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Penguin Readers Answer Key

The White Oryx

Answers to Book Activities Activities while reading the book

Before you read Pages 13
1 Open answers 1 a desert
b ranger b The young oryx is in the back of the
2 hot; open answers c help truck. There is no blood, but it isnt
d oryx moving.
e poacher c Mandy takes photos of Abdullah and
After you read the young oryx. Then she takes photos
3 a She is writing a book about the animals of the police and their helicopter. She
2 a She is from Australia. takes pictures of the poachers, too.
of Arabia. b He is an animal ranger. d Its a good day for me too.Mandy
b He is an animal ranger. c He puts little radios on the oryx. smiles. Ive got some interesting
c The rangers can find the oryx. d In Wadi Bidbid. pictures for my book about the animals
e Yes. of the desert.
d Theres a problem in Wadi Bidbid.
Perhaps poachers. Pages 47
e They sell them. 1 a neck 2 a The young oryx is in the back of the
f A dead mother oryx. b clouds truck.
c Blood b It (the young oryx) isnt moving.
g In Abdullahs truck.
d baby c Its young, but it isnt a baby.
h The police. e hole d Abdullah; the young oryx; the police;
i The baby oryx. f sell the helicopter; the poachers.
e The policeman.
j The oryx poachers and the famous 2 a i; iii; iv. f The oryx poachers and the famous
ranger Abdullah. b In the sand. ranger, Abdullah.
c They see blood.
5 a The poachers catch and kill the oryx. d The baby oryx isnt there.
e They drive quickly. Activities after reading the book
b The poachers have the baby oryx. f He is talking on the radio. Open answers
c The police come in a helicopter.
d The oryx in the truck is a little oryx.
e Not a bad day,the policeman says. Pages 811
a - iv
Answers to Factsheet Activities d - ii
Communicative activities e - iii
f - vi
Before you read
1 a They are animals. 2 a Wrong - she climbs on the car.
b Wrong - she sees a cloud of sand on
b In the desert.
the left.
c They come from Arabia. c Right
2 Open answers d Right
e Right
After you read f Wrong - the helicopter is black and
Open answers white.

Students activities
Pages 1215
Activities before reading the book 1 a The police helicopter comes down near
Open answers the poachers. The poachers quickly put
their guns on the sand and put up their

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Factsheet written by Julie Nowell
Factsheet series developed by Loiuse James