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Steps in Writing an Excellent Continuous Essay

Which title would suit you the BEST?

Pick the
best title

What are your FIVE MAIN POINTS?

Plan your



Framework for Continuous Writing
There will be up to 7 PARAGRAPHS (7P);
1. Introduction PARAGRAPH
2. Paragraph for POINT 1
3. Paragraph for POINT 2
4. Paragraph for POINT 3
5. Paragraph for POINT 4 (if any)
6. Paragraph for POINT 5 (if any)
7. Concluding PARAGRAPH



Introduction Paragraph Pro Tips
1. Use ONLY GENERAL Use attention grabber
INFORMATION to write Make an interesting start
your Introduction Use some startling information or facts
2. Construct at least 5-7 Eg.: A recent survey on teenagers who smoked
sentences revealed that 20% picked up smoking before
3. At least 40-50 words they were 13.
4. Use proper grammar, Use an anecdote. An anecdote is a short story
punctuation and that illustrates a point. Make sure your
spelling anecdote is short and relevant to your topic.
5. Statement of Main Eg.: Raj and his friends do not go home after
Points (Thesis school. They hang out daily at shopping
Statement) complexes after school. They are just the tip of
the iceberg of the loafing syndrome.
Use one or more questions
Eg.: Do you know that Malaysians throw away
1.2 million tonnes worth of newspapers daily?
For every ten newspapers bought, only four
are recovered for recycling.
Use Pyramid technique. Use a general
statement and lead to your topic. Use a few
sentences to explain your topic in general
terms. Then, lead the reader gently to your
main point of the essay. Each sentence should
become gradually more specific, until you
reach your essay.
Body Paragraph Pro Tips
1. Must have ONLY ONE A good paragraph has a clear topic sentence
MAIN POINT and it is well supported or elaborated. This
2. At least 40-50 words means that the paragraph has one main idea
3. Use proper grammar, and a few supporting details. Look at the
punctuation and following paragraph:
spelling According to a newspaper report, snatch
4. Supporting details; thieves are getting more violent. Some of the
o Authority criminals have resorted to slashing their
o Facts victims with knives before escaping with
o Elaboration 1 their victims bags. On May 18, a woman was
o Elaboration 2 attacked by two men on a motorcycle while
o Elaboration 3 she was walking home from work at night.
o Elaboration 4 (if Developing a paragraph
any) 1. Examples/illustrations: develop an idea
o Example with specific and concrete examples
5. ONE CONCLUDING 2. Narration: tell a relevant story or
SENTENCE anecdote
3. Description: paint a picture for your
reader using specific and concrete details
4. Process: describe how something works
5. Compare and contrast: point out
similarities /differences
6. Analogy: compare a difficult
idea/concept with something the reader
will more easily understand
7. Cause and effect: show the result of an
action, or an action that leads to a result
8. Classification/division: distinguish
between types or classes
9. Definition: explain a difficult term or
concept in your own words
10. Analysis or opinion
Concluding Paragraph Pro Tips
1. Restate all your main Leave your reader satisfied that the discussion
ideas in a nut shell is complete
2. Use SYNONYMS to Give readers something to think about or act
restate your ideas upon
3. State AT LEAST ONE Remind readers of central idea of the essay
SUGGESTION or HOPE Summarize and rephrase the most important
4. At least 40-50 words support used in the body of the essay
5. Use proper grammar,
punctuation and Pro Method
spelling o Explain how a problem will be solved
o Ask a rhetorical question
o Close with a memorable statement or quote
o Respond to a question from your intro

This short module was composed by Victor M. Jaki B.Ch.E, Universiti Malaysia