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Boomer 1

Jacqueline Boomer

Ms. Mantlo

English 4

April 25, 2017

Real World Experience Narrative Writing

For my service hours I volunteered at our schools Spectrum Club. For many years

LGBTQ+ students have been fighting for permission to make a club specifically for allies and

queer students alike. At the beginning of this school year, after many weeks of pushing from

multiple students, it was approved. Emily Schipano and Morgan Lee are the two students who

run the club. It is held every other Monday after school until 4:30. Mr. Howard agreed to allow

them to use his classroom for the club and be the teacher in charge of watching the students. At

every meeting there is a new topic or issue addressed, and we all share out loud with each other.

Since the beginning of senior year I knew that I wanted to do my project on the LGBTQ+

community. I learned from the very first meeting that you should never just assume you know a

person before actually meeting them. I was surprised to see how many students attended.

Students from the academy even rode the bus to our school just to attend. It was nice to see all of

the diversity our school had to offer. It was clear from the start that this club was a safe space for

our LGBTQ+ youth.

When conducting my research, I did interviews with each of the students in the Spectrum

Club. I asked a series of questions and had them write their most honest responses. I reached out

to LGBTQ+ students from other schools to see if their responses would be any different. During
Boomer 2

the club discussions we addressed issues happening for the LGBTQ+ in today's society. We

approached topics such as our new presidential administration and laws being made including

the bathroom laws. I asked each student if they had ever experienced any sort of discrimination

from their teachers or peers and how that affected their studies and emotional well being.

Overall, it was an emotional experience, and I learned a lot about our schools LGBTQ+

youth. I am glad I did my project on this subject because I made friendships with so many

people. I learned how to address sensitive subjects in an appropriate manner which is a necessary

skill in todays society. I have matured so much over this past year, and I have become more

open minded and understanding. I have gained more knowledge on the LGBTQ+ spectrum and

the everyday battles that I used to think were relatively uncommon. It is essential that we step

outside of our comfortable perspectives and see things through the eyes of others in order to

become more well-rounded. This will in turn allow us to become more ourselves, and I can say

that I have accomplished this through this project.