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Liz Jones

EDU 150
Teaching Philosophy
21 April 2016
Mr. Lepley

As an educator there are a few elements that are to be emphasized in my overall

philosophy. The overall theme being that learning should be an enjoyable and fair experience for

all. In order to have a classroom where all students can obtain this fair education there are several

different rules and procedures that have to put in place. Students should be responsible for their

actions, as well as be engaged with each other and the material being taught in the classroom.

Ultimately the classroom should be both a fun and functional place to nurture the students

academic and personal growth.

One way to reach the goal of having every student learn is to instill fair and structured

procedures carried out in my classroom. Basic school rules should be obeyed within the realms

of my classroom and will be incorporated with any additional classroom rules provided. These

rules will include treating other people fairly and having integrity when one of my students either

does or witnesses a wrongdoing inside or outside of the classroom. By obeying the rules, the

students will add to the positive and welcoming learning environment of the classroom. I also

believe that if each student learns to obey the simple rules set in my classroom this behavior will

grow as they continue their academic careers and will translate in the world outside of the


To motivate my students to follow the rules and be honest to me and their peers I intend

to set up a rewards system. Considering I plan to teach younger children whom are in the

developmental stages of their educational careers I feel it is beneficial to reward students good

behavior. This rewards system can range from having a sticker chart set up in the classroom to a
pizza party at the end of each semester for demonstrating exemplary behavior. The concept of

positive reinforcement is one that I fully have faith in. I think having motivation to do

schoolwork and demonstrate proper behavior will work especially in a younger classroom and

will also contribute to the positive atmosphere of the environment.

In addition to having rules and rewards for proper behavior I feel it is important to share

differing ideas and embrace the idea of diversity in the classroom. I hope that I can work in a

school district in which there are differing races and socioeconomic statuses so that the students

and myself can learn from each others viewpoints and experiences. Diversity is an important part

of the education process and with differing backgrounds and ideas in the classroom the more

students can learn about the complexities of the world and things that arent found in a textbook.

By having an accepting and open classroom to different avenues of people, my students will

learn more about not only the academic curriculum but also more about their fellow classmates

and the world around them.

All in all, my teaching philosophy involves having a diversified classroom with

respectful and engaged students. By following the rules and learning how to take responsibility

in the classroom the students will understand the importance of following the rules while also

expanding their knowledge of the world and forming educated opinions on different aspects in

society. When it comes to an education I not only want my students to learn the standardized

material, but also learn about the basics of being in an academic setting so that they can prosper

in the future.