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MAY 2017

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MAY 2017
PHONE (805) 604-2000

Publisher Dennis Madden

Managing Editor Rodger Bland
Technical Director Lance Wiggins
Senior Designer Jeanette Troub Contamination 845RE: 8 Speeds from ROLLING: Magna's MP 3010
Page 4 Just 4 Planets! Transfer Case
Graphic Artist Aurelio Pea Page 8 Page 18

Contributing Editors:
John E. Anderson
Rodney Hudson-Davies
Steve Bodofsky
Scott Shotton Thom Tschetter

ATRA Technical Staff: 4 STREET SMART: Identifying ATF Contamination
Rolando (Rolly) Alvarez Bill Brayton by Mike Brown
Mike Brown Keith Clark
David Chalker Rob Faucett 8 FUN WITH TRANSMISSIONS:
Pete Huscher Mike Souza 845RE: 8 Speeds from Just 4 Planets!
Shaun Velasquez Jarad Warren Bill Brayton

Director of Event Services Vanessa Velasquez 18 KEEP THOSE TRANNYS ROLLING:

Magna's MP 3010 Transfer Case
The views expressed in this publication should not necessarily be interpreted by Pete Huscher
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Publication of product information or any advertising does not imply recommenda- 26 IT CAN MAKE FOR A BAD DAY: JR403-E with No 4th Gear
tion by ATRA. by Steve Garret
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is published for the betterment of the transmission industry and is distributed 30 IN FRONT OF THE FLYWHEEL:
ten times per year. No part of this issue may be reproduced without prior written Crank and Cam Part III The Horror and the Good
permission of the publisher. GEARS is distributed to members of the transmis-
by Scott Shotton
sion industry in the United States, Canada, ATRA Members in Mexico & Europe,
and related automotive industry firms and individually. Send changes of address
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tisements printed and also assume full responsibility for any claims arising there-
from against the publisher. The publisher reserves the unqualified right to reject any
by Lance Wiggins
advertising copy as it deems appropriate, with or without cause.
44 SMART EXIT: Whats My Business Worth?
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to the subject matter covered. It is distributed with the understanding the publisher
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by Dennis Madden

ou know that hotel chain? The broadcasts all around the world. ATRA Then it hit me: Maybe the reason
one that ends their ads with, is the primary sponsor for this radio nobodys coming by is because weve
Well leave the light on for program, featuring Donny Caccamise, never really bothered to invite them.
you? I started thinking about that ATRA Member and owner of DMC It probably never occurred to you that
this week while the Torque Converter Transmission, along with Tom Spence youd be welcome to stop in when
Rebuilders Association (TCRA) joined and Jim Naylor. youre in the neighborhood.
us for a tour of the facilities and a We continued the tour downstairs So that ends right now: Id like to
group luncheon as part of their annual with the Technical and membership extend a personal invitation to anyone
convention. services departments. who makes a living in the auto repair
Why was ATRA hosting TCRA? It It was a terrific event and everyone industry to stop in for a visit when
really shouldnt be much of a surprise. had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed youre near ATRAs home offices.
When TCRA founder, Corky Myers getting to see everyone and finding out This is your opportunity to meet
looked to start a trade association for the how things are going with them. the people who keep the Association
converter rebuilders, where else would And then it hit me: Why havent we your Association serving you. Theyd
he look for help to start that venture had more folks stop in at ATRAs home be thrilled to give you a firsthand look
but ATRA? So, were sort of sister offices for a visit? at everything we do here and show you
associations. After all, this is ATRA: Were the around our facilities.
So anyway, this week we had worlds largest association of automatic And, remember, everyone who
the honor of having TCRA visit us at transmission professionals. That in works here is local. Want to know
ATRAs home office. The attendees had itself should make us worth a visit. where to find the best place for dinner?
just received a personal tour of the Haas Okay, maybe we arent quite Just ask; theyll point you to a restaurant
Automation plant. Then they climbed enough of a draw for you to fly across the that probably wont show up in your
back onto the bus and took a short ride country just to say hi. But remember, AAA Travel Guide places that Siri
over here. were in southern California, right here never even heard of.
After a BBQ lunch, we took them in beautiful, sunny Oxnard. This is one What, you arent an ATRA
around, from department to department, of the most sought-after vacation areas Member? Thats okay; stop in anyway.
to give everyone a firsthand look in the country maybe the world! Well be happy to show you around and
behind the curtain. Technical Director We have some of the most let you see all that ATRA has to offer.
Lance Wiggins gave them a tour of beautiful beaches youve ever seen, My guess is that, once you see what
our research and photo labs, then were right on the edge of Californias youre missing, youll want to sign up
they moved upstairs to start the office famed wine country, and were barely right away.
beginning with GEARS magazine and a couple hours drive from Disneyland! So, whatever brought you to our
Events. There are dozens of attractions that neck of the woods, make it a point to
They followed that with are just a stones throw from our front set aside some time to stop by and visit
photographs for a Gears cover shot and door. Chances are youve been in the us here at ATRAs home office. If you
then down the hall to visit the studio neighborhood at least once before to arent sure how to find us, give us a call.
where the radio program, Horsepower enjoy some of them. Well talk you right into our driveway.
for an Hour, is recorded every So why havent you stopped by? And, just like that hotel chain says,
week. This is a syndicated show that Well leave the light on for you.
2 GEARS May 2017

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oolant contamination has become Two weeks later, the Audi was
a lot harder to identify on many back with the same problem. The
of todays transmissions. You fluid was contaminated again. We
may have to do more than just look at must have gotten a faulty radiator,
the fluid to find it. And that still leaves they thought. So they replaced the
us with a new question: Is it coolant or radiator again. And of course, since
plain water? the fluid was contaminated, they tore
Weve all become accustomed the transmission down and replaced all
to the idea that radiators can fail and the clutches and the torque converter
allow coolant to contaminate the again.
transmission. And there may be other Once again, it worked like new, by Mike Brown
signs of coolant damage, such as so once again they returned it to the members.atra.com
rusting parts, swollen rubber seals, or customer.
gasket material and clutches flaking, to This time it lasted for three
name a few. weeks and, once again, it came
But transmission fluid contami- back with the same contaminated
nation doesnt always trace back to a transmission fluid. it was plain water? If it was, then it
radiator failure. There are other ways By now the customer was getting was unlikely to be coming through the
for contaminants to find their way upset, and beginning to question the cooling system.
into transmission fluid. Theyre less quality of the shops repairs. For that They assumed it had to be coolant,
common, but they do occur. matter, so was the shops owner. Was it because the vent is at the top of the
possible for them to have had three bad transmission. For water to make its
THE BACKGROUND radiators in a row? All in the same car? way into the vent, the car would have
The car was a 2007 Audi A4 This is when they decided it was to be half submerged under water.
AWD with a 2.0-liter engine. It time to get ATRA involved. Well, maybe. Then again, maybe
came in with the converter clutch The first thing we asked them to not.
chattering on apply. Further inspec- do was check for a transmission fluid
tion revealed the transmission fluid warmer in the cooler lines. If it had ATF CONTAMINATION
was contaminated. one, thats another place for coolant to Transmission fluid contamination
It all looked simple enough: reach the transmission fluid. It didnt whether its from antifreeze or
The shops technicians rebuilt the have one, so that couldnt have been plain water is a real problem. Thats
transmission, using all ZF parts and the problem. because the transmission clutches
converter, and installed a new radiator. Next, we asked whether they are hygroscopic; that is, they want to
The transmission operated like were sure it was antifreeze in the absorb water. Theyll even push ATF
new, so they delivered it to the customer. transmission fluid. Was it possible that out of the clutch lining to absorb water.
4 GEARS May 2017

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Original standards. Remanufactured.

Ford is your source for remanufactured gas engines. Each one
is built to original performance specs, including the latest Ford
engineering enhancements. And since every remanufactured
gas engine is built with parts that keep it specific to make,
model, year and emissions calibration, youll get the right fit
every time. No guesswork. Thats the power of original.


Contact the Ford Powertrain Assistance Center

at 800-392-7946 or visit FordParts.com.

See dealer for warranty details.

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Identifying ATF Contamination

That water doesnt provide the

friction modification characteristics of
ATF, so the contamination will cause
chatters and harsh shifts. And theres
no way to remove the moisture, so
once clutches become contaminated
with moisture, your only choice is to
replace them.
Thats true whether the contami-
nation is pure water or engine coolant,
which is typically part water, part
And it doesnt take a lot of
contamination to damage the trans-
mission. Sometimes there isnt enough
for it to be visible in the transmission
f luid; it doesnt get that milky
appearance were all familiar with. But
its still enough to ruin the clutches.
Another thing that makes con-
tamination difficult to identify is that
its very common for the transmission
fluid to become contaminated with
coolant, but no ATF makes its way
into the cooling system. Thats because
theres a lot more pressure in the
cooling system, so the coolant can
force its way through a small cooler
leak, but the ATF wont push back the
other way.
So how can you identify whether
Figure 1: Battery located at the center of the windshield, right above transmission vent.
the transmission fluid has been
contaminated? And is there any way
to tell whether the contamination is
coolant or plain water?
Turns out the answer to both
questions is yes. Acustrip makes a
series of test strips for testing nearly
every fluid in todays cars and trucks.
They offer two different strips thatd
be useful in a transmission shop:
one tests the ATF for antifreeze
contamination, the other for water.
So heres how you can use these
strips to identify where to look
for a leak: Dip both strips into the
transmission fluid and watch the
Neither strip reacts the
transmission fluid isnt contaminated.
Both strips react thats a
coolant leak; the coolant probably has
enough water in it to create a separate
Figure 2: Transmission vent located below the battery.
reaction on each test strip.

6 GEARS May 2017

1brown517.indd 6 5/1/17 10:31 AM

Coolant strip reacts cooling
system leak.
Water strip reacts probably not
the cooling system; look for water
leaking into the transmission.
Acustrip test strips are available
through Run-Rite: www.Run-Rite.com.
Other manufacturers may offer simi-
lar test strips.

With the transmission out of
the car, the technicians decided to
look for any possible source of a leak
that could allow water to get into the
transmission. They poured buckets
of water on the windshield to watch
where it drained.
Much to their surprise, it looked
like a waterfall under the battery
box. As you can see, the battery
sits at the center of the windshield
(figure 1), right above the transmission
vent (figure 2).
With the transmission installed
and the battery removed, you can
see the rubber plug that normally
sits under the battery (now removed;
(figure 3) was damaged (figure 4),
allowing water to drain right down
onto the transmission vent. Figure 3: Damaged rubber plug below the battery.
In this case, a coolant test
strip would have shown that the
contamination wasnt coolant, so
there would have been no reason
to replace the radiator. The water
test strip would have verified water
contamination, so theyd have known
to look closer for the leak before
returning the car in the first place.
One of the smartest ways to
avoid trouble is to test the fluid for
contamination on every transmission
you rebuild. The cost of two strips
is only a buck; youll save a lot more
than that the first time you discover
contaminated fluid.
And thats not just smart, thats
street smart!

Figure 4: Drain right on top of the transmission vent.

GEARS May 2017 7

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by Bill Brayton

T he 845RE started life as

a ZF8HP45, designed by
ZF in Germany. Chrysler
bought the license for the design
and began building the 845RE at
its Kokomo, Indiana plant.
First appearing in 2013, the
845RE is standard equipment in
the Grand Cherokee, Charger/
Challenger, Ram1500, and Du-
rango. All of these models use the
3.6L Pentastar engine (figure 1).
The 845RE uses just five
clutch packs, two brakes (splined
to the case via the pump body),
and three driving clutches to get
eight forward speeds.
Why eight speeds? The obvi-
ous answer is fuel mileage. With a
wide range of ratios, the engineers
can keep the engine running at
peak performance during more of Figure 1 3.6L

8 GEARS May 2017

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our Tranny Guide, ask for our CD
Catalog. With clickable links to take you
from index, to complete photo layout, to
individual part descriptions instantly!

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845RE: 8 Speeds from Just 4 Planets!

