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Task 4: Planning and Preparing for Learning

Focus: The Importance of Planning and Preparation

Objective: to understand and explain the importance of planning and preparation in achieving a
successful lesson and how teachers do this.

Before the observation
Discuss the task with your teacher and arrange a good time to observe her teaching.
Ask for a sample lesson plan to add to your portfolio.

During the observation, record and make notes on what the teacher and the learners do.

Teacher activity Learner activity Time spent

The teacher divides learners into The learners listen to the teacher, 4 mins
groups to work on an activity/task. get into groups, they try to write
She gives instructions of how to do it. the letter R , they write example
She asks the children to write the the word Rose and they draw
letter R, write example and draw rose.

The teacher tells the students to The learners start the activity, and
begin the activity/task, she asks the discuss how to complete it. The 10 mins
learners to go to the group centers students help each other to sort
and complete the worksheet they between living things and nonliving
should color the living things. things.

Note: This is only an example; the aim of this task is to observe what is happening in the
learning environment you are in.

A. Find out how the teacher planned and prepared for the section you observed.
Interview your teacher. Use the following questions to help you

How do you plan? Do you plan weekly, daily; as part of a team or individually?
- We plan as a team every week, after that I plan with my partner.

Do you ever implement any activities that you hadnt planned to do?
- Yes, although planning is essential but I did implement a couple of activities without
planning, that was when I feel that the students got bored and needed to move their
bodies, so I would take them outside.
What is important to consider when planning a lesson?
- It is important to place the outcome first, they think about the different levels of the
Do you plan to do the same thing with all the children in the classroom? (Why/Why not?
- We have different levels in the classroom, some students are high achieves, some are in the
middle and there are the students who need more support. So, when I come up with
activities, I think of how to adjust them, that way the students will achieve but in their