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Diagnostic Assessment/ Task one reflection

On third of March 2017, I conducted an interview with my mentor school teacher under
the topic diagnostic assessment. I wanted to find out what type of diagnostic assessment has
taken place over the year, who conducted/developed the assessments and the main purpose of
implementing it.
According to the gathered information, students have been provided by an assessment at
the beginning of the year, testing their literacy knowledge, reading/mathematics and science
skills. Firstly, students have been given reading tests in order for the teacher to be aware of their
reading fluency levels and what accommodations should be done if needed. To elaborate, once
the teacher gathers the information, he chooses the appropriate book that matches the student
reading level. Therefore, students are examined every week on their comprehension skills to
ensure if any developments are occurring from each child. Secondly, grade two students are
provided with more advanced mathematics word problems to solve that belongs to grade four
and five curriculum. The reason of doing such thing is, the teacher wants to challenge the
students abilities of achievements and to know how far can students go with their mathematics
skills and their critical thinking by solving the word problems. Based upon the results, the
teacher will differentiate between the students learning level and seat them in groups according
to their levels. Thirdly, students are provided with quizzes and tasks to test their
understanding/knowledge towards the science subject.
Abu Dhabi Education Council creates and develops the diagnostic assessments that are
provided for primary schools. As the purpose of conducting these assessments, is to test the
students pervious and present knowledge towards certain subjects in order to make adjustments
towards the weaknesses that are found in students.
Diagnostic assessments are important and should be conducted within every classroom.
In which, in my future classroom I can use this assessment at the beginning and at the end of
their in order to assess my students level. This is because, as mentioned above these tests will
help new/regular teachers to be aware of the students strengths and weakness of certain subjects.
In addition, this assessment could be used after teaching a new topic to the students in order to
identify whether the students understood and acknowledged the topic. Furthermore, students who
are shy/uncomfortable to ask questions when they have doubts will especially be benefited from
this assessment. This is because, after conducting the assessment the results will inform the
teacher that those particular students are having a problem but they are not participating or
asking for help because of the mentioned reasons above. In such way, students will develop their
academic progress because their weaknesses will be accommodated by their teachers in order to
improve them.