P1 P2 P3 P4

Figure 2

its operating cycle, letting them drag to achieve eight different ratios 845RE Gear Ratio Chart
the best fuel economy possible out of (figure 3).
1 4.69:1
their cars and trucks. To make it easier to understand
This transmission uses four the powerflow through this trans- 2 3.13:1
planetary gearsets: a Simpson gear set mission, were going to disassemble 3 2.10:1
with two planets, two ring gears, and the geartrain to show the individual 4 1.67:1
a common sun gear; and two simple components that are working in each
planetary gearsets (figure 2). Starting gear range. This is really the only way 5 1.29:1
from the front, these gearsets are to do it because, when the geartrain 6 1.00:1
identified as P1, P2, P3, and P4. is assembled, all the components 7 .84:1
In this edition of Fun with are nested into one another and held
Transmissions, were going to examine together with snap rings (figure 4). 8 .67:1
this amazing geartrain and discover R 3.30:1
how these clutches and planets interact Figure 3

Figure 4

10 GEARS May 2017

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STP_4_Solutions_Ad_2017_PRINT.indd 1 4/21/2017 11:59:00 AM
845RE: 8 Speeds from Just 4 Planets!

'A' CLUTCH 'A' Clutch Hub holds

the P1/P2 Sun Gear
Starting from the front we
have the two brakes: the A clutch,
and the B clutch. Brakes can
be clutches or bands that, when
applied, will anchor the rotating
component to the transmission
case. The A clutch is housed
in the front pump housing,
which also houses the B clutch
piston assembly.
The B clutch stacks into the
main case; the apply piston is
part of the pump housing. The
B clutch has no return springs;
the TCM applies and releases
hydraulic pressure to control the
rate of apply and release (figures 5
and 6).

Figure 5


'B' Clutch holds

P1 Ring Gear

Figure 6

12 GEARS May 2017

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Bigger isnt necessarily better.
Especially in the transmission kit business.
Its nice to be a big kahuna, but sometimes being smaller, focused So the next time a car is taking up your bay
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At Precision International we understand that. Thats why for fast, ask for a Precision International kit and
over forty years weve focused solely on producing the best, most avoid a costly wipeout.
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For service, tech support, kit inventory and availability for the new-
est models, to the hard to find oldies, Precision International is the
source rebuilders depend on worldwide.
Thats why weve become GMs largest transmission kit supplier
and recently were awarded the GM Vendor of the Year Award for
the third year in a row.

14 Todd Court Extension, Yaphank, NY 11980

Each kit comes with all parts sub-packaged (631) 567-2000 Fax (631) 567-2640
for your convenience, along with additional Toll Free: 800-872-6649
components you may need, to ensure the job E-mail: sales@transmissionkits.com
gets done fast. www.transmissionkits.com

1016 gears
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trim 8.125 x 10.875 Bleed 8.375 x 11.125 Live 7.375x 10.125 4c #258 5/1/17 10:41 AM
845RE: 8 Speeds from Just 4 Planets!

The A clutch holds the P1/P2

sun gear and the B clutch holds
the P1 sun gear. With both of these
clutches applied, the P4 ring gear
is stationary, because its splined
to the P1 planet by the long
aluminum sleeve (figure 7).
Next is the P2 planet, which is
permanently splined to the input
shaft. One of the interesting things
about the P2 ring gear is that it can
drive the P3 sun gear, or, when the
E clutch applies, the P4 sun gear
(figure 8).
Another interesting thing
about the P2 planet is that, when
the A clutch applies, it holds the
P1/P2 sun gear, which puts the P1 Planet is splined to
ring gear output into overdrive. the aluminum sleeve
Thats always true of these
Figure 7
gearsets: Whenever the planet
carrier is the input and the sun
gear is held, the output will always
be in overdrive.
The P3 planet sits behind the
P3 sun gear: This planet drives the
D clutch hub (figure 9) and the P3
ring gear drives the P4 sun gear
(figure 10). This hub drives the
P4 planet. The cool thing about
the P3 planetary gearset is that it
reduces the overdrive ratio of the
P2 planet when the transmissions
in 7th gear.
The other part of the very
cool 7th gear is the C clutch is
applied. This drives the P3 ring
Ring Gear Sun Gear
gear at input shaft speed. The
combination of driving the P3 sun Figure 8
gear faster than the P3 ring gear
which is driven by the input
shaft creates a gear reduction
to the P4 planet that offsets the
overdrive of the P2 planet.
The E and C clutches are
further back in the geartrain. The
E clutch is splined to (and driven
by) the P2 sun gear, and the C
clutch is splined to (and driven
by) the input shaft. These clutches
drive the P4 sun gear at different
speeds, depending on which
clutch is applied (figure 11). This
means that the P3 ring gear and
the P4 sun gear can be driven in
three different ways, to create
three different gear ratios. P3 Planet Clutch Hub
Finally we get to the P4
planet. This very stout, very busy Figure 9

14 GEARS May 2017

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Small Price, Big Value

Your Home for Trusted New & Used Parts

for Honda and Acura Transmissions
Clean Cut Cases
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Pressure Switches
Torque Converters
Final Drives
Valve Bodies And dont forget about brand new
Custom Parts
Sprags, Low Gears and Temp Sensors!
& So much more!

909-476-7252 www.GearspeedPartsStore.com
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845RE: 8 Speeds from Just 4 Planets!

planet has the D clutch built into

it. Its either in reduction or being
overdriven in every gear range
except 6th. In 6th gear, with the
E and C clutches applied, the P3
sun gear and the P3 are driven at
the same speed. This locks the P3
planet together.
Since the D clutch is applied,
the back half of the unit spins at
1:1. Just like the P3 planet, the
P4 planet is driven from three
different inputs: the P4 sun gear,
the P4 ring gear, and the D clutch
hub, which is splined to the
P3 planet.
Simple, right? Okay, maybe
simple isnt the right word, but its
certainly intriguing. And it reveals P3 Ring Gear P4 Sun Gear
how the manufacturer was able
to get eight forward gear ranges Figure 10
out of a transmission with these
four gearsets.
In the next edition of Fun
With Transmissions, well look
at the procedures to disassemble,
inspect, and reassemble these
geartrains safely. Youll need
some special tools, because the
machined, cast aluminum drive
shells are very fragile.
But, by following the pro-
cedures and using the proper
special tools, youll find you can
easily disassemble and reassemble
these intriguing geartrains, and
get them back on the road in no
time. Remember when its easy P4 Sun Gear
its all about having Fun With


Figure 11

16 GEARS May 2017

1bill-517.indd 16 5/1/17 10:32 AM

1Ads_517.indd 17 5/1/17 10:41 AM

by Pete Huscher

he Magna Powertrain model
3010 (MP 3010) transfer case
(figure 1) has been the heart of
GMs four-wheel drive truck line since
it was introduced in 2011 to replace
the New Venture Gear transfer case
The MP 3010 transfer case is an
electronically controlled, one-speed
automatic, active transfer case, which
provides three modes of operation: Auto
4WD, 4HI, and 2HI.
Software calibration allows the
transfer case to use an on-demand
torque biasing wet clutch system, along
with additional features, such as a
flexible adapt ready position and clutch
torque preload levels.
The system is calibrated to provide
0-5 lb-ft of torque transfer during Figure 1: MP 3010 Transfer case
low speed, low engine RPM torque
operation, and a predetermined higher slip. the transfer case shift control module
torque transfer at speeds greater than 25 On vehicles equipped with Stabili- applies the torque-biasing wet clutch,
MPH. Trak, the transfer case shift control located in the transfer case, transferring
In Auto 4WD mode, on non Stabili- module monitors wheel speed through torque to the front wheels. Once it
Trak equipped vehicles, the transfer the four, wheel speed sensors in the determines the wheels are no longer
case shift control module monitors the antilock brake system (ABS) to detect slipping, the transfer case shift control
two front wheel speed sensors and the wheel slip. module disengages the clutch, which, in
vehicle speed sensor to detect wheel When the system detects wheel slip, turn, disengages the front wheels.
18 GEARS May 2017

1pete 517x.indd 18 5/1/17 2:25 PM

In Auto 4WD mode,
on non Stabili-Trak
equipped vehicles,
the transfer case
shift control
module monitors
the two front wheel
speed sensors and
the vehicle speed
sensor to detect
Figure 2: Transfer Case Shift Control Module
wheel slip.

This technology allows for speed-

dependent torque transfer to enhance
driving performance, prevent crow
hopping or binding at low speeds, and
enhance vehicle stability at higher
Now lets see what controls the MP
3010 transfer case system.

System Control
The MP 3010 transfer case system
is controlled by the transfer case shift
control module. This module uses
several components to monitor and
control the transfer case operation,
transfer case shift control switch Figure 3: Transfer Case Control Switch
two-/four-wheel drive increment
actuator shaft position sensor
transfer case motor lock circuit
two-/four-wheel drive actuator
front axle actuator
vehicle speed signal
and torque demand information
from the PCM or ECM.
Now lets look at how the transfer
case shift control module uses each of
these components to control transfer
case operation.

Module Operation
The transfer case shift control
module located to the right of
accelerator pedal (figure 2) uses the
vehicle identification number (VIN) to
determine the proper calibration for the
transfer case control system. Figure 4: Actuator Shaft Position Sensor

GEARS May 2017 19

1pete 517x.indd 19 5/1/17 2:25 PM

Magna's MP 3010 Transfer Case

The calibration is based on vehicle Transfer Case has shifted into the requested range, the
specific axle ratios, transmission Control Switch module will turn the range indicator
types, tire sizes, and engine sizes. The MP 3010 transfer case control light on, indicating that its in the
Modifications to axle ratios and tire system uses a three-mode shift control requested range.
sizes will interfere with transfer case switch located on the instrument If the transfer case cant engage the
operation. panel (figure 3) to control transfer requested range, the module will return
The transfer case shift control case operation. Its a rotary switch with the transfer case to its previous range
module isnt interchangeable with other three positions: AUTO 4WD, 4HI and and may set code C0387 unable to
vehicles and must be calibrated to the 2HI. complete shift in memory.
specific vehicle during replacement. With the key on, the transfer case
The module is capable of shift control module monitors the Additional
performing self-diagnosis and will switch. As with most GM transfer case Components
light the Service 4WD message light control systems, if the module receives Two/Four Wheel Drive
located on the drivers information a request from the switch to change Incremental Sensor is located
center (DIC) if it encounters a range, and all the parameters are met, within the transfer case actuator motor
problem. You can access the transfer the module will attempt to shift the and cant be serviced separately. The
case shift control module with a scan transfer case to the requested range. sensor converts the transfer case shift
tool through the data link connector The module will flash the requested lever shaft position into an electrical
(DLC). gear range indicator light as it attempts signal. The module uses this signal to
to shift the transfer case into the determine what range the transfer case
requested range. Once the transfer case is in.
Actuator Shaft Position Sensor
The module uses signal from the
actuator shaft position sensor
located externally (figure 4) along
with the signal from the 2/4 wheel
drive incremental sensor, to determine
transfer case range position in degrees.
Transfer Case Motor Lock
Circuit is located in the two/four-
wheel drive actuator (refer to wiring
schematics). The circuit locks the
two-/four-wheel drive actuator motor
in position. When the lock circuit
energizes, it allows the transfer case
actuator motor to turn. When the lock
circuit isnt energized, it prevents
the transfer case actuator motor from
turning, locking it in place.
Figure 5: Two/Four Wheel Drive Actuator

Figure 6: Front Axle Actuator Figure 7: Vehicle Speed Sensor

20 GEARS May 2017

1pete 517x.indd 20 5/1/17 2:26 PM

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1Ads_517.indd 21 5/1/17 10:41 AM

Magna's MP 3010 Transfer Case

Figure 8: Transfer Case System Wiring Schematic #1

Two/Four Wheel Drive Actuator Front Axle Actuator an The vehicle speed sensor is located
This assembly (figure 5) consists of a electronically controlled actuator, on the transfer case (figure 7), creating a
permanent magnet DC reversible motor controlled by the module, that engages signal based on output shaft RPM. The
and gear reduction assembly, located the front axle (figure 6). module uses this signal to determine
on the transfer case. When activated, vehicle speed.
the actuator turns the shift lever in the Vehicle Speed The VSS sensor is a permanent
transfer case assembly. The actuator is The MP 3010 transfer case control magnet (PM) generator that produces
controlled by a PWM signal from the system monitors the vehicles speed an AC signal. The signal voltage and
module and it allows the transfer case to to control the transfer case operation. frequency increase with vehicle speed.
shift between 2HI and 4HI ranges.
22 GEARS May 2017

1pete 517x.indd 22 5/1/17 2:26 PM

1Ads_517.indd 23 5/1/17 10:41 AM
Magna's MP 3010 Transfer Case

Figure 9: Transfer Case System Wiring Schematic #2

The VSS signal from this sensor is This calculated vehicle speed is then walk through the diagnostic routines
a direct input to the powertrain control sent to the transfer case shift control needed to keep this MP 3010 transfer
module (PCM) or engine control module module via the GM LAN serial data case rolling down the road.
(ECM) (figures 8 and 9), depending on line.
application. Now that weve seen what controls
The PCM or ECM combines both the MP 3010 transfer case system,
the VSS input and the ABS wheel speed watch for the next installment of Keep
input to calculate actual vehicle speed. Those Trannys Rolling, where well
24 GEARS May 2017

