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TLED 430

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating


Subject Math

Grade Level 1st (available up to 5th grade) 1st

Learning 1.6 The student will create and solve one-step 1.12 The student will identify and trace,
Objective story and picture problems using basic describe, and sort plane geometric figures
addition facts with sums to 18 or less and (triangle, square, rectangle, and circle)
the corresponding subtraction facts.
according to number of sides, vertices, and
1.7 The student will right angles.
a) identify the number of pennies
equivalent to a nickel, a dime, and a 1.13 The student will construct, model, and
quarter; and describe objects in the environment as
b) determine the value of a collection of geometric shapes (triangle, rectangle,
pennies, nickels, and dimes whose
square, and circle) and explain the
total value is 100 cents or less.
reasonableness of each choice.
1.8 The student will tell time to the half-hour,
using analog and digital clocks.
1.14 The student will investigate, identify, and
describe various forms of data collection
(e.g., recording daily temperature, lunch
count, attendance, favorite ice cream),
using tables, picture graphs, and object
TLED 430

Pedagogy Activity The student will be able to use the app The student will be able to use the app
through school and home. through school and home.
1. The first option is to choose home 1. Students can create and solve
or school different puzzles using geometric
2. If home, click the home button and shapes.
the parent then enters their email 2. Students are able to create puzzles
and childs name and send them to other students in
3. If at school, they will have to enter order for them to solve.
the classs information that will be 3. Students can also create geometric
written on the board by the teacher puzzles together using shapes
4. Once done the student will be able provided in the app or classroom.
Technology Splash Math 1st Grade Math. Shape Arts: Geometry Creations
y Technolog

Numbers, Counting.