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Projects Rubric

Points 0 1 2 3 4 5
Audio File No file posted File posted on blog

Script No script posted Script posted to blog

Content No research/ Inappropriate Poor quality Fair quality content Good quality Excellent quality
content content/not FCC content content content
Recording No recording Successful recording; Successful Successful recording; Successful Successful recording;
Quality created most levels are clipping recording; most some levels are clipping recording; some all levels are within
(red) levels are too (red) levels are too an acceptable range
soft (green) soft (green)

Voice Recording No voice Voice successfully Voice Voice successfully Voice Voice successfully
recorded recorded, though successfully recorded, few successfully recorded, no
unintelligible recorded, some unintelligible recorded, few unintelligible
unintelligible words/phrases, some unintelligible words/phrases, no
words/phrases plosive consonants words/phrases, plosive consonants
few plosive
Music Recording No music used Inappropriate music Appropriate Appropriate music Appropriate Appropriate music
used music used, used; rarely too soft/too music used, used at appropriate
usually too loud, but used at rarely too times and volume
soft/too loud inappropriate times soft/too loud
Temporal No order to Most sections placed Some sections placed All sections placed
Qualities temporal events inappropriately inappropriately appropriately

Fades/Gain No use of fade or Smooth fade in and fade Smooth fade in and
level adjustment out in some sections, fade out in all
rough or no fade in/out appropriate sections.
Instructions: Add up all points, divide by 8. 4.0-5=A, 3.0-4=B, 2.0-3=C, 1.0-2=D, No posted assignment = F
Audio Rubric Worksheet

Name of recording engineer: ________________________________________________________

Name of evaluator: ___________________________________________________________________

Audio File



Recording Quality

Voice Recording

Music Recording

Temporal Qualities


TOTAL: _____________ 8 = ____________
Final Grade