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Student Directions for Unit Plan Presentation

To show all of your new knowledge about civil rights, you are going to do a
famous person presentation.
You have to pick a famous person from the past or present that played an
important role in the civil rights movement
o Make sure your teacher approves of who you picked before you start
Then, youre going to research the person and include the following information
o Their early life, when they were born, where they were born
o How they became involved in the civil rights movements
o What contributions they made to the civil rights movements
o Any interesting facts you learned that we did not talk about in class
Finally, you have to create a fun and exciting way to share this information with
the class. You could pick any of the methods below or come up with your own
method, just make sure the teacher approves before you start.
o Using PowerPoint
o Role Playing
o Creating a Poster
o Creating a Scrapbook
o Creating a Video
You will be graded on
o Your overall enthusiasm about the project and your topic person during
the presentation,
o Your preparedness and organization
o How clearly you speak, remember to talk slow and loud
o Your knowledge of the information about your topic person

**Remember to have fun and dont be afraid to ask the teacher any questions you might
Teacher Directions for Unit Plan Presentation:

1. Student will choose an important person from the past or the present that played
an important role in a civil rights movement.
2. Student will research the person they have chosen and include information about
their early life, how they became involved in the civil rights movement, and what
contributions they made to the civil rights movement
3. Student will present this information to the class. Students are encouraged to be
creative in their presentation
1. Some Ideas.
Using PowerPoint
Role Playing
Create A Poster

Create A Scrapbook

Create A Video

Rubric for Presentation:

4 3 2 1
Category Excellent Very Good Fair Poor

about the Enthusiastic Does not
Very Sometimes
Topic during most of the appear
enthusiastic enthusiastic
the time enthusiastic

Very Prepared and Does not

Preparednes Somewhat
prepared Organized appear to have
s and prepared and
and most of the prepared or
Organization organized
organized time organized

Speaks very speaks Does not
clearly most
clearly. Very clearly. speak clearly.
Speaks of the time.
easy for the Sometimes Difficult for the
Clearly Easy for the
audience to easy for the audience to
audience to
understand. audience to understand.

Knowledge of Knowledge Knowledge of Knowledge of Knowledge of

Content of the content is content is content is not
person they clear most of sometimes clear. Student
chose to the time evident does not show
research during the during the understanding
and presentation. presentation. during
included all Included Included presentation.
information most of the most of the Did not include
asked for on information information most of the
the direction asked for. asked for. information
sheet. asked for.