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3D Printing

-Fused Deposition Modeling

-Additive Layer Manufacturing
How Does 3D Printing Work?
Filament Resin Binder
Hot-End Nozzle Extruder
Stepper Motors
Layer-By-Layer - Always
PLA Polylactic Acid
ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Polyurethane - NinjaFlex
Resin Methacrylated - Oligomers & Monomers;
How Does 3D Printing Work?
More Materials
Chocolate? Other Pastes?
Machines Available in the Lab
MakerBot Replicator 2 and 2X
Flashforge Creator Pro
Stratasys UPrints, and Uprint SE-Plus
Formlabs Form 2
How Do You Decide Which?
Material Choice
Primarily up to you! Do some Research!
ABS is very strong and water-proof
May need supports that have to be dissolved
Sodium Hydroxide
PLA degrades in water over time
May need supports that have to be torn-away
Nylon is very strong but difficult to print with
Supports are unknown for this material
Resin is still in its experimental stages
Polyurethane is very strong and FLEXIBLE
Two types of flex
Can be difficult to print with
Machines and Materials
MakerBots and FlashForges
ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polyurethane
Supports will be iffy and may not work
Support-1: Same material as printing with
Support-2: PVA Polyvinyl Acetate Elmer's Glue
Stratasys Machines Fred, Wilma, and SE
Supports are great but may need dissolved
Supports are great but the same resin material
MakerBots and FlashForges
ABS: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black,
White, Clear, Gold, Silver
PLA: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Black,
Clear, Pink
Nylon: White
Polyurethane: Red, Black, White
Stratasys Machines Fred, Wilma, and SE
Fred and Wilma: Ivory
SE-Plus: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Grey, Black,
Resin: Clear
~2 Cubic Inches of Material Stratasys
See me if you need to print with more!
Not All Printers are Created Equal
Heat Size Stickiness General Ability
Heat Each material uses different
temperature settings for the extruder, build-
table, and ambient
Each device has its own software
Sometimes this can get tricky
Copyright and Thingiverse
Some Tips
Dual Extrusion
Do not make this too difficult
Stratasys Machines take the least effort
Form-2 takes a medium amount of effort
MakerBot & Flahforges takes the most effort
Material Properties
Hygroscopic/Hydrophilic Absorption of water
Hydrophobic Does not absorb water as easily
Relative to ABS, PLA, and Nylon
Temperature Settings In Celsius
ABS Polyurethane
Extruder: 230 Extruder: 230-240
Build-Tray: 110 Build-Tray: 0 - 30
Ambient: Closed Ambient: Open or
PLA Closed
Extruder: 190-220
Build-Tray: ~60 Resin
Ambient: Open Extruder: No Settings
Nylon Build-Tray: No Settings
Extruder: 240 Ambient: No Settings
Build-Tray: 80
Ambient: Closed
Any Questions?!