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Asian Proposal

- In this quarter, we have been assigned to create the timeline and model of the country that we
randomly pick or the one that we have chosen. However, there are still the things that are
necessary to every group to put in the timeline which is the information about political system, the
famous people, the leader, and the main point of the country, and etc. As Singapore are one part of
Malaysia before it is very interesting to know about both of this country, so this is why I choose this
country. Singapore and Malaysia have many similar things like culture, and food. In order to make
the better timeline we need to research more and more about the country to included in the
timeline. We will make the model as the building, it will be the twin tower form the Malaysia, and it
might be the Merlion from Singapore and we might put the light around the building. We choose
this two things because it is the signature of the country or somethings that is the icon that
everyone will know when they hear the name. We might make the model by the paper, the plaster
cement, or we might use the ice cream stick, and make the pond in the middle and put the tower
aside the pond. We also need to concentrate on what we assign, and think about the material to
use in the work to make the model. This is what our project going to look like.

Description of my map

- This is the mind map that I have done before I research anything, that I know only something
about Singapore, but I dont know anything about Malaysia, so next mind map I need to research
more about Malaysia, and somethings more about Singapore.
- The purpose of this project is to present the important information about the ASEAN countries
focusing on Malaysia and Singapore. This will include culture, tradition, history, important historical
figures, some fun facts and other significant things about these two countries. By presenting that
information through timeline and model, it will make audiences be able to understand ASEAN and
neighbor country, leading to better integration and cooperation among region. Other than the
information that is presented, it also has purpose to improve learn the process of self-learning team
working, planning and researching which are the vital skills for effective worker and learners.

Research question
- I want to learn about the overall of Singapore and Malaysia
- I want to find out why this two country need to separate from each other
- I want to find out the political system and many like the economy of the country
- I want to know why Singapore are more developed than Thailand.

Action plan
- This is what we will do everyday until the due date.
Task To be complete

Finish writing the proposal 21 April 2017

Finish <inding the general information about Malaysia like 23 April 2017
population, the ratio of ethnicity, GDP etc including the

three or more random fun facts and national <lag

Finish <inding information about the day. 25 April 2017

Finish <inding information about the political system of both 26 April 2017
Singapore and Malaysia including some changes that

occurring throughout time

Finish <inding information about how Singapore and 27 April 2017

Malaysia are related with each other including for the

prediction of what will happen if there are still together as a

same countries

Finish <inding information about the important historical 28 April 2017

<igure of Malaysia like Mahathir Mohamad
Finish <inding information about the important historical 28 April 2017
<igure of Singapore like Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong

Finish <inding information about the important event of 30 April 2017

Malaysia like May 13 riot and the gaining of independence

from Great Britain

Finish <inding information about the important event of 30 April 2017

Singapore like the gaining of independence from Malaysia

Finish drafting the model including planning on the material 2 May 2017
that we need to use to create the model

Finding information about the culture and tradition that is 2-3 May 2017
important including the signature place to make sure that

our model and timeline can represent countries very well

Buy all equipment for the model making 4 May 2017

List all the information and event including summarizing 5 May 2017
the important information that will be needed to add to the


Finish making the structure of the model 7 May 2017

Finish drafting the timeline. 8 May 2017
Finish the main section of the model, but not all decoration 9 May 2017
are placed.

Finish reviewing and correcting information all the timeline. 12 May 2017
This will include the suggestion and review from the

teacher so that we can make sure that we correct all the

things that we need

Finish making the model including the decorations that are 12 May 2017
needed to make the model realistic and represent country

very well
Let the teacher review on the model to see if it is needed to 12 May 2017
improve something.

Finish the draft of script of the presentation 14 May 2017

Finish correcting all the things that requires the 14 May 2017
improvement in timeline and let teacher check again

Finish correcting all the <law in model that suggest by 15 May 2017
teacher or things that we see that it is needed to improve

Finalize the timeline 17 May 2016

Finalize the model 17 May 2017
Finish discussing about project re<lection like <law, mistakes 19 May 2017
and success of our work. This also include the suggestion for

further development that can be done in the future for the

smoother process of work

Finish the third mind map for our project 20 May 2017
Finish completing the e-portfolio 21 May 2017
Let teacher check the e-portfolio 22 May 2017
Correct all the things that teacher suggest & Review all the 23 May 2017

Finalize the e-portfolio 24 May 2017

For alternative plan that we have is that we will do in case that we cannot finish that
particular task in time, we plan to give couple more days approximately 1-2 days to finish it. While
we continue to finish that part, we will also do the next part which will be done by giving a quarter
of time to finish the part that we do not complete yet and the rest do the part that we suppose to
work during that time. We might also cut or shorten the revision part if we really run out of time
However, we will try to finish it before the time that we set because we are aware that there are so
many steps involved for the work to be done. If one step is delayed, it might affect the whole
process of completing the work.