middle-class. To date, we know litle about {the organizations that fund your efforts te attack midle-clas people wh share thee home. We urge you to be transparent and immeciately release specific detals regarding the hotels that fund your efrt. including the names ofthe companies that are funding your efforts to attack home-sharing and the exact dolar amounts they have Yesterday's statement snot the fst ime your ergnization and the industry you represent have fipNopped on an important poley issue For years hotel leaders aised concerns about the Aron community not paying hotel and other tourist taxes ARer Aron devised away to {quexiy ana simply rem tnese taxes to communities (now more than 250 commutes ah counting) you changed your position and have ebbied communities to leave milions of