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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2016

12 13 September l London, UK l gartner.com/eu/security

Agenda at a Glance When attending this event, please refer to the agenda handout provided or the
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12 September 2016

13 September 2016
TRACKS CISO Program: Risk Management and Compliance IT Security Program: Building Trust and Resilience with More TRACKS CISO Program: Risk Management and Compliance IT Security Program: Building Trust and Resilience with More
The CISO as a Program: Underpinning the Digital Agile Security The CISO as a Program: Underpinning the Digital Agile Security
Business Leader Business Transition Business Leader Business Transition

07:30 Registration 07:45 Registration

08:15 T1. Tutorial: Gartner Essentials: Top Cybersecurity T2. Tutorial: Identity and Access Management 101 CISO1. CISO Welcome and To the Point: 08:30 A5. Benchmarking B5. Integrated GRC: C5. Managing D5. The State of E5. Hybrid SIEM: F5. The State of Data
Trends for 2016 2017 Earl Perkins David Mahdi One Simple Way to Get Your CEO to Embrace Your Security Maturity, Current Uses and an Aggressive Application Security Using Service Security 2016
Risk Management Jeffrey Wheatman Risk Exposure, and Future Trends Business Disruption 2016 Dionisio Zumerle Providers to Improve Brian Reed
Program Spend John Wheeler Cybersecurity Attack Security Monitoring
09:15 K1a. Gartner Opening Keynote: Build Trust and Resilience at the Speed of Business Peter Firstbrook, Jeffrey Wheatman and Neil MacDonald Bob Smock Roberta Witty Oliver Rochford

10:45 A1-B1. Governing Risk and Security in the C1-D1. State of Cloud Security 2016 E1-F1. Gartner Security Magic Quadrants 08:30 W3. Workshop: How to Build Your Security Strategy Rob McMillan
Digital Business Tom Scholtz Jay Heiser Jeremy DHoinne, Oliver Rochford, Rob Smith and
Brian Reed 08:30 R4. Roundtable: Vendor Risk Debra Logan

11:45 A2-B2. Gartner Essentials: Cybersecurity and C2-D2. The State of Mobile Security E2-F2. Roadmap/State of IAM 2016 08:30 ASK4. Ask the Analyst: DevOps and Security: Will they Blend? Steve Riley
Risk Management Paul E. Proctor Dionisio Zumerle Gregg Kreizman
09:30 Solution Provider Sessions
12:30 Financial Services Networking Lunch
10:00 CISO2. CISO Circle: Navigating the Political Layer Tactics to Protect and Grow Your Security Budget Rob McMillan
12:30 Attendee Lunch and Solution Showcase Dessert Reception
10:30 A6. Digital Humanism B6. New EU Security C6. TechInsights: IT D6. The State of the E6. Next-Generation F6. Case Study
13:45 R1. Roundtable: How Much Security Does the Cloud Provide? Steve Riley and Security: How and Privacy Laws: Risk Assessment Threat Environment Endpoint Protection TBA
People-Centric What Impact on Your and Measurement: 2016 Jeremy DHoinne Peter Firstbrook
14:00 A3. State of Security B3. Propel Your C3. State of Business D3. Case Study: E3. Stop Data F3. Roadmap Security Will Help Enterprise? TBA Common Traps and
Governance 2016 Business with Resilience 2016 Responding to Breaches Protect Convergence: The Tom Scholtz Practical Approaches
Jeffrey Wheatman Innovation Risk Roberta Witty Business Interruptions the Data! State of IoT and OT Erik Heidt
Management A Proven Brian Lowans Security 2016
John Wheeler Methodology to Earl Perkins 10:15 W4. Workshop: Women in IT Business Transformation Requires Workplace Diversity Roberta Witty
Minimize Impact
Ken Otis 10:30 ASK5. Ask the Analyst: How to Build a Next Generation Mobile Strategy? Mario de Boer, Rob Smith and Dionisio Zumerle

