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Product Specifications AGI-6336

Dont leave your external hard drive unpro-

tected from physical wear and tear; protect it
with AGI-6336 USB 2.0 to SATA/SATA II ex-
ternal aluminum hard drive enclosure. It al-
lows you connect any SATA (Serial ATA) hard
drive externally, while the durable aluminum
case effectively dissipates the heat to create
instant portable data storage in a case that is
extremely compact and secure. With a USB
2.0 connection (backward compatible to the
USB 1.1) it allows data transfer speeds of up
to 480 Mbps via a standard USB 2.0 A-Male
to B-Male cable. This case includes a stand to
position the enclosure upright.

AGI-6337 AGI6840 AGI-6852B

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