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Important Questions of Commercial Geography

Class: XII Commerce

(Multiple Choice Questions)

From which language has the word (C) Trade

geography been derived? (D) Mining
(A) Latin
(B) Greek Olive oil is a prime product of
(C) English (A) Tropical region
(D) French (B) Monsoon region
(C) Rnediterranean region
Major types of Geography are (D) Sub-tropical region
(A) Two
(B) Three The rapid population growth occurred
(C) Five (A) After 1750
(D) Four (B) Before 1750
(C) In 1750 B.C.
Commercial Geography is the study of (D) In 1650 B.C.
(A) Population
(B) Politics Estimated total population of the world is
(C) Economic resources (A) 4.7 billions
(D) Religion (B) 8.7 billions
(C) 5.7 billions
Geography is the combination of two (D) 6.7 billions
(A) Geography-English The worlds largest continent on the basis
(B) French-Latin of population is
(C) Geo-graphy (A) Europe
(D) Urdu-Persian (B) Asia
(C) Africa
Dogar banks and Grand banks are (D) Australia
famous for
(A) Fishing Only 3 % population of USA is involved in
(B) Agriculture (A) Agriculture
(B) Industry
(C) Fishing (B) 20%
(D) Transport (C) 10%
(D) 80%
Green Revolution stands for the use of
(A) Green fertilizers The industrial revolution was started
(B) Green seeds from
(C) Hybrid seeds (A) England
(D) Green plants (B) France
(C) Germany
Yak is an animal that is domesticated at (D) Japan
(A) Tibet Plateau
(B) Bolavia Plateau For industrial development of any country
(C) Anatolia Plateau the vital necessity is
(D) Potohar Plateau (A) Electricity
(B) Wheat
Which is the lowest populated continent? (C) Aeroplane
(A) Europe (D) Ship
(B) Asia
(C) Africa Industrial revolution started in the world
(D) Australia from where
(A) Asia
The least populated province of Pakistan (B) U.K.
is (C) America
(A) Sindh (D) China
(B) Punjab
(C) K.P.K The largest industrial unit of Pakistan is
(D) Balochistan (A) Heavy Industry Texila
(B) Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi
Which province of Pakistan is most (C) National Oil Refinery
densely populated (D) Karachi Shipyard
(A) Sindh
(B) Punjab Angora breed of goat is found in
(C) Baluchistan (A) Australia
(D) K.P.K. (B) Turkey
(C) India
How much area of the world is un- (D) Pakistan
(A) 40%
Angora breed is a name of Durand Line is a boundary situated
(A) Sheep between
(B) Goat (A) Pakistan & India
(C) Cow (B) Pakistan & Iran
(D) Camel (C) Pakistan & Afghanistan
(D) Pakistan & China
Homeland of Angora goat is
(A) India Kashmir boundary is called
(B) Turkey (A) Durand Line
(C) Africa (B) Red Clif Line
(D) Australia (C) Wakaha
(D) Line of Control
Total area of Pakistan is km.
(A) 796096 The River Kabul joins the River Indus
(B) 710405 from
(C) 310405 (A) Eastern side
(D) 350410 (B) Western side
(C) Northern side
The most important rice cultivation area (D) Southern side
of Pakistan is
(A) Quetta Rachna doab is situated between these
(B) Bahawalpur two rivers
(C) Gujranwala (A) Ravi-Chenab
(D) Chakwal (B) Chenab-Jhelum
(C) Jhelum-Sindh
Area-wise largest Province of Pakistan is (D) Bias-Ravi
(A) Sindh
(B) Balochistan Which is the longest river of Pakistan
(C) Punjab (A) Indus river
(D) K.P.K. (B) Chenab river
(C) Ravi river
Which area of Pakistan has coniferous (D) Jhelum river
types of forests?
(A) Desert areas Terbela Dam is located on this river
(B) Coastal areas (A) Ravi
(C) North Western mountain areas (B) Jhelum
(D) North Eastern mountain areas (C) Sindh
(D) Chenab
On which river ML la Darn is cons Which city of Pakistan receives most of
(A) Ravi the rainfall?
(B) Sutlej (A) Murree
(C) Jhelum (B) Muzaffarabad
(D) Chenao (C) Peshawar
(D) Sialkot
Which is the main source of water in
Pakistan? Maximum Monsoon rainfalls in Pakistan
(A) Lakes (A) Peshawar
(B) Rivers (B) Quetta
(C) Streams (C) Lahore
(D) Rainfall (D) Murree