1pete 517x.indd 24 5/1/17 2:26 PM

1Ads_517.indd 25 5/1/17 10:41 AM

by Steve Garret

ometimes life throws you a The 4L60E A/B solenoids are ground valve and 4-3 sequence valve to route
curve and those curves get controlled, with system voltage applied the oil to the overrun clutch.
even tougher to hit when the last to the solenoids all the time. Both units use compound servo
time you faced this pitcher was so long Both units use shift valves that designs to operate the 2-4 band. The
ago you have a hard time remembering are controlled by the A/B solenoids: servo applies oil pressure to the 2nd
what he looked like. So, when that The JR403E uses an overrun clutch gear piston to apply the servo in 2nd. In
pitcher starts throwing fastballs, you solenoid and an overrun valve train to 3rd gear, oil pressure is applied to the
have to wonder when itll stop. control the overrun clutch and 4th gear 3rd gear area of the servo, forcing the
So goes the story of a JR403-E. circuits. The 4L60E uses the manual servo to release.
Many of you may not be able to
remember the last time you faced one GM Reverse Forward Forward 2-4 3-4 Overrun Low Rev Low
of these units; others probably see Name Clutch Clutch Sprag Band Clutch Clutch Clutch One Way
them quite often. This month, Ive Other Reverse Forward Forward Brake High Overrun Low Low
seen five of them with problems. Names Clutch Clutch One Way Band Clutch Clutch Rev Brake One Way
The JR403-E is a 4-speed Jatco GEAR
rear-wheel drive transmission used Park
in a lot of trucks, including GM/ Reverse X X
Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. Neutral
Its also known as the RE4R03A/ 1st X X X
RG4R01A in some applications. M 1st X X X X X
Powerflow through the unit is very
2nd X X X
similar to the 4L60E, which makes it
M 2nd X X X X
easier to diagnose problems that have
3rd X X X
similar symptoms to the 4L60E.
The JR403E clutch and band M 3rd X X X X
application is the same as the 4L60E. 4th X X
The only differences are some of the Figure 1a
names of the individual components
(figures 1a & 1b). Solenoid
There are differences in solenoid
Gear JR403E A B TCC OR Clutch PCS
and hydraulic operation between
1st ON ON OFF Varies with load Varies with load
the JR403E and the 4L60E. On the
2nd OFF ON OFF Varies with load Varies with load
JR403E, A/B solenoids are feed
3rd OFF OFF OFF Varies with load Varies with load
controlled: The solenoids are normally
grounded; the computer applies system 4th ON OFF ON OFF Varies with load
voltage to the solenoid to energize it. Figure 1b

26 GEARS May 2017

1SteveG-517 v2.indd 26 5/1/17 10:33 AM

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1Ads_517.indd 27 5/1/17 10:41 AM

JR403-E With No 4th Gear

Shifting to 4th applies oil pressure This moves the overrun clutch Transmission Connector JR403E
to a 4th gear piston in the servo cover. valve, allowing 4th gear oil to
The combination of the 2nd gear and reach the servo 4th piston.
4th gear servo surface areas are greater If theres a problem with the 1 2 3 4
than the surface area for 3rd gear, so overrun clutch valves or solenoid
the servo reapplies the band. Both it can prevent the transmission 5 6 7 N/A
units use accumulators to control shift from shifting into 4th gear.
feel. So what should you check Pin Function Resistance
Now that youve had a chance when one of these transmissions 1 Solenoid B 20-40
to refresh your memory, lets look comes into your shop? Heres a 2 Solenoid A 20-40
at a common issue with this unit: no laundry list of items to check: 3 Overrun Clutch Solenoid 20-40
4th gear. The JR403E has a series of 4 Line Pressure Solenoid 2.5-5
pressure taps on the drivers side of the No 4th; No 4th Pressure 5 TCC Solenoid 10-20
transmission, including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (See figure 3 for valve locations). 6 Temp Sensor 2500 @ 60 F
servo apply oil circuits. 1. Is the manual valve all the way 7 Temp Sensor Between 6 and 7
If youre faced with a unit that into the correct range? 8 Not Used
wont shift into 4th gear, there are 2. Is the TCM commanding 4th
Gear Solenoid A Solenoid B Overrun TCC
two basic areas you should check: the gear?
1 On/12v On/12v Varies Off
commands to the solenoids (figure 2), 3. Is the correct voltage/
2 Off/0v On/12v Varies Off
and the apply oil available to the 4th current available for solenoid
gear pressure tap. operation? Blown fuses and 3 Off/0v Off/0v Varies Off
Of course, you can check the wiring damage have been 4 On/12v Off/0v Off On
commands to the solenoids with a known to cause issues with this Figure 2
scan tool, but that only indicates the unit.
TCM is trying to operate the solenoids. 4. Is solenoid A applying oil
It doesnt mean the solenoids are pressure to shift valve A? So, just like working on a 4L60E,
receiving the signal, nor does it mean 5. Is shift valve A sticking? finding the cause for a JR403E with
the solenoids are operating properly. 6. Is the overrun clutch solenoid no 4th gear can be a challenge, but it
Keep in mind that the shift sole- applying oil pressure to the overrun isnt impossible. Treat this unit like a
noids in this application are feed con- clutch valve? 4L60E, but keep in mind the electrical
trolled devices, so backprobing the 7. Are the overrun clutch and overrun and hydraulic differences between the
solenoid circuit while commanding the clutch reducing valves sticking? units, as one of those differences may
solenoid on should reveal system volt- 8 Is the shift valve train sticking be responsible for your problem.
age is being supplied to the solenoid. or the plugs between the valves Just follow these easy steps, and,
Problems with a solenoid or its broken? the next time youre at bat facing one
circuits can keep the transmission 9 Are the valve body gaskets correct? of these pitchers, youll be the one to
from shifting into 4th gear, but it Are the proper holes drilled? hit it out of the park!
usually wont be the only problem: No 4th; Low 4th Pressure
Shift solenoid A receives voltage in 1. Is the 4th servo piston broken?
1st and 4th gears, while solenoid B (Common)
receives voltage in 1st and 2nd gears. 2. Is the 4th servo cover cracked?
So a solenoid electrical or hydraulic (Common)
failure should cause you to lose two 3 Is the overrun clutch valve sticking?
gears; not just 4th. (Common)
Whats different between the 4 Are the aluminum plugs between
JR403E and the 4L60E is the use of the shift valves broken (Common)
an overrun clutch solenoid. When 5. Is there a massive leak in the
the JR403E shifts into 4th gear, the accumulator, accumulator circuit, or
overrun clutch solenoid is turned off. 4th servo circuits?

28 GEARS May 2017

1SteveG-517 v2.indd 28 5/1/17 10:33 AM

Check the Plugs for cracking Check
Shift Valve A
for sticking

Check the Overrun Clutch

Valves for sticking

Figure 3

RostraTransmission.com rostratweets RostraPC

GEARS May 2017 29

1SteveG-517 v2.indd 29 5/1/17 10:33 AM


by Scott Shotton
The Driveability Guys

H ave you ever replaced a major

component, such as a cylin-
der head or an engine, and
then, after you thought your repair was
complete, the vehicle wouldnt start?
What weve covered over the past
two months is the precursor to the
oddball situations well address today.
These repair situations are usually man
made unintentionally caused during
further and address the nightmare issues
that usually occur after a major repair.
These problems are the horror thats
usually man made, and the good you
can access to alleviate the horror. These
Maybe you installed a remanufactured another repair. issues are more common than you may
engine or one from a salvage yard; it In the last couple issues, weve realize.
doesnt matter. Maybe you bought a covered a variety of crankshaft and For our first example, we have a
used cylinder head to save the cus- camshaft sensor tests. These tests 2002 Dodge Durango with a 4.7-liter
tomer money. Or maybe an engine pertained to the sensors themselves, as engine. A used-car dealer purchased
remanufacturer installed the timing well as crankshaft-to-camshaft timing the vehicle at auction, with plans to
chain incorrectly. issues. repair and sell it. Many used car lots
Whatever the case, it happens. In this issue, well expand even do this and sometimes these situations

Figure 1

30 GEARS May 2017

1scottshotton517jt.indd 30 5/1/17 3:20 PM

provide the most interesting diagnostic
dilemmas. With a salvage compression humps between the
ignition firing events, we come up with
According to the dealer, the vehicle yard engine, about eight engine revolutions between
had an engine that had come apart, so those events. On an eight-cylinder
someone installed a salvage yard unit. mechanical engine, there are four compression
The first salvage yard engine was also
bad, so they replaced it with a second
issues are always strokes per crankshaft revolution. Eight
compression strokes, or two revolutions
one. Now the truck, on its second possible. of the engine, would require only
replacement engine, cranks but wont one ignition firing event. Why is this
start. problem. If the engine passes a relative happening?
The first step is to verify the compression test, then we can take a Ignition timing on most modern
customers complaint and make some mechanical fault off the table. Well vehicles is based on the crankshaft
observations. The engine cranks, and also use an ignition sync to get an idea position sensors input to the PCM.
it seems to try to fire once in a while; of spark timing, or to see if it even has a Since the ignition coil is firing we have
when it does, the engine stops cranking spark (figure 1). at the wrong time, but its firing
momentarily, almost as though it has The blue waveform shows starter well change the scope connections
over-advanced ignition timing. motor current. The starter current is to view the crankshaft and camshaft
Of course, the battery is connected slowly moving up and down, due to the position sensors signals.
to a charger because the vehicle has erratic cranking speed, but no single While consulting service
been cranked to death. As a result, cylinder seems to stand out as being information, we discover that there are
the MIL is off and there are no DTCs lower than the rest. two sets of wiring diagrams for this
stored. Where do we go now? The red waveform shows primary vehicle: One is for a Durango equipped
With a salvage yard engine, ignition voltage. This is the waveform with a Jeep truck engine controller
mechanical issues are always possible. that raises everyones eyebrow: First, (JTEC) while the second is for a next
But we cant rule out fuel or ignition it appears to multi-strike the ignition generation controller (NGC) Both
problems. In this case, we perform a coil, which is possible on a Ford, but a diagrams are for the 4.7-liter engine
relative compression test to determine Chrysler? (figure 2, pg 32). There must have been
whether the engine has a mechanical Second, if we count the a mid-year change on this vehicle.

GEARS May 2017 31

1scottshotton517jt.indd 31 5/1/17 3:20 PM

Crank and Cam Part III The Horror and the Good

Figure 2

Figure 3

Our Durango is equipped with methods are: position sensor (blue) doesnt match the
a JTEC engine controller, which 1. your own database signal we captured. And, even though
we confirmed with a quick visual 2. a web site the camshaft waveforms look very
inspection. We make the proper 3. a buddy similar, they dont match either.
connections and then crank the engine Your own database requires time, Count the pulses from the camshaft
again (figure 3). testing, and good organizational skills. sensor signal. The pattern from the
Channel C (green) is the camshaft A professional web site can be an option, engine installed in our vehicle is 1-2-3-
(CMP) sensor and channel D (gold) is if you can find one with the information 2-2-1-3-1. If we repeat the same count
the crankshaft (CKP) sensor. As you you need. Finally, a fellow technician on the JTEC capture, we come up with
can see, both sensors are outputting may have what youre looking for. In 1-2-3-3-2-1-3-1.
clean digital signals and the voltages are this case, we consulted the International A little more research and we came
appropriate. But are the signals correct? Automotive Technicians Network, or up with a capture from a 4.7-liter engine
Here is where we need a known good www.iATN.net, to find a known good equipped with an NGC. The crankshaft
capture to compare with our test results. waveform (figure 4, pg 34). and camshaft sensor signals from the
Known good captures can be a This waveform came from a NGC application matched our vehicles
challenge. There are many ways to 4.7-liter engine equipped with a JTEC. signals exactly.
obtain them. The three most common Upon initial observation, the crankshaft
32 GEARS May 2017

1scottshotton517jt.indd 32 5/1/17 3:21 PM


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LCT 1000 - Update

MAY 30 & 31
6R80 - Diagnostics

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ATRA_Webinars May 2017.indd 34 4/28/17 9:17 AM

