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Intern Name: Susan Belanger Supervisor Name: Nancy Jonah

Date: November 4, 2014 Class: 1/2 School: Frank L. Bowser


10:10 Students enter from recess- feet Routine and procedure well
already dressed as they enter- bell established
work out and working immediately
Light chatting waiting to begin
Every student working
10:15 Call for attention quick Bell work put away-called by color of
discussion of bell work homework bag to move
Review of expected outcomes for Checked for understanding
math lesson on white board They did a great job with this
10:20 Carpet area- no library today- You are doing good Please make
instead we are going to do some that you are doing WELL
math games
Read aloud- The Mean Machine Nice inflection as you read and lots of
appropriate questions for prediction
Transition back to desks by calling and checks for understanding- they
planet partners- excellent had some great answers and were
transition engaged throughout
10:30 Refocus attention given SMART board activity had to be
Review of ordinal numbers abandoned no computer available
BIG MATH BOOK whats in the
fridge ordinal numbers
Using random selection to practice Line up along back wall procedure
ordinal placement worked well great transition
Everyone engaged no silliness at Lots of good thinking questions to
all Great job everyone pat on keep them on their toes
the back!
10:45 To the Moon game You each get one die or number
I need listening ears direction cube if you have a pair they are dice
given Playing with planet partner (plural)
Checked for understanding
Student of the day passes out a
number cube to each student Count down some chatter
planet partners pick up game Check for materials 1,2,3 GO
boards and are ready to play The game begins noise level
acceptable every student playing
great fun

Adults work with a variety of groups

just monitoring and keeping groups
on task
10:55 Lights off for attention- closure
activity review of outcomes and
what was learned

Susan the planning and preparation for this lesson was well done even though you
had to make a few adjustments on the fly. That just shows you are flexible and able
to respond in a positive way to unforeseen circumstances. You did have your
outcomes clearly stated and your assessment was aligned. Special needs in the class
were taken into consideration.

You have a lovely warm rapport with the students. You have expectations for
appropriate behavior and the students know what they are. Routines and
procedures have been implemented making the class as a whole run smoothly. Your
attention getters are working well and you are using random selection at times. Any
recall or redirect was done very quietly and certainly infrequently. These students
were well engaged and a wonderful culture for learning is evident. They look to you
as their teacher and even with Mrs. Spidell away the classroom was orderly and well

The instruction was carried out in an organized manner. You were worried about
timing but there did not seem to be many gaps between the finish time for either
group. Your directions were clear and you did check for understanding. You
displayed lots of enthusiasm and positive feedback for the students. You do need to
watch your oral communication and be sure to use proper grammar at all times. You
will see where I mentioned a couple of things in my notes. I know you are aware of
this and that is really half the battle. You used a variety of formats in your lesson
which I liked. There was some whole group and some paired activities where the
students had an opportunity to interact with one another. They also had a chance to
move around and not just sit for any amount of time.

Well done Susan! You do a very good job with this split class and I am certain it will
not be too long before you have a class of your very own!