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Favourite place of the venerable sage of Kanchi

Where Paramacharya learnt the Vedas : Mahendramangalam, Tiruchi district, is a 1500

year old temple for Lord Siva. This is one of the favourite places of the venerable sage of
Kanchi, Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekarendra Swamigal, Maha Periyava to million of His
devotees. Mahendramangalam, a village on the Tiruchi-Thottiyam road, set in lush green
surroundings with the Cauvery flowing, the village, near the famous Musiri town, is really

Favourite place of Maha Periyava: Mahendra Mangalam gets its eminence from the fact
that Paramacharya, in his early days of sanyasa (1911-1914), stayed here to learn the Vedas.
But why was Mahendramangalam chosen for the Seers study? Ra. Ganapathy, in his book
Nadamaadum Kadavul writes that when Mahaswami was appointed head of the Mutt at a
very young age, he had a lot of visitors in Kumbakonam and that forced the Mutt authorities
to find a place where he would not be disturbed. The author further states When all the
students would bow before the teachers, it was the guru who had to bow before this unique
sishya, as the Peetathipathi, and later to be realized out as the Incarnation of Sri Adi
Shankara Himself.

In this charming village, through which Akanda Cauvery flows, Sri Mahaperiyava observed
Chatur Maasya vrata for three years (the present Acharyas wish to revive the practice when
the temple is restored). And this is, where Mahaperiyava started his holy padhayatra.
(Digvijaya) too. The Veda Patasala where the Kanchi Seer had studied is well maintained in
this Village.

Presiding Deities: The presiding deities of this 1500 year old Mahendramangalam temple
remains - Sri Tripurasundari samedha Sri Chandramouliswarar. The Athma Lingam given by
Sri Adisankarar & Ambal with similar names are being worshipped by The Sankaracharyas of
Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam for the sake of the welfare of the Universe, at the mutt, daily
with thrikala pooja.

Sri Adisankarar Prathishta:.Mahaperiyava during his stay installed (prathishta)

Adisankarar idol and performed pooja daily. Now, Mahaperiyavas idol has been
Consecrated by the Samithi at the behest of the present Acharyas of Kanchimutt.

Construction of temple: The Sivalingam retrieved from the remains buried under the soil in
this village, is at last going to get its own sanctum sanctorum. Now it has been placed under
a thatched roof for worship.

Mahendramangalam has its sacred soil, touched by the feet of Mahasswami in his early years
during his Vedhabhyaasa and later too. Under the benign blessings of Their Holiness Sri
Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, a trust has been
formed to take care of the construction of this temple.

This entire temple complex (1st phase) will be 100 feet by 45 feet housing Sri Tripurasundari
and Sri Chandramouliswarar apart from other deities.

The estimated cost of the construction of the temple is around Rs.50 Lakhs. We appeal to you
to spread the word about this project and those interested in donating funds/materials to the
project can do so to the below mentioned address.

Sri Kamakoti Seva Samithi Trust

No.17A, Seethamma Road, Alwarpet,
Chennai 600 018, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone : (044)65298363 / (044)24359202
Mobile :9003012311

Notable People at Mahendramangalam

Sri. Ramamurthy Sasthrigal takes care of the daily pooja at Sannadhis of Adi Sankarar, Maha
Tripurasundari samedha Sri Chandramouliswarar, Periyava's veda abhyaasa room, etc.

Sri Krishnamurthy, Manager of Sri Matam at Mahendramangalam and his son Sri. Jayaraman
who assists him in his work takes care of the affairs connected with the Sri Matam's activities
at Mahendramangalam. Sri. Jayaraman is instrumental in collection of various rare
photographs, important news articles on Maha Periyava which have enriched the website.

Karupathur Sri Sundaresa Iyer, Sri. Gandhipithan and other people of Mahendramangalam are
responsible for the monthly eye camp, which is conducted as a service in connection with
Maha Periyava's birth nakshathram.

Sri. Singam Iyengar's (known as Periya Pannai) grand son Mr. Sridhar & his auditor Sri.
Jayaraman are responsible for the maintenance of the building in good repair in which Maha
Periyava's room is located upstairs. Sri Singam Iyengar is a great visionary& a noble
personality that he was able to identify Maha Periyava's glorious position as Mataathipathy
even in his younger days of Sanyasam at Mahendramangalam.