Crank and Cam Part III The Horror and the Good

Figure 4

So what happened? The engine crankshaft reluctor is inside the engine of the situation is often due to man-made
from the salvage yard was wrong for the and the camshaft sensor signal is failures. The good is the knowledge and
vehicle. The used car lot wasnt happy different, too. tooling to identify the issue quickly in
to hear that, since it meant that we were The next question was a bit the future.
going to have to replace the engine with frightening: Can we just replace Adding this test to your arsenal,
the right one to solve the problem. the computer? Basically, swapping and performing it early in your
Its hard to point a finger at the modules on a Chrysler product diagnostic process, can greatly increase
salvage yard in this case. Think about probably isnt the best idea. Second, the you efficiency and alleviate a lot of
it they pulled a 4.7-liter engine connectors are different. Third, wed diagnostic pain.
from a 2002 Durango and labeled it need to swap out the entire vehicle Do you have engine or electrical
accordingly. How were they to know harness to accomplish this task and diagnostic issues youd like to see
there was a difference? no one wants to open that can of worms. addressed in the future? Let Scott know.
The owner of the shop asked if There are a handful of tests you can Email scott@driveabilityguys.com
the flywheel could be replaced to solve use for a variety of different situations. and you just may have your question
the problem, like on an older Chrysler Scoping the crankshaft and camshaft covered in a future issue of GEARS.
product. Of course it couldnt: The sensors is one of those tests. The horror

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GEARS May 2017 35

1scottshotton517jt.indd 35 5/1/17 3:21 PM

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seminar 517 pg1.indd 1 5/2/17 9:35 AM

Whats Covered CHRYSLER
GENERAL 42-48RE Units AS68RC
- TCC Shuttle, Bucking, Feels Like a - Input Shaft/K1 Clutch Update and
All LCT 1000 Misfire Changes
- Remote Reprogramming Reprogramming - Stator Support Shaft Updates and
- TCM-PCM-TCCM Calibration - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD, Changes
- No Forward or Reverse
Updates 2014 GMC Sierra HD - Oil Pump Cover Update and
All Hyundai 62TE Reprogramming Changes
- 1-2 Neutral Shift
- Unable to Program the TC/PCM - 2014 Chrysler Town & Country - Stator Support Pump Body
Subaru J2534 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2014 Updates and Changes
- Dog Clutch Pressure Transducer
- Reprogramming Not Available on Dodge Journey Reprogramming - Pump Body Updates and Changes
Factory Website 845RFE - Bind in Park After Rebuild
All Reprogramming - Reprogramming - Scraping Noise from Flywheel Area
- Unable to Program, No Error
FORD U150 RE0F11A,
CFT 6F35 - Slipping or Binding Shifts, Solenoid RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Delayed Engagement After - Moves Forward in Neutral and Test - Primary Speed Sensors
Overhaul, DTC 0868 Binds in Reverse After Overhaul - Slipping or Binding, Solenoid Test - Output Speed Sensors
Torqshift, 4R100, E4OD, - Reverse Engagement Issues - Air Checks - Ratio Control (Stepper) Motor
4R70W 4R70W - Pump Gear Direction - External Lube Filter Replacement
- Wiring Issues - Locks Up on Top of 2nd Gear - Anti-Rattle Clip - Service Information
Torqshift - Pressure Regulator Valve - Sprag Rotation RE0F10D/E/H/J
- Coast Clutch Drum Repair 6R80 - Clutch Application - Input Speed Sensors
- Delayed Forward Engagements - Updates - Solenoid Identification RE0F11A
- Delayed Reverse - Torque Specifications - Speed Sensor Shims
- Bind Ups - Bolt Removals - Solenoid Identification and Function
- Binds in Reverse - Valve Body Breakdown - Fluid Temperature Sensor
- Binds in Drive - Accumulator Location - High Clutch Pressure Sensor/
- Venting - Codes Switch
ZF6HP19A - Case Connector
- Coolant in Transmission
Pressure Sensors/Switches
Clutch Apply Chart w/ Ratio
4L60E, 4L80E 6L50 - Transmission Fluid Contamination Change
- Erratic Shifts, Possible P0730 Set - Updated Pendulum Torque Mercedes 7G DCT - Pressure Tap Locations
4L80E Converter - Introduction - Secondary Bearing Failure
- No Lock-Up Command 6L50/80/90 JF011E - Broken Transmission Case
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 - No Reverse After Valve Body - DTC P0845, Valve Body RE0F10A/B
- No Lock-Up Command Replacement Interchange - Solenoid Identification and Function
6T30/35/40/75, 8L45 6L80/90 Nissan/Jatco CVT RE0F06A
- Hybrid Start/Stop Feature No - No 4th, 5th, 6th Gears, Possible - Applications - Solenoid Identification and Function
Longer Operates After Repairs, No DTC P0796 - Introduction RE0F09A/B, RE0F08A
DTCs Set - Burnt 2-6 Clutch - Idle Neutral Control - Fluid Temperature Sensor
6T40 - Delayed Engagement, Slip, - G Sensors (Late Models) RE0F06A
- DTCs Set After TEHCM Shudder, Clutch Damage - G Sensors Calibration - Fluid Temperature Sensor
Replacement - Interchange 1-2-3-4/3-5-R Drum - Speed Sensor Function RE0F10/09/08
- Fast Learn Software Changes Intermittently Neutrals on Launch - Fluid Temperature Sensor - Pressure Sensors/Switches
- Generation 3 Oil Pump Update 8L45/8L90 - Ratio Change Most Other CVTs RE0F10A
Change - Harsh Shifts - Pulley Assembly Tools - Pressure Tap Locations
6T40/45/50 - Delayed Engagement, Drops Out RE0F11A, JF015E, - Service Information
- AWD Final Drive Failure of Gear at Stop Signs F1CJB - Secondary Bearing Failure
Slipping/Damaged 3-5-R or 8L90 - Introduction - Pressure Sensor Failures
4-5-6 Clutch - Hard Downshifts, Especially the RE0F10/09/08A/B, - P0218 Transmission Overheating
6T70 3-1 Shift, Possible Flare/Bump on RE0F06A - Case Air Checks
- Repeat Burnt 3-5-R Clutches the Upshift or Downshift - Introduction Nissan/Jatco CVT
6T70/75/80 - Applications, Accelerator Pedal RE0F11/10A - Heater Thermostat
- TCC Slip, Shudder, No Apply After Position Sensor Updated Design, - Range Sensors - Push Belt Failure
Service Shift Point Changes RE0F10D/E/H/J VT1F
- Gen 2 Valve Body Identification 4T65E - Speed Sensor Locations - Belt Failure
6L45 - P0742 Set, Chuggle/Surge During - Fluid Temperature Sensor RE0F09A
- No Reverse Followed by No Deceleration When Coming to a RE0F10/09/08A/B, - Pulley Failure
Forward or Reverse, GM and Stop RE0F06A/B - Bearing Failure
BMW Applications LCT1000 - Speed Sensor Locations F4A42-F5A51
6L50, MP1622G, - DTC P0847 - Harsh Engagements
MP3025G - 2nd Gear Hold
- Transfer Case Shift Concerns - 2-3 Flare
Colorado and Canyon - No 3-4 Shift Commanded

seminar 517 pg2.indd 1 5/2/17 9:36 AM


p Your Business is an exclusive Theres only one airline thats
GEARS Magazine feature in made a profit every year over the
which I share stories, insights, last 40 years: Southwest Airlines.
and reflections about real business and Ironically, they tend to be the most
life challenges. relaxed in dealing with exceptions and
Have you ever thought about the change requests. They look for ways
expression, My way or the highway? to say yes, while others seem to do
Why is the highway a negative when the opposite. We could probably spend
its counterpart, the high road isnt? a few pages discussing their business
Makes you want to say, Hmmm. procedures, but this article doesnt
Today I want to share two recent have anything to do with Southwest
customer service experiences one Airlines.
where I was essentially, given the First, heres a little background
my-way-or-the-highway choice, and to set the stage regarding the
a second where an ATRA Good Guy exceptionally stressful circumstances
exemplifies taking the high road. Both involved. Recently, my wife, our two
deal with customer service situations sons, and I travelled from Phoenix to by Thom Tschetter
that fell outside routine policies Seattle. The mission of this trip was to
and procedures, but only one is a pack up my mother-in-laws belongings
clear winner. and move her into an assisted-living
facility here in Arizona. Wed rented
My Way or The Highway a one-way truck, and the boys were
The airline industry is an easy going to drive the loaded truck back to
mark when it comes to finding exam- Phoenix while my wife and I flew back
ples being rigid and unaccommodating with her mom.
when it comes to making exceptions to I wish Id taken a picture of what
their policies and rules. became the bone of contention at the
38 GEARS May 2017

1tschetter 517.indd 38 5/1/17 10:34 AM

check-in counter for our departing returned, she told us that their baggage check it now because theyd seen that it
flight. Heres my attempt to paint a policy doesnt allow items to be didnt comply with their policy.
word picture: Id neatly sandwiched bundled together. If they were in a box I was about to take the whole
some moving blankets between two, or even a large plastic bag, it wouldve bundle back out to our car, more out
4-wheeled furniture dollies with the been okay. of principle than anything else, when
wheels facing inward, so they wouldnt I asked to speak with the supervi- an agent (the hero of our story), who
present a hazard. I used a combination sor. I explained the circumstances and was working the adjacent counter and
of bungee cords and packing tape to pleaded with her to make an exception. had overheard the entire conversation,
secure the bundle. I pointed out other checked items, said I have a suggestion: I see that
The entire bundle was like strollers and wheelchairs, all with youre a priority club member. One
30"x18"x12" about the size of a other items attached to them. of the benefits of your membership
full-sized suitcase and weighed Finally, she offered us the my- is that you, and each of the people
about 30 pounds (well under the size way-or-the-highway solution: Separate traveling in your party, get one free
and 50-pound limit). By the way, Id the dollies, check them as individual checked item. Since there are four
discussed my intention on the phone items, and put the blankets into a of you, lets just separate the dollies,
with the airlines baggage department large plastic bag, which she offered to bundle the blankets in a large bag, and
prior to putting the bundle together provide. Of course, wed have to pay check them through. It wont cost you
and the agent gave me her blessing, checked bag fees of $35 for each of the anything at all.
subject to meeting the above-described now-separate items. The difference between the agents
size and weight parameters. The cost to rent the dollies and was that the hero agent was looking for
At any rate, when I placed the blankets from the truck rental com- what I call a yes-able solution, rather
bundle on the scale at the check-in pany would only be about $75. The than being bound by policies and
counter for an airline that was total baggage fees would be $105, so it procedural rules and a my-way-or-the-
decidedly not Southwest! the didnt make sense to take them. It was highway attitude.
ticket agent gave me the stink eye just that I already owned the stuff and
and immediately copped an attitude. was trying to save a few bucks. Taking the High Road
Without a hello or any other friendly She said this was the best she Turning our attention back to the
greeting, she said, Ill have to speak could offer and added that, if I had put transmission business, heres a story
with my supervisor to see if this can it all in a plastic bag or a box before about one of our ATRA Good Guys.
be checked. coming to the airport, they wouldnt This is one of the best examples of
She ignored me when I told her have seen the way it was bundled, and perfect customer-centric service Ive
Id already gotten it cleared by phone, it wouldve been okay. But get a ever observed. I was fortunate to be
and, without another word, she pivoted load of this! there was no way they visiting the shop and to get to watch
to find her supervisor. When she could allow us to put it in a bag and what took place first hand.