14:00 W1. Workshop: Hacked! What Do You Tell the Top Dogs? Rob McMillan 10:30 R5. Roundtable: Secure Healthcare: What Works? Whats Next? Earl Perkins

14:00 ASK1. Ask the Analyst: Ransomware What to do? Peter Firstbrook 12:15 A7. The Marriage B7. How to Keep Your C7. Obtain and D7. The Fast Evolving E7. Strategies for F7. Case Study: Cloud
of Cybersecurity Legal Counsel and Maintain Command State of Security Improving Detection App Security and
15:00 Solution Provider Sessions and Safety for Compliance Officer and Control Over Your Analytics 2016 and Response using Public Cloud IT Risk
Organizations Happy When Migrating Business Disruptions Anton Chuvakin Gartner's Adaptive Assessment
15:45 W2. Workshop: Choosing the Right Malware Technologies to Protect against Sophisticated Attacks Mario de Boer Earl Perkins to Microsoft Office 365 Through Good Crisis Security Architecture Carsten Scholz, Head
Jie Zhang Management Practices Neil MacDonald of Group IT Risk and
15:45 R2. Roundtable: Security Awareness: What Works? Tom Scholtz Roberta Witty Security, Allianz SE

16:00 A4. Case Study: B4. To the Point: Three D4. TechInsights: To E4. To the Point: F4. To the Point: 13:00 Government Networking Lunch
Threat Intelligence Easy Steps to a Down the Point Cloud Detecting Insider How to Be Secure in
An Action Plan and Dirty Risk Register Computing Security Threats Amazon Web Services 13:00 CISO Circle Lunch Jeffrey Wheatman
Vincent Thiele, Head of Jeffrey Wheatman Strategies Erik Heidt Jonathan Care Steve Riley
Cyber Crime, Enterprise 13:00 Attendee Lunch and Solution Showcase Dessert Reception
and Response Team,
ING Bank 13:45 W5. Workshop: Report Cybersecurity and IT Risk to Your Board of Directors Paul E. Proctor

16:00 ASK2. Ask the Analyst: How to Operate a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Neil MacDonald 14:00 R6. Roundtable: BCM Governance: Best and Next Practices Roberta Witty

16:45 Solution Provider Sessions 14:15 A8. Manage Risk and B8. The Gartner Risk C8. Gartner Essentials: D8. TechInsights: E8. TechInsights: An F8. Prepare For the
Security in Bimodal IT Treatment Model: Results of the 2016 Demystifying Security Attackers View on Invasion! Here Comes
17:30 K2. Guest Keynote: How Much Risk is Too Much: Lessons From A Journey Across the High Wire Jeremy DHoinne Fixing Accountability Security and Risk Analytics: Data, Malware Protection Smartwatches at Your
Philippe Petit, World Renowned High Wire Artist and Risk Taker and Risk Sign-Off Surveys Jay Heiser Methods, Use Cases Technologies Gate Rob Smith
Paul E. Proctor Anton Chuvakin Mario de Boer
17:30 ASK3. Ask the Analyst: Managing the PCI DSS Assessment Jonathan Care
14:15 ASK6. Ask the Analyst: Blockchain: What CISOs and IT Security Leaders Need to Know Jonathan Care
17:30 R3. Roundtable: Staffing Strategies for the Digital Age Jeremy DHoinne
15:15 A9. To the Point: B9. To the Point: The C9. To the Point: D9. To the Point: The E9. To the Point: F9. To the Point:
18:15 Solution Showcase Networking Reception TechInsights: Insider Five Tests You Must Prepare For and Intelligence-Driven How to Enhance the Where Identity and
Threat Insights From Apply to Your Security Manage Security SOC Oliver Rochford Security of Office 365 Data Security Meet
Recent Research Metrics Incidents Effectively Steve Riley David Mahdi
Erik Heidt Jeffrey Wheatman Rob McMillan

16:15 K4. Closing Keynote: TBA

Agenda as of 14 July 2016, and subject to change