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Jenna Dahlin

Alexa Doran
Work Cited

Abeles, Tom. Fast Fashion and the Future On the Horizon, vol. 22, no. 2, 2014, pp. 157-160.

Emerald Insight, http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/OTH-06-2013-0025

This article defines the problems like overconsumption related to fast fashion

trends in the retail industry and the effect it has on the earth and its future. It also brings

attention to the fact that it may not be possible to shift consumers views on preventing

fast fashion.

This source relates to my research topic because I am writing about sustainability

in retail and fast fashion is a huge factor that creates a lot of waste in the retail world.

This source is found on the FSU library data base.

Annamma Joy, John F. Sherry, Jr, Alladi Venkatesh, Jeff Wang and Ricky Chan. "Fast fashion

Goes Global: Benettons Changing Strategy", Strategic Direction, Vol. 31 ISS: 11, pp.17

20. Emerald Insight, http://dx.doi.org.proxy.lib.fsu.edu/10.1108/SD-09-2015-0131

The main purpose of this article is to explain what sustainability is and why it is

so important now more than ever. Also, this article gives an idea to the reader what fast

fashion really is; low cost clothing in a fast pace market. This article questions if luxury

brand clothing can compete with fast fashion, while being sustainable.

This source relates to my topic because it examines the authority of fast fashion

and why consumers have a desire to purchase it. I plan to use the information in this

article to explain why consumers act the way they do while using the consequences of

fast fashion as a means to influence otherwise.

Jenna Dahlin
Alexa Doran
This source is a peer reviewed article from the FSU libraries.

Ansary, Mehedi Ahmed. Workplace Safety Compliance of RMG Industry in Bangladesh:

Structural Assessment of RMG Factory Buildings International Journal of Disaster Risk

Reduction, Volume 14, Part 4, December 2015, Pages 424437. Elsevier,


The main idea of this source is to explain the challenges that readymade garment

(RMG) workers face in overseas manufacturing factories. This source also goes into

detail about an incident that happened in Bangladesh in April of 2013 when the Rana

Plaza building collapsed, killing over 1000 workers. Initiatives such as global partners

signing joint statements that outline workplace safety are presented in the article as well.

This source pertains to my research topic because it outlines one of the worst

retail industrys disaster, the collapse of Rana Plaza. This is a large point I want to focus

on because I believe that this specific instance resulted in retailers actually realizing that

in order for the retail industry to remain reputable, they have to make a change in the way

they obtain product from non-ecofriendly/labor-friendly manufacturers.

This source is found through FSU libraries and is a scholarly, peer reviewed

source. It comes from the International Journal of Risk Reduction.

This is credible because it is a peer reviewed source from FSU libraries.

Environmental Sustainability in Style for the Retail Sector. First Carbon Solutions, June 2014.



Jenna Dahlin
Alexa Doran
This source provides the reader with lists of the main issues retailers face. Some

of these issues are supply chain management, overseas sourcing, and consumer trends

like bargain shopping. The source also lists a few retailers that have made a conscious

effort to be more sustainable. Brands like Nike, Starbucks, and staples have all taken

steps to be eco-friendly. The main idea of this source is to influence consumers and

retailers to think about the actions that can be taken to leave a smaller ecological footprint

on the earth.

This source relates to my research topic because it discusses steps that retailers

should take to be more environmentally friendly. I plan to use the information from this

source to encourage consumers to buy from brands that care about the wellbeing of not

only the earth, but also the men and women that make the clothing in foreign countries.

This article is reliable because it is found on a website that is devoted to

advancing sustainable business practices.

Henniger, Claudia, Panayiota J. Alevizou, Caroline J. Oates, (2016) "What is Sustainable

Fashion?", Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal,

Vol. 20 ISS: 4, pp.400 416. Emerald Insight, http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/JFMM-07-2015-


This articles main idea is that after the after the Rana Plaza incident in

Bangladesh, sustainability has taken off and become a big trend in the eye of some

retailers and consumers. The article also identifies what slow fashion is in terms of

sustainability and addresses that although consumer awareness is low, it is ever more

Jenna Dahlin
Alexa Doran
This article relates to my research topic because analyzes what it means to be

sustainable in the eyes of experts and consumers. I plan to use this article to address the

concerns of fast fashion.

This article is a peer reviewed source from the FSU Libraries.

Kennedy, Ann-Marie. Eco-warriors: Shifting Sustainable Retail Strategy Via Authentic Retail

Brand Image Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), Volume 24, ISS 2, May 2016,

Pages 125-134. Elsevier, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ausmj.2016.03.001

This article goes in depth on the consumer trends and how retailers brand their

companies to appeal to the consumer. Consumers tend to choose eco-friendly brands over

those that are not. This article provides data as to why consumers behave this way.

This source relates to my topic because consumers drive the retail industry and

their opinions influence the way retailers decide to brand their companies. I plan to use

this information to convey to the reader why retailers should go green, not just to be

socially responsible but to better their brand image as a whole.

This source comes from the FSU Library and it is a peer reviewed article.

Shen Bin, Yulan Wang, Chris K.Y. Lo, Momoko Shum, (2012) "The impact of ethical fashion on

consumer purchase behavior", Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An

International Journal, Vol. 16 ISS: 2, pp.234 245. Emerald Insight,

Jenna Dahlin
Alexa Doran
This article is studies how consumer trends and ethical purchasing of retail

products relate. It also discusses how consumers tend to choose more ethical products

over others. Brands like Nike, Gap, and Levis are analyzed in this article.

This source relates to my topic because its important to understand how

consumers react to ethical brands and why they choose to shop those products over

others. I plan to use this article to discuss what draws most consumers to using

sustainable and ethical brands instead of brands that do not have sustainability plans.

Siegal, Adam and Stec, Caroline. Sustainable retail trends to watch in 2017. GreenBiz,

December 30, 2016, https://www.greenbiz.com/article/sustainable-retail-trends-watch-


This source is about trends relating to sustainability that we will see starting in

2017. Such trends will involve companies experimenting with new ways to become more

ethical. Retailers are starting to realize that more and more, consumers are looking for

ethical brands.

This source relates to my research topic because it shows the steps that retailers

are going to make to become eco-friendlier. I plan to use this to show that hopefully soon,

more retailers and companies will make a positive change.

This source comes from GreenBiz, a website dedicated to going green.

Welters, Linda. Connie. Sustainable Fashion Whats Next? 2nd Edition,

Bloomsbury, 2015
Jenna Dahlin
Alexa Doran
This source contains various fashion practitioners that examine the sustainability

in fashion. The specific chapter I am analyzing is about social media and how it can be

used to influence the fashion industry to become more ethical.

This source relates to my research topic because it provides an example (social

media usage) of actions that can be taken to improve consumer awareness of ethical

fashion. I plan to use this to influence readers to take the steps to promote ethical fashion.

It also goes into the history of fashion and sustainability.

This source is an FSU course required textbook and comes from people that are

leading fashion academics and practitioners.

Wilson, John P. "The triple bottom line Undertaking an Economic, Social, and Environmental

Retail Sustainability Strategy" International Journal of Retail & Distribution

Management, Vol. 43, ISS 4/5, 2015, pp 432-447. Emerald Insight,


This article discusses sustainability of economic, social, and environmental

factors pertaining to retail. I also discuss how important it is to be aware of these issues in

our world today.

This article relates to my research topic because it goes in depth explaining the

issues that retail places on the environment. I will use this information to help argue that

we should push to end the era of fast fashion and look out for our environment.

This source is found in the FSU library data base, therefor it is credible.