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Lesson Plan Template

Name Sr. Agnes
Subject Community
Grade Level 1st Grade
Date/Duration 25 Minutes
Big Ideas Ambulance company emergency medical technician
EMT are people who work to provide first aid. They
improve the health of family members, communities,
and other organizations.

Essential What are things I can do to keep myself healthy?
Questions What does EMT mean?
What are the Emergency Basics Cares?
What is Welfare of Emergency Care?
How do people get training?

PA/Common Standard 10.2 PK.A Invite local health experts such as

Core/Standards dentist, nurse, doctor, and physical trainer to the
classroom to discuss how they help to keep us healthy.
Standard 10.3 PK.B Recognize emergency situations
and discuss appropriate responses.
Identify policy for a variety of emergencies, ie. fire, and
medical emergency
Participate in discussions that differentiate between
emergencies and non- emergencies.
Children will practice emergency procedures.

Objective In small groups students will talk about immediate

medical care provided to some patients
Bloom's Students will be able to remember instances they
Taxonomy learned from the lesson by mentioning randomly how
people receive training in order to provide first aid
Webb's Depth of before the patients get to the hospital.
Knowledge Teacher will identify specific practices that support the
(DOK) patients recovery or wellness
Teacher will also clarify and differentiate to the students
those people who help keep us healthy, including those
who work in emergency situations.
Formative & Before the lesson, teacher will ask the students what
Summative they know about emergency services. The teacher will
Assessment show the students how first aid serves through images.
Evidence Students may also know that if they are interested,
they may, in the future, apply to work on an
ambulance, a similar type of vehicle, a hospitals, or
even an emergency room in order to help people.
During the lesson, students will learn that people who
work in emergency room, receive good wages. This
sector is non volunteer, and one needs to be highly
qualified. For instance, for the basic EMT training, at
least a high school diploma is needed.
Later students will explain about equipment that is
needed for the emergency room. This will be done after
they have watched the video that showed all the tools
needed in the emergency room.
Emergency Workers are on Their way (My Community
and Its Helpers)

The author of this book provides information about

people who are part of our community, such as police
officers, fire fighters, paramedics, nurses, and doctors, who
work hard to serve or help people. The author writes that if
children understand this work division, they will be excited
about those people who risk their lives in order to rescue
others. The author writes that as soon the children know work
division, they will be able to recognize the purpose of the Red
Cross and military service, and be ready for those activities.
Children will see vivid images in order to understand
the lesson.
ISTE Standards Standard 10.2 PK.E Identify environmental factors that
for Students affect health
Teacher and students, will discuss how emergency
Framework for workers try to help us when we need a quick service
21st Century

Accommodation In the case about Updike students health problem, I

s, Modifications think I would prepare an environment that I would make
him feel the same as those students who do not have a
disability. He must feel accepted. I will make sure he is
protected from those students or other people who are
making fun of him. Due to his voice, I will ask experts to
create a loud speaker that I can set some where in the
classroom without bothering him. I will be able to move
the speaker in any direction in the room in case he may
prefer siting in a different seat. I do not worry much
about Gallons situation, because nowadays teachers
have many different institutions that support students
like him.
I will be happy to work side by side with him, teaching
his favorite subject so that he may enjoy learning, and I
will assist him in reaching his goal.


Seton Hill University Lesson Plan Template Step-by-Step Procedures

the Learning
Introduction Activating Prior Knowledge
What do emergency workers do?
Students will be asked to explain about the activities
provided by this community in our area.
Students will visit a nearby hospital to make

Hook/Lead-In/Anticipatory Set
Watch movies for obtaining more skills

Explicit Big Idea Statement
Instructions Children need to make healthy choices to optimize their
learning potential

Essential Questions Statement
What kind of service does the EMT provide?
What additional things do we have to learn about
emergency services?

Objective Statement
Students will see the material workers use during the
Teacher will use music to invite the student to move
Key Vocabulary
Emergency room
Organization community
Lesson PreAssessment of Students
Procedure Students will enter the ambulance to observe equipment
they use, such as an oxygen pump, etc.
Modeling of the Concept
Students will discus emergency services
Guiding the Practice
Students will use emergency tools to practice this
Providing the Independent Practice
Talk to one another what they learn about emergency

Reading The ambulance
Materials Teacher will read textbooks, magazines, and newspaper
Technology to explore more information
Equipment Poster board prepared by teacher
Supplies Laptop
Cinemas and other images show people who are
providing first aid

Evaluation of Formal Evaluation
the Students will be asked some questions about the first
Learning/Master aid service
y of the
Concept Informal Evaluation

Closure Summary & Review of the Learning
All right, I hope all of us had a good time hearing about
the quick assist emergency services provides us.

Discuss with their parents or care giver what they want
them to share.