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What's new in Smart Defrag 5:

+ Optimized user interaction for more user-friendly experience.
+ Supported optimizing more NCsoft games in Game Optimize for better gaming expe
+ Improved engine for more efficient defrag.
+ Updated multiple languages.
* Fixed known bugs.
+ New Lucky Draw to win a free license code for Smart Defrag Pro or discount for
IObit Products.
+ Optimized UI for better user experience.
+ Improved process based on user feedback.
+ Updated multiple languages.
* Fixed known bugs .
+ More compatible with the latest Windows 10.
+ Optimized process for better user experience.
+ More efficient defragment with improved defrag engine.
+ Updated multiple languages.
* Fixed occasional registration error.
* Fixed known bugs.
+ Fully compatible with Windows 10 Redstone.
+ Improved defrag engine for more efficient defragmentation.
+ Improved the notification process for better user experience.
+ Optimized Auto Analyze for more intelligent analysis and more accurate result.
+ Optimized feedback process to increase the success rate of sending feedback.
* Fixed known bugs.
+ Improved defrag engine to fix the defrag failure due to access denied.
+ More intuitive Disk Health to monitor the disk status in real-time.
+ Optimized defrag algorithm to accelerate the defragmentation efficiently.
+ Updated multiple languages.
* Fixed known bug.
+ New Disk Health displays the latest disk status: temperature, disk usage, self
monitoring report, etc.
+ Added Auto Analyze feature to notice you in time when your disks need defragme
+ Added Fast Defrag method for ultimate defrag speed.
* Improved defrag engine and algorithm for faster defragmentation and optimizati
* Fixed occasional freeze and slow issue and other known issues.
* Updated multiple languages.
+ New Defrag Engine supports multithreading for ultra-fast, stable, and efficien
t defrag.
+ New Smart Defrag/Optimize Technology to intelligently apply the most suitable
defrag/optimize method for different disks to reach top performance.
+ Added Defragment Specified Files under Boot Time Defrag for more thorough and
effective defragmentation.
+ Added Large File Defrag supports defragmenting large files to accelerate disk
read/write speed and enhance disk durability.
+ Added Free Space Defrag maximizes the disk read/write performance by consolida
ting the free space for large contiguous block.
+ Added Silent Mode to intelligently adjust defragmentation priority according t
o user preference and disk status.
+ Supported Scheduled Task to defrag disks automatically when PC is idle.
+ Added Auto Update to always keep your Smart Defrag up-to-date.
+ Added new Readable skin and more intuitive interface for easier use.
+ Supported more than 30 languages.
* And more can be discovered.