NE 17
Out-maneuver The 62TE
Work Smarter Not Harder With
Wtih The Compounder Remover
8 ch
Or 1/2 In c h
le W it h 3/
C o mpatib

A Great Attachment For

Your Slide Hammer. Fits On
T-9908AC The 62TE Compounder.
GEARS May 2017 39

1tschetter 517.indd 39 5/1/17 10:34 AM

House Call Diagnostics

The service adviser took a call keys to my company car. Feel free to jobs. If we only get an occasional
from a frightened consumer. He was use it until I have your car back. You additional job using this procedure, at
afraid that he had a transmission can even drive it home overnight todays prices, I think the impact on
problem and afraid to take it anywhere if, for some reason, we dont have our sales and profit is worth it.
until hed gotten some prices. Recog- your car finished by the end of the By the way, we get at least 15
nizing that this potential customers day. The customer appeared to to 20 jobs a year with this procedure.
fear was real and needed to be be very relieved no evidence of Sure, we might have gotten some of
relieved, the service adviser offered to fear remained. them anyway, but the customers who
make a complimentary house call. It turned out that the transmission get this service love us even more
He explained that he would drop needed an overhaul. Guess who got the and theyre our greatest sources of
by on his way back from lunch, and job! How hard do you think it was to referrals. I guess this is what ATRA
road test and check the car visually, so sell the job? calls customer-centric, but I just
he could better advise the customer. It turns out that house call think this is what happens when
In this case, the customer was at diagnostics is a common practice for everyone wins.
work, so it ended up to be an office this shop whenever customers are
call actually even better. The cus- unable to or fearful about bringing What We Can Learn
tomer accepted the service advisers their cars into the shop. While this I think every shop owner should
kind offer. appeared to be an exception, they have do a self-check to see if there are any
I couldnt resist going on a discretionary guidelines regarding areas in their policies and procedures
ride-along. While performing the when they offer it, and this was that convey a my-way-or-the-highway
road test, examining the fluid, and more procedurally choreographed than attitude. Look for alternative ways to
performing a few other visual checks, it appeared. take the high road and offer yes-able
the service adviser was proactively The shop seldom fails to retrieve solutions.
building rapport and trust with the the car once theyve performed their From here, it looks like the high
customer. house call diagnostic service. They road is the road to success!
He advised the customer that, to also seldom lose the recommended
pinpoint the problem, he needed to do repair job. They feel its because they
a more extensive diagnostic evaluation now have the car, because theyve
and an electronic system scan that he established rapport and built trust
could only do at the shop. He said it with the customer, and because the
would run around $149 and that the customers replacement transportation
cost of the diagnosis would apply problem is solved with the loaner car.
toward any repairs that were necessary. The shop considers an office call Share Your Stories
At this point, the customer was diagnostic visit to be a bonus because If youve personally experienced a
comfortable with allowing him to take of the almost certain positive word-of- weird or unusual customer dispute and
the car to the shop for the additional mouth advertising they get among the wouldnt mind sharing it to help your
diagnosis. But he asked if itd be customers co-workers. industry, please contact me. You just tell
me the story and Ill do all the heavy
finished before the end of the day, When I asked how many jobs they
lifting to write it.
because he needed it to get back and get with their house call diagnostic
We can make it an article about
forth to work. service, the owner replied, All of you, or you may remain anonymous. The
Without missing a beat, the them. What does it matter how many? main thing is we want to share stories
service adviser handed the customer We have no added cost because we that will help others avoid similar prob-
his keys, saying, Here; take the offer free loaner cars with all major lems. Call me at 480-773-3131 or email
me at coachthom@gmail.com.

About the Author

Thom Tschetter has served our
industry for nearly four decades as a
management and sales educator. He
owned a chain of award-winning trans-
mission centers in Washington State for
over 25 years.
He calls on over 30 years of
experience as a speaker, writer, business
consultant, and certified arbitrator for
topics for this feature column.
Thom is always eager to help
members of our industry and continues
to be proactive in pursuing ways to
improve your business and your life.

40 GEARS May 2017

1tschetter 517.indd 40 5/1/17 10:34 AM

Your goal is to make your transmission shop more successful,

and ours is to help you do it. As the worlds largest and strongest

trade organization of transmission rebuilders, ATRA is your

premier source for transmission problem-solving and repair

information. A partnership with ATRA means profit for you.


atra membership
we do.indd2 1 2/24/14 1:41
3/28/17 2:37 PM
alling this a certification program That should be a breeze for you,
might be selling ourselves short, because the master certification test is
because its much more than a combination of the most important
that. The ATRA certification program data from each of the other programs.
is actually a complete educational Once youve earned your master
curriculum. It includes all the resources certification, youll receive a beautiful
you need to pass the tests, but its also wooden plaque and a press release to
filled with all the background infor- send to your local newspapers. Enjoy
mation you need to take your place as the pride of accomplishing the most
a leader in the automatic transmission difficult, most inclusive certification in
repair industry. the industry: Youve earned it!
The program consists of 12 indi- by Lance Wiggins
vidual categories, each one covering a Rebuilder Specialty members.atra.com
critical part of your job as a transmis- Certification
sion technician. Not all of the tests What does it take to be an ATRA
apply to each certification, and several certified rebuilder? Youll need
cross over from one certification to a thorough understanding of the
the next. hydraulic operation of the trans-
Your best bet is to choose the mission, along with the me-
certification level youd like to earn chanical aspects that make it
first, and begin with the tests that work. Youll need a basic
apply. Take a test, and then use your understanding of electri-
results to help guide your training. cal systems, along with a
Then, once youve filled in the blanks complete familiarity with
in your education, take the test again. rebuild techniques.
Once youve passed a test, Those are the
move on to the next, until youve programs youll have to
attained your first goal. Then you can pass to earn your ATRA
decide which goal you should head rebuilder specialty certi-
toward next. fication. Theres a lot to
Once youve passed all 12 rebuilding todays transmis-
individual tests, youre ready to climb sions, and the folks at ATRA
to the pinnacle of the industry with worked overtime to create a com-
the final test: the master certification. plete program that demands a thor-
42 GEARS May 2017

1Certification 517.indd 42 5/1/17 10:35 AM

ough understanding of each of the in- Its not much wonder that the Youll have to prove that you have
dividual systems that makes todays diagnostic certification has so many a firm grasp on the concepts that
transmissions operate. categories: The entire shop depends on make up every individual category
Its a big job, but carrying an the work you do. An accurate diagno- within ATRAs certification program.
ATRA rebuilders certification is a sis makes everyones job easier and Its where you get to prove that you
big responsibility. And, once youve more profitable. Take full advantage know what youre talking about
earned your ATRA rebuilder certifi- of the programs available in the diag- when it comes to todays automotive
cation, youll be ready to tackle any nostic certification: Your job and technology.
transmission that hits your bench. everyone elses depends on you. Once you pass the master
certification test, youll be able
Chassis Technician Master Certification to claim your prize. Youre at the
Specialty Certification So youve passed every individual top of your game a leader in the
What is a chassis technician? It program in the list. You should feel transmission world. Climb to the top of
used to be what wed call an R&R pretty good about yourself but you the mountain and shout it to the world:
tech. But todays chassis technicians arent quite done yet. Youre the very best this industry has
are so much more than just someone Nows the time to put it all on the to offer.
who can pull a transmission or pop it line to prove youre the very best of And you wont have to do it alone:
back in. the best. Nows the time to earn your Well do it with you, by providing
You need a clear understanding master certification. This is where you with an exquisite wooden plaque
of basic electrical systems, and a you get to reestablish your claim to hang on your office wall, and a
familiarity with the components that as a specialist in every category in press release to send to your local
relate to it. the program. newspaper. This is your time to
Even more important on todays The master certification is a shine, and were right with you, to
cars, you need a clear understanding of demanding test that pushes you to sing your praises to the entire world.
the safety procedures for working in a the limit of your understanding. Congratulations on a job well done!
shop. And, if youre going to work on
todays hybrids, theres a whole series
of unique safety precautions you need
to be familiar with, too.
These programs cover everything
you need to know to be comfortable
with basic diagnosis and repair
procedures, and to remove and replace
the transmission safely and effectively.

Diagnostician Technician
Specialty Certification
These days theres no one more
important in a transmission repair
shop than the diagnostic technician.
An accurate diagnosis makes the entire
job easier and more profitable; without
it, and youre just throwing money at
the car, hoping something will stick.
As a diagnostician, you need to
be versed in every level of electrical
operation, and you need a clear
understanding of computer systems
and driveability diagnosis. Youll need
to know more than just what to check:
You need a clear understanding of how
things work.
ATRAs diagnostic certification
will stretch you to your limits. Youll
have to be able to prove that you have
the understanding of the systems in
todays cars, along with a thorough
familiarity with diagnostic strategy.
GEARS May 2017 43

1Certification 517.indd 43 5/1/17 10:35 AM


W hen trying to sell their

businesses, one of the first
questions all business owners
ask is, Whats my business worth?
Knowing your businesss street
date, current depreciated value, and
todays fair market value.
Ask yourself what you would
pay for each item. On the equipment
list, have photos of the most valuable
value is important. Not what you think items. Old inventory can be worth less
its worth, but an objective dollar than you paid. Obsolete equipment
amount based upon sound valuation and parts are best cleared from
principles. The value of a business your business.
is more dynamic than that of a house Intangibles include your customer
or car. Significant components for list, web site, social media, phone by John E. Anderson
establishing your shops value include: number, and vendors. For a buyer to MS Management
Tax returns consider these intangibles, you need to smartexit@atra.com
Tangible and intangible assets organize them and prove their value.
Staff and sales history Have spreadsheets with customers
Market and competitive conditions purchasing histories ranked best
While the three latest tax returns to least with contact names, phone
are very important, a healthy profit numbers, and email addresses. Tie this
trend over many years is evidence together with your current strategic
of good management. You need and marketing plans. your growing number of millennial
to evaluate assets, debt, salaries, From the tax returns and customers.
inventory, and equipment, along with accounting records, establish how Train the new hires with written
sales and profits: gross and net. your company compares to similar practices and systems for getting
Tax returns showing respectable shops recently sold or now on the cars out the door quickly. A systems-
net profit despite sales fluctuations market. Compare financial ratios of net based business is worth more than
indicate sound management techniques. profit to sales, net to equity, assets to one without clearly documented
Competent managers monitor finan- liabilities, receivables to payables, and procedures.
cial statements and make adjustments. others to industry averages and target Many industries have formulas
Sound management practices signal benchmarks. for determining business value.
astute buyers of a desirable enterprise A healthy company culture For pharmacies its been $10
to acquire, increasing its value. today has a mix of new hires and plus-or-minus, times the number of
Tangible assets include your stable employees focused on pleasing prescriptions per year. For magazines
inventory and equipment. Have a customers with quick job turnaround. and newspapers, its a function of
spreadsheet for each showing equip- Too many new hires or no new hires their paid subscriptions. In the auto
ment brands with model numbers. are both weaknesses. You want a repair business, one formula has been
For inventory, list part numbers with millennial on staff to help with social 3540% of annual gross sales plus
distributors. Show purchase price and media and communicating with equipment and inventory.
44 GEARS May 2017

1Anderson 517.indd 44 5/1/17 10:37 AM

Once every three to ten years, valuation expert may determine, and in your retirement portfolio from
we recommend getting a certified that the IRS will accept. sales proceeds.
valuation. They can cost $3000 and The suggested price that valuation Your shop is worth what you make
up, depending upon the size of your experts offer can also vary because of it worth. Like a car, if it runs, you
business. Its possible that, during the volatile market conditions at different can probably get someone to pay you
valuation process, a more accurate times of the year and changing local or something, but maybe not as much as
value formula can be built for your national economic conditions. its worth. Make everything about your
shop, which you and your accountant In addition, there are differences shop sparkle in the sun and people will
can apply annually to be sure youre between the various types of buyers: want it and will pay top dollar.
making progress to reach your Family, employees, competitors, Valuation is an ongoing process.
value targets. investors, and strategic buyers look Determine what you want your
The Internal Revenue Service for different business attributes, and business to be worth. Then make it
code makes it advantageous for will be willing to pay more for the worth more than that, and make your
business buyers to acquire assets, businesses with the attributes theyre smart exit!
while sellers do best if they sell the looking for. If you prepare your
business. The very act of identifying personal and tax circumstances, you
and establishing the value of your can put as much as twice as much
business beyond your assets increases
your overall business value and your
ability to sell it.
There are television shows about John E. Anderson will be speaking at this years to turn your business around, so you can answer the
Expo. John is a longtime business coach who helps three questions, and ultimately, find a smart exit that
firms that specialize in preparing a
business owners evaluate their businesses, adjust works for you.
house or business for sale. Clever their operating practices, build a strategic plan and Post your questions and observations on the ATRA
staging and marketing can result make a Smart Exit. Forum. A CEO Circle of shop owners is forming to
in competitive bidding and a In the coming issues, John will discuss some of discuss these topics leading up to the EXPO. Email
substantially higher price than the the strategies hes developed. Hell show you how ATRA for further information smartexit@atra.com
more conservative estimate a certified


Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association

2400 Latigo Avenue Oxnard, CA 93030
Toll Free (866) 464-2872 (805) 604-2000 Fax (805) 604-2003

GEARS May 2017 45

1Anderson 517.indd 45 5/1/17 10:37 AM

by Steve Bodofsky
Brought to you by:

ere more than just rebuild-
ers, says Ron Shaw, owner of
A-Affordable Transmission
Centers, with two shops in the Denver,
Colorado area. We understand how
transmissions work, so we arent afraid
to repair a transmission, rather than
simply rebuild it.
Too many shops seem to think
that every part in a transmission needs
to be updated for the unit to last. But
some customers dont want to rebuild
the whole transmission; they dont want
to put a lot of money into it.
That rebuild mentality may be
a holdover from the days when a
transmission could be rebuilt for a few
hundred dollars. Back then, there just
wasnt much point to repair only what
was wrong with the transmission: You
couldnt save enough on the repair
to justify not replacing the rest of the
But today, with some rebuilds
reaching three and four thousand dollars,
suddenly it may well be worthwhile to
consider a repair instead of a complete Ron Shaw, owner of A-Affordable Transmission Centers, with two shops in Denver, CO
rebuild. While the savings may only
46 GEARS May 2017

