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Task 9a: Activities in a Specialist Class

Visit a specialist class (e.g. ICT, PE, Islamic, Art, Music) and document the activities the learners
are engaged in.
Type of Specialist Class:
Activity Individual/group/class Purpose Is it teacher directed or does
the child choose the activity
Display video about Class To remember all The teacher open the video
Arabic letters. the Arabic letters and the children see it
and sing with the together.
The teacher put for Individual To practice how The teacher choose the
them the letter ( ) to write the student who will write in the
they should write it letter (). board one by one.
in the board.
The teacher give Individual The student can The teacher put work sheet
them worksheet sort the letter in the groups, the students
and they should ( )between the should go and complete the
circle the letter (). sentence. worksheet.
The teacher tell the Class The students can The teacher sing and all the
learners to repeat remember the childrens have to sing with
with her the name of the her.
months in Arabic. months in

Ask a child what they enjoy about this class. Ask them what they learn?

She enjoyed when she writes the letter in the board. She learns how to write the letters.