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The Campaign Starts Here o Jesus was concerned with realities

Issuing a public proclamation that Israels that would involve the entire
God was at last becoming king person, the entire community
o But a new leader, a new o No point in putting the world right
government, wont transform our if the people are still broken
lives from top to bottom So broken people will be
o Proclamations would be used to healed
announce a change of ruler, but It wasnt just healings; it was also
the continuation of the system parties celebrations
Good news o A kingdom party, a celebration of
Tiberius Caesar became the fact that God was at last taking
emperor charge
A change of ruler is a moment of o Jesus specialized in celebrating
vulnerability, a moment when a revolution Gods kingdom with all the wrong
could erupt people (tax-collectors, prostitutes)
o Sepphoris center of a major anti- Healing Stories
Roman revolt This is because thats
o The proclamation of a new how He Himself had
emperor, then, carried weight experienced it
It wasnt a take-it-or-leave-it Prodigal son the charge
affair leveled against the prodigal
Celebration, Healing and Forgiveness by the older brother is that
Herod Antipas the son of Herod the he has spent all the fathers
Great money on whores
o Romans hadnt allowed him to Reflects the charge
keep his fathers title of king of leveled against Jesus
the Jews that precipitated the
Pseudo-aristocracy story in the first place
o Romans ruled through local power o This fellow
brokers on whom they could rely o welcomes
collect the taxes and keep the sinners
population under control o That chapter is a sustained
Jesus said that God was now in charge exposition of the reason why
o An announcement like this isnt theres a party taking place to
simply a proclamation begin with
Start of a campaign Bring heaven and earth
Wait and see. together
His healings and The reason the angels are
celebrations were celebration is that notorious
part of the meaning sinners are seeing the error
of God becoming king of their ways and turning
The dream of a new away from them
o God would launch his new Exodus
to turn, to repent, to turn back
A victorious battle
from the evil ways of the heart, and
against the old tyrant
to turn instead to God in penitence
Rebuilding of the and faith
Temple When the Israelites had hit
Creation of justice rock bottom, then they
and peace would turn back to God with
Justice and peace are about putting all their heart and soul, and
things right in the world God would turn back to
then, restoring then and
making them His people the exile brought deep,
indeed deadly shame upon Israel
o Gods kingdom is coming on earth Also on Israels God
as in heaven o Forgiveness must mean exile is
Signs of renewal now over
This is what it looks Part of overall message that
like when Gods in Israels God is in fact king
charge Known as king
People being forgiven through his victory
o Forgiveness is a sort of healing over the tyrannical
Removes a burden that can pagan kingdom of
crush and cripple you, Babylon
allows you to stand up Bringing His people
straight without pretending back home to their
Spreads out into whole land
communities o New Exodus
No Future Without Tyrant, rescue, vocation,
Forgiveness Gods presence, inheritance
Forgiveness is the To fix and mend the whole
most powerful thing world
in the world Individual forgiveness
o Transforms is the up-close-and-
like nothing personal version of
else what it looks like
New dimension of the God- when God does what
in-charge proclamation is he promised and
being unveiled restores His exiled
o Forgiveness and healing the two people
got so closely together, personally o Start of a much longer period in
and socially history in which Gods people
Societies and families as remained unredeemed, unrescued,
well as individuals can be and unforgiven
reconciled, can find new Jesus was announcing
hope and new love, through forgiveness
forgiveness The First Announcement
Jesus was tapping Coming new age, the release from
into something slavery, the new Exodus and restoration
extremely deep in after the exile
human life o Formed the hope that sustained so
Forgiveness didnt stop with this kind of much Jewish life of his day
reconciliation Message of forgiveness
Exile o Not just forgiveness for individuals
o Because of peoples wickedness who are physically or emotionally
o They had forgotten their true God crippled as a result of their guilt,
Worshipped idols real or imagined
o Israel had become a byword for a o Corporate forgiveness, tapping into
god-forsaken nation the ancient Jewish hope of the
God left them defenseless jubilee
o Punishment for Israels sin Year where all debts would
In a culture where honor be forgiven
Sabbath of Sabbaths
and shame were everything,
Seven times seven
Producing a great Message that would be good
celebration of news for those pagan
release, forgiveness, nations themselves
and rescue from all o Somehow the message of
that has crippled forgiveness is doing more than
human life simply reassuring Gods people
o Jesus message seems to be that that they will be all right after all
they are being fulfilled but not in Its warning them that they
the way people had imagined may not be all right after all
o God is taking charge; the great God is doing what he
jubilee year is dawning, the time of said He would
release, of forgiveness It wont work out the
Jesus declares that the way they thought it
people who will benefit from would
this great act of God will Your Sins Are Forgiven
not, after all, be the people Pharisees believed in keeping themselves
of Israel as they stand as ritually pure as if they were in the
o Prophets never get accepted in Temple itself