1shop profile517.indd 46 5/1/17 3:22 PM

A-Affordable Transmission Crew: L to R: Darren Hebner, Dan Tabor, Gary Pike, Hilario Torres, Ron Shaw

be a fraction of the total cost of the days when your business

the job, that could still be enough to depended on position in
satisfy the customer. the Yellow Pages: Back in
So Ron and his team evaluate the the day when phone books
damage, and, when it makes sense, were important for business,
theyll offer their customers the A-minus came before AA, so
opportunity to choose whether a repair we used that for placement
or rebuild works best for them. purposes, explains Ron.
Giving folks an option as long I started in the industry
as its going to be a proper fix thatll in 1984 as a transmission
last is what customers want to hear, installer at a shop in Chicago.
says Ron. I was there for about five
And I dont expect it to last just a years, working my way up.
couple years after a repair; I expect it to By the time I left there, I was
last a hundred thousand miles! So we working as a swing man. I
work hard to deliver perfection, even on was rebuilding all types of Randal Paul, VP of Operations and
a unit thats a repair as needed. transmissions, but I never did answers the phones for both locations.
According to Ron, even the most it on a daily basis.
basic repair-as-needed service still I moved to Houston, Texas, in the at the last moment the deal fell through.
gets a thorough examination. The early 90s where I worked for one of the I tried to get my old job back but
transmission still gets disassembled larger franchised shops. I started there theyd already hired a replacement.
completely, everything gets washed, as an installer, and I eventually moved There was a small shop in Englewood
it still gets a full paper-and-rubber up into management. Thats where I called Affordable Automatic and
kit we dont just throw in a piston learned basic sales techniques and the Standard thatd been in business
and button it up we make sure its franchises procedures. I stayed with since 1979. The owner heard my deal
repaired properly. them for about 12 years. fell through, so he contacted me, we
Of course, even if a basic repair It was while he was in Houston negotiated a deal, and within a week I
could be successful, that doesnt mean that he met his wife, Brandie. Shed owned the shop.
they wouldnt be happy to rebuild the been raised in Houston, but her family Ron still owns that shop in
transmission. And the warranties for was living in Denver, and a lot of Englewood; he bought his second shop
those services vary, based on the level Rons acquaintances in the transmission in Thornton, Colorado in 2004. That
of repair: from a flat 90-day warranty industry had opened shops in Colorado. was another transmission shop, called
for a repair-as-needed service to 3 So they decided to move to Denver. Independent Transmissions. They were
years/50,000 miles for a full rebuild I began working at a franchised struggling to make ends meet. I took
using OEM parts. transmission shop in Denver early in that shop over and have been running it
1999 or 2000, says Ron. They werent ever since.
The History in Colorado long before Ron decided to Ron acknowledges that he took
The shop name, A-Affordable open his own franchised shop. He made a lot of his business and management
Transmission Center, is a holdover from the deal complete, hed left his job, but procedures from his years working with
GEARS May 2017 47

1shop profile517.indd 47 5/1/17 3:22 PM

A-Affordable Transmission, Denver CO

Dan Tabor & Darren Hebner

The main shop area.

the franchise company. A lot, but not While advertising is an important to deliver other customers cars, to see
everything: What sets us apart from the part of any business model, Ron is quick whether their cars are finished or where
typical franchised shop is that we price to point out that a large percentage of they are in the repair. That has to save
everything up front, before removing or their business comes from returning time and effort.
disassembling the transmission. customers or referrals. When we get But thats only part of the job
Not much wonder they stay so a job, we make a lasting impression, for the phone salesperson: After hes
busy; seems like thatd be a valuable so our repeat and referral business updated the existing customers, he
selling point to their customers. tends to be very good, explains Ron. starts making cold calls. Hell bust
Everything we do is transparent 80% of our business comes from out the phonebook and make cold
and up front. After all the years Ive referrals or repeat business; thats not calls all day. He averages about 100
spent in the business, I think I have a an exaggeration. cold calls a week to businesses in the
good idea of what people should be They also have a radio ad they run area.
able to expect from us. Its worked occasionally, but it isnt something that His job is to keep it quick and
pretty well for us over the last 20 provides them with a terrific return. simple: Hi, Im Randall at Affordable
years. Im just not seeing enough business Transmissions. I dont want to take a lot
from that, says Ron. The majority of your time. We offer discount repair
Marketing Programs of our business comes from routine to businesses like yours. Would you
While their name was the product of referrals or through hits on Adwords. consider keeping our number on file?
Yellow Pages placement, A-Affordable Thats our pitch.
gave up advertising in the Yellow Pages A Really Smart Phone Its a numbers game. I tell them,
a few years ago. Today most of their One way that A-Affordable keeps You arent here to try to be their
marketing is handled on line. in touch with customers is by phone. buddy; frankly, cold calls and people
Like most shops, A-Affordable In fact, he has a telephone salesperson who make them are irritating. You dont
has its own web site: www.A- whose entire job is to call customers. want to waste their time; you want to be
A f f o r d a b l e Tr a n s m i s s i o n s . c o m . And thats paying off really well for short and to the point.
They also take advantage of Google them. It allows them to make a lot of
Adwords, and were fully advanced We update our customers twice a calls. And we get business from it; we
on line as far as Facebook, Twitter, and day, explains Ron. Even if we dont might get two jobs out of 100 calls
Google+. And of course we work with have anything to tell them, well at two jobs we wouldnt have gotten if we
the Better Business Bureau; were on least let them know where we are in the hadnt made the calls.
their web site. process. I have a person at each shop You dont have to sell anything;
Were also the only transmission whose job it is to call the customers. you just have to call and tell them who
shop in the Denver area on Dave Logans Think about that: The customer you are; thats it. Its worked for us
web site. Logan is the announcer for always knows where his or her car is in through the years and I think its one of
the Denver Broncos football team. the repair process. That means theres the reasons we stay so busy.
Dave Logan is very selective; its very no reason for them to call the shop at
hard to get in with him. 4:30 while Ron and his crew are trying
48 GEARS May 2017

1shop profile517.indd 48 4/27/17 12:51 PM

urs! 4
ox to yo
ou r to ol b
Gary Pike

How to Fix Bad

By using the phones for cold Converter Clearance
calls, Ron has created his own form
of outside sales program, without - Part 2
the expense for a car. And his Weve established that converter
sales people can visit a lot more clearance is important, even critical.
What are the options?
businesses in less time that your
average outside salesperson. Q: What do you do when the
converter clearance is too tight?
Ron's 1st employee Hilario Torres
Industry Image & his son Brayan A: This usually means the torque
converter is not properly installed into
One thing that we all understand the transmission. Rotate the
is the importance of image. For a converter while applying an inward
lot of shops, that means sponsoring We got the Jeep in and took the pressure and supporting the pilot hub.
This will allow the two sets of splines
local sports teams or events within transmission apart. Turns out they didnt and the pump lugs to align properly.
the community. Ron does that, and he have the overdrive section assembled Normally, you will feel two clunks as
the converter aligns.
donates money to programs to help correctly. It was a pretty quick fix; I had
underprivileged kids in the Denver maybe $100 in it, and now Im a hero Q: What do I do if the converter is too
area. it was money well spent.
But all the sponsorships in the You might think that stepping A: This usually causes a no-move
world wont overcome bad press, and up like that was a great way to condition as the rotor or pump gear
has broken. A converter that is too
your image can be destroyed when garner some free publicity, but Ron loose is the most common situation,
another shop in your neighborhood wouldnt let the network report his especially on a GM or Ford. For GM
units: double check the flex-plate to
cheats customers or provides careless generosity. He preferred to stay see if it was bent or has lost its flex.
repair work. anonymous. I just think it was the We have seen as much as inch
converter clearance on some GM
We had a transmission repair right thing to do, he says. Things are vehicles. Remember: a flex-plate is a
center nearby that was ripping tough enough in this industry. We dont spring. Just like any other spring, it can
everyone off, says Ron. He was need shops like that making us all look lose its tension and move, causing too
much clearance, away from the proper
taking peoples money and not fixing bad. alignment. Once you have determined
their cars. Well, Ron, with that kind of that the flex-plate is good,
double-check the converter clearance.
One of my employees saw a attitude, chances are youll never Still too much? Use one grade 8
report on the local news about it, so we have to worry too much about flat-washer per converter bolt to
reduce the total clearance. Place the
contacted the network and told them looking bad to the customers in your flat-washer between the flex-plate and
that anyone who had a problem from neighborhood! the converter. Then, install the
that shop could contact us and wed converter bolt through both the
flex-plate and the flat-washer into the
take care of it. Three of his customers converter pad. This usually is the
called us. solution and sets the converter
clearance to approximately 1/8 inch.
One of them had a 98 Jeep
Cherokee; the shop charged him $3300 Stay tuned next month for more on
this topic in Part 3 - Ford and Import
for a rebuild, and it only lasted 10 days. Converter Clearance.
Okay, things happen. But then the shop
took the car and let it sit for 3 months
without fixing it. The shop ended up Gary S. Carne, Brad Laskowski, &
getting shut down, so there was the Mark Kidder
customers Jeep, just sitting there in the ETE REMAN Tech Team

parking lot.
GEARS May 2017 49

1shop profile517.indd 49 5/1/17 3:23 PM

Registration Opens in June

*A Da

hosted by

expo 417 pg1.indd 1 3/28/17 10:56 AM

Worlds largest
event devoted
exclusively to the
repair industry!

Over 40
hours of
& Technical

The best Network with

location on industry
the strip! colleagues!

3655 S Las Vegas Blvd 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109 Las Vegas, NV 89109
(877) 603-4389 (877) 603-4389
Room Rate: $179* Room Rate: $119*
Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017 Cut-off Date: 9/25/2017
*A Daily Resort fee of $29 will *A Daily Resort fee of $29 will
be charged. be charged.

expo 417 pg2.indd 1 3/28/17 10:57 AM

produced by


12PM 7PM
sponsored by

hosted by

Back by popular demand!

k t o B a s
Bac ining by an
i c s

Tra Veter
s t ry
Ind peakers!

Transmissions 101 Sessions on Saturday, October 21

expo 417 pg3.indd 1 3/28/17 10:57 AM
7am - 5pm Attendee Registration PROGRAM AT
7:30am - 7pm Technical Seminars
8am - 2pm Golf Tournament
9am - 4pm Management Seminars

7am - 5pmAttendee Registration
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SATURDAY 7pm - 9pm Transtar Cocktail
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8:30am - 11:30am Technical Seminars
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3pm - 4pm ATRA Longtimers

9am - 12pm Technical Seminars
9am - 12pm Management Seminars

expo 417 pg4.indd 1 3/28/17 10:58 AM

by Rodney Hudson-Davies
Co Director, Development and
Marketing Manager
Wholesale Automatic Transmissions

anyone so I highly recommend each

of you to create your own niche within
the marketplace.
Now, Im not an expert in your
shop. But I do know that at a bare
minimum, creating a niche of your
very own goes a long way towards
complimenting your existing work
load. This alone puts you in a far
stronger position without having to

discount or budget. The question
years ago, a mechanics shop every major component found on a car is then, How do I build this niche
would have done everything has its own specialist. market? I have personally seen
from changing headlights to In the automatic transmission several companies build themselves up
engine and transmission rebuilds. But industry, we have found that we have to be very successful niche specialists,
it wasnt all that long before we started had to diversify and specialize in simply by creating new product
to see specialists pop up. First, we our own fields over the past 20 years. lines using standalone transmission
saw body shops followed closely by Many transmission only shops have controllers.
engine and transmission re-builders. added general repair services. Others I know of several distinct ways
As time went on, we started to see are specializing in European vehicles, of doing this. The first is to simply
carburetor shops, exhausts and auto and performance cars. And we have buy and sell transmission controllers
electrical specialists. This was simply 4-wheel drive specialists, CVT and both online and over the counter.
due to there being so many different DSG specialists. Heavy-duty vehicles Although it can be very successful
makes and models that the general like trucks and buses have their own on its own, this is normally done as
workshop could not keep up with all shops as well. a side line Often you are better off
the different developments, not to But what about the rest? Surely to resell a complete transmission,
mention the demand on stocked parts the rest cant all be in competition controller and accessories. This allows
and workshop manuals. At that with each other? Otherwise it is going you to create your own packages
time, the performance industry was to be a long and drawn out race to from an ever increasing range of
a mere fledgling that quickly became the bottom of our professional field, transmissions, thereby creating your
the strongest and healthiest within in which we only ever become an own product niche.
the automotive sector, driven by pure expert in discounting, budget cuts and The days of hydraulic 3 speed
passion. Now 40 plus years on, almost staff turnover. I dont wish this on transmissions are gone, having been
54 GEARS May 2017

