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Enjoli Wasden

Career Interview
Communication 1010

Background Information
My Interviewee:
After struggling to find an interviewee, I reached out to a family member to help in the search of someone to
interview. I was connected with none other than my neighbor Becky Provine. Becky is a Clinical Nurse Educator at
the University of Utah Hospital. I planned with Becky via text messaging to do the interview in a place she wanted.
We performed the interview at my house upon her request. I had only met Becky once before this interview and am
not close to her in any way .I chose to interview Becky because she is a very nice woman and lives close to me,
which worked great with my schedule and hers as well.

Career Research:
I have thought about many career fields. It wasnt until I was in labor with my own child that I found out what
I wanted to do. The labor and delivery nurses had such a profound effect on me that I thought I wanted to be able to
do that for someone else someday, and who doesnt love babies? I have always wanted to be in a career that
involved helping others. Nursing is a good field because there will always be a demand to take care of the sick. I am
currently enrolled in SLCC starting the path to a nursing career. I have always had a much stronger interest in the
science field than any others. I plan on receiving a bachelors degree in nursing.
All of my interests combined leads me to believe that a career in nursing is going to adequately fulfill my
life. Being a labor and delivery nurse fits my interests. Because of my wonderful experience with the nurses during
my labor. I understand that there are going to be sad times with this job such as; a baby being born addicted to
drugs, or the death of a baby during labor. However, I think witnessing the miracle of life day in and day out will
greatly outweigh these negative aspects. I also want to be the nurse that is able to connect with someone like the
nurses did during my labor. Also, from my interview I have learned that having good assessment skills is a very
beneficial skill for a nurse. I have always been able to be a good judge of situations in my life and feel like this will
help me greatly in this field.
Upon looking at the Occupational Outlook Handbook, I learned that I could be a registered nurse with just
an associates. However, this is not where I will stop, but it will give me many opportunities to be ahead of others
when I get my bachelors. As I reviewed the handbook, I also learned that nursing is expected to grow much faster
than other career fields. This is very good to know because it will lead to many job opportunities that might not have
been there before.

Interview Schedule
Good afternoon Becky! Thank you for accepting an interview with me and taking the time out of your
schedule. I really appreciate it. Its a small world we live in! I am going to be recording our conversation so that I can
go back over and complete my communications assignment with our interview.


Topic 1: Education
Starting off, I would to gain insight on your educational path to nursing.
1. What made you decide to become a nurse? (Primary, Open)
-What was the hardest part about becoming a nurse? (Secondary, Open)
2. How many years total did it take you to get to your desired position? (Primary, Closed)
-Are you currently satisfied with your position? (Secondary, Closed)
3. Whats your best advice for a nursing career path? (Primary, Open)
-How much money has your nursing career cost you? (Secondary, Closed)
4. What skills do you think would make the best nurse? (Primary, Open)
-Did you experience with any of these skills? (Secondary, Closed)
5. Is it true from your experience that most nurses are first CANs? (Primary, Closed)
-Are there other options than a CNA? (Secondary, Open)
6. Do you feel that college and nursing school adequately prepared you for the career? (Primary, Open)
-How could I be better prepared? (Secondary, Open)

Topic 2: Workplace/Environment
Great, now that I know about the educational elements, Id like to discuss the workplace.
1. Have you worked in the same setting since becoming a nurse? (Primary, Closed)
-Do you prefer a certain setting? (Secondary, Closed)
2. Have you ever worked for a private practice? (Primary, Closed)
-What did you enjoy about it? (Secondary, Closed)
-What did you not enjoy about it? (Secondary, Closed)
3. Would you say that there is a lot of teamwork involved in your job? (Primary, Closed)
-Is there a lot of competition between people? (Secondary, Closed)
4. How is communication in your current position? (Primary, Open)
-What is the best and worst quality of communication with this job? (Secondary, Closed)
5. If there are mistakes that someone makes, how are they handled? (Primary, Open)

Topic 3: Work-Life-Balance
Continuing, my next area of interest is on work-life-balance.
1. How many hours a week do you currently work? (Primary, Closed)
-Has it always been this many/little? (Secondary, Closed)
2. Have you historically had a set shift or does it change week by week? (Primary, Open)
-What shift do you prefer? (Secondary, Closed)
3. Have you been able to find a work-life-balance that suits you? (Primary, Closed)
-How long did it take you to find this balance, and what helped? (Secondary, Open)
4. What has been the biggest struggle in finding balance? (Primary, Closed)
5. What is the best advice you could offer to someone setting out into the nursing field to find balance? (Primary,
Thank you so much!! You gave me lots of great advice! Again, thank you for taking the time out of your
schedule to meet with me. Thank you for helping me complete this communication assignment as well. Could I
please get you to fill out this evaluation? (Handshake) Thank you.