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Whats Your Story?

During this unit we will be ready R.J. Palacios Wonder, a book about a kid your age who
has a facial deformity. At the end of the unit you will write your own story. As we go through the
book, we will discuss: setting, character, perspective, theme, inspiration, conflict, and plot. When
we are finished you will begin to assemble the rough draft of your story.
Below is everything I expect your story to be. Please pay attention to it. As we work
through the book and begin to develop new ideas, this will be your guideline. Look at it
frequently and use it to make decisions about your assignment. When you are ready to turn in
your rough draft, everything that is on this list should be completed.
Assignment Criteria:
Should be:
o 3 pages long at least. (If you would like to contain art in yours, that is great, but these
pieces should be separate, they cannot count as one of your pages.)
o Typed- double-spaced, 12 pt. easy-to-read font
o All together- Please make sure you staple these, or put them all in one folder so that I can
have it in one piece.

Should demonstrate an understanding of:

o Setting- Does your story clearly show that you understand setting? Does your story have
a time, place, or overall mood in which the story happens?
o Characters- You must have a character who represents someone different than you,
and this should be written in first person. Make this character show a perspective
which is not your own. Also include side characters, or others who drive the plot forward.
Ask, does my character have a strong voice in the story; are they giving the message I
want them to give? How do they interact with other? Or the world around them?
o Perspective- Does your story contain the perspective of someone who is different than
me? Can your reader gain something from this perspective? What gives your character
this perspective?
o Theme-Does your story have a theme, or an overall message that it is trying to
communicate? How do you want your reader to live, or be different after reading this
o Conflict and Climax- Is there a problem developing in your story that must be solved?
Does it get solved or reach a pivotal point in some way?
o Plot- How is my story unfolding? What is it about? Could I summarize my story to them
and explain: what is happening, how its happening, why its happening, when or where
its happening, and who its happening to?
When our rough drafts are finished we will begin sharing and editing them together as a
class. Eventually, I would like us to publish these pieces, so write a story you find valuable; that
you love; that you believe in.

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