1HGM 517 v2.indd 54 5/1/17 10:38 AM

The Ultimate
Ultimately there are an unlimited number of possible kit combinations!. This being one
of our current 5 speed A750 manual - automatic kits. in Automatic
taken over by overdrive transmissions
whether they be 4, 5 or 6 speed. This
rather than a broad market. You
can control and market yourself to a
change helps you, as it sells your own captive audience who is interested,
transmissions and boosts company rather than blindly marketing to the
sales greatly as you get to profit from general public who may or may not
each of the items in the kit. even have a transmission problem,
Finally, and most notably, your hoping they remember you and your
shop can profit by doing the grand- shop when they do have a problem.
daddy of them all: automatic trans- With a niche market, you can SHOP DISCOUNT
mission conversions. This could be concentrate your marketing for much
a manual to 4, 5 or 6 speed auto longer, normally all year round, and AVAILABLE
conversion. Or it could an engine for less money, all while making
conversions that also requires a trans- yourself into a household name
mission controllers and/or complete simply because you decided to do
transmission. Often this will be a something different.
updating a hot rod/street machine or I kid you not: the success that I
doing custom government /military have personally seen from companies,
builds. You profit from both product including my own, that use standalone
sales and service business, all while controllers to create their own mar-
carving out a specialty niche. kets, simply and effectively, has left
At Wholesale Automatics, we me staggered!
do all of these lines of business, and For any information or questions
this now represents more than half of regarding this topic please feel free to
our annual income. We sell packages
(niche kits) to every state and even
export throughout the world. The
contact me directly. rodney@askorto.
com and remember dream big and you
will succeed.
877-744 3887
best thing about this kind of business
is that when one area is a little quiet,
you always have the other to hold
steady sales!
Theres one other advantage to
this approach: it allows you to focus
your advertising in a niche market
GEARS May 2017 55

1HGM 517 v2.indd 55 5/1/17 10:38 AM

GEARS does not endorse new products but makes this new information available
POWERTRAIN INDUSTRY NEWS to readers. If you have a new product, please email the press release information
with applicable digital photo or drawing to apena@atra.com or send by mail to
GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.

A.J. Amatuzio, Innovator development and sold synthetic oils New Omnicraft Brand
of Synthetic Lubrication under a variety of names. on Shelves, Improving
Passes at 92 In 1972, AMSOIL synthetic motor Customer Experience
oil became the worlds first synthetic
motor oil to meet American Petroleum
Institute service requirements. All the
major oil companies followed Als lead
and developed synthetic motor oils of
their own.
Al was generous in all respects
and had particular compassion for
children, animals, and military causes.
He touched the lives of many and will
be missed.
A memorial service will be held at With Omnicraft parts now on
the Duluth Entertainment Convention dealer shelves across the U.S., the
Center (DECC) Auditorium in Duluth, first new replacement parts brand
Minn. on Saturday, April 15, beginning launched by Ford Motor Company
at 12PM with a service at 1PM. in 50 years is ready to help dealers
In lieu of flowers, Als family has grow their businesses and provide an
Al Amatuzio requested that memorials be made in improved customer experience through
May 1924 March 2017 Als name to Animal Allies of Duluth, competitive pricing, quality and
It is with deep sadness that we the Douglas County Humane Society, convenience.
announce the passing of AMSOIL and the AMSOIL Northland Law Our dealers are already feeling the
INC. founder, Al Amatuzio. He went Enforcement K-9 Foundation. impact of the new Omnicraft brand,
peacefully Friday night, March 31, said Frederiek Toney, president, Global
2017, surrounded by loved ones in his Sonnax GM Zip Kit Ford Customer Service Division. And
home.Al was born on May 6, 1924 in I am certain the customer response
Duluth, Minn. will be equally positive. Now, owners
Als entrepreneurial nature emerged of non-Ford vehicles have access to
when he was a child. He peddled quality parts at a competitive price,
newspapers, sold magazines, collected backed by Ford.
scrap iron, and devised any number For launch, Ford focused on
of ventures to help support his family developing the most commonly
through difficult times. requested parts at a competitive price.
After high school, Al attended Initial offerings include oil filters, brake
Naval Air Corps training and served in pads and rotors, brake calipers, loaded
the Merchant Marines, the Air Force, struts, and starters, and alternators.
and eventually, the Duluth unit of the Omnicraft has had a significant
Air National Guard. He served 25 business impact in all areas of our fixed
years as a fighter pilot and squadron Target the root cause of multiple operations, said Todd Benner, owner
commander and was twice honored as drivability complaints in GM 6T30 of Selinsgrove Ford in Selinsgrove,
our nations top pilot. and second generation 6T40/45/50 Penn. Our Quick Lane department
Al then became inspired by a new transmissions with Sonnax Zip Kit has become more efficient by having
challenge: Armed with the knowledge 6T40-GEN2-ZIP. This easy-to-install competitive make parts in stock.
that every jet engine in the world could kit features uniquely designed parts Omnicraft allows our technicians to
survive only with synthetic oil, he that work by sealing critical circuit stay on the job and not tie up lifts.
reasoned that the same performance pressure losses in the valve body for Today, Omnicraft parts are available
benefits could be applied to cars, trucks, renewed shift operation. at Ford and Lincoln dealerships and will
and other motorized land vehicles. No reaming or special tools required roll out to Ford Authorized Distributors
Al ignored the skeptics and, Detailed tech booklet includes in April 2017.
in 1963, began intense research in-depth rebuild and inspection tips To find out more about Omnicraft,
and development. By 1966, hed for comprehensive valve body repair visit www.omnicraftautoparts.com
formulated his first synthetic motor oil, Learn more by watching the Zip or contact your local Ford or Lincoln
and throughout the sixties he continued Kit video at www.sonnax.com/zip-kits. dealership.
56 GEARS May 2017

1PINS 517.indd 56 5/1/17 10:39 AM

Certified Transmission movement while protecting from direct Precision International
Announces $100 Snap-on heat up to 400F. Introduces New Kits
Gift Certificate Winner Size Part # MSRP
Small 010866 $59.49
Medium 010861 $61.54
Large 010867 $63.59
For more information about DEIs
made in the USA reflective arm band,
go to www.DesignEngineering.com,
call 800-264-9472, or e-mail Sales@
Mercedes 722.8 ECVT Kit
Rodney Schmidt (left) presents Tim Cummings (right) a
$100 Snap-on tools Gift Certificate.
Shop Fix Academy Appoints
TJ Roberts, Lead Coach
Omaha, NE-based Certified
Transmission held a drawing for a
$100 gift certificate for Snap-on tools
at the recent Vision Hi-Tech Training
and Expo held annually in Overland
Park, KS.
The winner was Tim Cummings
from Ricks Automotive. Rodney
Schmidt was on hand to present the Shop Fix Academy, a leader in Audi 0AW Kit
award to Tim. training and coaching for the auto-
Congratulations, Tim! motive repair industry, has appointed Precision International has
veteran automotive shop manager TJ introduced new kits for two
DEI Introduces Roberts to the position of lead coach. transmissions:
Go-Kart Reflective Roberts has been with Shop Fix Mercedes 722.8 ECVT, used in the
Arm Band Sleeve Academy since it was launched and has 2004-13 A and B Class vehicles
provided vital leadership and customer Audi 0AW, used in several 2007-
support to the organization. 2015 Audis
Roberts started his automotive Both applications have coverage for
career as a regional manager for overhaul, banner, and master kits, and
EuroFix LLC, a European automotive all kits are available with or without
repair business with five service centers pistons.
in the Nashville area. In 2015, Roberts For more information on these
became regional manager of Autofix, a kits, visit Precision on line at www.
full-service chain of automotive repair TransmissionKits.com
shops with four locations in and around
Nashville. Rugged Rocks Develops
In Go-Kart racing, the racers arm With 13 years of management Three New Gears for
can be in close proximity to the engine experience, Roberts is well equipped Nissan H233B
and exhaust. The heat from the exhaust to provide guidance to automotive
alone can be uncomfortable for drivers. shop owners looking to overcome
To reduce the potential risk of operational challenges and grow their
burns, thermal specialty company businesses.
DEI now offers added protection with Before entering the automotive
its Go-Kart Reflective Arm Band repair business, Roberts owned an
Sleeve. Heat resistant, the thermal appliance shop, where he honed his
sleeve reduces the transfer of heat and sales and management skills. He also
Nissan H233B Standard Nissan H233B Reverse
improves the drivers comfort. served in the Army National Guard.
Available in three sizes small, TJ is a naturally gifted coach, who Rugged Rocks is exclusively
medium, and large the sleeve slips is able to easily put students at ease offering three new gears manufactured
easily over the racers suit, protecting and effectively convey the information by Revolution Gear & Axle for the
drivers arm and suit from the forearm they need to succeed, said Shop Fix Nissan H233B rear and H233B reverse
to the shoulder. Developed with DEIs Academy Owner Aaron Stokes. He is fronts axles.
heat reflective material with an inner a huge asset to our team. Available gears include 5.13, 5.57
elastic liner, it provides a snug yet Visit Shop Fix Academy on line at and 5.89 all of which fit front and
comfortable fit, allowing for normal shopfixacademy.com. rear axles.
GEARS May 2017 57

1PINS 517.indd 57 5/1/17 10:39 AM

"Off-roaders have been asking The lithium complex-based greases services possible, said Precision
for the 5.57 and 5.89 gears in the in the WD-40 Specialist line of International VP, General Manager
aftermarket for quite some time," said products offer the following benefits: Frank Miller. This is the third year in
Founder and President of Rugged Heavy-Duty High Temperature a row we have received this honor and
Rocks Steven Lutz. "Working closely Grease: Engineered to withstand everyone at Precision International is
with Revolution Gear & Axle, I was heavy mechanical loads and extreme thrilled to be recognized by GM for our
able to develop deeper gears for more temperatures, its ideal for heavy-duty efforts.
low-end torque at a reasonable price trucks, construction and agriculture For more information contact
point. equipment. John Sollazzo, VP Sales at Precision
Lutz said although the 5.13 is Heavy-Duty Extreme Pressure International at 1-800-872-6649
currently offered in the aftermarket, Grease: With exceptional load- or e-mail John at JSollazzo@
Revolution Gear and Axle is able to get carrying ability, antiwear protection, Transmissionkits.com.
cost down for consumers. and high dropping point properties, it
The gears fit the following Nissan can be used in a variety of automotive, ZF Aftermarket Announces
vehicles and model years: construction, and agricultural 2017 Technical Training
Pathfinder Rear: 1990-2004 applications. Webinar Series
Hardbody Pickup Rear: 1990-1997 Marine-Grade Water Resistant
Frontier Rear: 1998-2004 Grease:Engineered to stay in place
Xterra Rear: 2000-2004 in the presence of water and provide
Y60 & Y61 Patrol Front (reverse superior rust and corrosion protection
rotation) and Rear: 1990-Present in wet environments, it can be used
These gears start at $264.95 and on trailer wheel bearings, trailer
can be purchased exclusively through chassis, water pumps, anchor reels, and
RuggedRocksOffroad.com. outboard motors.
More information about the For more information about where
products available can be viewed at to buy the products, or to find out more The 2017 technical training free
RuggedRocksOffroad.com. about WD-40 Specialist products, visit webinar series has been announced by
WD40Specialist.com. ZF Aftermarket. The first webinar will
New WD-40Specialist cover common manual clutch issues.
Greases Deliver Long- Precision International The Spanish version of the 2017 lineup
Lasting Performance Recognized as a 2016 will be released at a later date.
WD-40 Company Supplier of the Year The webinar series is for
is introducing WD-40 For the third consecutive year professionals and technicians in the
Specialist Greases, a Precision International was named a automotive aftermarket. The free series
family of convenient GM Supplier of the Year by General will include diagnostic tips to common
solutions for automo- Motors during its 25th annual Supplier problems encountered daily in the field
tive, construction, and of the Year awards ceremony held and recommended solutions.
farming professionals Friday, March 31 in Orlando, Florida. Here are the dates for the webinar
dealing with a variety GM recognized 118 of its best series:
of specialized lubrica- suppliers from 15 countries that May 17: Common Manual
tion challenges. have consistently exceeded GMs Transmission Problems that Impact
The WD-40 expectations, created outstanding Clutch Systems
Specialist Greases value, or brought new innovations June 28: ZF 8HP Transmission
line includes Superior to the company. The announcement Operations and Diagnostics
Performance True represented the most suppliers GM has August 2: Modern Suspension
Multi-Purpose recognized since debuting the Supplier Systems
Grease, Heavy-Duty of the Year event in 1992. August 30: Drive Performance
High Temperature Winning suppliers were chosen October 25: 9HP Operations and
Grease, Heavy-Duty by a global team of GM purchasing, Diagnostics
Extreme Pressure engineering, quality, manufacturing, December 6: Step by Step to
Grease, and Marine- and logistics executives and selected Autonomous Driving
Grade Water Resistant based on performance criteria To register for the webinars, visit
Grease. The products in product purchasing, indirect http://bit.ly/2o5ROQh.
are interchangeable, so they wont purchasing, customer care and For additional information and
cause cross-contamination issues that aftersales. further training events, visitwww.
compromise performance or effective- Precision International is zf.com/us/trainings. Dates for the
ness. The greases also excel in extreme committed to providing our clients webinars are subject to change.
conditions and protect against rust and with the very best transmission kits,
corrosion. technical support and follow up
58 GEARS May 2017

