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CNPJ/MF: n 89.637.490/0001-45


Klabin S.A. (Company or Klabin) informs the holders of the Companys 6th issue single series
convertible subordinated debentures (Debentures) that, as a result of the payment of intermediary
dividends to the Companys shareholders approved at the Board of Directors Extraordinary General
Meeting held on April 26, 2017 it will carry out, in accordance with Clause 4.11 of the Debenture Indenture
(Indenture) the payment of profit sharing, in the forms and values defined below:

1. PROFIT SHARING: R$ 0. 27331711 per Debenture

2. BEGGINING OF PAYMENT: May, 12, 2017

The dividends will be paid from May 12, 2017, and from May 05, 2017, the Debentures traded in the Stock
Exchange will be Ex-Dividends.

Interest and profit shares will be paid net of Income Tax Withheld at Source (IRRF Imposto de Renda
Retido na Fonte) at the rates applicable by law, except where payment is made to debenture holders that
are legal entities that have provided proof of exemption from IRRF.

The payments referred to in this notice will be made through Debenture custodians, in the case of
Debentures held in custody on BM&FBOVESPA, or by means of the procedures adopted by the Registrar
and Agent, Ita Corretora de Valores Mobilirios S.A., for Debentures that are not held in custody on

So Paulo, March 08, 2017

Klabin S.A.
Eduardo de Toledo
Chief Financial Officer and IR Director