What is the name of soil brought by the The Headquarter of Pakistan Railways is
rivers? situated at
(A) Sandy soil (A) Karachi
(B) Transported soil (B) Rawalpindi
(C) Residual soil (C) Multan
(D) Gravely soil (D) Lahore

Which is the biggest river of our country? Total length of Pakistan railways line is
(A) Indus river (A) 7350 km
(B) Kurram river (B) 8554 km
(C) Neelam river (C) 2563 km
(D) Chenab river (D) 6700 km

The main source of rainfall in Pakistan is Herding is considered as

(A) cyclones (A) Secondary activity
(B) westerlies (B) Primary activity
(C) coastal winds (C) Tertiary activity
(D) monsoon winds (D) Quinary activity

July to September in Pakistan is the Herding rebates to which economic

season of activity?
(A) Summer (A) Primary
(B) Spring (B) Secondary
(C) Rainy (C) Tertiary
(D) Winter (D) Quarternary
Which country has the largest per head In which industry the major use of
consumption of fish? rubber is done
(A) Pakistan (A) Tents making
(B) Japan (B) Toys making
(C) India (C) Tyre & tubes
(D) Britain (D) Pipes making

Which is the basic food / diet of fish The largest importing country of rubber is
(A) Grass (A) America
(B) Meat (B) Brazil
(C) Plankton (C) Kenya
(D) Mosses (D) India

About 75 % of fish is got from Which is the leading continent in the

(A) Lakes production of wool?
(B) Streams (A) Africa
(C) Rivers (B) Europe
(D) Oceans (C) Australia
(D) North America
Where are the main resources of fish?
(A) River The largest source of wool is
(B) Stream (A) Silk worms
(C) Lake (B) Sheep
(D) Sea (C) Camels
(D) Goats
The part of ocean where warm and cold
currents meet In the world maximum per sheep wool
(A) Most suitable for fishing production is in
(B) Most un-suitable for fishing (A) Pakistan
(C) Not suitable for fishing (B) India
(D) None of these (C) China
(D) New Zealand
In which country the natural rubber
plants were grown for the first time? Which type of fuel is normally used for
(A) Canada smelting iron ore?
(B) Russia (A) Coal (Rocks)
(C) Brazil (B) Wood
(D) Australia
(C) Mineral oil (A) Gold
(D) Natural gas (B) Iron
(C) Lead
The cheapest and most useful metal of (D) Uranium
the world is
(A) Copper What is the length of Panama Canal?
(B) Zinc (A) 150 miles
(C) Silver (B) 50 miles
(D) Iron (C) 80 miles
(D) 100 miles
The state in which iron is mined from the
earth is called Which is the oldest method of irrigation
(A) Pig iron (A) Tube well
(B) Wrought iron (B) Canals
(C) Iron ore (C) Hand pump
(D) Cast iron (D) Wells

Where the first atomic energy power In Pakistan major source of irrigation is
station was found in the world? (A) Ponds
(A) Britain (B) Karez
(B) Russian Federation (C) Canals
(C) France (D) Persian well
(D) Germany
Which country lies in north and north
Atomic Energy is generated from east of Pakistan?
(A) Coal (A) China
(B) Lead (B) India
(C) Petroleum (C) Iran
(D) Uranium (D) Afghanistan