1PINS 517.indd 58 5/1/17 10:39 AM

GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

Division of Wentworth Engineering

Need Hard
Authorized Parts Distributor Parts?
Reman Trans 6HP - 5HP - 4HP
BMW - Audi - Jaguar - Range Rover
Valve Bodies & Torque Converters

Just Ask!
Soft Parts / Friction Kits / Steel Kits / Repair Manuals
Lifetime Fluids / Rebuild Kits / Valvebody Kits

Fax: (860) 395-0047
www.zftranspart.com 1.877.888.5160
146B Elm St., Old Saybrook, CT 06475

COMPUTERS gcor-just-ask-2014-2.25x3-shopper.indd 1 12/1/13 7:18 PM

Foreign & Domestic

Computer Module Specialist Engine Control Module (ECM)

Off Vehicle Flash Programming Transmission Control Module (TCM)

A/C COMPRESSORS A/C Parts Specialist

Accept Major Credit Cards One Year Warranty

Technologies, Inc.
8515 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037


CASH for Transfer Case Assemblies

with Encoder Motors
Solenoid CORES Reman Transmissions
New & Reman Engines
Aisin AW 5- & 6-Speed
3 yr./100,000 Mile Parts &
Chrysler 45RFE/545RFE/68RFE
Labor Warranty
(early & late) & 62TE
Nationwide Delivery
*Ford 5R55N/W/S & E4OD/4R100
Truckload Pricing
Honda 5-Speed Dual Linear
Only at
Visit www.sonnax.com
to start a core return online, or call
(800) 843-2600, Ext. 379 GREEN BAY, WI

*OE & Remanufactured


GEARS May 2017 59

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GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi

Remanufactured to
Hundreds of Transmissions in-stock.
Immediate installation available.
2 year unlimited warranty.
Remanufactured torque converter included.

Toll free 800 - 372 - TRANS

1331 Rollins Road Burlingame, CA 94010
tel 650 - 348 - 3990 fax 650 - 348 - 3019

n Pushes 18,000 lbs up a 5% grade

n Safe for use on plastic bumpers
n Variable Speed Soft Touch Control
n Built-in 115V charging system

powerpusher.com | 800-800-9274
2017 Nu-Star, Inc.

With over 150,000 transmission, engine and
internal part cores on the shelf, we have the cores
you need _ ready to ship today!


Las Vegas, NV Chicago, Il

800.426.8771 800.826.7403
702.649.7776 773.624.6111
702.649.6777 FAX 773.624.6660 FAX
Find vintage cores on Memory Lane

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Expect the
Standard Transmissions
Transfer Cases
Quality New & Used Parts
Remanufactured Rebuilt Units
Torque Converters *ONE CALL DOES IT ALL*
Distributorships Available
Visit our website:
www.cvcconverters.com 866-571-GEAR
4 3 2 7


The Future of CONVERTERS?
Training at
Your Fingertips

Overhaul System!


Call for a free catalog

MAY 16/17 LGT 1000 6747 Whitestone Road Baltimore, MD 21207
MAY 30/31 6R80 -
Equipment Manufacturing Corp.
ATRA Webinars are presented every two
weeks from January to October.
Login at http://members.atra.com and
click on the webinar schedule under $4,995.00
HARD PARTS FOR the events menu. Once registered, you In Stock
Domestic and Foreign will receive an email confirming your
registration along with the information
you need to join the webinar.
Late and Early models
This and other technical webinars *Free for everyone on the
are made possible by; day of the webinar. ATRA
Members have access to all
CALL 602-971-0477 pre-recorded webinars. See
page 45 for details.

WE SHIP UPS DAILY The technology leader in parts cleaning for over 20 years

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GEARS classified advertising cost $95.00 for up to 50 words for a one time insertion. ATRA members are eligible to receive up to three (3) FREE classified
advertisements in GEARS annually (per 10 issues). Members wishing to place ads once their three FREE ads have been placed may do so at the cost listed
above. Ads exceeding the maximum word count will cost $1.50 for each additional word (not including phone number and address).


our full line of high-precision Why buy foreign,
When you can buy
American Quality
rebuilding equipment. Tools and parts
At an
Unbeatable Price!

Visit our website for more information,

or the links below for our Parts Washers:

www.partscrubber.info www.partscrubberx.info


www.SuperFlow.com/gears | 1.888.442.5546

BUSINESS FOR SALE: Business and property HELP WANTED: Successful and family owned also needed with ability to do all Automatics
for sale, approximately 3300 sq.ft, 7 bays, shop in southern California looking for a hard and Standards. Seperate rebuild room with
50 car parking lot, 2 furnished apartments working and motivated Transmission installer heating and A/C, organized parts room with
on the 2nd floor. Reputable and established and/or rebuilder. Please have some experience about 75K parts in inventory. Fast pace shop
transmission shop for 30 years. Equipment and be available to work Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm. with quality-minded technicians to work with,
and inventory, lifts, part washer, waste oil Please contact Mike (805) 236-1114. complete diagnostic equipment with Mitchell On
furnace, turn key operation. Located downtown ATRA Mbr Demand, Identifix, Transgo Tec, Steve Younger,
Louisville, Kentucky, owner wishes to retire. ATRA, ATSG, computer system for build room.
Call (502) 585-2255 Monday, Tuesday or HELP WANTED: Looking for an experienced Call us: (541) 535-1075 ask for Jim or Rich
Wednesday. Torque Converter Rebuilder. Contact Atlas jimnewcomb1978@gmail.com ATRA Mbr
Automotive Inc. Irene or Erika, ibogdan@
BUSINESS FOR SALE/LEASE: Looking to sbcglobal.net or (216) 671-0100. HELP WANTED: Globe Transmissions
Expand or Relocate? 8,000 sq. ft. Reputable in Southbridge, MA is seeking full time,
and established shop for lease or sale in sunny HELP WANTED: COLORADO SHOP SEEKING experienced R&R Tech, Rebuilder and
Arizona, located near Las Vegas and Lake TRANS REBUILDER: Are you an experienced swingman. Candidates must have minimum
Havasu City. Operated as a transmission shop transmission rebuilder with great references 5 years experience with foreign and domestic
for 23 years, same owner. Call (928) 530-6350 and a positive, team player attitude? This is an transmissions. Valid license, transportation
to inquire. ATRA Mbr extraordinary opportunity to join a shop who and tools a must. Send resumes to Bob at:
truly cares for our customers and values our globetransmissions@gmail.com or call us at
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Converter - TCRS employees. We have an excellent reputation (508) 764-9400. ATRA Mbr
Auto Aliner with miller CP-302 power source. in the industry and we get to live and work in
Victor 1860E Lathe with cutting heads. the beautiful Grand Valley of Western Colorado HELP WANTED: OUTSTANDING Southern
Bonding machine and hydraulic riveter. Low with hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, and off-road California Shop Needs: 2nd $1,000,000
volume shop use only. Pictures available. Pier sports just minutes from town. In addition to a Producer akaAssist Service Manager,$1K
Transmission, Boston, MA (617) 268-7409. great work environment, we offer competitive Relocation after 90 days - North San Diego
ATRA Mbr pay, a 5-day work week, local healthcare, County. Contact: Art Eastman -TransShop
individual and team bonuses, and a matching Consultant(714) 325-7777or Trans_
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: G-TEC Transmission IRA plan. For more information on our shop visit ShopSales_R_US@hotmail.com. ATRA Mbr
Dyno for front and rear wheel drive. Universal our website at www.bakerstransmission.com.
adapter for most front and rear wheel drive E-mail your resume to bakerstransmission@ HELP WANTED: Looking for a motivated,
transmissions and torque converter. It has a gmail.com or Fax to (970) 242-8589. We look punctual mechanic and or transmission
built in hoist, digital gauges, transmission fluid forward to hearing from you! ATRA Mbr rebuilder. Must be available to work Monday
tank with pump and filtering system, Sonnax - Friday 8am - 5pm, have own hand tools,
flow meter and many extras. This dyno new HELP WANTED: Southern Oregon Close speak English and most importantly follow
was over 100K, Im selling for $17,000 OBO. to Hunting, fishing, camping, boating and directions. Preferred experience removing and
Please contact Johnny at: (310) 714-3869 or shopping. Automotive General Technician with installing transmissions front and rear wheel
Email pctransmissions@yahoo.com transmission removal & installation abilities, drive. Not required but preferred! Reading
ATRA Mbr generous compensation for the right person, and comprehension necessary. Pay is good,
benefits included. Transmission Rebuilder weekends and holidays off. Great opportunity
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Don't Miss the ATRA SEMINAR Near You!


5/13 - Denver, CO 5/20 - Des Moines, IA 5/20 - Albuquerque, NM
5/27 - Vancouver, BC 8/5 - San Antonio, TX 8/12 - Atlanta, GA http://members.atra.com
8/19 - Anaheim, CA 8/26 - Portland, OR 8/26 - Tulsa, OK MEMBERS.ATRA.COM

ATRA'S POWERTRAIN EXPO 2017 October 19 - 22

for the right person with a positive attitude and positive work environment, competitive pay, HELP WANTED: NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT
strong work ethic. Call or text Steve at (805) benefits and other great employee incentives. HEADQUARTERS FOR THE TRANSMISSION
896-2939 or trans58.sp@gmail.com. ATRA Mbr We are currently accepting applicants INDUSTRY. Fast, Easy and Free service to
for the following positions: R&R Specialist, industry employees! Low cost and an easy way
HELP WANTED: Ralphs Transmission is a Diagnosticians, Service Advisors (Sales). Visit: to recruit nationwide for shop owners! Serving
growing shop in Modesto seeking qualified www. RalphsTransmission.com to learn more the transmission industry since 1997. Visit our
and experienced transmission specialists. about Ralphs Transmission and employment website at: www.transteam.com or call us toll
We have an excellent facility with completely opportunities. Contact Mario Jauregui at (209) free at: (888) 859-0994.
upgraded equipment. Ralphs offers a 526-1909 or Mario@RalphsTransmission.com.

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6/19/15 12:08 PM
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GEARS 2400 LATIGO AVENUE OXNARD, CALIFORNIA 93030, or call: (805)604-2000

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More critical components, more OE More critical components, High Performance Kits
components, more premium seals and more OE components, more engineered utilizing best-
gaskets, plus design enhancements, premium seals and gaskets, plus in-class materials for racing,
patented components and all the little design enhancements, patented diesel, heavy duty and RV
extras you wont find elsewhere. components and all the little applications.
extras you wont find elsewhere.

Hi-Per Blue pistons are reengineered Accept NO Substitute! The Beast Largest selection of individual
original equipment design with is reengineered to correct the bushing and kits including
upgraded AEM material for superior weakness in the spline area of the hard-to-find and most recent
thermal and chemical resistance, better original equipment design General applications available separately
fit and higher performance. Motors 4L60E/TH700-R4 reaction or in kits. Engineered utilizing
sun gear shell. US Patent No. 6,561,944 best-in-class materials and
machining processes.

Technical Questions or Comments? Contact us: (800) 582-2760 (954) 364-2400

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