their own country o Encouraged Jews to the same kind
The people who will benefit of rigorous piety
will be the outsiders, the Speed up the coming of
wrong people, the Gods kingdom
foreigners even the Parable of the Woman
commander of the enemy o Her great love proves her
army forgiveness
Naaman the Syrian, o But if someone has been forgiven
the one healed by the only a little, they will love only a
prophet Elisha, was little
the commander of the Your sins are forgiven
arm that had been Your faith has saved you
attacking the o Simon, the Pharisee, is mentally
Israelites criticizing Jesus for not knowing
Love your enemies what sort of a woman this is,
o Forgiveness was at the heart of his whereupon Jesus shows that he
message knows whats going on
Striking departure from the Not only in the womans
universal practice of Jewish heart, but in Simons too
martyrs Focus on forgiveness
Point of honor to call itself
down heavens curses o She knows, deep inside herself,
upon their torturers thats shes been forgiven
and executioners Thats why theres so much
For we are suffering love coming out of her
these things on our o Shes a forgiveness person shows
own account, because that she is already enjoying the
of our sins against fact that God is becoming king
our own God People who arent
o This wasnt about God simply forgiveness people dont
forgiving Israel in debts and believe it
punishing its ancient or Another aspect of the great Exodus story
contemporary enemies, the pagan
is being invoked
nations all around
o Forgiving sins is something only o Jesus hadnt been able to do
God can do anything to rescue John
How does God normally forgive sins What sense did it make to see [Jesus] as
within Israel? in some way inaugurating heavens
o Why, through the Temple and the rule, or Gods kingdom?
sacrifices that take place there o It hadnt been featured in the
o Jesus seems to be claiming that programs of the other would-be
God is doing, up close and personal royal or kingdom-of-God
through him, something that youd movements
normally expect to happen at the Not gifted with healing
Temple while those in that world
Temple as the place where heaven and who did have such gifts did
earth met not see that as setting them
o Place where God lived on the track of a kingdom-
o Place on earth where Gods of-God movement
presence intersected with human, Jesus makes the connection
this worldly reality Jesus is quoting directly from Isaiahs
o Place where the high priest has vision of a return from exile that would
supreme authority also be nothing short of a new creation
Time for God to take charge, to fix and If people want to understand whats going
mend things, to make everything right on they will have to do some thinking and
whether or not the authorities liked it be prepared for a dangerous political
John and Herod stance
John the Baptists fearless preaching, not o They shouldnt look at his work
least his attack on Herod, had brought to and imagine that he must be a
his arrest charlatan
o He publicly denounced this o They shouldnt look at all this and
arrangement imagine it has nothing to do with
Not only concerned with God becoming kingwith God
Antipas immoral behavior taking over, calling the petty old
o Anyone who behaved in that way tyrant up the road to account
could not possibly, not ever, not in This is the sharp edge of what God is
a million years, be regarded as the doing
true king of the Jews o When God does big things, the
John was expecting a true little people get drawn in too
king o Isaiah 40
Herod demonstrated his God who comes in power
unsustainability for the and glory
position God who feeds his flock like
John believed that Jesus, his cousin, was a shepherd
the coming king Blesses are those who can
o The one through whose work God see this, who can spot
would at last become king would whats going on, who are
at last break the power of tyrants prepared to go with Jesus
and set his people free rather than with the
John the Baptist is the greatest mothers princelings of the earth,
son there ever was even though what Jesus was
When John appeared he didnt have any doing wasnt what they had
normal food or drink expected
o It wasnt working out the way they Jesus compares John the Baptist and
would have liked Herod Antipas
John was beheaded o Antipas symbol was a reed that
grows beside the Sea of Galilee
o What were you expecting to see o He believed that he was indeed
when you went out into the desert? launching Gods kingdom
A reed wobbling in the wind? campaign
o When you went off after John, o He was the one in whose presence,
were you looking for another ruler work, and teaching Israels God
like the ones youve got already? was indeed becoming king
Not Jesus is much more like a rebel leader
They were wanting God to be kingso within a modern tyranny setting up an
they went looking for a prophet, hoping alternative government, establishing his
that he would be the one to tell you that it rule, making things happen in a new way
was happening at last o He is reconstructing Gods people,
o And you were righthe was Israel, around himself
Gods kingdom has indeed been breaking Some of the prophets had spoken of the
in day when all the tribes would be gathered
If youll believe it, he is Elijah, the one again
who was to come o 12 disciples
Because the campaign is already under How Jesus wanted his work
way to be seen
o John as the preliminary Campaign
messenger o Rebel movement
o John has sent messengers to Jesus o Risky movement
to ask if he was indeed the one o Would-be royal movement under
who is to come the nose of the present would-be
Yes king of the Jews
Jesus was well aware that what he was Herod Antipas himself
doing didnt fit with what people were