Which source is used to get solar energy? Which country has the best type of cotton
(A) Water fiber
(B) Sun (A) Pakistan
(C) Natural gas (B) China
(D) Coal (C) India
(D) Egypt
One of them is essential component of
Atomic Energy
The large exporting country of gold is (B) China
(A) France (C) France
(B) Korea (D) England
(C) India
(D) Australia Which means is used for internal trade in
In which country the worlds largest Steel (A) By Rail
Mills is situated (B) By Roads
(A) China (C) By Air
(B) U.S.A. (D) By water
(C) Russia
(D) Japan Which economic activity is agriculture?
(A) Primary
In the Continent of Asia the largest gold (B) Secondary
producer country is (C) Tertiary
(A) Japan (D) Quaternary
(B) China
(C) India Contribution of agriculture in GDP is
(D) Pakistan (a) 25%
(b) 15%
In the world China ranks in tea (c) 30%
production country (d) 10%
(A) 2nd
(B) 1st Which is the homeland of tea?
(C) 3rd (A) China
(D) 6th (B) Japan
(C) Bangla Desh
The maximum rice producing country of (D) Kenya
the world is
(A) Indonesia Which type of climate is suitable for the
(B) India growth of wheat in the world?
(C) Neogeni (A) Hot & Dry climate
(D) China (B) Temperate type
(C) Cold region
Which country is at the top of the list in (D) Heavy rain areas
the world in producing chemical
fertilizers? Second Nuclear power station of Pakistan
(A) Pakistan is established at
(A) Multan Which continent of the world in
(B) Lahore inhabitant?
(C) Chashma (A) Africa
(D) Quetta (B) Antarctica
(C) Australia
The major source of attaining thermal (D) Europe
electricity is
(A) Uranium Where is the largest steel mill of the world
(B) Oil situated?
(C) Coal (A) Finland
(D) Gas (B) Japan
(C) Germany
The largest uranium deposits are (D) China
possessed in the world by
(A) Australia Which is the most important source of
(B) Kazakhistan sugar in the world?
(C) Russian Federation (A) Grapes
(D) U.S.A. (B) Sugar beet
(C) Maize
What percentage of electricity of the world (D) Sugar cane
is produced by Hydel Power?
(A) 9% In Pakistan, sugarcane is produced
(B) 19% largely in province
(C) 29% (A) Sindh
(D) 49% (B) Balochistan
(C) Punjab
All trains from Lahore to Khaniwal are (D) KPK
run by
(A) Electricity The most important food crop of the world
(B) Coal is
(C) Atomic power (A) Rice
(D) Gas (B) Maize
(C) Wheat
(D) Sugarcane

Sugar industry depends upon the crop of

(A) Tobacco
(B) Sugarcane
(C) Maize In which language the word Cotton comes
(D) Wheat from
(A) Persian
By which element coal looks black? (B) French
(A) potash (C) Urdu
(B) sulphur (D) Arabic
(C) carbon
(D) phosphorus The finest type of coal is
(A) Bituminous
Which pass connects Pakistan and (B) Peat
China? (C) Lignite
(A) Khojak Pass (D) Anthra-cite
(B) Lawari Pass
(C) Khanjarab Pass Types of coal in the world are
(D) Babusar Pass (A) 5
(B) 2
Khunjrab pass located in Karakoram (C) 4
provides international linkage between (D) 6
Pakistan and
(A) Afghanistan Khewara is famous for
(B) China (A) Coal
(C) India (B) Salt
(D) Iran (C) Natural Gas
(D) Mineral oil
In which season it is planted in Pakistan
every year Forests are the important source of
(A) Spring producing this gas
(B) Autumn (A) Nitrogen
(C) Summer (B) Oxygen
(D) Winter (C) Hydrogen
(D) Argon
In which month cotton cultivation is
started in Pakistan The second highest mountain peak is
(A) March (A) Everest
(B) July (B) K-2
(C) October (C) Sikararn
(D) December (D) Nanga parbat
K-2 is a peak of mountain range Top most in the world in cultivation of
(A) Karakaram wheat is
(B) Himalayas (A) America
(C) Hindukush (B) China
(D) Kohistan (C) India
(D) Russia
Arabian Sea is situated in Pakistans
(A) North How many types of wheat are according
(B) East to the seasons
(C) South (A) 2
(D) West (B) 3
(C) 4
Which seaport has been established with (D) 8
Chinese assistance?
(A) Karachi WAPDA was established in
(B) Bin Qasim (A) 1956
(C) Gawader (B) 1960
(D) Jeewani (C) 1958
(D) 1959
Gloster is a seaport of
(A) America Industry belongs to which type of
(B) Canada economic activity
(C) Russia (A) Primary
(D) Britain (B) Secondary
(C) Tertiary
On which tree silk-worms are reared (D) Quinary
(A) Mango
(B) Peach Which type of soil is best for rice crop
(C) Mulberry (A) Lava soil
(D) Olive tree (B) Alluvial soil
(C) Loamy soil
Artificial silk is called (D) Red soil
(A) rehan
(B) jian The colour donated for researchers and
(C) rayon financial advisors is
(D) nian (A) Red
(B) Blue
(C) Gold
(D) Pink

The meaning of Geo is

(A) Soil
(B) Rock
(C) Earth
(D) Stone

The north eastern boundary of Pakistan

links with
(A) India
(B) Iran
(C) Afghanistan
(D) China

The location of port Bin Qasim from

Karachi is
(A) West
(B) East
(C) North
(D) South

Pakistan International Airline (P.I.A) was

established in
(A) 1947 A.D.
(B) 1950 A.D.
(C) 1952 A.D.
(D) 1955 A.D.

