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1. What is your study?

2. Tell me a little about your study.

3. Is this study a noble?
4. How did you perform your study?
5. How did the Chanos-chanos bile extract repel the corn borer?
6. How does bufadienolide repel Asiatic corn borer?
7. How did you come up with your study?
8. Why did you choose this study?
9. In terms of cost: How much did you spend for your study?
10.How effective is the Chanos-chnos bile extract as an repellant for corn borer?
11.How does this bufadienilide repel Asiatic corn borer?
12.Did you consider the factors that may affect the results of your study?
13.What are those factors?
14.Have you done a laboratory experiment with your study?
15.Are there known any commercial products which is use as a pesticide for
Asiatic Corn borer?
16.Why did you choose chanos-chanos bile instead of any other biles?
17.What are the results of your study? Explain.
18.What is the importance of your study?
19.If there are commercial products, why do we have to choose yours?
20.Where did you conduct your study?
21.Unsa pay lain nga factor nganaasa bile nganongmakarepell man sya?
22.According to your rrlbufadienolide attacks the nuerological, gastrointestinal,
and cardiovascular of the ACB, so in short it can kill ACB. But in ur tittle the
CCF bile is only a pest repellant and it means it does not kill the ACB. So how
com it is pest repellant when it can kill the ACB?
23.What is the family or what kingdom did ccf belong? The ACB?
24.How sure are that the bufadienolide is the only cause why ACB was repelled?