The most important textile center in

England is
(A) London
(B) Liverpool
(C) Glasgow
(D) Manchester
Short Questions
1- World

i. Write a short note on uranium

ii. Write a note on gold

iii. Describe importance of electronic media in world

iv. India is largest cotton producer, why it is importer of cotton?

v. What is meant by E commence?

vi. Describe kinds of soil

vii. Describe suez and panama canal

viii. Write the names of Gold, rubber and uranium producers.

ix. Differentiate between economics and commercial activities.

x. Explain the role of secondary activities.

xi. Why is dairy farming consider highly capital intensive and non renewable?

xii. Differentiate between renewable and non renewable resources.

xiii. Climatic influences are more market agriculture than industrial sector comment.

xiv. Why is temperate grassland theleaders of wheat export?

xv. USA & Canada are both exporter & importer of Iron Ore, comment;

xvi. Being the largest producer of rice China cant export the rice. Describe.

xvii. Why are irrigated deserts impotnt to produce good quality cotton?

xviii. Cheap labor is one the important factor of tea plantation, comment;

xix. Why is rice not grown in tundra? Explain

xx. What is fertilizer? List the functions of three major fertilizer elements.

xxi. What do you mean by edible oil and name the man sources of edible oil.

xxii. What are the commercial uses of sugarcan?

xxiii. Write a note on inter relation of Commercial Activities.

xxiv. Why is commerce developed between various region and coutnires.?

xxv. Name themain tea/ wheat / rice exporting and importing counties of world.

xxvi. Define growth rate. How is it calcualated?

xxvii. What do you mean by Truck & Shift Farming

xxviii. Write a short note on solar energy and its types.

2- Paksitan

i. Describe the climatic regions of Pakistan

ii. What do you understand by physiolgy of Paksitan
iii. What are the factors responsible for the migration of population (Push and Pull Factors)
iv. Describe the road transport of Pakistan
v. Describe the railways of Pakistan and its importance.
vi. What are the causes of backwardness of Pakistan Agriculture?
vii. What are the Rabi and Kharif Crops of Pakistan?
viii. What is important of seaport in Pakistan. Name the important sea ports of Pakistan i.e.
Gawader, Bin Qasim, Karachi port etc.
ix. Name the large mountans of Pakistan.
x. Describe the means of irrigation in Pakistan
xi. Differentiate between dams and barrages
xii. Name the major sugarcane, rice, wheat, cotton producing areas of Pakistan
xiii. Write down the importance of coal in Pakistan
xiv. What are the cusses of short fall of electricity in Pakistan?
xv. What are the factors responsible for uneven distribution of Pakistan population?
xvi. Discuss the natural gases uses and resources in Pakistan
xvii. What is food autarky? How we can manage this issue in Pakistan.
xviii. Differentiate between makran and sindh coasts.
xix. Write down the importance of forest in Pakistan.
xx. Write the role of Soil in agriculture.
xxi. Discuss the hydle project of Pakistan.
xxii. Describe the Main Highways, Motorways, Strategic routes, and International routes of
xxiii. How we can control water logging and saintly?

Detailed Questions
1 World

1 Define commercial Activities and its types in details.

2 Explain the factors require for localization of Industries. Producer of Industries i.e. Iron
& Steel Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Rubber Industries and Textile Industries.
3 Describe the cultivation of wheat, rice and cotton and explain the factors require for the
cultivation of crops.
4 Explain tea distribution in world.
5 Short Notes Question: -
i) The Torrid Zone
ii) Interrelation of Commercial Activities.
iii) OPEC
iv) Importance of Hydro Electricity
v) Natural Factors for Rice Cultivation


1. Describe the Geographical Importance of Pakistan

2. Describe Physical Features of Pakistan.
3. Explain the Importance of Road/ Railways of Pakistan.
4. Explain Cultivation of Crops in Pakistan and main agricultural Regions of Pakistan.
5. Explain the main types of forests in Pakistan and write down the importance of Forests.